July 27th, 2014 1:40 pm by BigDaddy Hmahmatea


Hmanni chu tunlai a phone hmanga an inkawm khawmna lar tak pakhat Whatsapp ah hian ka thiannu pakhatin khawvel mi lar Lal Isua nuihsawh tute leh an thih dan a saptawngin an in thawn chhawn ang chi hian min rawn thawn ve a. Kei lah hi misual, a rin tlak hlawm em tih Google lam atangin kan check nghal vat a, a hmasaber ah Bernard Shaw thih dan an rawn dah chu a lo diklo tih kan hmu nghal pang mai a. Tichuan ka en thla zel a an rawn tarlan loh pawh sawi lan atana tha tih deuh deuh ka ngah ta mai a, tichuan he article hi ka rilru a a rawn thawh ve dan mil in ka rawn ziak chhuak ve ta phawng mai a ni. Read more »

I was born this way

July 23rd, 2014 11:29 am by wrecklessmachine

I was 17 when I saw you for the first time! My friends said go and ask her out but i don’t have the courage to do that. We passed out our school i was searching for college the day you feel that you liked me was the day i shone. But in what circumstances does that happen I thought you were my future wife!. I left you because i wanted you to be happy!. After all i don’t want to make you heart broken and you don’t know me who I am!!.

Since i was a childhood i have that feelings, people may tease me i was not that affectionate that time. In middle school the feelings became more and more! I was in high school and i had that dream the dream that i can have that chance!. I moved to the city when i was 16 i was alone yet the feeling is still same.! Now i’m 21 i am still afraid and confused. During the day i talked to you i was not fully concentrated on you I cannot really appreciate the beauty of woman because… i like men!!.

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July 21st, 2014 3:12 pm by BigDaddy Hmahmatea


Ramhuai chungchang hi khawvel hnamtin mai hian sawi tur kan nei theuh hlawm awm e. Heng khawvel hmun hrang hrang a ramhuai an hmuh dan te leh an ngaihdan te hi rawn sawi ka tum a ni lemlova. Kan Mizo pi leh pu ten engtinnge ramhuai hi an lo hriat dan thin hi mi hrang hrang sawi ka lo hriat ve dan atang te leh keimah in ka lo hriat ve dan atang te a rawn lakhawm in thangthar ten kan pi leh pu te ramhuai lo hriat dan kan hriat chian ve deuh theih nan ka rawn sawi ve dawn a ni. Ramhuai te hi an awm lo tih ngawt theih a ni lova, tun thlengin kan ramah leh khawvel hmun dang dangah an la hmu reng a, tin, kan Bible ngei pawhin an awm zia chu chiang takin a sawi bawk a ni. Read more »

Ngaihtuahna nu bulh hual vel karah rilru fim tak i put theiha

July 21st, 2014 3:10 pm by Charice_mizo

Ngaihtuahna nu bulh hual vel karah rilru fim tak i put theiha,
Diklo zawk ni awm taka chhal talh che an tumin,
Tungchhova kal mihring zawng zawng rin loh i hlawha,
Mahni inring tawk tlata, an rinlohna che i ngaihhnathiam cheu si chuan;
Dawt puarpawleng leh khualthuthang nuihsan maia,
Thudik arpa chan hun i nghah fan tlat theih chuan,
Huat i hlawh pawha huatna vauchher ve lova,
Tawngthei sabawp mana thiam inchantir i tum hauh loh chuan.
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Fiat UNO kha…

July 19th, 2014 12:03 pm by TheHumanBot

* … India ram a car booking tam ber record a la ni. Booking deposit la hmu lek lo tam tak pawh an awm a ni awm e.

* Silver, White leh Black te hi India a car tam ber te rawng a ni.

* Standard 2000 kha India a car power window nei hmasa ber a ni.

* 60s leh 70s ah khan Hindustan Motors & Premier Auto te khan an duh zah zah motor an siam thei lo. Sorkar in siam theih chin a tuk sak. Read more »

Khawnge search button?

July 18th, 2014 4:11 pm by Rugga

Ka zing tho manual search a old post han hai mai ka tum a ka lut khat ta deuh nge search na tur ka hmu zo mai lo, keimah anga lut khat tan a buaithlak. Dinglam column subscribe chunga google search hi engmah tangkaina a awm lo e. Eng browser pawh hmang ila google search a awm sa vek. Google search ni lovin a( site chhung ami hi nia ka search duh. Net muang nen thinchhiat nen a hahthlak ve tlat. Login kher a ngai a la in register lo tan a buaithlak riau.

Login a a dashboard panel a lut kher zel hi chu sawisel lo ang. Chuan hei hi publish kher pawh a ngai chuang lo; lo chhiar ve mai mai tu, ka hmanhmawh lutuk. :D

World Cup laiin Aizawlah crime rate hniam

July 18th, 2014 4:08 pm by TheHumanBot

Crime rate has considerably gone down in Aizawl because of World Cup football as the troublemakers were busy watching the matches, SP (Aizawl) LR Dingliana Sailo said on Monday.

According to Sailo, who contacted all the officers-in-charge of police stations in the city, petty crimes, drunken brawls and even road accidents went down considerably during Brazil World Cup football.

TOI via GoldMember

A hmasa ber atan ka poem “Siesta” a duh duh thlitfim/faksel turin……

July 17th, 2014 2:32 pm by Mahlimi Nono Pachuau


Whilst fleeing in an imaginary town,
A traveler’s beckoned by a ravishing sound,
So he lays his feet upon the garden causeway;
Hilariously, taking one step to the next on the way,
‘Tis encircled with the salubrious wind, truth to say; Read more »

Mizoram hnam hrang hrang awm zat

July 16th, 2014 2:46 pm by TheHumanBot

Facebook leh hmun dang dangah Mizoram a Chakma pun dan figure hi kan hmu fo a. Mahse khawi a mi nge data an lak ti erawh sawi tel a awm khat khawp mai. 

2001 Census in a tarlan dan hi i lo thlir ang.

- Census of India

2011 a mi hmuh tur a awm lo. An la publish lo emaw a ni.

Tin, India ramah Mizoram hi SC tlemna ber state leh ST tamna ber state a ni bawk a ni.

Before and After: UPC (NEI) General HQ Biakin

July 16th, 2014 2:01 pm by TheHumanBot


Pic via Pu Maawma