Sporting Greats of Our Generation

November 30th, 2006 12:16 pm by Mizopa

Come to think of it, we must be the most priviledged generation to see legends/ sports greats during their times. To name some of them:

– Tennis: Roger Federer, and to an extent, Pete Sampras. On the women’s side, Steffi Graf and Martina. Also, the great Indian doubles pair of Leader Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi.
– Basketball: Michael Jordan
– Golf: Tiger Woods
– Racing: Michael Schumacher (I miss Ayrton Senna, maybe some of you were lucky enough to see him race)
– Football: Maradona (although the earlier generation saw Pele)
– Cycling: Lance Armstrong
– Pole Vault: Sergei Bubka

These are people who have dominated their sport and were head and shoulders above the others like no one else in the history of the game, and arguably, we may not have another like them. Even if our generation is one where we are privileged to have the media and thus, ‘live coverage’, the statistics of these players are such that media or no, they are the ones synonymous with the sport, except Federer at the moment as compared to Sampras, but he still has a few good years of tennis in him to work on those statistics.

Nokia Aeon – Future Mobile Phone

November 30th, 2006 5:09 am by Angaiha

J, enge i ngaihdan?

Pathian Fakna Hla

November 30th, 2006 1:19 am by Angaiha

Pathian Fakna Hla en/ngaihthlak tur tlem azawng….

Vohbik – Ka Tan Lawmna
Click Here

Zothansangi – Puitu Ka Ngai
Click Here

List of countries without armed forces

November 29th, 2006 1:28 pm by BlackWhite

Time we invaded one of these. Now where’s the MNF when we need them most?

Country Description
Flag of Andorra Andorra Defense of the country is the responsibility of France or Spain. Similar treaties with both, June 3, 1993.
Flag of Barbados Barbados Maintains a Barbados Defence Force for internal affairs – largely a pacifist country.
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica The constitution forbids a standing military in times of peace since 1949. Seat of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Seat of the United Nations University of Peace.
Flag of Dominica Dominica No standing army since 1981, after the army attempted a coup. defense is the responsibility of the Regional Security System.
Flag of Grenada Grenada No standing army since 1983, after the American-led invasion. Defense is the responsibility of the Regional Security System.
Flag of Haiti Haiti Disbanded on June, 1995, but rebels have demanded its re-establishment. The National Police maintains some military units.
Flag of Iceland Iceland No standing army since 1859, but is a member of NATO. There is a defense agreement with the U.S., which maintained a military base in the country from 1951 until September 2006. Iceland maintains Expeditionary peacekeeping forces, Coast Guard, Police as well as a Special Police unit.
Flag of Kiribati Kiribati The only forces permitted are the police and the coast guard.
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Abolished their army in 1868 because it was too costly. Army does not exist in times of peace.
Flag of Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Defense is the responsibility of the United States.
Flag of Mauritius Mauritius Has had a paramilitary police force since 1968.
Flag of Federated States of Micronesia Micronesia Defense is the responsibility of the United States.
Flag of Monaco Monaco Renounced its military investment in the 17th century because the expansion of ranges of artillery had rendered it defenseless. Defense is the responsibility of France.
Flag of Nauru Nauru Under an informal agreement, defense is the responsibility of Australia.
Flag of Palau Palau Along with the Philippines (1987 Constitution), the only country with an anti-nuclear constitution (adopted 1979). Defense is the responsibility of the United States.
Flag of Panama Panama Abolished their army in 1990, confirmed by a parliamentary unanimous vote for constitutional change in 1994. Some units within the Public Force (Police, Coast Guard, Air Service and Institutional Security) have limited warfare capabilities.
Flag of San Marino San Marino Maintains a ceremonial guard, a police and a border force.
Flag of Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Has known a heavy ethnic conflict between 1998 and 2006, in which Australia and other Pacific countries finally intervened to restore peace and order. No standing army.
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis Maintains a small defense force for internal purposes. Defense is the responsibility of Regional Security System.
Flag of Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Maintains a special service unit. Defense is the responsibility of Regional Security System.
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Maintains a special service unit. Defense is the responsibility of Regional Security System.
Flag of Samoa Samoa No standing army. Defense is the responsibility of New Zealand.
Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu Has no army, but its police force includes a Maritime Surveillance Unit.
Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu Has a small mobile military force.
Flag of Vatican City Vatican City The largely ceremonial Swiss Guard acts as a security police force.

From Wikipedia.

Bialpa te in at-chilh tir dan . Latest tactic

November 29th, 2006 12:14 pm by nasty

For all the nulas out there
Tlangval ho han tih lawm dan hi chu thil har a ni lem lo , a tactic apply thiam chuan .

Thluak hi hman thiam ve a ngai a. Titau bur bur ai chuan nui sang in bul han tan phots mai la, thil harsa teh chiam a om lo. nuisang in “my darling tui han chawi rawh le” tih pawh in an tlan dawr dawr tawh mai a ni. Bial-pa te in at-chilh tir duh tu te tan chauh a apply tur a nih hi.

Han meng no hnaps phot mai ila , Khawdang hawi thei lek lo khawp in an mit tak ah hian en no hnaps mai la .First step chu I pass der ani mai. In lak mysterious thiam tur , mipa hian sexy an ti a nia. Fel hmel deuh but a ruk tak a pa deuh si hi han ni der vel I la, min star em em mai a ni.

Tlangval ho pawh nula bul ah an in thup thiam bawk a, kei ni ladies ho pawn eng vang in nge kan in thup loh bik chuang ang le, chu vang in chhass bul ah chuan zaidam ber ni om tak aa nuih her her mai tur, tlawmngaih zawng a lak duh miah loh tur.
Chhas te nen a fawr ho dawn ni chuan , I nitin dress hak aiia tlem a sexy deuh lam kha han ha deuh hnaps la, tlangval chu an meng pong long nghal a ni mai. Sexy tawk a kal hah hah mai tur, zah chuih chuih a tul lo.

Mipa pek dak kher hi nghah a tul lem lo a, duh hun hun ah pek dak ve bawrh bawrh mai tur. Mipa lawm zawng tak a nia, chhas ka pek dak vang a thinrim ta hi ka la tawng lo reng reng, I unau pa te I lo pe dak a nih ngawt loh chuan, zam reng reng suh. Make up hman hnem lutuk te hi , I chhass in at-chilh tir I duh chuan tih miah loh tur Eye liner hnawih dum phei chu mipa hian mawilo an ti teh mai a nia. Hnathawh lam, doctor , lawyer , second hand, zur kuhva zuar I ni emaw , pawisa thawh chhuah lam sawi zuah zuah loh tur , financially independent ka ni tih ang lam phei chu sawi reng reng loh tur. Sawi lo mah la an mahni in an lo spy chhuak ve tho tho.

I chhass hnathawh kha ngaisan hmel deuh a om jaih tur, hmeichhia tong hnem hi an ngai thei lo hrim hrim Cinema kan en a a starring tawp hnik hnek a in chei but very cute tih ang reng vel hi an style copy hlek loh tur ,cinema vel ah chuan an cute mai thei mahse a tak ah chuan turn off ah a chang duh a nia chhas te in-atchilh tir dawn lai stage ah chuan, Pamela Anderson ang tang a, sexy tur nih deuh har tur, Hur tel kher chu a tul chuang lo a. I dul a kiar deuh a nih chuan, for the sake of sexiness ip char char mai tur.

Body Language, pawimawh lutuk , chhass bul a I thut reng reng in , in pho deuh larh a thut hnaps tur a nia , I ke han khawkherh dan reng reng pawh kha awmze nei tak in tlek tir tur.

Thlek deuh nghal nghal mai tur
Confi tak in mizing a in chhuah ho reng reng in tlangval te hian an chhas te hi min chhuang ve teh mai a nia, chu vang in kan hmeltha emaw kan hmelchhia emaw confident tak in kan hawi larh larh ve mai tur a ni. Khawvel a hmeltha be r ang mai khan ha n om la, I chhas pawn emaw a lo ti ve a ni mai. Hawi sang lam a nilo a nia, hawihhawm zaidam nunnem be r ang khan , nu hnep bok si, sexy bok si, zei bok si, Ho te te ah thinrim duh miah loh tur , attention draw duh vang a tih tauh khum tih ang reng vel kha bansan in, nuisang tactic in han biak tum chin la nangmah pawh I hlim sawt ang a, in relationship pawh street light ang in a paw phut mai ang .

Tu pawh in mahni thawh rah theuh kan seng a,, chu vang in a duh chuan lo apply u la duh lo chuan tih loh mai tur
Kei chuan ka lo apply fo tawh a , ka fak khawp mai.
He tiang ang tak a tactic i apply chuan Kan tlangval te ho Silent_man , angaiha, ben, father_sphinx etc tih ang reng vel te chu Sa-um bur nisa a pho ang mai in an tui uih hum hum mai ang. Khaw dang an hawi san toh lo hrim ang che

Why Google Earth cannot be open sourced

November 29th, 2006 11:19 am by BlackWhite

Gaia tried to reverse engineer Google Earth and create an open source API, but here’s what happened. BTW, the mail from Michael Jones was quite humble and encouraging.
25 November 2006, I’ve got the letter from Michael Jones, the Chief Technologist of Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Local search, requesting to cease reverse engineering and improper usage of licensed data that Google Earth use.

Data does not belong to Google, it is licensed under certain conditions, which include unability for third parties to access raw data. Be those conditions continuously broken, Google will no longer be permitted to use the data, so not just no more Gaia, but no more Google Earth. That’s absolutely not what I want, not I hope any of you want. As I understand, for now the only possible way to have an open source Google Earth client is to convince data providers to loosen license restrictions.

For the mail from Michael Jones, go here.

Eng tin aaaa?

November 29th, 2006 11:07 am by father_sphinx

He thil hi atangin ka hmu a, neitupa phalna lovin a then ka lo lachhawng e…. a dang pawh la awm nual mai

An tia lawm mizo hnam hrang hrang nula te mizia an chhui naah chuan hetiang hian an mizia an chhutchhuak a.A dik/diklo ti turin ka la prove chiah lo. Khai mah aw
· Sailo hmeichhia: An chut duh viau a, an ngeng duh an ti.
· Khawlhring Hmeichhia: An nasa in an pasalte an zo thei viau an ti.
· Hmar Hmeichhia: An luruh a ringin an thawveng an ti.
· Colney Hmeichhia: An thil phal duh an ti..eng thil phal nge an nih chu ka hre chiang lo.Dawr dek a monle.
· Khiangte Hmeichhia: An thak viau a,pasal an hmu zung zung an ti.


November 29th, 2006 8:56 am by nasty

Ka naupan lai a ka lehkhabu ngainat em em chu Pi Zaithanchhung’in a a ziah “Ka Zinna Ram ” tih kha a ni thin a ,kha tiang ang lehkhabu ziak ve thei khawp a hausak leh ability neih hi ka tum ve nasa thei khawp a, mahse America lam em chu thleng pha lo in kei mahni ram ngei Khawvel ram hrang hrang atang harsa leh hlau chung chung pawh a an rawn tlawh ve nal nal kan ram Hindustan ngei mai chu kan fang kual ve ta a, ka van hlim tak emmm

Ka u nen , kan misual pui Tiger poh an khua atang in a bedding nen a ron in pu ve vang vang a.
Kan backpack nen chuan kan pen chhuak ta a. Ka zinna ram hi Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New delhi ,metropolitan tih lam reng a nilo a hindustan raih don a nia. ka u phei chuan lehkhabu hi europe lam a chhuah tur in “Backpacking in India” tih hi chhuah i la kan hlawk phian ang a , a ti fiam thu thin a.

First destination…………Varanasi

Varanasi nge ka tih don Banares a train atangin kan han pen chhuak chiah chu, a boruak hi a lo Shiva and Parvati raih mai a ni. The holycity, khawvel ah pawh lar tham khawp a khaw mak dangdai, Lonely planet ah pawh Must Visit city chu kan thleng ve ta raih mai a. kan hmel a danglam em avang in Tourist Police te chuan min lo ngaiven ta vat a ( tourist police hi a exist tih poh kan la hre ngai lo)
chuan an lo fel khop a, indian kan ni a ti in kan passport te kan hmuh a chu ti chung poh chuan Mizo an lo la hre lo chek a ni ang chu, min register ta tlap a,, kan pic te la in kan telephone number thleng in min dil a, Rikshaw min lak sak a, a number an chhinchhiah thlap bok a, hahdam thlak in a lungmuanthlak, chuan kan pathum chuan Komika Guest House, lonely planet lehkhabu kolkatta a kan lei atanga kan hriat pan chuan kan tlan ta nal nal a, chu Komiko guest house chu Old Varanasi chhim lam Ganga river border a om hi a ni a, a nei tu pa chu Brahmin (dublicate) a nupui chu Japanese a ni a.

kan passport te scan vek in,, Mizoram hi anni tan chuan a exist lo ni ang hrim in an la hre ngai lo reng reng. Zan lam a varanasi ui zan khua thak a u chuan muthilh a ti bahlah deuh a ni ang a tuk zing dar sarih a kan Yoga lesson hmasa ber once in a life time a kan han neih ve chu nuih pawh a za rum rum a lom.

Yoga lesson kan nei zo kan room zau nuam ve tak agarbati rim nam cham cham foreigners ho tan chuan exotic perfume an ti teh chek ang chu, mahse keinni mizo tan chuan chu rim zet chu a van vai rim tak em!!

Dhashaswameth Ghat ah tlai dar 6 hma a thleng ngei tur in kan kal a , he ghat ah hian tlai tin kum sangtam tak puja an nei ziah a, Brahmin puithiam ho in a Ganga purify nan a an tawngtai vel lai chu Boat 20 rupees per hour kan hire ve atang chuan kan thlir ve ran a,

Khua a lum em avang in ka kut chu tui ah ka chiah veng veng a, savawm hit bok nen chuan an music play nen chhas sexy lam ka ngaihtuah veng veng lai chuan . ka kut chu thil ennge mo ni hian a rawn khak dawt mai a, tui atang chuan rang tawk in ka la chhuak a, tui ah chuan hmeichhe rai puar sari tet phung a in tuam a lu vel chu skeleton hlang vek ni toh hi kan lawng si chuan a lo lang lung lung mai a. Ka chi ai nasa teh asin, a ni teh reng a Ganga lui a ka vawikhat kal na a ni ve miau mai si a,.chi-ai pawh a awm viau e. Zan thla eng hnuai ah chuan Ganga lui chu a paw phut mai a, chu mi zan chuan ka muhil ngam lo reng ren

Kan hotel nei tupa chuan kar khat Varanasi a I om chuan mitthi tih ang reng chu I hlau tawh reng reng lo ang min ti a. A sawi lai chuan awi om loh zawk a mahse a sawi dik khawp mai. Raipuar, sadhu, naupang kum tling lo, Vun phar, Ransa, heng ho hi Hal an thhiang ve lo in Ganga ah chuan an paih thin a.Hmu ngai lo tan chuan rap om duh tak anni. Anni ho chuan nga tan mah an ngai lo ,Mother Ganga the Protector tih lam kha kan believe ve mang si loa

Ni thum hnu ah chuan Mithi lo lang te chu kan pet per nawlh nawlh mai a lom . Tak tak in ngai a neih chu har ka ti khawp mai , mitthi ruang an ten miah lo kha, monsoon season ah phei chuan tui a rawn sang nasa a, mitthi ruang hi waves hian lui kamsir ah hian a rawn hnawl nasa thin lutuk an la ti zui.
a tui te hi an in khawlh khawlh a , sap ho pawh an bang chuang lo Ganga lui te kan tlawh kual a , an Mitthi hal na hmun te, thlalak chak om viau mahse chu mi hmun a thlalak chu zah lo entir na ang a an ngaih miau avang in thlapawh kan la ta lo a. Hmuh nawm ve tak ani .

Restaurant kal na apiang ah Bhang Lasi duh em? Min lo ti reng bawk nen thil sual lam hi chu thlemna a sang duh bawk a, in ti chin ve teh reng ang u tiin kan han in ve ta chhak anih kha . Zu ang in ruih ve nghal mai theih si lo, dar kar khat hnu vel ah kan han hot ve ta a, ganga lui kam ah Street naupang ho ball kan lei sak a, cricket kan han khel tak tak anih kha, once in a life time a Lady Tendulkar ang a han in feel ve chu nuam ve khawp mai. Hotel atang a kan pen chhuah rual a nileng thak a kan thil ngaihthlak chu

Flower I lei duh em? No
Boat duh em? No
Change money ? No
Bhang duh em? No
Hashish duh em? No

Ghat ah chuan , bawng ,ui , Sadhu , fake sadhu, Hindu pilgrim ho , Bhudist pilgrimage , mithhi ruang nen , ransa ruang chi hrang hrang , Israel hippie , sap , vai , mithhi ruang hal tur nen. Kan nileng thak thak zel a. Zan lam ah chuan kan hotel chung ah hian kan zai thin a, Tabla student hnam hrang hrang an tam bok a, nuam thei khop mai, Banares silk a lar bawk a, western lam whole saler pawh an tam khop mai . Hotel tam tak ah No Israel Allowed tih hmuh tur a om chawk bawk a. Western lam Spinsters ho lakah Varanasi tlangval ho chu to vet vet tak an ni . Vawi khat pawh vai tlangval pakhat sunglass bun ra mai kekawr kap chhing ah ,yellow tees te nen a in thhuam ah mai hi sap nula senior tawk mai hian zan a kan zai khawm na ah a rawn hruai a, inneih kan tum a. Nuih za thlak duh khawp mai. nula ho pawh kha Varanasi ah vai tlangval an chhe lo khawp mai , in lo hre tawh dawn nia.

Ni ennge mo zat kan cham hnu chuan kham lo tak in train lam pan in kan kal leh ta a,
T shirt thar ka lei a , a hma ah chuan

No Flower
No Boat
No Change Money
No Bhang
No Hashish
No Money, No Problem!

Tih in chuang kalh ha chung chuan Varanasi chu kan bye bye ta a. Kan next destination ,Dharamshala, MC Leod Ganj lam ah Dhalai Lama hmuh in beisei in Little Tibet lam chu kan pan ta vang vang a.

ZUALKO:Pi Lalbiaksangi Vellore-ah boral

November 29th, 2006 6:46 am by TheHumanBot

Nov.28: Nizan dar 11 hnu deuh khan Pi Lalbiaksangi Sailo, w/o Pu Lalhluna Sailo ( L), Dawrpui Vengthar, Aizawl [ BMA Treasurer, Nl. Blessy Sailo nu a ni bawk ] chu Vellore Christian Medical College hmunah a boral hlauh mai. Kar hnih vel kal ta khan Pi Lalbiaksangi hian Vellore a rawn pan a. A natna hi cancer nia hriat a ni.

Vawiin chawhnu lam hian Pi Lalbiaksangi ruang hi Vellore atanga Bangalore-a lakphei tur a ni a. Ni 29 zing flight lain Aizawl lam panpui turin inpuahchahna a kal mek a ni


Youth Icon 2006 Top Ten

November 29th, 2006 5:48 am by TheHumanBot

Zoramchhani (395), N.Vanlaiphai
K. Laldingliani (639), Saitual
Lalhmingsanga (280), Republic Veng
K. Lalremmawia (434), Rulchawm
Zomuanpuii (41), Sihphir
Sarah Lalngaihawmi (713), Dawrpui
Lalawmawma (520), Tuivamit
H. Lalremruati (902), Ramhlun N

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