Lunglen hi tuar a har ka ti

December 14th, 2006 5:40 am by nasty

Masi a hnai tawlh tawlh Zoram ngaih a zual. Lunglen in zual lam a pan vawng vawng. Naupan lai chuan Zoram pel a om te hi kan lo chak thin. Cinema ah chuan a starring te with flowers on their hair , an lam vel a, music nen nalh theih top in. A chang tu nu khan tlangval scientist kha , bus a chuan na ah a tong nolh mai a. They fell in love and they live happily ever after. Movies ah te hi chuan Man/ Girl , of their dreams, te hi an tong zot zot mai a nia.

Co-incident , a fact or a myth ?
Love stories with their happy endings
And Love that never.. ever ever died
Happiness, I wonder??

Mahse welcome to Reality. Reality kan han face chiah chuan, I don’t find a Keanu Reeves sitting beside me on the bus or heard a music played when i walked on the street. Where is the love? hi kan ti hu toh mai a nia.

Mahni ram nilo hi chu eng ang in CHK mahse kan ta a om ve lo. Zoram, Dawrpui phei ah hmangaihte nen ruai theh tur in han kal i la, masi kawrthar ha ngei in. Pu Israela point ah DiDi alu leh papawr han lei ngei bok i la.

Aizawl/Zoram ngei a masi ruai han theh chu a van chak om tak em. Nu leh pate zai khawm ri dup dup han ngaih thlak te. Mizo tlangval ngei, AR-sa han kan pui bok i la. In the end , mahni hnampui kan Mizo tlangval te hi kan star vong vong che u a nia

Lung hi a leng a ni , Unaupa Chabetkaia hian hla nalh deuh ron phuah chhuah tur te hi a nei lom mo ni le?

Still smiling

December 14th, 2006 3:11 am by TheHumanBot

Hospitalised day before yesterday, from her sick bed, she posed for photograph with the same smile we’ve seen and loved. Good to see her smiling.

Details and picture:

Our ancestors in olden days

December 14th, 2006 12:00 am by TheHumanBot

Remember that drama “Hmanlai Mizo Inkhawm lai” by Republic Veng KTP/YMA (I am not sure) aired on LPS many years ago? This video on myspace reminds me of that drama.

Mizo Hnam

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Is Mizoram the cancer Capital of the World?

December 13th, 2006 5:46 pm by bawngboy

Maybe not, but it does have an unusual HIGH Rate of Cancer.
I would be surprised if you told me if you never had someone close die from cancer.
Okay. i DO NOT have a medical Background. I am like you just another guy who has questions and don’t know who to ask…

Are Chhinlung people more prone Cancer?
What do People in Mizoram do different to have a cancer rate so high?
Yes tobacco consumption is higher, Is this the only thing or are there other factors?

I feel Cure for cancer is just a myth. The Treatment is hard on the patient, You could see it in their eyes that they know they are slowing dying. For once I feel that the Mizoram Government is doing its best, they just don’t have the resource to carry out an extensive research on this. You must realise that a lot of money goes into the treatment of cancer patient. As there is no proper infrastructure to treat cancer in Mizoram patient have to be referred to places outside the state. As most of the patient are in a family of or are themselves Government Employee so the Government pays for the Treatment. (And that is why I am thankful to the Government of Mizoram)

Any back to the questions, what are the other factors?
1. Is the Rice that comes to the state contaminated with pesticides? (They mainly come from Punjab and the rice is usually surplus and the worst of the lot)

2. Some of the vegetables come from Meghalaya. The Meghalaya Soil is rich in minerals. Meghalaya is also known to have deposites of radioactive material (Uranium). Are the Vegetables from Meghalaya over rich in minerals?

Yes I know that does not explain why the rate Cancer in Meghalaya is significantly lower as they eat their own vegetables and rice that comes from Punjab. Ya well read on..

3. Most of the household utensils are still made from Aluminium (think of the ‘Marcha Rawtna’ too) could these utensils be contaminated with cancer causing materials and are slowly contaminating the food?

4. What about the sweet mountain water that the mizo are so proud of is it over rich in minerals?

Hey what is your favourite dish?

Mine is ‘Vawk Sa’ and I think it is the state dish. right

5. Vawk sa means a lot of fat, and I think the excessive fat in the body hold these cancer causing materials longer to start causing cancer in the body?
(((Meghalaya being a colder state the fat that they consume get used up faster and should cycle change faster than people in Mizoram.)))

The thing they say about ‘Sa Rep’ causing cancer is really lame.

But who am I to say.. I do not have a medical background… I am just the jackass Bawngboy.. What me know???

Wanted – Research Assistants

December 13th, 2006 3:38 pm by virgochhas

Seeking Research Assistants who have the following skills –

1. Able to gather data from the Internet using advanced search capabilities of search engines

2. Organize the information

3. Excellent command of English language

4. Attention to detail – grammar and spell checking

5. Written English ability at level of a US weekly magazine level, e.g. Newsweek.

hlawh chu a tlem ber ah cheng 15,000 – 25,000 a ni ang

if anyone is interested, plz contact me at rami [at] lestanor [dot] com

thanks :D

Puanang An lo chul Zo Ta

December 13th, 2006 11:38 am by chabetkaia

Suihlung dam ni awm maw?
Parte kan hlimlai niten
Zamualpui an liam zo ta
Tawng leh hian ka mawi silo

Awi maw! kan hlimlai nite
Hlimten kan lenlai ni nen
Thralkhaw romei iang hianin
Puanang anlo chul zo ta.

Lenkawl turni lo eng
Nang ngaih ti zual tur reng’an
Kei zawng i zun ngai hianin
Truan trul reng ka dawn theilo.

Lungrung vawikhat talin
Dar ang intawng leh ila
Hmangaih thu di hril dun in
Runhmun len zai i rel ang

Tunlai chu Youth Icon thu leh hla kara, hmanlai hla hlui rawn chhawp chhuah chu inthlahrunawm duh deuh mahse.. he hla hi HC Sanglura rawn vawrh thar leh ka ngaithla a, ka khatliam leh ta tlat mai.. Masi a hnai bawk nen engkim mai hian lung a ti leng ta vek mai a ang khawp mai.. Ben

Through God, anything can be conquered

December 13th, 2006 10:00 am by TheHumanBot

“Hnehna chu Lalpa ta a ni.”

Translation: Through God, anything can be conquered.

He is changed. He didn’t know how but it happened. Editor Sandman is changed.

On his blog he writes…

When I landed back here in Mizoram two weeks ago, my parents wanted me to go to a Camp (spiritual rehab). I always used to consider myself to be a “good enough” Christian: someone who goes to Church on Sundays, sleeps during the Sermon most of the time but concentrates seriously during prayers, breaking many of the laws inscribed in the Holy Bible but at the same time never blaspheming the Word of God, proud to tell my other non-Christian friends about my faith but at the end of the day getting totally wasted together over a bottle of rum or a joint of cigga-wee and trying to convince myself that God understands what my flesh wants so He won’t note this down on His Book.

Read more

May God be with you, always.

This week, he’s helping the camp as the “head of security”. There goes Sandman :-)

Now that this happened, you would love to hear what he says on this issue “Two queries on religion

Born again is about expressing your true passion during prayers by standing up, raising your hand and shouting out praises to Him rather than asking stupid questions like “whether we can lie down and pray before we go to sleep as long as the urges came from within”.

Movers & shakers of NE markets

December 13th, 2006 4:05 am by TheHumanBot

This article “Women, movers & shakers of N-E markets” (not written by Sangzuala Hmar :-)) on Hindustan Times talks about women, women and women of North East India calling them the movers and shakers of NE market. Not surprising! Where else in India do you see lots of women keeping shops, selling vegetables, groceries in the market? Is this because women sell better or men are simply lazy and useless forcing women to do such tasking.

“Women in the North-East are more industrious than men, managing their homes, agricultural fields and the markets, with equal aplomb,” says Archana Sarma, who heads Gauhati University’s Women’s Study Centre.

Enterprising Mizo women from rural areas outlying state capital Aizawl begin gathering at markets close to midnight and carry on till their stocks are exhausted.

Except for men of Meghalaya which is topsy turvy land when it comes to status of men and women, I think this is an awakening call to the men of North East India. What say you?

Read the article:

Sorry guys, it’s not like I betrayed you for giving them (women of this opportunity to screw us. Don’t worry, just this time :-)

Smokie concert “unprofitable”

December 13th, 2006 2:43 am by TheHumanBot

According to Newslink, the recent Smokie concert in Aid of “Spastic Society of Mizoram” at Aizawl did not earn any profit from the ticket. But thanks to the sponsor Greyhound Finance, the society isn’t left pennyless. Businessman and owner of Greyhound Finance John Malsawma and his wife (in the picture below) donated Rs.1,00,000 for the Spastic Society of Mizoram from their own account.

Thanks to, I managed to dig out this inspiring story “Greyhound Finance Neitu John Malsawmtluanga” about the successful businessman and his beautiful wife ;-)


Sangzuala Hmar speaks out

December 13th, 2006 2:22 am by TheHumanBot

In October, we saw this Sangzuala Hmar authored news “60% of Mizoram women addicted to tobacco” over at which ignited debate among Newslink readers, some of them bashing the man:

..we Mizo women are not that addicted to smoking as the writer of this piece, Sangzuala Hmar, has erroneously announced to the entire world.

I bet Sangzuala Hmar’s fat a&^*^s if there are sufficient data to substantiate the 60%.

This must have appeared in multiple National papers, including Chennai’s edition of “The Hindu”, if my memory serves me, and many other places on the web.

Here , I mentioned it in this post “Other Women“.

Yesterday evening, the journalist(assuming it indeed was him) paid a visit to the debate at Newslink website adding the following comment:

Mawnghlim chu a ni thei viau ang, kan nihna kan dinchhuah pui ngamloh vang hi a ni thei ang em heti khawpa Mizoram hi kan chhiat. Ni e, a dik, mahni ram hmingchhe taka chhuah thin min tih chuan, a nilo chu a nilo, a ni chu a ni tia kan tan ngam hi a hun tawhin ka hria. I mawng a bakh chuan engtik ni ah emaw miin an hre tho tho ang a, chutih hunah chuan a lo al hle tawh ang a, natna te pawh alo kai hman ngei ang, chuvang chuan siamthat theih hunlaia siamtha tura mualpho ngam a hun tawhin ka hria. Kan hmelmawina lai te pawh hi kan ziak ve tho asin.

He defended by having also reported the good nature of us pointing to this article “Stop, shop and pay but don’t look for keepers”, covered here, much appreciated by some.

A couple of days ago, one of our visitors complained of erroneous report by the man over here. I ‘ve emailed the man about it. So far haven’t heard from him.

The debate on Newslink website: 60% of Mizoram women addicted to tobacco