Keeperless shops and Mizo’s honesty

December 11th, 2006 12:17 am by TheHumanBot

Many of you expressed unhappiness over the kind of stories appearing in National Papers written by Sangzuala Hmar here[White insults mizo] and here[Born a mizo fighting for promised land].
Apparently the man himself was here (though I can’t verify it) and left this comment over here.

Min hau na hlawm hle mai, ka lo hmu lawk lova, in rawtna leh in thurawn a tha ka ti lutuk. Ni e, a mawi deuh lai ziah tam pawh ka tum zel ang e.


Did the journalist really buy your suggestions or is it just a co-incidence? Sangzuala’s latest story out on the net is quite different.

Titled “Stop, shop and pay but don’t look for keepers“, he writes about the many unmanned grocery shops between Seling and Keifang villages where traveller buy vegetables just by picking their choice and dropping the required amount in the moneybox.

This unusual ‘shop without a keeper’ was started by a 29-year old, Vanlaldika, who lives with his wife and children almost 30 km away from the nearest village. The shop where he never sits has become his main source of income for the past three years. Seeing his success, farmers along Aizawl-Champhai highway have also started such shops.


Youth Icon report

December 10th, 2006 7:31 pm by father_sphinx front page hi luah khat vek mah sela, a awm lo chuang lovin ka hria. A hunlai a ni tlat. LPS buatsaih Youth Icon 2006 chu Inrinni zan khan final neih a ni a, hming petu mi 997 zingah Lalramchhani, N Vanlalphai chu Youth Icon 2006 atan thlanchhuah a ni a, thilpek leh duhsakna tinrengin a vur a, a umzui bawk.

Thalaite zinga ‘ber’ thlannaah hian hmingpe 997 zingah mi 104 te chu intihsiaknaah hian an tel lova, mi 893 ten intihsiakna hi an nei a. Rimawi leh chhepchher tel miah lovin a hang dik takin an hla duh ber an sa a, chung zingah chuan mi 130 in second round an lut a, hollow guitar nen a thawhhnihnaa tlingte hi an intihsiak leh a, mi 10 thlanchhuah leh a ni a, a tha zual 3 an thlangchhuak leh a, Chutah chuan Esther Lalchhanchhuahi, Chhinga veng; Lalhmingsanga Republic leh Zoramchhani, N Vanlaiphai te an ni.

An intihsiakna ber hi Lalsangzuali Sailo hla ‘Rawlthar Tang Fan Fan’ tih a ni.A tawp lamah hi chuan LPS ten musician an rawih sak tawh a ni. Final zan hi Zarkawt kawnah mipui hmuh theihin tihchhuah a ni a, mipui an pungkhawm tam hle. Final dawn hian zan khat hun khaihlak a awm a, chutah chuan Mizoram hi Youth Icon in a chiah hneh hle a ni, mobile leh phone pangngai-ah pawh chu chu i vote ang u tih a tam hle a, sumdawngtuten duhsakna an inhlansiak emaw tih mai turin thilpek leh suhsakna hlantu lah an tam a, a puan pawh an puang seng lo.

Chanmari VC president Rosiamngheta phei chuan Chanmari khua leh tui nihna a lo pe hmiah mai a, CM Zoramthanga’n 1-na atan Rs 10000, 2-na Rs 7000 leh 3-na Rs 5000 a pe bawk a. An intihsiakna hla neitu Lalsangzuali Sailo pasal J Laldinliana chuan top 3 te chu Rs 1000 theuh a pe a, minister Dr Lalthangliana chuan top 3 te hi Rs 1000 theuh a pek bakah a hla phuahtu Lalsangzuali hriatreng nan Rs 3000 a pe a. Quality Travels chuan Kolkata kalna tur air ticket an pe a, Chief secretary Haukhum Hauzel thianni Vanlaldiki chuan Kolkata a an cham chhung thlenna senso zawng zawng a tum tur thu a lo sawi bawk a.

Icon Zoramchhani hi an khua North Vanlaiphai chuan lirthei zawng zawng nen hmuah an tum a, Sawnpoh kawn-ah ama puala inkhawm an buatsaih bawk ang. Rulchawm tlangval K Lalremmawi hi Chief Minister leh Home Minister te chuan an motor a thlah an tum a, ropui takin an lo hmuak dawn a ni. Sihphir nula Zomuanpuii hi Most Promising Artist hi an VC chuan Sihphir venglai-ah inhmun tha lai ber an pe nghal bawk.

Mobile phone, TV leh thilpek dang an dawn tamzia chu an puan sen loh ang bawkin ziah sen a ni lo. Final zan khan Projector hmangin veng tam takin an veng lun laiah mipui an kokhawm bawk a, North Vanlaiphai-ah chuan a milem lang thei lovin zai leh tawng chiah hriat theihin an lo ngaithla a, lam tlaivar pawh an awm nual.

A zai thiam a ni

December 10th, 2006 7:12 pm by father_sphinx

Mizo Mariah Carey ti ila, a sual awm love. A la naupang na in, a aw a control thiam a, a zai thiam a ni. A zai paha a lu an shake vel te kha a ti nalh tlat. A tir atanga Mali zawhna pawh a tawngkam thiam loh ang angin a chhang hmiah hmiah zel a. A lawmawm tlats, intih tawngkam thiam kual vel a tum ve lo. A nui chen chen a, amahah khan ‘charm’ a awm ka ti mai a…duhawmna riau a nei..:D… Nizan zet kha chu a pui a ni. Zarkawt kawnah mipui 5000 chuang chu an punkhawm ka ring tlat, TV a a lan dan khan. Banner lian pui pui siam an tam, Zoramchhani tanna thu vek a ni. “Zoramchhani, i tlin loh chuan kan tap ang”, “Zoramchhani, Youth Icon 2006″ tih te a ni nawk mai. An banner siam lah a lian hlawm, projector project pawh a tibuai lek lek hial thin. Zoramchhani kha tling lo ta se, buaina a chhuak lovang tih pawh a sawi theih loh a nih kha.

A lawmman dawn a turu. Mizote kan changkang tawh ka ti, mi chawimawi kan thiam tawh tlat.

Dawr hrang hrangin thawmhnaw thar sawi sen loh, thilpek hlu tak tak, mobile handset pawh a dawng hnem khawp mai. Chief Minister in Rs. 10000 a pe bawk a, Kolkata free trip, music video, album, soundtrack, damdawiin awm man free, ha enkawl free, sam enkawl free etc. etc….tam ltk. An veng (N. Vanlaiphai)-ah In hmun pek a ni bawk a, Chanmari veng khua leh tui nihna pek a nih thu an VC hnen atangin dawn a ni bawk.

Youth Icon-a 2-na Lalhmingsanga (Mizo Young Jae!!) pawh a lawm thiam khawp mai. A zai thiam a, zai laia han in shake vel deuh ngheuh ngheuh a thiam bawk. An veng mipuiin an tawiawm tha hle bawk.

Pathumna Esther-i pawh a lawm ngang a ni e. An veng mipuiin an rawn tawiawm thra bawk a.

Kei chu judge ni ila, thlan ber tur hre lovin ka awm anga, ka mualpho phah hial ang. Mahse, judge te an thiam a, an thlang fair khawp mai.

Sumneihhrawnga te thiandun che pawh a hmuhnawm e.

Nakkum 2007 ah pawh Youth Icon hi thlan leh zel tum a nih thu Mali’n a sawi. Zarkawt veng mipui an fakawm a, an dawl zo hle. An VCP hovin a phusa ber berah an tang.

Icon Night in Pictures

December 10th, 2006 5:36 pm by Parousia

The night that was….

The Icon Baby

Sumneihhrawnga, the comic interlude!

Drummer Ruatfela, star tu a ngah hmel khop mai..a thenin Mali an lo sms a….”drummer kha hliah lo deuhin ding roh!” an lo ti thul :D

Zoramchhani “Youth Icon” -Ka lo haw(video)

December 10th, 2006 4:17 pm by TheHumanBot

Thanks to Zotalk, we got to hear them singing[Youth Icon mp3]. We heard her, the Icon singing. Hold your breath, you’ll soon see her singing too. Ka lo haw video by the Icon from last night has been made available for download at her website.

Download here or watch it on YouTube .

If you are downloading, it’s a 7.6 MB WMV format.

Zoramchhani is Mizoram’s “Youth Icon”

December 9th, 2006 11:27 pm by TheHumanBot

As expected, Zoramchhani is the “Youth Icon”. First runner-up is Lalhmingsanga and 3rd being Esther Lalchhanchhuahi. Zomuanpuii of Sihphir was announced “Most promising artist”. Out of 892 talented contestants from all corners of the state, 1991 born North Vanlaiphai girl Zoramchhani more often callled “RC” according to her autobiography gets the top spot. Three cheers to the winning girl and where’s your treat to 3x?

20,000 in cash, Samsung 21 inch TV, Sony DVD Player are some of the prizes the Icon gets.

Get on to her website, a gift from Mizosoft Solutions. The guest book is already flooded by fans and well-wishers, most of them from Aizawl, one being Artist Tlangrokhuma. That kind of tells us how many people gets online from Aizawl.

Zoramchhani’s autobiography

Ka hming pum chu Zoramchhani a ni a, ka chhungte leh ka thiante chuan RC tiin min ko ber a. Kum 1991 October ni 2 khan North Vanlaiphai khuaah ka piang a. Ka pa hming chu V.L.Bela Ralte a ni a. Ka nu hming chu Lalrinpari a ni. Kan unau hi pali (4) kan ni a, hmeichhia 3 leh mipa 1 kan ni a. Kei hi a upa ber ka ni.


I just googled for “Zoramchhani” and the first link I get is the Icon’s very own mp3 link of “Ka lo haw” uploaded by Zotalk people some two days ago or earlier. So this North Vanlaiphai girl is also on Google index , hitting the first link with her name as search query. [Update ] has at this time got over 5000 hits. It was some 2000 while compiling this last night. Comments still pouring into the guest book every couple of minutes. Most of them , from Aizawl.

After boxer Jenny, Zoramchhani is likely to be the talk of the town. My bro is impressed with the judges for being so fair. “Coming from a poor family , she couldn’t pronounce the word filmstar properly, but her talent is amazing”, he said. It was her aunt who brought her to Aizawl. Poorly dressed she had to make ti to the show alone for two nights. A man in the neighborhood precisely “Kawmchhak Pa” was touched who offered her a taxi ride there after. As the show took off, gifts started pouring in, even in the form of cash which she sent to her parents who in turn paid labour to work on their jhum and came to Aizawl to witness their daughter in action at the competition. All these, my brother told me.

Zoramchhani with her parents (courtesy of

Zoramchhani with Mali (courtesy of [Photo gallery]

3x, time to throw a party on her behalf and where the hell are you, crying in happy tears ;-)

Pu Lalnunkunga aka Makunga, Principal of Mount Carmel School has offered her free education up to 10th standard inclusive of free hostel accommodation.

Expecting to hear more from our very own J who said she left to watch the show live on the big screens put up at Zarkawt and Chandmari. Also from father_sphinx, who has just come online.

Says J:

I had planned to watch the show live at Zarkawt but by 8, we heard the crowd there was already way too huge and unruly, and the screen just too small to watch anything from a distance so we went to Chandmari where a big screen had been put up on the Glenary’s balcony by the VCP who’s a huge fan of Zoramchhani. In fact he even extended to her honorary citizenship of Chanmari :D….Cmari veng khua leh tui nihna an hlan zan anih chu!! Chuan a vawt bawk sia, inah kan haw leh a TVah kan en ta daih. Zarkawt crowd ho kha an bawn hmel khop mai. A tir atang khan Mali’n a vau deuh reng a, “Zanin a man in nih chuan Christmas hma in in chhuak toh lo ang” tih vel in! A changin projector an hliah thul, an banner ken lian leh sang lutuk in a hliah thul, sound switch an lo nawk off thul… haappy ve tawk a ni e! :D

pic: zarkawt square a mipui pungkhawm. (ui mipui tam zia hi…. ka zuk tlan kual teh ang an zingah khuan…

Sad but true. That’s the end of Youth Icon 2006. With this massive success of the show’s virgin debut, I guess there’s more to come in the future.

Made this report in a mad rush. Feel free to pitch in for any correction required.

So what’s next?

Also check:,


December 9th, 2006 11:21 pm by TheHumanBot

Sensiari tleitir sensiari
Enchim loh sensiari sakhmel mawi
Vangkhawtual i mawi ngei e
Sesiari biangno sensiari

Youtube link

Professor Love

December 9th, 2006 7:02 pm by TheHumanBot

Sounds like a novel title to me. But there indeed is such person called “Prefessor Love”. In the great state of Bihar there is this sacked Hindi Professor Matuknath Chowdhary, popularly known as ‘Professor Love’ for his extramarital affair with 23 year old Julie, a student the age of his daugther. Professor Love is Idolized for daring to defy pressure from the society. He tells youths to always follow their hearts.

Who said:

Who will be the “Youth Icon”?

December 9th, 2006 6:28 pm by TheHumanBot has picture of the top three contenders sitting in a row. In a few hours from now, we will know who is the Youth Icon. I suppose many would have gathered in front of the big screen live telecast at Zarkawt. According to Newslink, Zoramchhani has received about a full truck load of gifts!

Picture: youthim
Details: Newslink

Moonlight Award 2006

December 9th, 2006 2:12 am by TheHumanBot

I don’t remember posting any news related to Mizoram South. Let’s give them a chance tonight. Pretty much like Lelte Music Award, Pu Jeffrey Khara run and edited Saiha based Moonlight Newspaper does Moonlight Award. The 4th Moonlight Award was held on 23rd and 24th of November. Tlingi and Felicia of Blue Corn, Bethsy Lalrinsangi blessed the show as Guest Artist.

More pictures and details: Moonlight website