Mak thin mange!!

November 19th, 2006 8:16 pm by father_sphinx

Nuih a za duh khawp mai a….he thil hi chu.

Youth Icon 2006

November 19th, 2006 1:34 pm by Parousia

130 contestants were shortlisted on Saturday night, and the proceedings shown live on a giant screen at Zarkawt kawn for a huge crowd, as well as on local TV. A few lucky ones were presented with things like free tickets to the Smokie concert and accoustic guitars for outstanding performances :D…among them was Thang David who got to perform live with Vanlalsailova. In the other pic, a sneak pic of David M. Thangliana aka dmt of Newslink, flanked by Zo-a Tlau of the Aizawl Post and Mali, compere extraordinaire.

In partnership with UNODC CHARCA, LPS Vision today kicked off a singing talent hunt along the lines of American Idol. The contest is open to aspiring stars between the ages of 15 and 25 and so far, 990 hopefuls all over Mizoram have signed up to showcase their talents live on TV as they romp through a number of rounds, the first of which is an a cappella round of a song of their choice. The second round will interestingly feature a song ( I forget which) by the late Lalsangzuali Sailo. The lucky Icon will get a prize of ten grand Indian rupees, a free music video made with the LPS people, a free music album with Vega Recording Studio, an Aiwa music system, a free trip to Kolkota, a foreign-made accoustic guitar, etc etc. The finals will be held on the 9th December.

‘misual’ ngawl ka vei…

November 19th, 2006 12:42 pm by wo

Image Hosted by
Engpoh mai ni a ‘ngawl vei’ theih vek mai a lo ni. Thenkhat chuan, damdawi ngawl an vei a, thenkhatin zu ngawl , thenkhatin zuin leh a zuar huat ngawl, thenkhat in sex ngawl, thenkhatin mezial ngawl, thenkhatin Israel ni tlat a in hriatna ngawl, thenkhatin eiruk ngawl, thenkhatin tiranga ngawl, thenkhatin Internet ngawl te kan vei a. Heng ho hi ‘ngawl vei’ tha lo vek an ni awm e, a nih chuan “Simtharlehna Camping” a an luh an ngaih hmel …hehehe… Mahse, ani,kei erawh chuan, he “Misual (.com)” ngawl hi zuk vei ve tlats a maw le. Internet ka luh a piangin, he “misual” hi ka en loh chuan, ka awm a kim ta tlat lo mai nia maw le. Ngawl vei a zawngah chuan a tha lo ber awm e, “MISUAL’ ngawl ber ka vei tawh si chuan, Siamtharlehna aiin CHHANDAMNA ka mamawh hmel zawk e,ti ru…!
Nang eng ngawl nge i vei ve le….???

Sikni Zing Eng Hnuaia Zawlkhawpui

November 19th, 2006 8:26 am by Parousia

Ka pianna zawlkhawpui…

A concrete jungle in the hills

Especially for Goldilocks…

Enge ni a i hriat le?

November 19th, 2006 1:07 am by alexxfender

Te ka ti mai mai a, kan banner hi engemaw awmzia le? … ni chhuak ni awm tak leh in lem ni awm tak tak hi? … a misual riau tih en in ka en a.. dik silo.. a mizo riau ti dawn ila ni bawk silo.. a sap riau na ka man pha bawk hek lo…a banner riau te ka ti ta vel mai mai a…. enge in hmuh ve le.. in lo hmu durtlang viau bik lo ang chu maw!

Traditional Bru hut

November 18th, 2006 7:14 pm by TheHumanBot

MAMIT CIC blog has pictures of typical bru hut , bru men and women in their traditional dress. No big deal but for those who haven’t seen one, could be interesting. Brus are very migratory. They are said to be capable of shifting to a different village in a day’s decision. The pictures are not labeled so the location is not clear.

Those two guys in the photo probably took a good look at the lady’s boobs :-)

Look at those traditions jewellery. Don’t they deserve to appear on Discovery Channel or National Geographic? FYI, the ladies (most likely) don’t use under garment , like our ancestors.

There’s hanging bridge over an unknown river. My guess is River Teirei or River Tut.


I love You

November 18th, 2006 2:09 pm by virgochhas

Life without you, a meaningless life

Life without you, a lonely life

Life without you, an empty life

Life without you, a sad sad life.

How I miss you, you’ll never know

How I miss you, I won’t show

How I miss you, only God knows

How I miss you, I wish you know.

Can’t live without you,

Not happy without you,

Don’t wanna live without you,

I love you.

“Nonsense City” – by Pu R. Lal Rinawma (IRS)

November 17th, 2006 6:09 pm by Goldmember

Pu R. Lal Rinawma chu Bangalore/Mumbai a mizo awm ho chuan kan hre vek awm e.. ah article a ron chhuah a.. Phai rama mizo ho tan chuan chhiar tlak tak a ni.
A article a a ron sawi ber chu.. Blore ah hian Mizo ho hian huau huau kan ngah lutuk a.. student ho lehkha zir te a ti buai thei ani tih lampangin a ron ziak ani..

excerpt …

.……Khawtlang siamthat duhtu leh thahnemngai rilru atanga tarlan a hun hle tih ka hria a. Bangalore khawpuia Mizo chengte hi han thlir thuak thuak pawh hian ‘HUAU HUAU’ hmangin an bur suau suau ni berin a hriat theih a. BMA hi lo thlir hmasa lawk ila. Kan awm ve thin lai khan committee-ah kan tel ve fova, rei ngial committee kan nei ngai lo. Hetianga helai hmun ka rawn belh leh hnu hian Sr. Adviser min vuah thin chanvo kha min lo hlui leh a. Committee ka tel ve ta zeuh zeuh a, darkar 4 atanga darkar 5 hi committee hun chhung a ni ta tlat mai. Tin, committee-in thil thenkhat lo umzui thui deuh turin mi tih hriain Sub-committee an din thin a. Chu Sub-committee thurel zawng zawng chu a bul te atangin committee pui chuan a lo chuk pawpin a let phirsi leh vek zel thin. Tin, committee hun hman rei thuah chuan tun hmaa kum 7 chhung ka lo tel ve tawhna, Mizo Inkhawm (BMCF) lam pawh hi BMA nen an zia a inthlawp hle. Heti chen chen committee ta mai chu Moon expedition kan tum ta mai em ni? Nge Mizo pual bik Garden City dang din leh kan tum zawk em ni? Kan finished product enin khawpui dangte aia kan chungnunna a lang chuang si lo……

read full article at

FYI: I just found out the article is no longer existing at the source.

Mizo Hmeichhe Sexy Ber poll

November 17th, 2006 5:37 pm by Parousia

Aizawl nitin ccbu The Aizawl Post a Thalaite Huang-ah Mizo hmeichhe sexy ber poll an siam a, sms in phone # 9436192838-ah emaw

Mizo Hmeichhe Sexy Ber = ……………

tiin tun kar chhung hian a thon theih e. Fone # pakhat atangin vawi 3 bak chu a vote theih loh ang. Vote a darh lutuk loh nan aniang an duh dan chuan milar hming ni ngei se an tia nih chu.

Ka Tan Lawmna

November 17th, 2006 12:22 pm by chabetkaia

Phuatu&Satu: Super Trio

Kumpuisul veiin hunte an her liam a
Sikni eng mawiten aw a her chhuak e
Zan dai fimte leh zantiang siar eng nen
Lalpian hun lawmawm mawiten a her chhuak e.

Zaleng nautuaite silhpuan mawitin te nen
Kaina run an bel hlimten zai an vawr e
Behtlehem a nau thar lo piang chu lawmin
Dawn lem neilovin, aw an her siau e.

Aw a ariang ngei e, riahrun chang lo Lal Isua
Ka phal thei love a zalnan ranthleng mai maw
Chhingkhual kar hla zingah maw,
Lawmtu reng a nei love e.

Aw a ropui ngei e, vanmiten ui mahse
Chhingmittui far chungin an thlah liam e
Van mite zai ri chuan Bethlehem dai reha
Lalthar lo piang a chu an rawn puang e
Chu zan hla mawi ri chu aw.. KA TAN LAWMNA.

Dawn a tam thrahna mai an ka phal thei lo
Vanlal thinlaina ti zual tur reng an maw
He hun tawite hi, amten i chen tak le
Dam hian i ring em Hmangaihtu thinlai

Aw a ariang ngei e, riahrun chang lo Lal Isua
Ka phal thei love a zalnan ranthleng mai maw
Chhingkhual kar hla zingah maw,
Lawmtu reng a nei love e aw….

Aw a ropui ngei e, vanmiten ui mahse
Chhingmittui far chungin an thlah liam e
Enteh ariang ngei e, khawvel sual kalpuitu saw
A nghak che a hmangaihna i chan let hun tur
Hethiang em a hmangaihna aw..i hnar ang maw?

He hla te hian ka lung a kuai em a, masi te i rawn sawi vel bawk nen ,misual commer ho tan ka thlang e, tin chang 3na (Joseph-a sak na lai) hi ngun taka mahni leh mahni in en nan i hmang dawn teh ang u….