Professor Love

December 9th, 2006 7:02 pm by TheHumanBot

Sounds like a novel title to me. But there indeed is such person called “Prefessor Love”. In the great state of Bihar there is this sacked Hindi Professor Matuknath Chowdhary, popularly known as ‘Professor Love’ for his extramarital affair with 23 year old Julie, a student the age of his daugther. Professor Love is Idolized for daring to defy pressure from the society. He tells youths to always follow their hearts.

Who said:

Who will be the “Youth Icon”?

December 9th, 2006 6:28 pm by TheHumanBot has picture of the top three contenders sitting in a row. In a few hours from now, we will know who is the Youth Icon. I suppose many would have gathered in front of the big screen live telecast at Zarkawt. According to Newslink, Zoramchhani has received about a full truck load of gifts!

Picture: youthim
Details: Newslink

Moonlight Award 2006

December 9th, 2006 2:12 am by TheHumanBot

I don’t remember posting any news related to Mizoram South. Let’s give them a chance tonight. Pretty much like Lelte Music Award, Pu Jeffrey Khara run and edited Saiha based Moonlight Newspaper does Moonlight Award. The 4th Moonlight Award was held on 23rd and 24th of November. Tlingi and Felicia of Blue Corn, Bethsy Lalrinsangi blessed the show as Guest Artist.

More pictures and details: Moonlight website

300: the movie

December 8th, 2006 2:09 pm by BlackWhite

HOLY SHIT! this has to be the trailer of the year! I am still having goosebumps watching the trailer. Will it surpass Lord of the Rings or The Gladiator? From the trailer, it sure looks like.
Here are some screen shots from the movie (in case u have a problem watching the trailer : )

Movie Poster





Plot: The film is based on the famous battle of Thermopylae. In 480 BC, the Persian king Xerxes sends his massive army (of 1 million) to conquer Greece. The Greek city of Sparta houses its finest warriors, and 300 of these soldiers are chosen to meet the Persians at Thermopylae, engaging the soldiers in a narrow canyon where they cannot take full advantage of their numbers. The battle is a suicide mission, meant to buy time for the rest of the Greek forces to prepare for the invasion. However, that doesn’t stop the Spartans from throwing their hearts into the fray, determined to take as many Persians as possible with them. (IMDB)

Here are the trailers:-

Note: You must have quicktime installed on your computer to view the trailers.

Mizo Aw News :: 8 Dec

December 8th, 2006 12:29 pm by narzhoc

Judiciary – ah Sawrkar Leh High Court Inrem : Dec. 15 Hmain Gazette-ah Chhuah Beisei
Aizawl, Dec 08 : Mizoram sawrkar leh Guwahati High Court chu Mizoram Judicial Service Rules chungchangah an inberem ta a, December ni 15 hmain he Rules hi hman turin Mizoram Gazette-ah a chhuah hman beisei a ni. Kar kal ta tawp lam khan Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga leh Law Minister Pu H.Rammawi chu Mizoram sawrkar Official thenkhatte nen Guwahati-ah Chief Justice B.Sudershan Reddy hmu turin hmanhmawh takin an kal a, Dec. ni 1 zingah khan CJ chuan tukthuan a chenna bungalow-ah lo buatsaihin Judge dangte nen Mizoram Judicial Service Rules chungchanga an inbahnate hmaichhanah an sawiho. Kan thu dawnin a sawi danin Guwahati High Court hian MJS Rules 2002 an kar a, Mizoram sawrkar hotute hian MJS Rules 2006 an kar thung a, an inbahna laite chu an siamrem thei ta a ni. He MJS Rules hi High Court Full Sitting chuan a pawmpui a ngai a, chumi hnuah hman turin Mizoram Gazette-ah chhuah a ngai a ni. Guwahati High Court CJ leh Judge dangte chuan Mizorama Judiciary tihpuitlin chungchangah inpuhmawhna siam tawh loh ni se an ti a, Mizoram sawrkarin High Court an puhnate chu an lo hre ve vek a ni.
He chanchinbua kan rawn ziah tawh thin ang khan Mizoram sawrkar (executive) atanga court rorelna (judiciary) a hranga dah chungchangah hian Supreme Court chuan a hranga dah turin thupek eng emawzat a lo siam tawh a. Mizoram sawrkar chuan judiciary dah hranna tur hian ni 16.6.2005 khan thupek a lo siam tawh a, a chhan sawrkarin a sawi dan chuan MJS officer-te chu enkawltu nei lova an awm vangin he thupek hi 10, 2006 khan a chawlhtir (keep in abeyance) leh ta a ni.
Mizoram sawrkarin Judiciary dah hranna thupek a chawlhtirah hian thu leh hla a tam a, sawi dan hrang hrang a awm a. Thu tun lai berah chuan ni ni 20.7.2007 khan Supreme Court chuan kumin court puja chawlh hma ngeia Mizorama judiciary dah hranna hi tipuitling turin thupek a siam leh a, mawhphurhna chu Guwahati High Court Chief Justice hnenah a pe a, hemi chungchangah hian Guwahati High Court Chief Justice chuan ni 26.7.2006 khan Mizoram Chief Minister hnenah Supreme Court-in hun a pek chhung ngeia la tih hmabakte tih a nih theih nan Mizorama judiciary dah hranna chungchang dinhmun hrilh turin lehkha a thawn a, inhmuhna hun tur rawt turin a ngen bawk a.
Mizorama judiciary dah hran chungchang hi tun Nov. ni 21 khan Supreme Court chuan a ngaihtuah leh ta a. Hetah hian a chunga Guwahati High Court CJ lehkha hi Mizoram Chief Minister-in a chhan loh thu sawi chhuah a niin CJ lehkha hi phawrh chhuah a ni a. Mizoram sawrkar aiawha ukil chuan CJ lehkha chu CM-in a chhan ngei tur a tiam ta a ni. CJ lehkha chhanna atan hian Mizoram sawrkar ukil chuan chawlhkar ruk a dil a, mahse, Supreme Court chuan a hnawlsak a; thupek a siam ta a : The Chief Minister, if not already responded, shall respond to the letter of the Chief Justice dated 26.7.2006 and without any further delay separation will be carried out by issueing necessary notifications including the Rules. The Court also directed the State as well as the High Court to file the compliance Affidavit on nor before 15th December 2006” tiin. Hetianga Supreme Court-in thupek a siam avang hian Mizoram sawrkar ukil (Supreme court ami) chuan Mizoram sawrkar chu rang taka tan la turin a rawn hrilh a ni.
Hetiang a nih lai hian Mizoram sawrkar chuan judiciary a dah hranna thupek chu a lo chawlhtir leh bawk si a, kar kal taa Chief Minister Champhai pawh hahchawl hman hauh lovin Guwahati lamah a phe thla ta a. MJS Rules chungchangah chuan High Court nen chuan inremna an nei thei ta a ni.
Hemi chungchang Mizoram sawrkara official pakhat Mizo Aw-in a zawhna chu Official chuan a chunga saptawnga ziak hi judiciary dah hran Dec. ni 15 hmaa tipuitling tura tihna ni lovin he ni hmaa Mizoram sawrkarin judiciary dah hrang tura tan a lak dan zawhna (report tura tihna) mai a ni a ti a. Chief Minister leh Guwahati High Court CJ chuan inbiakna an nei tawh a, MJS Rules chungchangah inremna neih a ni tawh bawk a, chuvangin December ni 15 hmaa Supreme Court hnena report (compliance affidavit) thehluh tur chu Mizoram sawrkar chuan a nei hrim hrim tawh a ni a ti.
Mizoram Bar Association-in MJS Rules chungchangah Mizoram sawrkarin High Court chu Mizoram sawrkar thawhpui lova an puh laiin Mizoram sawrkar pawhin Mizoram Civil Courts Act 2005 a tipuitling bik lo an tih chungchangah Mizoram sawrkar official chuan hei hi chu Mizoram sawrkar tihpuitlin tur a ni lova, High Court tihpuitlin tur a ni a ti.

Mizorama Nawhchizuar Punna Chhan Mi Rethei leh Mi Hausa Inkar Zauh Vang
Mizoram Congress (MPCC) chuan MNF sawrkar Pu Zoramthanga Chief Minister kaihhruai hnuaiah mi rethei leh mi hausate inkar a zau zelin Mizoram mipuite tawrhna a nasa tih an sawi a, hei hi Dec. ni 5-a Social Welfare Department leh Human Rights & Law Network-in I&PR Conference Hall-a Mizorama Nawhchizawrh leh a kaihhnawih chungchang sawihona an buatsaiha Mizoramah nawrchizuar 1500 vel lai mai awm tawha puan a ni khan a tichiang a ni an ti. Kha seminarah khan Mizorama nawhchizuar an lo tam tak chhante zingah rethei leh hausa kar a zau zel vang tih au chhuahpui a ni an ti a, lung a tichhe tak zet a ni an ti.
MPCC Media deparment chuan press relase chhuahin Chief Minister-in beng muka liam zawih zawih sum hailut chur chur anga a insawi laia Mizoram hotu thil hrechiang berten hetianga thu an sawi a ngai leh si a ni an ti a, lungchhiatthlak takzet an tih thu an sawi. MNF sawrkarna hun chhung hi mi hausate hausak zualna hun, retheite retheih lehzualna hun mai a lo ni an tih here nawn leh turin mipui an ngen a, an tana chhanchhuahna kawl eng mek MPCC lo let hun chu beiseina nen lo thlir fan fan turin an chah.

Mara Autonomous District Council Engtinnge
Nakkum January ni 8-ah hian Mara Autonomous District Council MNF sawrkar chu fiah turin Mizoram Governor chuan thu a pe a. Governor kal ta (Mizoram sawrkar)-in dan kalha nominated member-te ruat a, MNF sawrkar a siamtir chuan member tam zawk thlawptu a nei em tih Council chhuatah fiah a ni dawn ta a ni. He Council tana inthlan hnuhnung berah khan MNF chuan seat 10, MDF-in seat 7, Congress-in seat 4 leh independent-in seat 1 an chang a, MDF, Congress leh Independent member 12 chuan Independent member Pu N.Viakhu chu Chief Executive Member-ah dahin he Council hi an kalpui a. Hun eng emawti hnuah Independent member CEM ni bawk chu MNF lamah a peng ta a, tichuan member 11 ve vein an inthen ta a. Hetiang a nih lai hian Mara Autonomous District Council Constitution and Conduct of Business Rules 2003 No.22 section 2 kalhin Mizoram sawrkar chuan CEM-ah Pu N.Viakhu dahin MNF a sawrkartir a, nominated member ruatin chu sawrkar chu a tingelnghet ta a ni.
Mizoram Governor thar kumin July thlaa a hna zawm Lt.Ge.M.M. Lakhera chuan MNF sawrkar chu house-ah member tam zawk a neih leh neih loh fian turin a ti a, nominated member 4 dan kalha ruatte chuan vote an neih theih dawn loh avang leh Chairman Pu Lalmalsawma Zasai chu he Council sawrkar fiahna huaihawttu tur a nih bawk avangin MNF sawrkar chuan majority a nei zo dawnin a lang lo a. Hetiang karah hian Chairman leh Deputy Chairman chu an bang dawn nia thu dawn a ni a. Tunge Council sawrkar fiahna inkhawm chu hruai ta ang ? Council sawrkar fiahna inkhawm pawh chu neih theih a ni lo mai thei a, theih pawh lo ni se, vote lakna lo awm ta se, MNF thlawp lam chu 11, a lehlamah MDF leh Congress 11 an ni dawn a. A khawlh zo dawn ta a, Council chu thiat a, inthlan thatna an neih mai a ngai dawn a ang khawp mai.

Chief Minister Delhi-ah
Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga chuan nimin khan New Delhi a pan a, naktuka National Development Council inkhawmah a tel ang a, zan lamah National Integretion Council inkhawmah a tel leh ang. CM hian Delhi a cham chhungin Mizoram mamawh hrang hrang buaipuiin sawrkar laipui hotute a dawr ang. Nimina Delhi pana a thlawh chhuah hmain Lengpui Airport tana tui lak dan tur PHE department hotute nen an en.

Lucky Ticket Vawiinah Vawr
Chief Minister’s Office Staff Welfare Committee-in CM Relief Fund tuak nana Lucky Ticket an buatsaih chu vawiin dar 3:00 p.m.-ah CM Office-ah an vawr dawn a, concert nena Vana Pa Halla vawr tura lo ruahman chu rokhawlhna avangin CM Office-ah sawn a ni a, ticket leitute hriat thiamna an ngen.

Ph.D. Hmu Thar
Pi Laltanpuii Ralte, Mizoram University Public Administration department ami chu Mizoram University chuan doctor of phylosophy nihna (Ph.D) a pe a, a thuziak thupui chu ‘Agriculture Development Administration in Mizoram’ a ni.

MHIP-in Jenny Lawmpui
MHIP Gen.Hqrs. chuan nimin chhun khan an pisaah Boxer Jenny R.Lalremliani 4th.World Women Boxing Champion a nih lawmpuina an pisaah thingpui inhona an nei a, lawmpuina certificate mawi tak an hlan.

MAASA Annual Conference
Mizoram Audit & Account Service Association chuan Holiday Palace, Sihhmui-ah vawiin hian Annual Conference an nei dawn a, member zawng zawngte dar 9:30 a.m.-ah Directorate of Accounts & Treasuries Office kawtah kim vek tur a ni an ti. Sawrkarin Special Casual Leave a pe a ni. MAASA hian 5 khan kum 2007 chhunga an hruaitu turte an inthlang a, President Pu A.H.Lalbiaktluanga, Vice President Pi Lalbiakchhawni, Secretary Pu Thara Lungtau, Asstt.Secretary Pu Lalchhanhima Zote, Treasurer Pi Lalremtluangi, Fin.Secretary Pu C.Vanlalsiama, Secretary i/c Information & Publicity Pu Lalchhuanawma Hrahsel an ni.

Power Supply Mumal Lo
Tun laiin Aizawl khawpuiah electric supply a mumal lo a, load shedding an ti thin. Sawi lawk awm lova current tihtawp thut thut a tam a, current hmanga hnathawkte tan a buaithlak thei hle. Electric bill erawh a tlem phah chuang lo.

Human Rights Day
Human Rights Day 10 chu Pathianni a nih avangin 11 thawhtanni dar 11:30 a.m.-ah Chhinlung Israel People’s Convention (CIPC) chuan an General Headquarters Aizawlah an hmang dawn a, UN Secretary General Kifi Annan thuchah chhiarchhuah a ni ang.

AMGUA-in Hma La Dawn
All Mizo Graduate Unemployed Association chuan Mizorama mau mahalder-te chu Mizo eizawnna (firm) hming vek, vaiho contract-na hnuaia awm ngei niin an hria a, ram leilung faten chanvo leh hlawkna mumal an tel lo a ni an ti. Hemi chungchangah a tul anga hma lak tan leh a tul chen chen kal an tum tih an sawi a, mau mahal chungchanga Mizoram Syndicate Union hma lakna tha an tih leh thlawp thu an sawi.

¨ Pu John Paul, 59 Circuit House-a Assistant Liaison Officer chu nimin dar 10:50 khan zunthlum leh lung nain a boral a, vawiin chhun dar 12:00-ah vuina inkhawm neiin a zawhah Khatla thlanmualah vui liam a ni ang. Pu John Paul hian a thiannu Pi Thachhungi leh a fate 4 leh tu 1 a kalsan.
¨ Pu Lalpuiliana Sailo, 74, Mizo zinga Bachelor of Law pass hmasa pathumna nia hriat chu nimin piah tlai dar 5:00 vel khan chuap cancer vangin a boral a, nimin khan Ramthar Veng thlanmualah vui liam a ni. Pu Lalpuiliana, Republic HS School zirtirtu atanga kum 1995-a pension hian a thiannu Pi Lalliannguri, fa 7 leh tu 11 a kalsan a, Mizorama pa lar tak thin a ni.

Tetei-Thei Chang se

December 8th, 2006 6:01 am by spikey

The new Evanescene-My Immortal Look a like, pretty good job, but camera movement is missing, tripod shots can be robotic after a while and also they should have use the 24 x 25/24 to calculate the frame per sec to get the motion less like a camcorder recorded and more like a hollywood motion pictures..but overall the singer can sing,very good production…have to give them 8 out of 10 :) (review ve hmiah mai tur) keep up the good work!!!

Youth Icon 2006 Top 3

December 8th, 2006 3:58 am by TheHumanBot

Youth Icon contest has come close to the end with only the final round left. All but three have been eliminated. Those who got to stay as the “top three” are

1. Lalhmingsanga, Republic
2. Zoramchhani, North Vanlaiphai 550
3. Esther Lalchhanchhuahi, Chhinga Veng

Picture and details:

Mizoram is not ready!!

December 8th, 2006 1:15 am by TheHumanBot

Ever wonder why development is so slow and barely visible in Mizoram? I am sure we all do. Blame it on politicians and corruption which is nothing new. Apart from that, here are good examples of why Mizoram isn’t there yet.

It’s the 10th year of MCGN (MIZO CHRISTIAN GLOBAL NETWORK), a non-profit and non-denominational Christian organization. The organization, founded by Dr. Lalliana Mualchin has members across the globe.

Via Mumbai Mizo website, I came across a write up on 10 years of MCGN (1996 – 2006). The report has a section “SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITIES AND EXPERIENCES” which outlines MCGN efforts to help Mizoram in Hydro electricity, Information Technology, Printing etc. and the disappointing assistance ,response from other Mizos and Mizoram Goverment. Former Chief Minister Lalthanhawla, Lalthlamuana( Principal Informatics Officer ICT Cell), David M. Thangliana (which I quess is the famous Newslink Editor) are some of the names appearing in the report.

That section of the report in verbatim:


1. Hydro Projects: Dr. Rochunga Pudaite, President of Bibles for the World brought the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Speaker, Pu Rokamlova to request Liana to help them introduce Hydro Projects in Mizoram. Liana found a local engineer, Mr. Joe Keating. Joe contacted his friend and US-AID manager in Delhi, Mr. Ron Sommer. Liana called Mizoram Power Minister, C. L. Ruala. Pu Ruala flew to Delhi and then Ron accompanied him to Aizawl. For the start of and funding of Hydro Projects, Ron gave specific instruction. Evidently, Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Lalthanhawla and Pu Ruala did not follow Ron’s instructions. Mizoram was not open and did not get US help. Under the circumstances, Ron had to move on and got a huge power project for a state in southern India. The American friends said that Mizoram is not ready.

2. Ginger and Passion-fruit Juice Export to Japan:Liana met the International Marketing executive of Santory company of Japan while he was a Visiting Professor of Kyoto University. They wanted Mizoram products expecting that they will do an honest job in sending the raw materials without mixing with soil and rocks. Santory was impressed with ginger samples and passion fruit juice Liana took to Japan and wanted to work with Mizoram. Unfortunately, interested people in Mizoram could not follow instructions to start the business and did not send required samples. Japanese politely said Mizoram is not ready.

3. Planting and Processing Konya-ku for Export to Japan:Santori was also interested to work with Mizoram in planting and eventually processing Konya-ku, a famous Japanese health food. Liana brought Konya-ku sample from Japan and it was sucessfully grown in Mizoram. Mizo people call the plant a kind of “tel-hawng” which can grow easily all over Mizoram. Again, Mizo people did not take the offer.

4. Another Hydro Project Opportunity:A good Christian from Northern California offered a new stainless-steel penstoke for hydro-power plant in Mizoram. He was willing to pay for its cleaning and shipping it to Calcutta port. However, no one from Mizoram can give us technical specifications of the hydro plant as needed by the generous man. Again, Mizoram was not ready for this project.

5. Radio Station:A Christian group in Canada was willing to make a suitcase-size Radio Station for Mizoram at a very low cost but they needed photos or topographic information of the land around the station for proper design of the transmitter. We also need someone to work with Government for getting a radio station license. We could not get the needed photos or information nor a person willing to work for the license from Mizo people. Thus, nothing can move forward.

6. Information Technology Jobs for Mizoram:In 1998, John Thanglura Darlong introduced us to Lalthlamuana (Muana) and we committed to work on Information Technology with him. Muana was an IT staff with Central Govt. in Delhi. We wanted to start a software company to train unemployed Mizo engineers and get consulting work. Our motivation and desire was to find jobs for our many unemployed young people and learn business skills. We also met the owner of Olive Technology, Hyderabad and a Chinese American MBA, both fine Christians who wanted to help us. Muana was quite excited and we communicated heavily via ICQ. Our Chinese friend became suspicious of Muana and left us. We called our Mizo company, “Information Technology Consultant Services (P) Limited,” or INFOTECH. It so happened at that time that Mizoram P&E and PWD were interested to use electronic payroll and billing system. Muana went to Aizawl to bid for the contracts. His TV interview in Aizawl was the last we heard of him. Later, a concerned Mizo gave me a copy of an official document showing that he got those contracts with our company, using Olive Technology as a reference and was paid a huge sum of money. During my visit to Mizoram, I voiced my concerns of Muana’s character based on my personal experience to the then Chief Secretary, H.V. Lalringa and also to the Chief Minister. The state IT position was offered to Muana regardless. We were cheated by a Mizo who is now possibly responsible for IT matters for Mizoram.

7. Color Offset Publishing for Jobs and Quality Publications in Mizoram:In 1999, David M. Thangliana requested us to fund the publishing of a quality newspaper. Having had his own news publication, he proposed a bigger paper with a new color offset. Our desire was to publish quality materials and to generate more jobs for Mizoram. Any potential financial profit would only further the goal. We funded and David operated with miserable failure. He ruined a brand new offset in less than a year with a great loss to us, and hardly any to him. Thus, our effort to work on publishing was another casualty with gross mismanagement and cheating by another Mizo.

One wonders why it is so difficult to do things that are clearly needed for Mizoram as illustrated by the above opportunities and experiences. It seems that Mizos are expecting something without giving real efforts. Either they are not ready, as stated by American and Japanese friends, or immature in doing significant projects. From our experience we feel that the Mizo leaders do not impart the values of integrity, hard work and perseverance to society. On the contrary, getting easy money from government or outside sources, without any accountability, is too common for Mizos. High moral standards and honesty are badly needed to improve the society. Both church and political leaderships have the same problem in this respect. One way for healing from this problem or rather sickness is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”.

For all the above opportunities, praise and honor belong to the Lord!

For full report:

News and Views by Joshua Lalrempuia:

Most viewed Mizo video on Youtube

December 7th, 2006 11:36 pm by TheHumanBot

The most viewed Mizo video on Youtube is “two mizo guys 2” with 9,763 view count. The girl in the video who goes by the nick badgirlforlif3 is a Mizo migrant somewhere who did the video with a friend jut for fun. Second is Mami varte – Kumsang atan. The oldest being “Ka Tawng Ta Che – Sp and Johan ” uploaded 10 months ago.

This is based on “view count” of videos resulting from search with keyword Mizo and those that are really Mizo. At this time, there are 190 of such videos.

Two Mizo guys by badgirlforlif3

Kumsang atan – Mami Varte

Click here for the full list.

Print media in Aizawl are also aware of Mizo Videos on Youtube. Evening Post wrote about it showing a screenshot of the very most viewed video. Someone who knows badgirlforlif3 saw it and mailed a scanned copy to her. I am posting it here with her permission. I am hoping this is “OK” with Evening Post too.



Click here for full size

Suspected Satan worshippers caught in the act

December 7th, 2006 10:00 pm by TheHumanBot

I have been quite sick of news about Satan Worshippers. But this is interesting:

The report today said five persons, four males and one female, had entered a United Pentecostal Church local church that had been closed because of a dispute located in Zemabawk locality here shooting a video with one of them completely nude with blood splattered on him.

The report, however, said the people shooting the video denied being Satan worshippers and said they had been shooting the video to denounce Satan worship.

Details: Newslink