Through God, anything can be conquered

December 13th, 2006 10:00 am by TheHumanBot

“Hnehna chu Lalpa ta a ni.”

Translation: Through God, anything can be conquered.

He is changed. He didn’t know how but it happened. Editor Sandman is changed.

On his blog he writes…

When I landed back here in Mizoram two weeks ago, my parents wanted me to go to a Camp (spiritual rehab). I always used to consider myself to be a “good enough” Christian: someone who goes to Church on Sundays, sleeps during the Sermon most of the time but concentrates seriously during prayers, breaking many of the laws inscribed in the Holy Bible but at the same time never blaspheming the Word of God, proud to tell my other non-Christian friends about my faith but at the end of the day getting totally wasted together over a bottle of rum or a joint of cigga-wee and trying to convince myself that God understands what my flesh wants so He won’t note this down on His Book.

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May God be with you, always.

This week, he’s helping the camp as the “head of security”. There goes Sandman :-)

Now that this happened, you would love to hear what he says on this issue “Two queries on religion

Born again is about expressing your true passion during prayers by standing up, raising your hand and shouting out praises to Him rather than asking stupid questions like “whether we can lie down and pray before we go to sleep as long as the urges came from within”.

Movers & shakers of NE markets

December 13th, 2006 4:05 am by TheHumanBot

This article “Women, movers & shakers of N-E markets” (not written by Sangzuala Hmar :-)) on Hindustan Times talks about women, women and women of North East India calling them the movers and shakers of NE market. Not surprising! Where else in India do you see lots of women keeping shops, selling vegetables, groceries in the market? Is this because women sell better or men are simply lazy and useless forcing women to do such tasking.

“Women in the North-East are more industrious than men, managing their homes, agricultural fields and the markets, with equal aplomb,” says Archana Sarma, who heads Gauhati University’s Women’s Study Centre.

Enterprising Mizo women from rural areas outlying state capital Aizawl begin gathering at markets close to midnight and carry on till their stocks are exhausted.

Except for men of Meghalaya which is topsy turvy land when it comes to status of men and women, I think this is an awakening call to the men of North East India. What say you?

Read the article:

Sorry guys, it’s not like I betrayed you for giving them (women of this opportunity to screw us. Don’t worry, just this time :-)

Smokie concert “unprofitable”

December 13th, 2006 2:43 am by TheHumanBot

According to Newslink, the recent Smokie concert in Aid of “Spastic Society of Mizoram” at Aizawl did not earn any profit from the ticket. But thanks to the sponsor Greyhound Finance, the society isn’t left pennyless. Businessman and owner of Greyhound Finance John Malsawma and his wife (in the picture below) donated Rs.1,00,000 for the Spastic Society of Mizoram from their own account.

Thanks to, I managed to dig out this inspiring story “Greyhound Finance Neitu John Malsawmtluanga” about the successful businessman and his beautiful wife ;-)


Sangzuala Hmar speaks out

December 13th, 2006 2:22 am by TheHumanBot

In October, we saw this Sangzuala Hmar authored news “60% of Mizoram women addicted to tobacco” over at which ignited debate among Newslink readers, some of them bashing the man:

..we Mizo women are not that addicted to smoking as the writer of this piece, Sangzuala Hmar, has erroneously announced to the entire world.

I bet Sangzuala Hmar’s fat a&^*^s if there are sufficient data to substantiate the 60%.

This must have appeared in multiple National papers, including Chennai’s edition of “The Hindu”, if my memory serves me, and many other places on the web.

Here , I mentioned it in this post “Other Women“.

Yesterday evening, the journalist(assuming it indeed was him) paid a visit to the debate at Newslink website adding the following comment:

Mawnghlim chu a ni thei viau ang, kan nihna kan dinchhuah pui ngamloh vang hi a ni thei ang em heti khawpa Mizoram hi kan chhiat. Ni e, a dik, mahni ram hmingchhe taka chhuah thin min tih chuan, a nilo chu a nilo, a ni chu a ni tia kan tan ngam hi a hun tawhin ka hria. I mawng a bakh chuan engtik ni ah emaw miin an hre tho tho ang a, chutih hunah chuan a lo al hle tawh ang a, natna te pawh alo kai hman ngei ang, chuvang chuan siamthat theih hunlaia siamtha tura mualpho ngam a hun tawhin ka hria. Kan hmelmawina lai te pawh hi kan ziak ve tho asin.

He defended by having also reported the good nature of us pointing to this article “Stop, shop and pay but don’t look for keepers”, covered here, much appreciated by some.

A couple of days ago, one of our visitors complained of erroneous report by the man over here. I ‘ve emailed the man about it. So far haven’t heard from him.

The debate on Newslink website: 60% of Mizoram women addicted to tobacco

The Return of Zawlbûk

December 13th, 2006 1:22 am by TheHumanBot

This isn’t a movie, to begin with. “The large house in a Lushai village where all the unmarried young men of the community sleep at night” is Zawlbûk according to Dictionary of the Lushai Language by J.H. Lorraine.

Though the Mizos had no education during the pre-British days, they had a novel way of making their men. It was mandary on all Mizo youths over age 15 to stay in Bachelor’s dormitories, known as Zawlbuk where they received training in ‘tribal welfare wrestling, hunting and village government’. The boys who went to the Zawlbuk emerged as complete men.

Today’s Zawlbûk is a group/team of Mizo’s from various places working towards these AIMS AND OBJECTIVES. And it no longer is for men alone. The group’s Treasurer is a lady by the name Lynda Zothanpari Ralte.

According to a friend from Zawlbuk Group, YZTP’s polularity in Mizoram can be attributed to Zawlbûk members who passed on the video member to member. How true is this , I am clueless.

Ph.d Scholar(s), Civil Servants and other prominent persons make up the group. The pillars (“ZAWLBUK PUIPATE”) of this group being Dr. Lalliana Mualchin, Pu LalRinawma, IRS etc..

On Dec 18, Zawlbûk Group is organizing a seminar at I&PR Auditorium, Treasury Square in Aizawl. The theme of this seminar will be “Mizoram Perspective 2026“. Given that the theme is in English, would the seminar be conducted in English and why 2026? I am curious.

There will be paper presentations from H.Vanlalhruaia, University of Hyderabad, Chawngchhuana Chawngthu, Delhi and Dr. Lalliana Mualchin, California.

So this time around, who will gather wood for the zawlbûk fire?

More on Zawlbûk:

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do

December 12th, 2006 10:56 pm by alexxfender

Well well… Benji… i just love ur website CSS(Cascading style sheet)….the last three line goes like this…

"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage.
But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two."

Tunge Daisy chu.. heheheeeeeeeee

Google! [Happy Birthday, Edvard Munch!]

December 12th, 2006 10:39 pm by alexxfender

Google! tih kha thlahrang in an lo thlak a! … VirgoRAMIchhas pawh a phu zuk… a picture description (alt) ah khan ‘Happy Birthday, Edvard Munch!’ tih alo lang sia… tunge Edvard Munch pawh chu kan lo hre leh lawi silo.. kan hawi harh lo deuh nge.. in lo hria viau zawk? .. te chu kan va chhiar ang nawk nawk a.. google meuh in an tihlan chu tunge…. VirgoC .. i la chhiar zel m.. ka mu deih dawn

Ethel Varte – Min Dem Lul Su

December 12th, 2006 7:29 pm by TheHumanBot

Found this on myspace. Is she that girl rapping with RD?

Ethel Varte – Min Dem Lul Su

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Lalruotmawi -Hosana ti zel in aw

December 12th, 2006 6:13 pm by TheHumanBot

Uploaded 11 hours ago, Christmas song “Hosana ti zel in aw” by Lalruotmawi.

Source: YouTube

Icon administered drip

December 12th, 2006 1:43 pm by TheHumanBot

Out of prolonged tiredness, she’s prolly exhausted,weak and void of strength. Because of this she is being administered drip, her website says.

Today’s programme includes visit to Motherless Babies Home, TNT Zuangtui, Grace Home, Hmangaihna In etc. All these has been cancelled.

Zoramchhani, get well soon.