The Purpose of Marriage

November 28th, 2006 4:34 pm by SiLent_Man

…stumbled across this article on a website that belongs to The Restored Church of God. Interesting and disheartening article… specially for a family man (to be) like me. You might think it’s boring but well, it’s always better to be aware than being ignorant.

Some of the more attention-drawing lines:

The fear of violating what were once deeply ingrained, biblically-based, moral beliefs has almost disappeared. The divorce rate today is actually slightly higher among professing “born-again” Christians than those professing to have no faith.

After such a long, slow erosion of respect toward the legal aspect of marriage, no wonder a judge recently proclaimed, “It is easier to divorce my wife of 26 years than to fire someone I hired one week ago. The person I hire has more legal clout…That’s wrong!”

What an incredible commentary about this age!

The concept of family has become so foreign that only 16% (only one in six) of adults say children are even important as a reason for marriage. Stunning!

Marriage is supposed to protect the dignity of children, once considered a wonderful blessing given to the parents by God. Today they are often viewed as accidents of biology that intruded on their parents’ self-interests, and pursuit of career and pleasure!

 Read all about it at

But be warned that it is very looong…

Update: Pls keep in mind that this article refers to American statistics.


November 28th, 2006 11:45 am by zualtei

I read an article somewhere about how everyone is becoming cool. I thought the writer was probably right. Everyone is cool nowadays.

The article was talking about how even parents are becoming cool. Me, I would like my parents to remain as uncool as they like to be. I don’t really want my mom to suddenly hang out with kids and take salsa or yoga lessons. My dad thinks Channel V is Channel 5, SPi is Sipi-i, and Michael Rocks to Learn and not the other way round, although this may mean he is merely dyslexic and not uncool. I am splashing all these on the Internet because I have no fear they are ever going to read this. Another advantage of having uncool parents.

I was thinking more about how guys have caught up with girls in being fashionably cool and with it. Guys these days have manicured hands, baby-soft skin and some pluck their eyebrows. They look so pampered that the only sign they may have been exposed to the environment is their hair; which looks like a particularly strong gust of wind blew it in one direction and froze it forever in that position. Running your fingers through that may be injurious to your health.

Girls are expected to follow fashion. So it’s better not to say anything about it to us. We shall show you our belly buttons, cleavages (or cleave-less, if we lack it) according to the fashion diktats. Some girls do cut their hair at geometric angles and some even change their eye color in the name of fashion. I say all this is very well, but it’s all about timing you know. Do you really not mind the sabji-vendor or the roadside romeos looking down your chest or whatever?

Cool-ness is something some people just have and which becomes even more elusive the more you try to grasp it. For me, cool guys are the ones with a sense of humor no matter how they dress, who have two free hands to help you if you need help (meaning the other hand is not furtively pulling up his waistband). And a cool girl is one who will surprise you with her guitar strumming and make a perfect omelette with a flick of her wrist. Cool people are capable, comfortable, confident and definitely hot.

I am not cool, I learnt the ‘D’ key which I have already forgotten. And my husband is going to think he’s a God, because I will be serving him burnt offerings everyday. I will never be cool. But I still do appreciate cool people when I see them.

Boxer Nula Jenny ropui taka hmuah a ni

November 28th, 2006 5:13 am by TheHumanBot

He Champion medal hi Mizo mipuiten kan intawm vek a ni
– Jenny R.Lalremliani, Dy.Supt of Police

World Champion Jenny R.Lalremliani chuan nimin khan Aizawl a thleng , ropui taka lo lawm a ni. Aizawl atanga lo hmuaktu hi lirthei 400 vel a ni. Company peng atangin Bawngkawn kawngah tlan tlangin Bawngkawn atangin kawng zawhpui a ni .Sorkar ruahman angin Jenny R.Lalremliani lawmna inkhawm hi Civil Secretariat Block A kawtah buatsaih a niin DSP-a kaisantirna order chu hlan nghal a ni bawk.

“2002 daih tawh khan house-ah kan thleng ho tawh. Fel reuh lutuk”
– A friend of mine on Jenny

Source: DIPR
Picture: DIPR

Nimin Jenny Lengpui airport hmuahna thunawi vawiina kan thawhpuipa pakhat sawi: Aizawl Thunder ho Bullet lian pui pui in parkna bulah tlangval pakhat hian a Pulsar a lo park ve ngat mai chu, Big Boyz ami pakhat in, “Mama, i thirsakawr hi lo hung sawn lawk teh a!! :D -J

Krismas Nang Nen

November 28th, 2006 4:14 am by Angaiha

Hla-te-Khua a awm te tan…
Blue Corn ho Krismas Album-a an hla thar ber, “Krismas Nang Nen” music video hi en duh/chak te in lo awm takin…. hei le!

Click Here for the Video.

Wazzup Aceman

November 28th, 2006 12:44 am by TheHumanBot

Back in July Mr Aceman launched his website with a party that was said to see the ‘crunkiest’ party hoppers. Then came a few postings on the website, one being a verbatim of Virgo’s “Mimi, Eli, SPi etc” from . Silence followed after we saw announcement of the album release date posted on August 07. I think the album has long been released. Has Aceman forgotten his website?

The other day, I found Aceman on hi5 and it appears he got big from other NE chicks as too. I also saw Mami Varte on hi5 but how do you verify if it’s really them?

So Mike, you know you gotsta get up, get up coz you know wazzup.

The website:

Marijuana advocate plans to roll world’s biggest joint

November 27th, 2006 6:38 pm by BlackWhite

Saw this news at Vanglaini about some folks getting caught with 18 tollas of joint in Mizoram. And then again, came across this news about a fellow called Brett Stone’d’ trying to roll the world’s biggest joint.

I’m no pothead but some nerds are (no wonder this news has been circulating a lot in our office : D. As someone said, “..after smoking so much, he’s surely gonna forget that he even rolled such a big one!”

What do you guys think of pot being legalized?
Los Angeles resident Brett Stone said he aims to usher in 2007 by building a .91-meter (three-foot) cigarette using around 112 grams of marijuana indicating that the joint would be smoked in a local medical marijuana collective.

“We’re probably going to do it as a fund raiser,” he said. “And the mayor and police chief would be most welcome if they have a doctor’s note to consume cannabis.”

Stone said he plans to roll an even bigger joint to mark the US football final at the Super Bowl next February — and has asked companies if they can provide custom made rolling papers to help the attempt.

“I think a meter (3.3 feet) would be a good, smokeable size joint,” Stone said. “I’m not looking to make a torpedo I’m looking to make a smokeable joint.”


Smokie in min hmuh dan….

November 27th, 2006 4:45 pm by father_sphinx

Min hmu dik khawp chuan ka hria. Min hmuhsit vang ni lovin min hmuh dan dik tak an sawi a ni e.
Smokie’s trip to India was nothing short of adventurous, with missing air tickets, an impossibly tight connection at Bangkok and a threatened cancellation of the flight to Aizawl. Add to this the Aizawl Thunders Motorcycle Club’s escort, which led us through narrow, winding mountain roads with sheer drops, and you have all the ingredients of a thriller.

All around us is great poverty. There is no infrastructure and living conditions are basic and open to the elements, mostly consisting of houses built on the edge of a mountain and propped up by supports. In spite of these conditions, the people smile, wave and cheer. They are genuinely happy to see their favourite band finally make an appearance in their country.
The streets are chaotic, as security guards and minders are hugely outnumbered by the crowds.

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The Great Escape of Benglam: Legendary Folklore Depicting Wit and Wisdom

November 27th, 2006 3:50 pm by James

By James Vaiphei

The Adventures of Benglam is one of the most exciting stories of Kuki folklores in Kuki Zalen’gam (Fatherland) that comprises of the Kuki inhabited northeastern Indian region, chittagong Hills Track of Bangladesh and the Kangmaiphaicham (kabaw valley) of Myanmar(Burma). The time when he dies is lost to the realm of history. Historians believed that he was the contemporary of Philo (Greek) and Confucius (Chinese), the antic wise men of the west and the east. He goes by various names such as, the name of PENGLAM to the Kuki-Chin, and CHHURA to the Kuki-Mizo. The people during his days were headhunters whose might and value was judged from the numbers of head he could collect to do the front wall of his house. One who had taken the highest number of heads is regarded as a great soldier or warrior and placed highly in the power ring of the Village. He is the uncrowned king in the Village. As such, groups of warrior will always patrol their village and will always be on the lookout for their enemies who might have roamed in the forest by himself.

On one such day, BENGLAM had started out for his Jhum to see his crops. From a distance he could see that a smoke was coming up from his “BUK” (small hut), which was in the centre of his field, fearing that his enemies might be the one that made the fire, he hit upon a plan. He called out, “my Buk”, hello! My Buk, but there was no reply. Then he said “Arre! How is it? What happened to you my Buk? Why don’t you answer me as you did before?” His enemy, thinking that the Buk did not answer because of their presence decided to answer on the Buk’s behalf and called out “Hoi”(Yes) in unison. As soon as he heard his enemies’ voices, he started running away. His enemies pursued him and come to a place where he hid under a big log lying in the corner of the field. The pursuers soon arrived at the spot where he was hiding. One amongst them branding a spear climbed onto the log and spearing the log said, “If Benglam were here, I would have speared him like this and like that”. Benglam was very much frightened, crying “Stop! Stop! You would really hurt me,” and he came out from his hiding and was immediately caught.

The enemies then discussed how they were to take prisoner home. Benglam, full of wit said, once we caught and led a prisoner by his nose. So, if you held me by my nose, I would not be able to run away. When they started to return home, Benglam pretended that he could not walk fast and within no time they were lagging far behind. Seeing his chance he blew his nose, jerked his head and was free again. The man who led him had his hand full of snot. While he was busy cleaning the snot, Benglam made a good escape. When the warrior called his friends, Benglam was nowhere to be seen. Frustrated and angry, they resumed their search. At lunch hour they took rest under a shady tree and had their food. Benglam who was on that tree observed them and unconsciously spoke out, saying, “Hei! See, the smallest man is taking the biggest bite” (as among them the smallest man bite the biggest bone) and revealed his presence and was caught again.

This time we would not heed your suggestion, said the leader of the party. But all the same, they were very much worried. They did not know how to take in a live prisoner. Till this time they had only taken home the heads of a warrior they had killed in a fight. At last Benglam again suggested that he should be led the way they had once led a prisoner home by the elbow.

Fearing that he might escape again, the leader of the group took charge of him. When he tired to hold the folded elbow, Benglam hit him (with all his might) on his nose; blood oozed out from his nose and in the confusion that followed, Benglam disappeared from sight and went on his way.

The warriors promised themselves not to breathe a word of the day’s incident and did not trouble Benglam again for quite sometime. Seeing that his adventure with the warrior had ended, he went to seek adventure elsewhere.

Philosophical Insight
It is the brain that matter never the color of the outward

appearance-that make human being a genius

Kolasib Group YMA in CYMA zawmna titawp

November 26th, 2006 10:19 pm by tawia

Kolasib Group YMA chuan Central YMA a Sub- Headquarters kan dil chung changah Special Group Conference tum hnih (2) leh Special Committee vawi khat (1) kovin, heng a Resolution kan passed angin, “Central YMA in Sub-Hqrs. kan dilna hi min remtihsak lo anih chuan CYMA kan zawmna tihtawp ni rawh se”, ti a thu tlukna a lo siam tawh angin Group Executive Committee chuan he thu tlukna hi nemnghetin Ni 25.11. 2006 atang hian Kolasib Group YMA chuan Central YMA kan zawmna chu kan ti tawp ta a ni.

Read the Press Release:

Central YMA hnuaia group lian ber Kolasib group YMA chuan sub hqrs an dilna chu chhanna an hmuh loh avangin Central YMA an zawmna chu an chhuchat ta a, hetiang bawk hian Champhai Jt YMA pawhin chhu chat turin group YMA hnenah thu thlen an tum. Central YMA nen hian budget chhunluh bak chu inzawmna kan nei lo an ti. – father sphinx read more>>

World champion Jenny hmuak dawn

November 26th, 2006 9:24 am by father_sphinx

Aizawl November 25 : World Women Boxing Championship vawi 4-na New Delhi-a neih zawh taka 63 kg category-a champion Mizo Nula Jenny R Lalremliani chuan Thawhtanni chawhnu dar 1:00 khian Lengpui Airport atangin Aizawl a rawn lut dawn a, Mizoram sorkar leh Aizawl khawpuia amah hmuak turin a inpuah chah mek.

Nimin khan Sports Minister ZH Ropuia hovin a office-ah Jenny R Lalremliani lo hmuah dan tur hi Sports Association hrang hrang hruaituten an rel. Meeting kaihruaitu Sports Minister chuan thuhma sawiin Jenny-in hlawhtlinna a nei hi Sports Directorate emaw Sports Council, Sports Minister leh Mizoram sorkar that vang a nilo tiin khawvel inelnaah Sports hi a thianghlim ber a, rulling party recommend  leh Tribal quota a awm lova, a thiam thiam din chhuahna a ni a ti. Khawvel mihring tam tak zingah Mizo hmeichhia in hetiang dinhmun a thleng thei hi a ropui a, Khawvel hriatah Mizoram a pholang a, Jenny hnehna hi Mizo mipuite hnehna a ni a, kan vaia hnehna a ni a ti bawk.

Jenny hian chhun dar 12:00-ah Lengpui Airport a lo thleng dawn a, ruahman lawk ang chuan Lengpui Airport-ah Mizoram mipui a thei apiangin lirthei thawhchhuah puiin lo hmuah nise, Bawngkawn atanga Aizawl luhpuiin Secretariat  (Sports Minister Office hnuai) thleng khawpui fanpuiin tlai dar 3:00 ah amah lawmna pualin inkhawm neih nise tih a ni. Jenny lawmna inkhawmah hian Sports minister khuallian a ni dawn a, khuallian bakah Jenny, R Biakliana (amah chher chhuaktu),MABA hony secretary leh Olympic Association hruaitute’n thu an sawi anga, he hunah hian Jenny DSP-a a kaisanna order hlan nghal a ni dawn a ni.

Jenny Lalremliani hi naupan lai atanga mi dangdai tak a ni a, mipa fa ang maia huaisen a nih bakah a tha hi a tha chungchuang hle a. Kum 7 a nih lai atangin tin pui hi a kawt thin (chutihlai chuan PHE tui sem an la dawng lo) a, a rualpui zingah ngam loh a nei ngai lo. A chhungte chuan engemaw a nih chu an ring a, mahse, boxing lam hi chu a nu te lam chuan an tui pui lo. Hockey lamah a lut hmasa a, goalie a ni thin. Boxing a khel tur hian a chhungte phalna hi an la hmasa a, chumi hnua lut ve chauh a ni. Phai lama kal changte hian sorkar lamin pawisa a pek tam theih loh avangin an chhungkaw pawisa hi a hmang tam hle a, a bak chu a puk chawp te a ni.Hemi kawngah hian thahnem a ngai hle a, state pawna kalchhuak tura kan intir dawn a nih chuan sorkar lam pawh hian sum lamah thilphalna chin a nei tur a ni, a ti thin.

A hlawhtlinna tam ber hi Pathian a a innghah vang niin a ngai a, inkhelh hma atangin a chungte leh a ngamtlakte chu tawngtaipui turin a ngen thin a, amah ngei pawh inkhelh dawn tep thlengin a tawngtai hram hram thin a ni. Hetianga Pathian kuta a indah hian amahah inrintawkna a neih bakah chakna tam tak a neih phah thin niin a ngai a, a tak pawhin a lantir thin.A beisei phak loh a thlen tak avang hian a lawm lutuk hi a lung a chhe hial thin a ni.

Courtesy :  kezungpui