Tribal Power an che ‘Tribal’ leh dawn

November 22nd, 2006 1:40 pm by virgochhas

Tribal Power guitarist boralta Maitawka Tribute Concert chu December 8 khian Millennium Centre chung zawlah buatsaih a ni dawn a, he hunah hian Tribal Power pawh an che ‘Tribal’ leh dawn e. “Aizawl a mi ngei” tih hla atanga ‘Zantin Mangtha’ tih hla thlengin ngaihthlak tur a awm dawn a, hei bakah hian Pink Floyd hla atanga tunlai hla lar ho pawh ngaihthlak tur a awm vek bawk ang.

Ticket man hi a buatsaihtute’n an la sawi lang chiah lo nain, a to dawn lo niin thu kan dawng. A to berah Rs. 100/- bawr vel ni turah ngai ang.

Details: Vanglaini

Please write a prisoner today

November 22nd, 2006 11:46 am by Maimawm

Found this site while reading my Google Groups updates. It’s a site that lists prisoners from different places who are looking for pen pals – people who would just write to them, to have someone to write to and listen to them.
As the site says – “This website gives these prisoners something to look forward to in a day. Mail call is often how they will measure their own self worth. If you’re just surfing the Internet and have no intention of writing a prisoner, we implore you to reconsider. These are human beings like us. They need to know they’re not forgotten. Will you please write a prisoner today?
It’s only a letter they want. I’m already working on several letters. I wish I can write to all but that’s not really possible. So I’m calling on all you misuals to go through the site and maybe write to one or two prisoners each.
Khawngaih vang em em loh pawn, a interesting phian ang…ekjampul ah, zel tang pakhat ad hi kan dah ang e.
“I came to prison on a robbery charge in 1997. I got out in 2000, came back in 2005. I’m back this time because of a 2003 drug conviction and a 2005 car chase with the police. I come up for parole for the 2nd time next year. I’ve been in ad seg (solitary) for a year so my chance of making parole is about 0%. All of my time will be up in 2009.”
“We all get lonely sometimes and need a friend to help lift our spirits.”
“I’m really into creating my own original tattoo patterns. I can basically draw anything but my
specialty is tribal, urban graffiti artwork.”
“Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in prison is a raging lunatic. Many of us are just ordinary men that have made some unfortunate choices in life..”
“I’ve wasted a lot of time and talent by chasing drugs, but have learned from my mistakes and am waiting patiently to start over and be productive in this life. I don’t need money. I’m looking for someone to talk to and listen to.”
etc etc
A thren chu pa lian tawkk, tattoo a khat vek, sual hmel tawk te kha, an favorite movie of all time ah ‘Titanic’ te an ti trats a, nuihzathlak deuh deuh pawh tam mai. Mahse a tlangpuiin an khawngaihthlak. Lehkha thawn peih chuan thawn hlawm ang u.

Zonet goes online

November 22nd, 2006 1:48 am by TheHumanBot


* Zanin Zawlbuk is now dated. I think they took my advice.

* News Details: I didn’t notice this earlier. Some of the items under THUTHAR LAWRKHAWM are links and when on click you get the detail. Many will not notice this unless there’s a pointer like “Read more”.
Correction: All the items are hyperlinks. The thing is on mouse over, not all of them turns red. Looks like CSS Anchor Pseudo-class “hover” for hyperlink is not working/implemented for some of the items.

* At the bottom of the page is an email Id which I don’t remember seeing before.

Free Image Hosting at
Zonet, a local cable TV network which also airs it’s own local TV programmes (through it’s own network) had gone online via their website As I open the site, my instant reaction was “Wow, it’s neat”. Zonet is a joint venture of three (wise)man – Pu Vanneihtluanga, Pu K. Sapdanga and Pu BTS (Biakthansanga). I wouldn’t waste your few precious minutes talking about them for these men are too well known. A bit about Pu K.Sapdanga though. He is the editor of Vanglaini daily newspaper, that you know. He was teaching at Champhai Govt. High School, this you might not know.

Well, this is my not so worthwhile review on the website. I feel I am not a bad person to do the review after all, since I never watch Zonet. This review is purely based on my impression from the website.

I am assuming Mizosoft did the work since I find their logo at the bottom of the page. It looks to me this is the best site Mizosoft had developed.

What you find:

* News in briefs (Thuthar Lawrkhawm). There is no time stamp. So you don’t know when the event happened – an hour ago or a couple of days earlier.
* A series of items under the title “Zanin Zawlbuk”. Since the display doesn’t include date, there is no way one would make out if it is today’s schedule or the day before , say it’s not updated.
* Poll
* On the left column, a series of items such as “Zonet Zawlbuk”, “Zonet Fakna”, “Zonet Daifim”, “Zonet Zunzam”, “Zonet Forum” which on clicking gives you some forms to fill up. Fakna, Daifim and Zunzam have a one liner that explains what the form’s about. Zawlbuk does not. I am unable to open the last one. Since I haven’t watch Zonet, I have no idea what these are – Channels or programmes?

What’s missing?

About Page:

I know what Zonet is, probably because I am a Mizo and I am from Mizoram. For the rest, just by visiting their website, there is no way you can make out what it is. Because there isn’t “About” page or anything like that which tells you what the website is about!

Contact Information:

Thats also missing.

Why Official?

Why do websites such as this one being reviewed and such as this want to label themselves “Official”. Why ask why? Because there isn’t any unofficial website for the same. I don’t have any problem with this but if I am the one who’s got the say, I wouldn’t.

The Official or An Official?

I am the typo master as you now and I ain’t “The man” when it comes to grammar. Just pitch in if I am wrong.

Look at the banner above. Isn’t the word “newspaper” written together? From the statement “An official website….”, it looks to me like the website is *ONE* of the *Official* websiteS.

And now look at this one

Where is the article “The”. Lets find out how many other miss the article using Google search results via Googlefight.

Corrections welcome. Thanks for reading till the end.

Website reviewed:

Mizoram police shot dead suspected highway robber

November 22nd, 2006 1:19 am by TheHumanBot

A gang of suspected Highway robbers and Mizoram police exchanged fire at Kolasib-Cachar border. One dead and another injured.

A group of men bought biscuits for 300 bucks in a village called Chhimluang situated on the Aizawl-Silchar highway. On suspicion villagers sent a tip-off to Vairengte Police who went in pursuit along with IR men. The gangster opened fire when the police ran into them.

These men are suspected of involving in the many highway robberies along Mizoram-Assam border.

Lesson: Don’t buy lots of biscuits from a small village.

Details: Vanglaini Zotalk Newslink Zonet

Ekhai aw!!

November 21st, 2006 8:49 pm by Angaiha

In hriat zawng an awm em aw??

Apa Ramtea hi dawh fuh fuu ni!!!

Google speaks Hmar?

November 21st, 2006 1:45 am by TheHumanBot

I did a Google Image search for boxer Jenny’s picture using keyword Jenny R. Lalramliani. I was truly surprise when Google suggested “Lalremlien” for Lalramlian.

Thats Lalremliani btw.

A talk about fun maths : Carol Vorderman

November 20th, 2006 2:59 pm by BlackWhite

A video on Vorderman’s session on fun maths at the Cambridge Science Festival. If only my teachers had taught maths this way : )

November 20th, 2006 1:04 pm by BlackWhite

Who doesn’t like Ninjas? And what makes a ninja?

They are:-

  1. They’re smart
  2. They’re accurate
  3. They’re really fast

And, ninjawords is based on these principles. What I liked about is the uncluttered, clean and the simple design – much better than, say I use it in conjunction with and the software in the CD froom Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition.

BTW, what tool/Website do you use for looking up antonyms?

Tuar na ve tawk ani!

November 20th, 2006 3:13 am by Angaiha

Long time guy and (alleged) father of several kids, Pu Angaiha found this guy, suspected victim of the on going Youth icon contest, lying on the road at an un-identified location.

Zalen website revamped

November 20th, 2006 1:51 am by TheHumanBot

Zalen, the most circulated Sunday newspaper in Mizoram began their web presence with a simple static page. The website, leaving stale content for a while is on the way back to business with a content management system called Joomla, the software that powers several Mizo websites. And it’s none but ALEXXfender who Got Involved.

Who :