Mizoram is not ready!!

December 8th, 2006 1:15 am by TheHumanBot

Ever wonder why development is so slow and barely visible in Mizoram? I am sure we all do. Blame it on politicians and corruption which is nothing new. Apart from that, here are good examples of why Mizoram isn’t there yet.

It’s the 10th year of MCGN (MIZO CHRISTIAN GLOBAL NETWORK), a non-profit and non-denominational Christian organization. The organization, founded by Dr. Lalliana Mualchin has members across the globe.

Via Mumbai Mizo website, I came across a write up on 10 years of MCGN (1996 – 2006). The report has a section “SIGNIFICANT OPPORTUNITIES AND EXPERIENCES” which outlines MCGN efforts to help Mizoram in Hydro electricity, Information Technology, Printing etc. and the disappointing assistance ,response from other Mizos and Mizoram Goverment. Former Chief Minister Lalthanhawla, Lalthlamuana( Principal Informatics Officer ICT Cell), David M. Thangliana (which I quess is the famous Newslink Editor) are some of the names appearing in the report.

That section of the report in verbatim:


1. Hydro Projects: Dr. Rochunga Pudaite, President of Bibles for the World brought the Mizoram Legislative Assembly Speaker, Pu Rokamlova to request Liana to help them introduce Hydro Projects in Mizoram. Liana found a local engineer, Mr. Joe Keating. Joe contacted his friend and US-AID manager in Delhi, Mr. Ron Sommer. Liana called Mizoram Power Minister, C. L. Ruala. Pu Ruala flew to Delhi and then Ron accompanied him to Aizawl. For the start of and funding of Hydro Projects, Ron gave specific instruction. Evidently, Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Lalthanhawla and Pu Ruala did not follow Ron’s instructions. Mizoram was not open and did not get US help. Under the circumstances, Ron had to move on and got a huge power project for a state in southern India. The American friends said that Mizoram is not ready.

2. Ginger and Passion-fruit Juice Export to Japan:Liana met the International Marketing executive of Santory company of Japan while he was a Visiting Professor of Kyoto University. They wanted Mizoram products expecting that they will do an honest job in sending the raw materials without mixing with soil and rocks. Santory was impressed with ginger samples and passion fruit juice Liana took to Japan and wanted to work with Mizoram. Unfortunately, interested people in Mizoram could not follow instructions to start the business and did not send required samples. Japanese politely said Mizoram is not ready.

3. Planting and Processing Konya-ku for Export to Japan:Santori was also interested to work with Mizoram in planting and eventually processing Konya-ku, a famous Japanese health food. Liana brought Konya-ku sample from Japan and it was sucessfully grown in Mizoram. Mizo people call the plant a kind of “tel-hawng” which can grow easily all over Mizoram. Again, Mizo people did not take the offer.

4. Another Hydro Project Opportunity:A good Christian from Northern California offered a new stainless-steel penstoke for hydro-power plant in Mizoram. He was willing to pay for its cleaning and shipping it to Calcutta port. However, no one from Mizoram can give us technical specifications of the hydro plant as needed by the generous man. Again, Mizoram was not ready for this project.

5. Radio Station:A Christian group in Canada was willing to make a suitcase-size Radio Station for Mizoram at a very low cost but they needed photos or topographic information of the land around the station for proper design of the transmitter. We also need someone to work with Government for getting a radio station license. We could not get the needed photos or information nor a person willing to work for the license from Mizo people. Thus, nothing can move forward.

6. Information Technology Jobs for Mizoram:In 1998, John Thanglura Darlong introduced us to Lalthlamuana (Muana) and we committed to work on Information Technology with him. Muana was an IT staff with Central Govt. in Delhi. We wanted to start a software company to train unemployed Mizo engineers and get consulting work. Our motivation and desire was to find jobs for our many unemployed young people and learn business skills. We also met the owner of Olive Technology, Hyderabad and a Chinese American MBA, both fine Christians who wanted to help us. Muana was quite excited and we communicated heavily via ICQ. Our Chinese friend became suspicious of Muana and left us. We called our Mizo company, “Information Technology Consultant Services (P) Limited,” or INFOTECH. It so happened at that time that Mizoram P&E and PWD were interested to use electronic payroll and billing system. Muana went to Aizawl to bid for the contracts. His TV interview in Aizawl was the last we heard of him. Later, a concerned Mizo gave me a copy of an official document showing that he got those contracts with our company, using Olive Technology as a reference and was paid a huge sum of money. During my visit to Mizoram, I voiced my concerns of Muana’s character based on my personal experience to the then Chief Secretary, H.V. Lalringa and also to the Chief Minister. The state IT position was offered to Muana regardless. We were cheated by a Mizo who is now possibly responsible for IT matters for Mizoram.

7. Color Offset Publishing for Jobs and Quality Publications in Mizoram:In 1999, David M. Thangliana requested us to fund the publishing of a quality newspaper. Having had his own news publication, he proposed a bigger paper with a new color offset. Our desire was to publish quality materials and to generate more jobs for Mizoram. Any potential financial profit would only further the goal. We funded and David operated with miserable failure. He ruined a brand new offset in less than a year with a great loss to us, and hardly any to him. Thus, our effort to work on publishing was another casualty with gross mismanagement and cheating by another Mizo.

One wonders why it is so difficult to do things that are clearly needed for Mizoram as illustrated by the above opportunities and experiences. It seems that Mizos are expecting something without giving real efforts. Either they are not ready, as stated by American and Japanese friends, or immature in doing significant projects. From our experience we feel that the Mizo leaders do not impart the values of integrity, hard work and perseverance to society. On the contrary, getting easy money from government or outside sources, without any accountability, is too common for Mizos. High moral standards and honesty are badly needed to improve the society. Both church and political leaderships have the same problem in this respect. One way for healing from this problem or rather sickness is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”.

For all the above opportunities, praise and honor belong to the Lord!

For full report: mcgn.org

News and Views by Joshua Lalrempuia: mumbaimizo.org

Most viewed Mizo video on Youtube

December 7th, 2006 11:36 pm by TheHumanBot

The most viewed Mizo video on Youtube is “two mizo guys 2” with 9,763 view count. The girl in the video who goes by the nick badgirlforlif3 is a Mizo migrant somewhere who did the video with a friend jut for fun. Second is Mami varte – Kumsang atan. The oldest being “Ka Tawng Ta Che – Sp and Johan ” uploaded 10 months ago.

This is based on “view count” of videos resulting from search with keyword Mizo and those that are really Mizo. At this time, there are 190 of such videos.

Two Mizo guys by badgirlforlif3

Kumsang atan – Mami Varte

Click here for the full list.

Print media in Aizawl are also aware of Mizo Videos on Youtube. Evening Post wrote about it showing a screenshot of the very most viewed video. Someone who knows badgirlforlif3 saw it and mailed a scanned copy to her. I am posting it here with her permission. I am hoping this is “OK” with Evening Post too.



Click here for full size

Suspected Satan worshippers caught in the act

December 7th, 2006 10:00 pm by TheHumanBot

I have been quite sick of news about Satan Worshippers. But this is interesting:

The report today said five persons, four males and one female, had entered a United Pentecostal Church local church that had been closed because of a dispute located in Zemabawk locality here shooting a video with one of them completely nude with blood splattered on him.

The report, however, said the people shooting the video denied being Satan worshippers and said they had been shooting the video to denounce Satan worship.

Details: Newslink

Mizo Aw News :: 07 Dec

December 7th, 2006 4:57 pm by narzhoc

Congress-in Politics-a Hamthatna Neih Tum Vanga Lal Thanhawla Thubuai Siamsak Tumah MNF An Puh
Aizawl, Dec 07 : Mizoram Congress (MPCC) chuan MNF sawrkar chu politics-a hamthatna neih tum vanga theihtawp chhuaha Pu Lal Thanhawla thubuai siamsak tumah an puh a, politics-a hamthat tumna awm lo se rang taka chinfel mai theih tur a ni an ti. MPCC chuan Pu R.Lalzirliana, MLA Mizoram sawrkarin a khinna anga thiam loh chan an hlauh avangin Pu Hawla chungchang chu Mizoram sawrkar chuan theihtawp chhuahin a tikhawtlai a, inthlan dawna hman tangkai tumin an bei a ni an ti a. A rang thei ang bera Pu Hawla chungchang chingfel turin MPCC chuan Mizoram sawrkar an phut.
Nimin piaha Congress Bhavan-a an President Pu Lal Thanhawla hova MPCC Political Affairs Committee (PAC) inkhawm chuan tun lai Mizoram politics uluk leh zau takin an thlir a, resolution paruk an pass a, Pu Zira’n NEEPCO leh PWD hnathawktute leh contractor Pu Lalsangliana Manager Pu Saikapa HPC-ten an rukbote tlan chhuah nan Mizoram sawrkarin cheng nuai 50 an pek thu press mite kaltlanga a puan chhuah chu thu dik a ni tih court rorelna hmanga fiah a ni ta tiin ‘Diknain a hnehna” a ni an ti a, lawmawm an ti. An resolution chuan “Hei hian Mizoram sawrkar chu dan leh thupek kenkawhna kawnga a rinawm lohzia chiang takin a tilang a, mipui sum hmanga helhote pawisa pek hi khawvel ram danga thleng ngai lo a nih avangin MNF sawrkar hian Mizo mipuite chu mualpho takin a siam a. thu dik huaisen taka puang chhuak a, thu dika ding tlat MLA kan nei hi Mizo mipui tan a lawmawm a,Pu R.Lalzirliana hi kan chhuang takzet a ni” a ti.
MPCC resolution chuan “MNF sawrkarin thiam chang ngei tura an inngaih thil, an duh thu ngeia thubuai an siamah pawh thiam loh an chang ta hian an dik lohzia nasa takin a tilang a, eirukna leh hlem hletna kawng hrang hrangahte Mizorama chambang mek hel pawl dangte sum pek leh pek loh chungchangahte pawh he MNF sawrkar hi court hmanga fiah ni ta se thu dik hmuh chhuah tur tamtak a awm ngei dawn tih a chiang a. Hemi kawnga hma la turin MPCC chuan theihtawp chhuah a tum a, mipuite tawiawmna a ngen lawk bawk a ni”a ti.
MPCC PAC chuan sawrkarna an chan phat atangin MNF chuan Mizorama Autonomous District Council-te thuneihna an laksakna dan, dan phuahchawp tam takte chu dikna duhtu Governor a lo awm tak avangin a lo lang chhuak zel a ni an ti a. Danin a daih loh, tharum hmanga thuneihna an lak tak Mara Autonomous District Council-a vote nei dik takte ngei hmanga sawrkar chak leh chak loh zawn a ni tur lawmawm an tih thu an sawi. Heng district Council pathumahte hian mipui duhthlan ngei an sawrkar theih nan dik taka dan hman a nih chhoh zel an beisei tih an sawi bawk.
Mizoram sawrkarin Bru hel pawl a lawmluh chungchangah te, Assam nena ramri chungchangahte pawh state dang Minister leh official-te thleng pawhin mualpho theihtawpin Mizoram an chirh theh a ni MPCC PAC chuan an ti a, media hmanga duhtawka thiamthu sawi a, Mizoram sawrkar chu hel lem tamtak lawmlutah te, ram thenawmte nek a, tibuai thin angah te puha nih laiin Mizoram sawrkar chu a ngawi tlat a ni an ti a, dawihzep thlak an tih thu an sawi. MPCC PAC chuan Mizoram sawrkar awm dan chu tlawm thlak an ti a, chuvangin heng puhna hrang hrangah hian Mizoram sawrkar chu a rang thei ang bera mipui hmaa thu dik puang chhuak ngei turin an phut.
MPCC PAC resolution chuan “Sawrkar sum mipui chanai tichingpen a, helho tha tihchak nana pe duh khawpa dawihzep leh state thenawmten fiamthu thawh nana min hman mai mai theih khawp sawrkar kan nei hi a vanduaithlak a ni” a ti a. “Chuvangin he MNF sawrkar hi ding zel tlakah kan ngai lova, bang turin kan phut a, an bang duh lo a nih pawhin dan anga ban an nih theih nan hma lak zui zel ni se an ti a, Governor leh Central hotute dawr turin vawina meeting chuan President Pu Lal Thanhawla leh Gen.Secretary Pu Zoram Sangliana te a ruat a. Central hotute dawr a, a tul apianga bawhzui turin tun kar chhung ngeiin Delhi pan se kan ti” a ti.

Mizoramah Hmeichhia Leh Naupang Bumchhuah Harsatna A Thleng Hnai
Nimin khan I&PR Auditorium-ah Impulse NGO Network nen tangrualin CHAN leh Mizoram Police buatsaih, naupang leh hmeichhiate hman khaw lohna leh tawlhruk chungchanga dan lekkhawhtute tana Training Programme neih a ni a, Mizoram atangin nawhchizuar tur emaw chhan hrang hrang vanga naupang leh hmeichhe bum chhuah emaw avanga harsatna lutuk la awm lo mah se, thusawitute thusawi atangin naupang leh hmeichhia thalai hna tha leh hlawh tha, nawmsakna nen hmu tura inthlem chhuah a, ram hla te khuaah sal leh nawhchizuar lo thei loa inhnutchhiahna ang chi harsatna chu awm ve thei reng niin a lang.Ms. Hasina Kharbhih, PresidentImpulse NGO Network chuan Mizo thalai, a bikin hmeichhiate chu Call Centre tih ang hna thawh tur zawnga latu (recruiting agency)-te laka fimkhur turin a rawn.
United Nation chuan khawvel pumah kum tin hian mi maktaduai 4 chu hetianga thil tha lo atana an awmna hmun, state atanga state chhung vekah,state pakhat atanga state dangah, state atangin ram pawnah, ram pawn atangin ram pawn dangah mihring hman sual tura tawlhsawn (trafikking) hi maktaduai 4 an aw, a ni a ti a, kum 30 chhung kal ta khan Asia khawmualpuiah ringawt hian hmeichhia leh naupang, an hmeichhiatna hmansualna tuartu maktaduai 30 an awm a, Asia chhim ramahte hian nitin hetianga hmeichhia leh naupang hman khaw loh hi 1,50,000 an awm a ni. Mihring hmanga sumdawnna hi khawvela dan kalha sum dawnna lian zingah a pathumna, drugs leh gun running dawt a ni a, kumtina a tituten an hlep hi dollar tluklehdingawn 5-7 vel a ni.

Aizawla KS Thar Zingah “Teenagers” An Tam Thar
Nimin piaha Mizoram sawrkar Social Welfare Department leh Human Rights & Law Network buatsaiha I&PR Conference Hall-a Mizorama nawhchizawrh leh a kaihhnawih chungchang sawihonaah chuan Mizoramah a mamawhtute an awm avangin nawhchizawrhna leh KS an awm a ni tih chu pawm tlan niin a lang a, mahse, nawhchizuarte zawrhna chhan erawh a inang lo nuai. Nawhchi zawrhna hmun siam law law mai tha titute an awm a, mahse, kohhran-in an remti thei lo ang an ti. Mizoram khawtlang nun diar duar leh hulh hulh (loose) lutuk chu vei a ni. A hre tur dinhmuna awmte sawi danin nau pai (rai) awm dan hre lo rai an tam a, KS thar zingah teenagers an tam, mi awm thei tak tak fate leh chhungte pawh an awm a, mi neih ang neih ve duhna avang te, nu leh pa, chhungte hriatpui si loha sum leh pai mamawhten sum tuak nan an hmang niin a lang tihte sawi chhuah a ni.
Nawhchizawrha eizawngte chu an hna chu hna zahawm (noble profession)-a siamsak a ngai a ni tia rawtna a awm a. Sawitu pakhat chuan nawhchizuar lo, mi awm fal duh leh hmangaihna leh induhna lantir duhte privacy hi Mizo society-ah hian an chep lutuk a ni lawm ni ? Nawhchizuarten engnge khawtlang leh sawrkarah harsatna an thlen ? HIV/AIDS an thehdarh kan tih chuan anmahni leh a dawrtu thinten an thehdarh loh nan tan a lak theih mai. Mizoramah nawhchi zawrh emaw KS emaw hi a ruka sumdawnna a ni a, mahse, a zawng chhuak pawl an awm zel si a, an mualpho mai a ni lo maw ? a ti a. Thil te tham tak la ni si hi sawi arh hluai mai a ni thei mai lo maw ? a ti. Aizawlah hian chhuitute chuan kum 2002 khan nawhchizuar (KS chi hrang hrang) 800 atanga 1,100 vel awm angin an hria a, kuminah hian 1100 atanga 1465 vel awm anga hriat a ni. Mizorama HIV/AIDS zingah hian hmeichhia leh mipa inpawlna atanga kai a tam ber a, tin Mizorama HIV/AIDS te hi 14% chu KS an ni bawk a ni.

Mizoram Tlawmngai Pawl 13-ten Drugs Leh HIV/AIDS An Ngaimawh Ber
Mizorama tlawmngai pawl hrang hrangte chuan Mizoram kalphung leh khawtlang nuna an ngaimawh leh ngaih pawimawh ber chu drugs tihhmang leh HIV/AIDS darh zel tur laka inven leh mipui hrilhhriat nasat a ni a, Mizoramah court rorelna (judiciary) hrang a awm ngei an duh thu te, Mizo hmeichhiate dinhmun chawi kan tul an tih thu te, ramngaw leh nungcha humhalh tul an tih thu te an sawi bawk. Mizoram larsap Lt.Gen.M.M.Lakhera chuan nimin khan Raj Bhavan-ah tlawmngai pawl hrang hrang 13 aiawhte kokhawmin an hna thawh dan tlangpui leh an hnathawhnaa harsatna an tawhte a sawipui a. Tlawmngai pawlte chuan Mizo thalai hna hmu lo/nei lo chungchang te, District Consumer Forum neih zawm tul an tih thu te, naupang HIV/AIDS veite enkawlna tura ruahmanna tha tawk a awm loh thu te, Mizorama HIV/AIDS veite tan medical re-imbursement a harsat thu te leh tar leh upate enkawlna chungchang dan mumal tak leh tar in neih a tulziate an sawi bawk.
Mizoram larsap hian tlawmngai pawl aiawh kalkhawmte chu thingpui ruai a thehsak a, heng tlawmngai pawl 13-te hi Central YMA, MHIP, MUP, AMFU, HR&LN, M-PLAS, MCU, MAL, ASEP, MZP, Positive network of Mizoram (PNM), Association for Professional Workers in Mizoram (APSWIM) leh Gan Sabra an ni.

Mizoramah Food Processing Unit 4 Sawrkar Laipuiin Tanpuina Sum A Pe
India sawrkar Ministry of Food Processing Industry chuan thiamna tihpun leh tih tunlai nan leh food processing industry dinna turin ruahmanna a tipuitling mek a, he ruahmanna ang hian he ruahmanna tipuitlingtute hnenah pawisain tanpuina (grant in aid) a pe a ni. He thu hi Minister of State for Food Processing Industry Pu Subodh Kant Sahay chuan nimin piaha Rajya Sabhaa zawhna a chhannaah sawiin plan 10 chhunga Food Processing Industry tanpuina pek tura pawmpuite chu Arunachal Pradesh-ah 1, Assam-ah 34, Manipur-ah 8, Meghalaya-ah 3, Mizoramah 4, Nagaland-ah 3, Tripura-ah 4 an ni a ti.

Ram Buai Lai Assam Assembly-a Sawihona Bu Tichhuah A Ni Dawn
Dr.J.V.Hluna, Ex-MLA chuan Assam Assembly-a Mizoram buaina chungchang kum 1966-a sawihonaa Mizoram tlawha kal Pu Stanley D.D.Nichols Roy leh Pu Hoover H. Hynniewta, MLA ve vete thusawi a buin a siam a, nimin piaha Mizoram Writers Association General Body Meetingah khual lian Pu R.Khawpuithanga, MLA, Adviser to CM chuan a tlangzarh. He lehkhabu hi phek 38-a chhah a ni a, Dr.J.V.Hluna chuan Assam Assembly-a Mizoram buaina sawihona copy hi Assam Assembly hian copy khat chauh an nei a, xerox an phal lo a, lak chhuah an phal bawk lo a, an library reading room-ah nithum chhung kuta a ziak chhuah a ni a ti.

Home Guard-in Thisen Unit 105 Pe : 3rd.IR Bn-ah HG 65 Lak An Ni Dawn
Mizoram Home Guard (MRHG) din champha vawi 35-na nimina lawmna an hmunpui Chawlhmuna an neihah chuan Aizawl Civil Hospital-a damlo mamawh apiang tan Home Guard sipaiten thisen unit 105 an pe a, Aizawl Civil Hospita-a thawktute leh Association for Voluntary Blood Donation-in an buaipui ani. He dinchampha lawmna leh thisen pek runpui hi hmanpuiin Home Minister Pu Tawnluia chuan hetianga mahni pawl din champha lawmna atana pawl hrang hrangin thisen pek an ching chu intihhmuh zel atan a tha a tih thu a sawi a, Home Guard sipaiten an din champha lawmna atana thisen an pek avangin lawmthu a sawi.
Home Minister chuan Mizoram sawrkarin Home Guard-te a duhsakna hrang hrang sawiin 3rd.IR Battalion lak turah pawh 5% hauhsak an niin Home Guard sipai 65 3rd.IR Battalion-ah lak an ni ang a ti a, hna tam tham deuh chin lak apiangin MRHG tan quota siamsak ziah an ni ang a ti. Home Minister chuan Home Guard sipaite lawmman pawh May 2006 atangin Mizoram sawrkar chuan nitin Rs.126 ni turina tihsansak a ni a ti a, hei hi tun dinhmuna Mizoram sawrkar tlin tawka ni a ti.
Home Minister chuan Mizoram Home Guard-te chu state danga an anpuite nen khaikhin rual lohin discipline leh training-ahte an chungnung a ni a ti a, dan leh thupek kenkawhna kawngah te, traffic duty-ah te nasa takin police an chhawk zangkhai a ni a ti.
MRHG Commandant General Pu C.Zorammuana chuan tunah hian Mizoram Home Guard chu 998 an ni a, sawrkar hmunpui te bakah bank leh jail zawng zawng ven hna an thawk a ni a ti a. Company-ah thenin company 2 Aizawlah an awm a, Lunglei leh Saihaah company 1 veve an awm a ni a ti.
MRHG hi kum 1965 khan din tan a ni a, Mizoram buai avanga tihtawp chu December ni 6, 1971 khan din thar leh a ni. Kum 1988 October thla khan Mizoram sawrkar chuan Directorate levelah hlang kaiin tunah hian Central Training Institute changtlung tak Sesawngah an nei a, he hmunah hian naktukah Gilead Special School (rualbanlo school) pualin programme an buatsaih a, ruai leh intihhlimna an buatsaihsak dawn a ni.

MNF Tana Campaign Hlawh Hmingchungnunga’n A Tel
October thlaa Tlungvel Assembly bial bye election-a party dangten an ngaimawh khawpa MNF tana campaign Pu Hmingchungnung chu a campaign man (hlawh)-a ngaih theih turin Mizoram sawrkar chuan Sinlung Hills Development Council Chairman-ah a dah. Hemi chungchang hi press release chhuahin Ex-Hmar Volunteers Association chuan Pu Hmingchungnunga, HPC inremnaa hming ziaktu SHDC Chairman-a dah hi HPC mipui tam zawk duh dan anga an rawtna a ni an ti a, lawmthu an sawi. Hma lam zela sawrkar nen tangtlanga inremna tihpuitlinna kawnga tun hma aia chak zawka hma la turin Pu Hmingchungnung duhsakna an hlan a, Zofate huapzo SHDC policy chu huapzo policy a nih hria a, inthlahrung miah lova tawiawm turin a huap mipui zawng zawng an sawm.

FMGE&W Inkhawm
Vawiin dar 11:00 a.m.-ah I&PR Auditorium-ah Federation of Mizoram Govt. Employees & Workers Extended General Council inkhawm neih a ni dawn a, Council memberte leh Association tina Office Bearers-te kim taka tel tur a ni.

Storekeepers Silver Jubilee
Vawiin dar 10:00 a.m.-ah All Mizoram Storekeepers Association chuan Synod Conference Centre-ah an din champha vawi 25-na silver jubilee an lawm dawn a, Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga leh Supplies Minister Pu K.Sangthuama-ten an hmanpui ang.

Armed Forces Flag Day
Vawiin hi Armed Forces Flag Day a ni a, he ni hmanna leh Mizorama sipai bangte intawhkhawmna (rally/re-union) Vana Pa Hall-ah dar 10:00 a.m.-ah neih a ni ang a, Mizoram larsap Lt.Gen.(retd) M.M.Lakhera khual lian a ni ang. Tukin dar 8:30-ah hian larsap leh mi pawimawhte chuan War Memorial, Treasury Square-ah pangpar an dah ang a, tawngtaina neih a ni bawk ang.

Lalruotmawi Sakawrdai Lamah
An programme siam lawk ang chuan Mizoram For Christ Crusade Team chuan zaithiam Nl.Lalruotmawi nen vawiin hian Sakawrdai an pan ang a, an kalkawngah Kalvary Tlang, Khawruhlian te, Holy Land, Sawleng te an tlawh ang a, zanah Zohmunah crusade an nei ang a, naktukah Lalroutmawi Home, Lalruotmawi Water Point Zohmun tlawhin Lalruotmawi Market Pathian hnena hlanna an nei ang.

Brazil Sipai Lal Vairengteah
Brazil sipai lalber General Francisco Roberto De Albuquerque chuan naktuk hian Vairengtea sipai school Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School a tlawh dawn a, Brazil sipaiin vawikhat a tlahna a ni a, Gen.Albuquerque hi a thiannuin a tawiawm ang a, he School Commander Brig. R.M.Panuily chuan school fankualpuiin training an neih hrang hrang a enpui ang.

P&E EO General Conference
Power & Electricity Engineering Officers Association chuan naktuk dar 10:30 a.m.-ah State Guest House, Chaltlangah Annual General Conference vawi 7-na an nei dawn a, khual lianah Health Minister Pu R.Tlanghmingthanga an sawm.Mizoram puma P&E Department Officer-te telna tur he an inkhawmpuiah hian thu ngaihtuah tur pawimawh tak tak an nei a, kum 2006-08 chhunga an hruaitu turte thlanna an nei ang. Department

Zofest-ah Zohnahthlak Hnam 15
MZP buatsaiha ZOFEST vawithumna Dec.ni 13 leh 14-a Aizawl lammuala neih turah chuan Zohnahthlak hnam 15 chuan an tel theih tur an tichiang tawh a, kum dang zawng aia Zohnahthlak tel tam beisei a ni. Zofest-ah hian Boxer Jenny R.Lalremliani leh Mary Kom chawimawina pek an ni dawn a, Mizo Writers Association leh MZP buatsaih Zohnahthlak inpumkhatna lam hawi thawnthu inphuahsiak lawmman sem a ni dawn bawk.MZP chuan Zohnahthlak zawng zawng an sawm a, zaithiam leh fiamthu thiam tak tek ten hun an hmang dawn a ni.Vawiin dar 11:00 a.m.-ah MZP pisapuiah Zofest Organising Committee an inkhawm dawn a, chanchinbu hi memberte tan hriattirnaa ni.

Eli Nau Army Officer-ah
Pu P.C.Zoram Sangliana, Ex-Minister fa laihawl Nl.Caroline Zonunmawii Pachuau, 24 chu India sipai (army) Commissioned Officer tura interview-ah a tling. Nl.Caroline Zonunmawii hi zaithiam Elizabeth Zodinpuii (Eli) nau a ni. Aizawl Thupuan chanchinbu chuan hmeichhe Army Commission Post hi 15 chauh ruak a awm a, hi hi India ram pumin inchuhin thiamfalte sawrzim zelnaah Nl.Caroline hi Nov. ni 23-a Allahabad-a interview neih result 13 puan tawhah a tel ve a ni a ti.

Musical Fountain Show
Mizoram Science Centre, Berawtlang-a Musical Fountain Show chu mipui tana en remchang zawk turin kartin zirtawpni dar 5:30 p.m. atanga 7:45 thleng hawn a ni tawh dawn.Vygyan Prasar, New Delhi bul tumin naktuk leh naktip-ah Tourist Lodge, Chaltlangah Science Writers workshop neih a ni dawn.

I dreamed I had an interview with God

December 7th, 2006 4:47 pm by BlackWhite

I don’t know how many times this mail has reached my Inbox. Going by the number of times this has reached me, all I can conclude is that it sure has inspired a lot of people.

I dreamed I had an interview with God.

“So you would like to interview me?” God asked.

“If you have the time” I said.

God smiled. “My time is eternity.”
“What questions do you have in mind for me?”

“What surprises you most about humankind?”

God answered…
“That they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then long to be children again.”

“That they lose their health to make money…and then lose their money to restore their health.”

“That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present nor the future.”

“That they live as if they will never die, and die as though they had never lived.”

God’s hand took mine and we were silent for a while.

And then I asked… “As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons you want your children to learn?”

“To learn they cannot make anyone love them. All they can do is let themselves be loved.”

“To learn that it is not good to compare themselves to others.”

“To learn to forgive by practicing forgiveness.”

“To learn that it only takes a few seconds to open profound wounds in those they love, and it can take many years to heal them.”

“To learn that a rich person is not one who has the most, but is one who needs the least.”

“To learn that there are people who love them dearly, but simply have not yet learned how to express or show their feelings.”

“To learn that two people can look at the same thing and see it differently.”

“To learn that it is not enough that they forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves.”

“Thank you for your time,” I said humbly.

“Is there anything else you would like your children to know?”

God smiled and said, “Just know that I am here… Always.”

You can view the presentation here: theinterviewwithgod.com

Tom Dooley – His Story

December 7th, 2006 1:39 pm by alexxfender

1999 kum tir lam deuh ah khan mIRC(#aizawlchat) ah chuan TomDooley tih nick hi ka hmang thin a, tom dooley tih hla hi ka duh thin vanglai a nih vang mai a ni. Hei vawin ah, thianpa tetea(#aizawlchat founder) in yahoo ah min rawn zawt thut mai a, “Tom Dooley tih nick kha i hmag tin tiraw? hei youtube ah ka va hmuchhuak tlat mai a tia” , kan en a.. a Story nen a lo awm hlauh mai… he hla lo duh ve viau in awm ka ring tlat… hla hlui ngaithla ve thin in awm tih ka hria…. han en ve teh


People @ misual.com

December 7th, 2006 1:14 pm by BlackWhite

Some love to use the Quote link while others love to use the Reply link, some think that the commenting box is a chatting box (i’m going to be lynched for saying that : D, and then there are some who deliberately comment in FULL CAPS (probably fearing that they might not get the attention they need)
Some love to be hated and love to annoy others and then there are Ghosts – you know, people who visit this site, never comment, never post any articles – folks that just watch!

… so you are?

Toy train ride at Sesawng

December 7th, 2006 12:40 am by TheHumanBot

Transport commissioner R K Thanga told UNI on Wednesday that the northeast’s first toy train with two coaches, pulled by a diesel engine, donated by the former prime minister Deve Gowda, will be operational by December in Sesawng area at CTI complex at the cost of Rs 30 lakh.

Who said: rediff.com

Oil in Mizoram?

December 7th, 2006 12:22 am by zualtei


At the same time we know in Mizoram we have a lot of potential of oil and gas. Exploration is going on. We shall be able to start soon and meet the requirement of the Mizoram people. – Chief Minister Zoramthanga

Read here where CM was quoted saying the quoted.

This may be old news, but I just heard it today in church. Our speaker today (Pu C.Ropianga) said we have a lot of oil reserve in Mizoram. (He mentioned this to make some other point, which I have sort of forgotten). The tenders have already been answered and it seems a French company has won the contract. Did a netsearch and came up with this…(link below)

So it could be true. And the results of oil mining on our state’s economy will definitely be interesting.

Where: gasandoil.com

Gandhi or Ambedkar?

December 6th, 2006 11:17 pm by alexxfender

Ka lehkha zir lai chuan M.A(His) zirlai nen in kan luah dun thin a.. a khat tawk hian, “Kei chu Ambedkar hi HNAM PA ni zawk turah ka ngai” hi a ti fo mai a. Kan lehkha zir na state ah hian Ambedkar hi an lo ngaisang reng lah tak a. Tribal tan hian a lo FATHER OF THE NATION zawk mah reng em? Bul tran tha leh ta ila… tu ngaihdan zawk tak zawm hlom tak ang i maw? te ka ti mai mai. Tunlai Dalits ho buaina nen a inrem tho bawk a.. han sawi hlom teh u.. a hre deuh khan.