Sangzuala Hmar on Mizos and Music

December 18th, 2006 7:13 pm by TheHumanBot

Again, is this a coincidence? Looks to me the man is really into writing more about the positive aspects of us, given that this article has nothing new. But except for Christian communities in other parts of India, who know us and our music already, I am sure it would be news to many readers of National papers.

When Mizos are happy they sing, when they are sad they sing. Right from the days of their forefathers, music has been the soul that binds all Mizos.

Other quotable quotes from the article:

“As long as there is music, Mizos will be around. Despite the low economic position we hold, we are unmatched when it comes to music.”
-Michael M. Sailo

“Even though the Mizos lack a complete music devotee and a true professional, I cannot deny the fact that music has a power in the hearts of the Mizos that can never be suppressed.”
– Makuka

Soccer player S. Malsawmtluanga of the East Bengal team has been a chief guest at concerts and audio release functions. For him, Vanlalsailova’s hit song “Zoram Tang Fan Fan” and Lalrindiki Khiangte’s “Mizoram Tan” are an inspiration.

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Who is the girl in Michael F. Eli?

December 18th, 2006 3:45 pm by James

Hi all,

I just saw the video of Michael F.Eli…who is the girl…she seem to be very lovely and good singer..if you can help boys would be really glad.

..any way it’s me James Vaiphei rock the world.

Airtel Roof Top Party

December 18th, 2006 3:44 pm by chda hauzel

December ni 29-ah Aitel Roof Top Party.” Anuam thei ang bera buatsaih tur ani a, kawppui nei tan phei chuan kal loh phal chi ani lovang”. Kawppui nei te tan chauha buatsaih a ni lova, he hunah hian programme hlimawm thei ang bera duan a ni ang, zaithiam lar te’n min awi tel bawk dawn a ni. Party zan hian JIT, Chanmari chuan an light tha ber ber te an rawn chhawpchhuak dawn a, mite hriatlar, Smokie Concert leh Petra concert lo hamtu(??) Grace sound chu he hunah
hian chhawpchhuah ani bawk dawn ani.

Source: Tawrh Bawm

Youth Icon Live Concert

December 18th, 2006 10:57 am by chda hauzel

Tuikual South Branch YMA hmalakna kal zelah Fund Raising Committee buatsaihin December 19 leh 20 hian AR Ground-ah Youth Icon Live Concert ropui tak buatsaih turin hmalak mek a ni a, hemi rual vek hi an Mizoram State Transport Booking Office kawtah Christmas Carnival buatsaih a tum mek bawk.

Ruahman ang chuan he concert-ah hian Youth Icon top ten te chuan zaiin mipui an awi dawn a, Youth Icon neih zawh taka rimawi tumtute zawng zawng leh zei taka host tu Mali nen kim takin programme hlimawm hmang turin hmalak mek a ni.

Zofest hman zawh taka MZP in dawhsan an siam chu chhawm nghal a ni dawn a, Ticket pawh Rs. 50, Rs. 100 leh Rs. 300 man siam a ni. YMA in hetiang LIve concert puitham a buatsaih nachhan chu vengchhung mi harsa leh tanpui ngaite tanpuina atan a ni. Ticket te hi Khaia & Sons Vaivakawn, D. Light Enterprise Dawrpui te leh dawr hrang hrangah lei tur a awm e. Youth Icon Top Ten 2006 Live Concert “Mi harsa tanpui nan” Organised by Tuikual South Branch YMA Venue: A.R.Ground Time: 19th DEC 200(TUE) 7:00pm Ticket: Rs.300/ Rs.100/ Rs.50

An Evening with Deep Purple

December 18th, 2006 10:39 am by SiLent_Man

han sawi vak tur pawh ka hrelo. Steve Morse-an a tak a min han hmu kha a mak ka ti deuh a ni mai hehe. Tak tak a, I actually saw Steve Morse play… and Deep Purple too.

A colleage of mine got the time of his life when he won the contest to meet the band. Actaully he didn’t win.. someone from our office won, but wasn’t interested and gave it to my friend Joseph.

So this guy Joseph took along his guitar without any real hope of getting it past the gate. Sure enough they won’t let him take the guitar even after pleading with everybody. They said they had organised a contest for an autographed guitar, so it won’t be right to just let someone in with a guitar and have it autographed. So, in he went without his guitar… and guesss what he did… he told Steve Morse abt the situation. Morse joking said they must think there’s a gubn inside. Then one of the volunteers to let the guitar through. That’s how he got a guitar with all their autographs, picks etc etc. Then some DNA big shot came and scolded Joseph “Who asked you to bring a guitar in here?”, to which my friend pointed to Steve Morse, who gave an evil grin. He said nothing more.

Ok… about the concert. Much of what you’d expect from a Deep Purple show… When a blind man cries, starship trooper, smoke on the water, highway star… etc. Perfect Strangers was awesome… the best performance of the night for me. Tin Black Night te pawh.

An instrumental solo vel pawh hmuhnawm khop mai. Don Airey played some of his famous earlier works, including the intro to Mr. Crowley (yes he was the guy who played keys for that album). And the best part was when he played the Star Wars Soundtrack. And there was a short drums and bass solos too.

Steve Morse a poh alo thiam khop mai haha. Hla hrang hrang a perh kual vak a, AC/DC hla te… hla hlui a ngaihthlak thin ho te pawh a niang. But I wasn’t expecting Sweet Child of Mine haha. Vai hovin an lawm khop mai. Tin, “Kan Pathian Kulhpui Nghet A Ni” tih hla kha a play bawk. A similar video can be found here after 3:30 mins of the video. But he played the whole verse last night. Thla lak ka tum nasat nen ka phone ka ken theihnghilh a zialo khop mai.

Overall, you could make out Steve Morse’s influence on the band. They played some of their new songs which didn’t sound typically Deep Purple. There was on song called “You Got The Wrong Man” (written about a man who went to prison for 2 decades for something he didn’t do, exlains Gillian) which had a metal feel, and the guitar sounded much ‘crunchier’, more like a Petrucci kinda sound.

Sawi tur pawh ka hre tawhlo…

Anih phot…

Vawiinah ka haw dawn.

Time Person of the Year: You

December 17th, 2006 9:53 pm by commieguerra

Is that George W. Bush? Condoleezza Rice? Hugo Chavez? The YouTube Guys? Earlier TIME asked for your vote? The verdict, is out.

The answer is, you do. And for seizing the reins of the global media, for founding and framing the new digital democracy, for working for nothing and beating the pros at their own game, TIME’s Person of the Year for 2006 is you.

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December 16th, 2006 10:58 am by chabetkaia

Thinlai lungrukah ram tin ka fang vel a
Ka dawn thrin khuavel sakhming thang zawng pawh
A iang thei awm lo, aw tlawmngaihna hlu hi
Hei ngei hi Zoram nunmawi lo ni e

Aw Zoram tho rawh mu rei suh
I tan khua a tlai a nge
Hlep rukna leh sual tinreng in a hual a che
Rethei leh hausa zaikhata len nan kar a hla lua e
Tlawmngaihna hlu chuailo ten vul zel ang che

Aw tlawmngaihna hlu, tlangbawm romei zam riai
Thinlai lungrukah aw i mawi chuang ngei
Tlangtin bawm Zofa suihlung min rual tir tu
Thamral mai an zawng ka phal lo che

he hla thra tak mai hi ka hriat dan chuan Salai Tawna phuah a ni a, tin Kawl(Burmese) pawn a thluk hmang hian hla a phuah bawk. Mizo trawng chauh hian dah se chuan duhthusam ani asin mawle.. a chhan chu a thu hi a thra in hla thu ril leh har tel lem si lovin, Mizo ten kan chhuan leh kan uanpui “Khawvel a thil mawi ber tia kan sap missionary te pawn an lo chhal ve hial , tunlai huna zuih ral tum ni awm taka lang kha “chuailo ten vul zel ang che..” tiin a rawn au vawn vawn anih hi..

Daduhi khan run zetin hmanah min lo awih tawh thrin a, hla hlui a chang ta mai anih hi ka tih mek laiin, Alpha collection ah khan tunlai zaithiam lar ten mawi leh run takin an rawn vawrh thar leh ka han ngaithla leh chu kan tunlai zaithiam ten aw style hran threuh in an rawn vawrh vel a, nalh dan a dang khawp mai.. kei a hmun thru ta lo chuan tu hi nge chu chu tih pawh ka hre lem lo.. hria ten min rawn hrilh thei ula lawmawm ngawt ang..

chang 1na hi Issak leh Vanlalsailova niin ka hria a, tin chang 2na hi Johan-a leh C Sanga ni mai in ka hria. chang1na rawn la nawn tu 2 hi ka hre ta hauh lo.. a sa hnuhnung tu aw hi interesting reuh khawp mai..

Aizawl Thunders nilo

December 16th, 2006 9:40 am by father_sphinx

Aizawl Thunders chu an ni lo chiang e

Super Trio – Ka Tan Lawmna

December 16th, 2006 4:50 am by Angaiha

Super Trio Krismas music video thar, Ka Tan Lawmna

Click Here

Antivirus/Firewall ?

December 16th, 2006 12:21 am by commieguerra

Can anyone suggest a good anti virus and firewall? Should be very low on resource . Been trying a few and can’t seem to decide, some hog all the resources while I can’t configure some of the them.