Aizawl kuhva rules

December 1st, 2006 12:54 pm by TheHumanBot

Says Flickr user Bronson

“Mumbai bettlenut is not as nice as Mizoram or Meghalaya beetlenut. They have it with a sort of sugared saffron and the lime is much harsher – burnt my mouth for days.”


A va thiam reuh e

December 1st, 2006 1:03 am by Angaiha

He nu hi zaithiam ka va tih lul em!! Ngaihthlak nuam ka ti bon top. Ka ngaithla ning thei thrak lo. A hla in a zir bawk a, a sa thiam si. Youth Icon ah khan he hla hi rawn sa ve a, he nu hi rawn copy deuh deuh pawh an awm nual kha. Thiam in tih ve zawng ni tak maw?

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Tlangtin mual tin,thing tin zar belin
Va tinreng kawplai di nen
Lenlai ni chen Lungrualten
An her siau e

Zo bawm dingdi,tlangsam par sir siar
Lentu chhawl hnawm ram daiah
Hlimsa lengrual ten hlimin
Sam an chai e.

An leng e, hlimlai chenin
An ngailo tleidang par he lei chinah
Ka nuam e an ianga
Hmatiang dawn ngailo hmun nuam

Aw aw awm ve ngai maw hringnun.
Vau truahpui leh thingtin par zawngte
Vullai rel an kur siau e
Romei zam chiai zing riai nen
Thral an mawi e

Thanks to chabetkaia

Space Dye Vest

November 30th, 2006 8:32 pm by SiLent_Man

Since I could not post a comment on the Committed OR not…!!??!! topic, let me take the chance to write about something that has been on my mind for sometime now. This is about a song called Space Dye Vest composed by a guy named Kevin Moore. You can read the lyrics and transcriptions of all the samples used at The lines in “quotes” are transciptions of the audio samples being played back in the song. And even tho’ the actual lyrics are only those without quotes, they are all part of the song.

In an interview to a Japanese newspaper Kevin had this to say about the song-

“I was looking through a clothing catalog and saw a picture of a girl modeling this piece of clothing called a space-dye vest. And, so, I fell in love with her [laughs] for some strange reason & so the minute I did that, the minute I was just like obsessed with this person, I was like, ‘why am I doing that?’ and I noticed that I was doing it a lot lately.

And I think the prime reason that I was doing that, and this is what I figured out at the time, was that I had just come out of a relationship where I’d gotten dumped, basically, and so I think the situation was that I wasn’t finished giving all that I was ready to give, so I was just, like, throwing it around, you know, just aiming it in different directions. It was a total case of projection. And this song is just trying to sort it out and just kind of admitting that I’m just kind of lost. So it’s kind of a dark song. It was very cathartic though.”


Read somewhere that the catalogue belonged to Lisa Martens, John Myung’s gf at the time. Hence the song starts with “Flying through pages of Martens…”

And after reading the above interview things begin to makes sense. Like this line

Found a new girl I think we can make it
As long as she stays on the page

And who is this Kevin Moore you might ask. For those who haven’t figured it out, he’s the founding member(keyboardist) of Dream Theater. After his breakup with his girlfriend, he lost interest in the kind of music the band was playing and began writing slow and mellow songs and adopted a very techno sound. He eventually left the band just after recording the Awake album and before mixing was started, just at a time when the band’s popularity reached new heights. This song has never been played live and is the only song the band has not played live from their albums.

It ends:

And Ill smile and Ill learn to pretend
And Ill never be open again
And Ill have no more dreams to defend
And Ill never be open again

Mizoram, My Mizoram!

November 30th, 2006 8:19 pm by Sandman

The first few rays of the pristine radiant sun-light
Simmers into my room, like a passionate penetration.
I open my sleepy eyes and smile with subdued might
For I am now back, in the Land of abysmal devotion.

Ah Mizoram! Sweet Mizoram! Resplendent Mizoram.
Nowhere else is the sky so blue nor the hills so green.
The mist covered mountains and many a hillside farm
Entwined together to carve out a Home so serene.

I rise from bed and walk outside my tiny room,
Staring at the scenic beauty and inhaling the aura.
Such picturesque exquisiteness dispels all gloom
T’is far more exotic than Paradise or Shangri-la.

Idyllic silhouettes, Nature’s creation at its best,
A natural wonder personified many times over.
Especially after a brief rain, leaving you breathless;
A concoction of tranquility and serenity shower.

Mizoram, my Mizoram, land of the gallant Zo braves,
With Tlawmngaihna everywhere and nothing to fear.
Here’s where I was born, and here will lay my grave,
Nothing is more honorable than to be buried here.

Now the sun is visible over the looming Durtlang
Its rays permeating through the air so lucid.
Lighting up my little room perched on Chaltlang
Still, everything around me is calm and placid.

Morning birds flutter together in uniformed flocks
Chirping their way through the diaphanous mist.
Until they can find their home in a distant hillock
Only to be disturbed once again and flight persist.

As I admire the beauty that cannot be described
I realize why I am back here narrating this story.
The captivating sceneries need to be inscribed,
So that others too can bask in Mizoram’s glory.

Youth Icon Top 10 Photos

November 30th, 2006 7:19 pm by Parousia

Tunlai Aizawl min entertain tu te hi han thlir ve reng reng ru…nimin chu Mapuii Siamsiamna lamah an lo va in la spauh a, nizan chu close-up an dawl khop mai :D

1. K. Lalremmawia

2. Vanlalchhanhimi

3. Zoramchhani

4. Lalhmingsanga

5. Lallawmawma

6. Zomuanpuii

7. K. Lalhmingliani

8. Sarah Lalngaihawmi

9. Esther-i

10. H. Lalremruati

Update: Zan tin tla an awm toh don a…chhun lama vote an hmuh dan a zirin…zanin chu H. Lalremruati, Ramhlun North chu a tla ta phot.

Friday update: #5 Lallawmawma a tla ve leh.

Saturday night update: Sarah Lalngaihawmi a tla leh a…

Monday night update: K. Lalhmingliani poh a tel ta lo…

Deep Purple

November 30th, 2006 3:58 pm by SiLent_Man

For all you classic rock fans, or just a fan of Steve Morse like me, Deep Purple will be performing at palace Ground, Bangalore on 17th December.

Niminah ni 15th atan hawna tur ticket kalo la hman hlauh lehnghal. Kava postpone tir dawn a airport ah kal a ngai anlo ti zui. An hla ah chuan Black Knight kha JIPMER college fest ah kan va sa ve chiam tawh a, chu bak chu an hla hlui ho ka hre em em lo. Smoke on the Water hi hriat saah ngai ta ila, vai ho zingah phei chuan.

Sometimes I feel Like Screaming kha a nalh over bon top bok. An sa dawn a nih chuan Krismas haw lova en mai pawh ka poiti lo.

Adieu Google Answers!

November 30th, 2006 12:26 pm by BlackWhite

Google Answers

About time Google also closed down *evil grin*.

Was this expected? no one knows. The idea was quite innovative, but looks like the model of having to pay someone to answer your questions really didn’t work out. Yahoo! Answers is really doing well and maybe Google could have learnt a thing or two. The title used in the official google blog says it all.

The blog says, “Google Answers was a great experiment which provided us with a lot of material for developing future products to serve our users.

Aha! so if your product doesn’t work, just pass it off as an experiment *strokes his beard in a pensive mood* :P

In case you are interested, here’s a link for the Best of Google Answers.

“Although we won’t be accepting any new questions, the existing Qs and As are available. We’ll stop accepting new Answers to questions by the end of the year.

From: Blogspot.Google.Com

Sporting Greats of Our Generation

November 30th, 2006 12:16 pm by Mizopa

Come to think of it, we must be the most priviledged generation to see legends/ sports greats during their times. To name some of them:

– Tennis: Roger Federer, and to an extent, Pete Sampras. On the women’s side, Steffi Graf and Martina. Also, the great Indian doubles pair of Leader Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi.
– Basketball: Michael Jordan
– Golf: Tiger Woods
– Racing: Michael Schumacher (I miss Ayrton Senna, maybe some of you were lucky enough to see him race)
– Football: Maradona (although the earlier generation saw Pele)
– Cycling: Lance Armstrong
– Pole Vault: Sergei Bubka

These are people who have dominated their sport and were head and shoulders above the others like no one else in the history of the game, and arguably, we may not have another like them. Even if our generation is one where we are privileged to have the media and thus, ‘live coverage’, the statistics of these players are such that media or no, they are the ones synonymous with the sport, except Federer at the moment as compared to Sampras, but he still has a few good years of tennis in him to work on those statistics.

Nokia Aeon – Future Mobile Phone

November 30th, 2006 5:09 am by Angaiha

J, enge i ngaihdan?

Pathian Fakna Hla

November 30th, 2006 1:19 am by Angaiha

Pathian Fakna Hla en/ngaihthlak tur tlem azawng….

Vohbik – Ka Tan Lawmna
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Zothansangi – Puitu Ka Ngai
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