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Technology’s Dark Side: Devious Devices Designed to Harm You

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

(Ka let thiam lo. Ka rawn copy paste ve tawp!)
From ATM skimmers that steal your money to hackable insulin pumps, technology does have a dark side. And the various forms of sneaky tech can have frightening consequences.By Liviu Oprescu, PCWorld

We’re accustomed to the idea of hackers’ trying to crack our computers, but today our TVs, cars, phones, and appliances are becoming increasingly vulnerable as we use technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, cellular, and GPS to connect them.

Though increased connectedness has been a boon to convenience and communication, a sinister flipside has emerged: More and more real-world objects are hackable, some with potentially frightening real-world consequences.

Hackers can unlock your car and even start the engine. They can steal your credit card just by walking past you—without touching your wallet. They can hijack a lifesaving insulin pump and turn it against the user. Here’s a roundup of some of the technology that bad guys can use to hack you and everything around you.

Chhiar zawm duh tan hetah click keuh.

Thihna a á¹­angin hnehtu-ah!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

A thiam leh peih te leh a mamawh te chu ruihhlo heroin ani tawp mai. Court McGee chuan ruih mai loh chu tih tur dang a hre hlawl lo a ni ber a. A tawp a tawpah phei chuan loh theih lo vin a pa chuan a in a á¹­angin a hnawtchhuak ta nge nge a.

A unaunu (cousin) trailer in-ah chuan a khawsa chho ta a, a ani chuan ngaihtuah em em-in, han vil á¹­hin mahse, tih tum na na na chu vensen ni bik hek lo, a nghei lo tawp a ni mai!

Meng phar khup deuh lup chuan darthlalang an en a, a meng phe riai ruai chuan darthlalang a á¹­anga rawn en lettu chu a hre der lo.

Tichuan a unaunu trailer bual in-ah chuan, chumi ni a a vawi 30 chuang tihna tur chu a buatsaih mek a. Khami ni khan ruihhlo, heroin, Xanax leh zu tih vel engzat chiah nge a khawih tawh pawh a hre chiang tawh lo. A hriat chin chu, bualinah zan dar 10 pel hretin a lut tih chu ani dawn ta a ni. An thlek vang vang a, nakin lam a a vawikhat tih tur a tan chuan a la ngah tawk dawn thove tiin an in kap (shoot) nam leh ta hak a nih kha.


Facebook-in tharum leh tawngkam huatthlala chi remove dawn

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Times of India

In the backdrop of appeals by India to remove hate posts, world’s largest social networking website Facebook on Wednesday said it will remove content, block pages or even disable accounts of those users who upload contents that incite violence or perpetuate hate speech.

“Facebook will remove content which breaches our terms as set out in our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Content or individuals can be removed from Facebook for a variety of reasons including issuing direct calls for violence or perpetuating hate speech,” a Facebook spokesperson said.


Beidawng duh lo hmeichhe huaisen!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Christopher leh a nupui Bernadette te chuan fa 4 duhawm tak tak an neih zingah chuan “Ronnie” tia an koh, Veronica Guerin chu Artaine, Dublin-ah July ni 5, 1958 khan a piang a. Catholic sikulah kal chhovin, infiamna lam ngaina mi tak a ni chho. Basket ball leh thildang a khelh bakah football a tui hle a, kum 15 lek a nihin Ireland pumpui inelnaah khupruh pelhsawlh chungin final-ah a khel nghe nghe a ni.

Tichuan, hun a kal zel a, pasal fel tak mai Graham Turley neiin, fapa duhawm tak Cathal tia an koh chu an nei ta bawk a. Apa sumdawnna lamah thawkin a buai ve á¹­hin hle awm e. Kum 1983 a nih chuan New Ireland Forum a Fianna Fail an tih group-ah chuan ziaktu (secretary) hna 1984 thleng a thawk a. Kum 1990 a nih meuh chuan Sunday Business Post leh Sunday Tribune tan reporter hna a thawk ta a ni.


Mizo Nula Leh Tlangval Chhuanawm.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Mizo thalai te’n zirna kawng hrang hrangah hma kan sawn zel a. India ram zirna sang atangin degree ropui tak tak, hlawhtling takin an hmu zel a. Central service-ah pawh tling an awm zel bawk a. A lawmawm tak zet a ni.

Kum tinin Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) hnuaiah, Agricultural and Allied Institute hrang hranga thawk turin, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) hian Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS) thlan na’n, exam a buatsaih thin a. Tun tum ah hian Mizo nula pakhat leh tlangval pakhat te chuan, Preliminary leh Main exam an tlin hnuah, interview paltlang lehin, he hna tha tak thawk tura thlan an ni.

Heng Mizo nula leh tlangval chhuanawm tak te hi Nl Vanlalruati Hmar D/o H.C. Lalnunthara, ITI veng Aizawl leh Tv. Lungmuana S/o S. Vanlalruala, Luangmual, Aizawl te an ni a. Maruati hi College of Horticulture, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh atanga BSc (Horti) zo a. MSc Kolkata atanga a zawh hnuin, Doctoral research (PhD) a bei mek a. Floriculture subject-ah insawrbingin, Nauban chanchin zirchianna (research) a bei mek niin ka hria. Tv. Lungmuana hi Soil Science- Soil Chemistry/Fertility/ Microbiology Subject atang a ni thung.


Han ti ve ila..

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Kum 1990 chho bawr velah khan Vai nena buaina neuh neuh kan tawk zing hle a, kan buai apiang mai khan kawng a ping a, thil man a to a ei tur kan tlachham nghal zel kha a ni mai a. Kum 20 bawr vel a liam ta, kan la ngai reng a, buaina awm se kan nghei nghal dawn tih a la lang reng. Dem tur an awm a nih chuan a kara sawrkar-na chelhtu zawng kha an ni mai ang chu.

Tuirial Hydel Project zo thei chuang lovin Serlui Hydel Project nen hma an la dun a, a pakhat mah chhawr tur la awm chuang si lo; Serluite hi khuap li pung lo hian Mizoram chawbel-ah hman tum zawk se kan hlawk zawk ang. Mizoram lui zawng zawng deuh thaw hi a kam tuak thlai chin nana tha tak a awm meuh lo, tiau vut leh lungin a bawh khat deuh vek a ni mai a. Serlui/Builum erawh chu Buh leh thlai chin nana tha fahran mai, leilet zau tak siam theihna a ni a, a luikam tuak hi leilet atan chei ila mizoram chawm thei hial tur a ni.

Hautak em emin Builum khua an sawnsak a, Compensate atan nuaih tam a luangral a, chhawr tur ber kawlphetha lah Bulb pakhat eng pawh kan la hmu si lo, lo hmu teh reng pawh ni ila vai ram kawng a pin tikah eng utin ei tur kan nei lo leh emaw a ni ang a. Tih tak takna kan tlachham ber mai hi a pawi vawng vawng. Lal taka awm a, Motor-a Guard-ho nena Traffic chep em em kara chak deuha tlan tum hi Minister hna ber emaw kan ti tawh mai ang tih a hlauhawm e.


Ni 15 chhung nikhatah SMS 5 aia tam thawn theih loh

Saturday, August 18th, 2012


Vawiin atang hian ni 15 chhung atan nikhatah SMS panga (5) aia tam leh 20KB aia lian lo bak thawn theih a ni dawn lo a. A hnuai a source ah hian a chhan chu lo chhiar ve mai rawh u. SMS hrat deuh deuh ho an khawngaih thlak khawp mai. Sandman a pawh in a vawiin SMS quota a hmang zo der tawh mai :P

Driven by rumours of impending attacks, the exodus of people from the northeast spread from Bangalore to neighbouring cities on the third day today, prompting the Centre to ban for 15 days bulk SMSes and MMSes across the country.

Notwithstanding assurances of safety by the Centre and the Karnataka government to the people of the Northeast, hordes of them living in Mysore, Mangalore and Kodagu made a beeline to the railway ticket counters to return to their states.

More than 15,000 people have fled the city in the past two days following the rumours, officials said today. The Railways had sold 9,718 tickets for the two special trains that headed to Guwahati last night, Divisional Railway Manager, Bangalore, Anil Kumar Agarwal, told PTI this morning.

Officials estimate the number of people from the northeast, including students, residing in Bangalore in the range of 2.5 lakh and 2.75 lakh. In Chennai, over 1,000 people from the northeast were reported to have taken trains out of the city.

To check the spread of rumours, the Centre today clamped a 15-day ban of bulk SMSes and MMSes across the country. The decision was taken after reports of widespread circulation of SMSes and MMSes containing misleading information about Assam violence and threats of attacks to people from the northeastern region.

Under the order, no one from today will be able to send more than 5 SMSes in one go and more than 20KB of data through mobile phones during the ban period.

Tunlai mit ka hlei chakna leh eng eng emaw!

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Rampui (country) hrang a tam, inrelbawl dan hrang hrang leh thuruk niuh neuh lah a tam. Chutiang zawng zawng zingah chuan America’s Book of Secrets an tih hi a chhung han bih kual ve theih a chakawm ngawt mai.

A chanchin an sawinaah chuan, “tuna khawvel mihring la dam zingah mi panga (5) chiahin an hria,” tih a ni. Chumite chu US President nilai mek, Obama leh President lo ni tawh, Carter, Bush te pafa leh Clinton te an nia sawi a ni. An sawi hmangin US kaihhruai dan tur President Washington a á¹­anga tun thleng a an inhlan chhawn niin an hria a, mahse enge a chhungah awm chiah erawh President ni tawh te lo chuan an hre chuang lem hlei law!


CNN Heroes 2012

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

CNN a Anderson Cooper 360° tih program neitu, Anderson Cooper buatsaih-in, kum engemaw zat chu CNN Heroes thlan a ni ta. CNN Heroes an tihte chu, khawvel hmun hrang hrang a mi nun khawih danglam thei khawp a mi inpe te, khawvelin ala hriat si loh, chumite chanchin khawvel hriat an nih theih nan leh ṭanpuina an dawn theih nan a buatsaih a ni deuh ber awm e.

CNN Heroes a thlan theih tur hian mi tupawhin, kum 13 a tlin phawt chuan a thehlut thiang a, amaherawh chu rampui(country) phal leh phal lohte an awm leh thung. Chuta tel phal loh (void) te chu: Bhutan, Brunei Darussalam, China, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, South Pacific Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific Islands Trust, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Macau, Sri Lanka leh Tibet te an ni a. Chu bakah chuan tun a OFAC in a hrem mek (sanctioned) an awm bawk a, chu’ng te chu: Balkans, belarus, Myanmar, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, DR of the Congo, Iran, Irag, Liberia (the former regime of Charles Taylor), Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria leh Zimbabwe te an ni. Anni sanctioned ho hi englai pawh a tih danglam theih anni thung!

Tichuan, kum dang ang bawkin kumin 2012 pawh hian CNN Heroes chu thlan leh a ni dawn a, mite’n an duh zawng chanchin an thehlut mek zel a, August thlatawp thleng hian a thehluh theih a ni.

Mizo tam zawk chuan kan hriat ka rin, Pu Sangthankima (TNT) chu Mizoram mi tlawmngai ten a chanchin video a an siam te leh, a chanchin ziak te chu CNN Heroes ah hian vawiin, August ni 15, 2012 zing dar 7:35 khan thehluh a ni ve a. Pu Sangthankima hian nau hnuchham leh mi enkawl ngai tam tak hei leh chen a lo buaipui tawh a ni a. Tin, an inenkawlna pawh tlawmngaite á¹­anpuina pek a á¹­angin a ni tih kan hriat a pawimawh hle awm e. Hetiang a á¹­anpuina á¹­ha an dawn theih hi kan duhsak tlang á¹­heuhin a rinawm. CNN Heroes ah chawimawina a dawn ai mahin, á¹­anpuina a nih tur lam chuan keima mimal rilru a luah zawk!

Bangalore a North East mite Dinhmun

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012


Nimin (Aug 14) tlai dar 6:30 pm khan Ngukato G.Chishi (Naga lam hruaitu) te inah North East Leader hrang hrang te chu inhmukhawm in, Muslim issue chungchang ah meeting neih a ni a.

Hetah hian tunlaia rumour tam tak dawt thu leng, SMS vela inthawn avanga Bangalore a cheng NE mite, vau/ sawisak leh thi hial pawh awm anga sawi chu pawi an ti hle a. Amaherawh chu hetih lai hian NE mi thenkhat te chu vau leh kut thlak lo tuar zeuh zeuh te pawh an lo awm ngei bawk a ni. Thudik ngei an mahni a victim te hnen atanga kan dawn te hetiang hi a ni :

1. Neelasandra Koramangal bula cheng Tangkhul naga, Angam te chhungkua chu an In Luahna Muslim in nei tupa chuan, Muslim ho thuruk a hriat avangin, “Heta in awm reng hi a him lo, kan hmangaih si che u a, an tihnat hma che u in in thiarchhuak mai rawh u” tiin an in atanga in sawn chhuak turin an hrilh a. Anni chhungkua hi an thiante in ah an awm rih.

2. 13th Aug khan Neelasandra ah tho Naga Tangkhul community a an executive Committee member chu a Bike a chuanglai mi pahnih in an um a, mahse an umpha lova Ashok Nagar Police Station ah report nghal a, hepa chenna Area hi Police ten an enzui reng a ni.