Black Money hi eng tak nge a nih?

July 7th, 2014 10:24 am by TheHumanBot

How do you define ‘black money’?

Actually , ‘black money’ is a tiny component of the huge ‘black economy’. All unreported incomes whether by legal or illegal means, and their subsequent use in consumption or investment forms the ‘black economy’. The part of this economy which is available as ‘money’ is called black money . Often black money is taken to mean money generated through illegal activities like bribery. That’s just one part of black money. If a private tutor or a doctor earns

some income, that’s not illegal. But when it is not included in his income returns it becomes `black’. At the societal level, this is a system, it’s institutionalized. A sugar mill owner will under weigh the sugar cane, the juice and the crystalline sugar, and also bribe excise officials to report less production. So he gets extra unreported income at every stage of production and distribution.

Pu Modi a sawrkar in black money rampawn lama thuhruk chhui turin Special Investination Team te an din a. Hemi chungchang a Times of India in Prof Arun Kumar of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi a kawmna hi a ngaihnawm khawp mai. Black Money tam zawk chu rampawn ni lovin kan ramah hian a awm zawk e a tia lawm.

Chhiar zawm duh tan hetah.

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3 Responses to “Black Money hi eng tak nge a nih?”

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    chhana Says:

    A tha dawn e, Pa Mawdia nge nge.

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    TheHumanBot Says:

    Aruna hi chuan eng he hu a hring chhuah a ring lo.

    “Since 1948, about 40 committees, commissions, etc have looked at the problem from different angles. There have been raids, there have been amnesty schemes. The result is zero. My feeling is that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) set up by the government under Supreme Court pressure will be of limited use.”

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    Vladimir Putin Says:

    Breaking News;
    Pi Kamla Beniwal, kum 2009 tanga Gujarat state Governor ni lai Mizoram ah Governor turin a rawn chho dawn. Tripura ah pawh Governor ani tawh. Congress mi anih vanga state lian satliah pawh nila, Modiji state atanga rawn nawr chhuak anih hmel

    A background:

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