Flight 370

March 20th, 2014 12:16 am by Henry Vangchhia

Tunlai hian Aizawl velah hman zan, dar 7 bawr velah khan Aizawl chung zawnah thlawhna hniam takin a thlawk a ni awm e. Mite chuan thuthang vawrhdarhin, “Malaysian thlawhna bo kha a ni ang/ a ni ngei ngei ang,” tite pawh an awm leh ta zel niawm tak a ni. Hetiang thil chhui lam a zirna nei miahlo keimah hian thil dik hlel tak nia ka hriat vangin ka chhut dan kan thai lang mai mai ang e.

A hmasa berin khawvel mithiam ber berte pawhin a ngaihna an la hrelo phawt mai. Thudik hriat hnuhnunah chuan, pilot flight simulator-ah khan file delete a awm tih an hmuchhuak thar a, chumi chu forensic lam a mithiam ten an chhui mek a ni.

Kha thlawhna khan lei lam a biak hnuhnunber kha an mahni local time a zinglam dar 1:21 niawm tak a ni a, chumi chu India hunah chuan zan dar 10:51 bawr vel a nih hmel. Malaysia atang a Mizoram zawn vel thlawh chhung hi darkar 4 emaw a ni ngeiin a rinawm bawk (Mel 2330 vel). A nih chuan Aizawl chung zawn vel chu zing lam dar 3-4 inkar velah emaw thlawk tur a nih dawn hmel.

Aizawl hi feet 3000-ft 4000 inkar altitude vel a ni tlangpui. Radar man theih loh tur a thlawk hniamin tlang karah ‘terrain masking’ an tih ang pawhin han thlawk dawn sela, thim tham karah an theih ka ring lo va, feet 3000 vel bawr a sang a thlawk hi radar-in a man ka ring bawk. Aizawl chung a thlawhna hniam tak a a thlawk an tih kha zan dar 7 bawr vel a nih bawk chuan, khitiang zawng zawng khi han chhutin zir lemlo tan pawh thil nithei niin a rinawm loh a ni.

An la hmuchhuak ngeiin a rinawm a, ilo thlir zel phawt teh ang aw!

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19 Responses to “Flight 370”

  1. 1
    Sony Says:

    A bo daih

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  2. 2
    Lamji Says:

    BBC World News
    Missing Malaysia plane ‪#‎MH370‬ We examine 10 theories of what happened to the plane http://bbc.in/1iyYkXL

    1. Landed in the Andaman Islands
    2. Flew to Kazakhstan
    3. It flew south
    4. Taklamakan Desert, north-west China
    5. It was flown towards Langkawi island because of a fire or other malfunction
    6. The plane is in Pakistan
    7. The plane hid in the shadow of another airliner
    8. There was a struggle
    9. The passengers were deliberately killed by decompression
    10. The plane will take off again to be used in a terrorist attack.

    Comments ami hi…

    Umar Nexus
    You forget 11: Malaysian Government is hiding the truth, and yes I’m Malaysian…
    Like · 49 · 2 hours ago
    Shyam Raj
    what’s the 11th point
    Like · 1 hour ago
    Lise Berube
    Ok how about….the US knows where it is but can’t say anything because they would have to divulge their secret spy satellites!
    Like · 8 · 1 hour ago
    Susie Onthetop
    Maybe your govt could smell the fishy thing, but not in a circumstance to reveal all the truth. The organisation who ‘s responsible for the hijack must be such a big country , huh?
    Like · 1 · 1 hour ago
    Christy Cucush
    Malaysia truly Asia.
    Like · 1 · 1 hour ago
    Abdullahi Idris Baba
    What’s the truth bro?
    Like · 1 hour ago
    Umar Nexus
    They know something we don’t and not willing to share to anyone any agencies or country. They keep hiding the information and give inconsistent lead~
    Like · 3 · 1 hour ago.

    Ngaihdan hran min put tir ve thei tho mai.

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  3. 3
    caribou Says:

    La hmuchhuak ngei teh se.

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  4. 4
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Australia hnaih lam, Perth, Australia atang a km 25,00 vel a hlaah satellite thlalak-in thlawhna them niawm tak a hmu e. Hemi hi Chinese satellite thil hmuh ang ngawt kha niin an hre lo. Lawng lian leh thlawhna engemaw zatin an pan mek a ni.


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  5. 5
    Sony Says:

    Tuifinriat ah hian bawlhhlawh leng apui a tam a, thlawhna part bung ang pui pui an tam phian lawng maw?

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  6. 6
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    #5 a ni ngawt mai. A hmun han thleng sela a hriat maiin a rinawm. Ni tawh hlauh sela ka ti khawp mai, chuang chhungte tan pawh a hahdam thlak tawh zawkin ka ring. :(

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  7. 7
    sheldon Says:

    Chutianga Malaysian thlawhna bo ni awm tak lo ringtu chu kan awm leh hman ani maw. Ka lo hreve leh pek lo :-D Thlawhna bo chu zawng hmu ngei teh se.

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  8. 8
    Chawngthu Pa Says:

    Tun tum thlawhna bo chu thlawhna bo zawngtu kan tam ber tum a la ni awm e, ka ti!

    Kan hmuh mai loh chhan erawh, mahni inlum TV hma atanga zawng kan tam em vang a ni awm e, ka ti!

    Anmahni chu sawi lova lumah dah ila, an chhungte mawlh hi a ni ka khawngaih chu ni. Hmu thei se ka va ti em!

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  9. 9
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    #8 Ni maithei a ni. Bakah blackbox battery a thi hman ang tih pawh hlauhawm tak niin ka hria, ni 30 chiah a nung thei an tih bakah hmun vawtah phei chuan a aia reilo a nih an ring bawk si!

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  10. 10
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    sheldon #7 ni leh pek tawh e mawle Hairehai :P A chang leh Bon Jovi kan thih tir thul tiraw? :P hairehai

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  11. 11
    chhana hlawnchhing Says:

    Tute emaw tawngkam tak in Choak aibak a ni lovang ;-(

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  12. 12
    century child Says:

    A mak khawp mai, zawng hmu tak ang maw

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  13. 13
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Latest ka hmuh:

    “In what officials called the “best lead” of the nearly two-week-old aviation mystery, a satellite detected two objects floating about 1,000 miles off the coast of Australia and halfway to the desolate islands of the Antarctic.

    The development raised new hope of finding the vanished jet and sent another emotional jolt to the families of the 239 people aboard.

    Four military planes searched the area Thursday without success.

    A U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon aircraft was scheduled to join the search, but like the other planes, it will have enough fuel for only a few hours before returning to Perth.

    “It is a very long journey to the site and unfortunately, aircraft can only have one or two hours over the search area before they need to return to the mainland for fuel,” Warren Truss, who is currently Australia’s acting prime minister while Tony Abbott is overseas, told Australian Broadcasting Corp. He said that weather conditions in the area were poor and may get worse.

    The objects spotted on the satellite images were at the extreme southern end of the projected southern search corridor, so in an area where all earlier information suggested crews might expect to find the missing jet. The largest object could be one of the Boeing 777’s wings. As the flight would have been near the end of its fuel supply in reaching the area, the fuel tanks in the wings would be close to empty, giving the wings added buoyancy.”


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  14. 14
    chhana Says:

    Aizawl velah chutiang sawi a awm tih pawh ka lo hre ve pek hleinem. …marawhchu i chhuifiah thiam e. Australia lama a keh them niawm tak an hmuh hi chu ka awihlo. A intu lo lutuk. Ka rin dan berah chuan a hmun hi lawng te pawh an lo bo fo tawh na’golden triangle’ (Bermuda nilovin) huamchhung a nih avangin UFO lam mi annih ka ring ber.
    Misual thiltih ni hlauh se ka ti khawp mai. A chhunga mite dama hmuhna chance a awm thei dawn a. Engpawhnise, bo ta chhungte an lainatawm. Hlim takin/lungngai takin an inthlah anga/hlim takin an lo hmuak ve awm sia.

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  15. 15
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Mithiam zawk ten an beiseina lamah hian mit han len kual ve ngawt zel phawt ila tha maiin ka hria. UFO leh blackhole tih vel lakbo ang a rinna neite erawh ka tawmpui ve lo. A tak tak a nih proof a nih erawh chuan ‘proof’ hnu na na na chu ka awih ang. hairehai :P :)

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  16. 16
    chhana Says:

    Australia lama an hmuh kha a tak a ni ta a ni maw?

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  17. 17
    kanidar Says:

    Zia lo khawp mai. Malaysia sawrkar in an handle dan hian dem a hlawh bawk a nih hi maw :(

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  18. 18
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Inmarsat lamin, ” north lamah a thlawklo tih kan chiang, a ping kan hriat zawng zawng Indian Ocean-ah a ni tih kan chiang bawk. Tuiah pawh a tlak kan ring ber, mahse engmah proofna kan la neilo” ti zawngin tunah chiah khan CNN Anderson 360 ah ka thlir. China sawrkar-in Malaysian airlnes hnenah evidence a dil, pek tur a neilo tih pawh an tar chhuak tel nghal bawk. Fact sawi mai sela, chiang hrihlo chu sawi chhuah awm loh ka ti. A tir a tang khan Malaysia khan an thil chhui a tibuai sek niberin a lang, information kimchang a pe chhuak duh tlat lo maite kha!

    Tunah chuan thlawhna them nawi niawm tak tam tak an hmuh belh tawh tih an puang leh tawh a, mahse pakhatmah a tak a hmuh leh lak chhuah an la neilo thung!

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  19. 19
    pruebe lo que dice Says:

    pruebe lo que dice

    Flight 370 | mi(sual).com

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