Thanglian, Aw…… Thanglian !

September 11th, 2013 8:21 am by lushai_er

Source : Thangliana by Lalhruaitluanga Ralte

“Thangliana leh Dari chanchin hi a lungchhiatthlak a ni. Kum thum emaw chauh an innei hman a, dam chhunga inhmu leh tawh ngai lo turin an inthen hlen a tul ta si a !

“Mi za tam mah ni sela,

Ka chuan ang dawnlung chungah,

Khu khu kawrvai Thangdanga lenna.” 

tiin Dari lungleng hian kum 1874 thal lai khan a pasal Sap rama haw bo hlen ta ngaiin a lo phuah a.

Sirte tlang atangin khawthlang lama Khawthlang tupui luang kawi nguai mai chu a thlir a. Lo sul haw hun a lo ni a, rala mite chu an lawmte nen hlim takin an haw dial dial a. Lawm nei lo pawh nupain an inchhawm haw hnak hnak hlawm a ni.

Dari chu nuthlawi a ni satliah mai lo va, mingo nupui hlui a nih avangin thenkhat chuan an lungten a ni. Lawm tur a hmu ve lo va, amahin khawhar takin a feh thin a. Kutni-vang-thlaah pawh mi te chuan chhungkuain kut sa duhtawkin an ei a,Dari erawh chu inthlahrung reng rengin mi hmel eng hmu ngam lovin a tawmim thin.

Kum 1873 kum tawpa a pasal a hmangaih em emin Sap rama a hawsan tak atang  khan an chenna Sirte tlangah pawh awm zui lovin an khua lungchemah a let leh a, a nu leh a pa tar tawh tak a dawm hlum hnuah a laizawn, pasal sun tawh, fa nei lo nen in khatah an khawsa dunin an intuamhlawm tawn ta a ni.

Vanneihthlak takin an khaw pasalthain nupuiah a nei leh a, mahse fa an nei lo leh zel a. A pasal hi a sun leh a, a laizawnnu hmeithai tho nen chuan fahrah pahnih chawmin an intihlim ve thin a ni.

Kum 1915-a Pu Buanga zinin Lungchemah Dari hi a va tlawh chhuak a, a pasal hlui Thangliana a lo la hmangaih zia a va hrechhuak a ni. Dari chuan a Sap pasal Thangliana ruang khuh nan a puanthulkhung, ‘zawlpuan’  mawi tak phawrhin Pu Buanga a pe a. Sap rama a pasal hlui Thangliana pek sak turin a lo ngen a ni.

Pu Buanga chuan Sap ramah a hawn a, Dari ngen leh beisei ang ngeiin a puan hawn thlak chu Thangliana in Parkhurst-ah a va pe ta a ni.”

P.S : He lehkhabu hi a ziaktupa hian kum 15 chhung teh meuh a lo chhui tawh a ni a, a ngaihnawm hle mai. Chhiar ngei ngei chi a ni. Comments lamah kan la sawi zau aniang chu.

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15 Responses to “Thanglian, Aw…… Thanglian !”

  1. 1
    shailendra Says:

    A ziaktupa hi naupan lai atanga in kawm chho kan ni a, a fakawm khawp mai. Mizoram Church History a ziak / a chhui chhohna phei chu Mizoram Church History sawi danglam thei hial te a awm. Titi leh chu chuan a sawi, ti pawng liam mai lo in, research in a zir chiang a, UK leh USA a archives libraries atang te in a source hi a collect. Research Historian a ni. (Y)

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  2. 2
    рдпģŤіСHAЩЯ Says:

    Aw Thanglian

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  3. 3
    chhana Says:

    Ngatinge a hawn daih a? A nih loh leh tinge a hruai ve loh?

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  4. 4
    sheldon Says:

    A ngaihnawm. Dari hi a lo khawngaihthlak ngei mai aa.. Hei aia chiang leh chipchiar a chhiar tur ka duh hle mai.

    Tunlaiah sap pasal nei kan ngaihsan vei nen a hun tawn in a zir lova, a lainatawm. A pasal ‘Thangliana’ teh reng pawh hian an hawsan tawp a, a tidik lo nasa.

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  5. 5
    lushai_er Says:

    Hmanlai chanchin Mizo tawnga ziak a tam lem lo va, Pu Hruaitluanga’n ‘Thangliana’ chanchin a ziah hi a tha ber pawl a tlingin ka hria.

    #3&#4 : Chittagong Hill Tract (Mizoram a tel ve lo) ah Bawrhsapa a tan dawn hian hek tu angah viau awm e. Chakma Lalnu Kalindi Rani phei vawi tam tak a hek a ni.

    Mizoram hi a vei em em a, ruahmanna tam tak Sawrkarah a thehlut a, thenkhat chuan Mizoram chu a lalram-ah din a tum an ti. Tichuan Dec ni 1, 1873 a Mizo Lal 7 Culcutta khawpuia a hruai thlak khan an hotute’n a haw ve an phal ta lo va. Ban a dilna pawh an hnawl saka, Sap ram lamah an thawn haw ta a ni. Mizoramah a awm chu kumkhua atan an khap ta a ni.

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  6. 6
    lushai_er Says:

    Thangliana hian Sap rama a haw hma hian Culcutta atangin Dari hi thil a thawn fo va, Sap rama hawpui pawh a tum viau a ni awm e. Mahse Dari chuan ram hla tak, a hriat ngai loh khawvela damchhung hmang tura a indahin a ngam ngang lova, a zui ta lo niin titiah chuan sawi a ni.

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  7. 7
    lushai_er Says:

    Thil lawmawm deuh pakhat chu Mizo Lal 7 te Culcutta khawpuia 1873 kum tawpa kal te kha an hming an hrekim thei mai lo va, hi source pakhatah Pu Hruaia hian a hmang ve a sin (Thangliana, p.209)! Link ka rawn dah nawn e. (Y)

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  8. 8
    Awmtea Leo Khiangte Says:

    A bu ka van chhiar chak tawh tak em!

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  9. 9
    shailendra Says:

    August ni 17 khan Aizawlah he lehkhabu hi release a ni. Bookshop hrang hrang-ah a awm tawh ang.

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  10. 10
    sheldon Says:

    Vawin khan he lehkhabu hi an rawn zuar a, zanin chu chhiar miah miah mai teh ang. A hre duh tan – a man Rs. 180.

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  11. 11
    Hotunu_pasal Says:

    A bu chu ka va chhiar ve chak tawh ve aw. Aizawl kal remchan theih hlan ka va nghakhlel ve aw.

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  12. 12
    mzvision Says:

    1. TH Lewin-a hi Dari vangin leave la in an hawn tira, mahse hemi hnu hian Darjeeling lamah an dah leh tih hi a dik em?
    2. Darin ama tah ngei ZAWLPUAN a thawn hi dawng turin a lo dam tawh lo a ni Thangliana hi tih hi a dik em?
    3. Thangliana hi Tladung ep mai Khawthlantuipui (Karnaphuli) luang kawiin a dan chah Sirte tlang thengthaw laiah Summer House a sa a awm thin. A hun tam zawk erawh Tlabung tuna PWD IB hi a awmna a ni tih hi a dik em?
    4. Thangliana hian Dari laka a beidawn hnu hian nupui te neiin a thlah te’n Tlabung PWD IB bulah lung an phun saw eng kum nge? A tu-ziding anni em le?

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  13. 13
    mzvision Says:

    Administrative history:
    The Lewin family came from Bexley and Eltham in Kent. In the mid-eighteenth century Richard Lewin became commander of an East India Company ship, and started a connection with the Company which would continue through several generations of the family. Richard’s son Thomas worked for the Company between 1770 and 1800, and was resident in India for about 20 years during that period. It is Thomas Lewin’s grandson Thomas Herbert, whose papers form the bulk of this material.
    Thomas Herbert Lewin was born in London on 1 April 1839. He was educated at a school in Littlehampton and later became a cadet at the Addiscombe Military College. In September 1857, Lewin travelled to India as a lieutenant and was involved in several campaigns to put down the Indian Mutiny. He became the District Superintendent in Police at Rampur Bandleah in April 1861. In January 1864 he moved to the same post for Noacolly in South Bengal and then to Chittagong in October 1864. In March 1866, he was promoted to Captain. His appointment, first as Temporary Superintendent and later permanent Deputy Commissioner and Political Agent for the unregulated Hill Tracts – a post that he held until 1875 – meant that he became in effect the governor of the remote Lushai and Chittagong Hill tracts. His abilities as an administrator led him to be regarded with affection by the local tribes and his work in understanding the language and culture of the region was of lasting significance. From his experiences he wrote The Hill Tracts of Chittagong and the Dwellers therein (Calcutta, 1869) and The Wild Races of South-Eastern India (England, 1870).
    In January 1874, Lewin returned to England due to ill health; he was made an honorary Lieutenant Colonel and received a Colonel’s pension. He returned to India in 1875 to take up the post of Deputy Commissioner of Cooch Behar. During another period of furlough in England, 1876-7, he married Margaret Elliot, and they returned to India together in October 1877, where Lewin was take up the post of Deputy Commissioner of Darjeeling. Between 1873 and 1879, Lewin wrote three further books: Hill Proverbs of the Inhabitants of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (Calcutta, 1873), a handbook on the Lushai Dialect (1874), and a manual of Tibetan (1879). He remained at the post until 1879 when he was permitted to retire and returned to England. In 1885, he bought Parkhurst, a house in Abinger, near Dorking, Surrey where he lived until his death in 1916.
    In 1884, Lewin’s book, A Fly on the Wheel was published giving an account of his time in India between 1857 and 1873, with a second edition being published in 1912. His interest in India continued until his death and he corresponded with his acquaintances from his days there. After his death, his wife continued this correspondence.
    In 1882, he began researching his family history, which resulted in the publication of The Lewin Letters in 1909. During his later years he was also concerned with questions of religion and philosophy, interests which are demonstrated in the papers and the publication of his final book Life and Death, being an authentic account of the deaths of one hundred celebrated men and women (1910).
    Lewin had contact with several well known literary, artistic and scientific figures. Both the author, George Meredith, and the artist, Sir Edward Burne-Jones were friends. He also knew Sir Arthur Lister and George Bidder.
    Thomas and Margaret Lewin had 3 children, Everest, Charles and Audrey. Everest married Thomas MacDonald in 1901, and the couple and their children spent some time in India, where Tom MacDonald had business interests. After they returned from India they lived in Argyllshire, Scotland.

    The collection contains material created by members of the Lewin family between 1779 and 1926. The largest proportion relates to Thomas Herbert Lewin, covering the years 1856-1915, and reflects his interest in India and its languages, genealogy and religion as well as revealing something of his social and family life and his political views.
    Lewin’s papers consist of semi-official papers concerning his work in India; diaries; scrapbooks; philological and literary manuscripts; correspondence; photographs and sketches by him; genealogical papers collected by him; copies of published works, both by him and by other authors, many on India or Far Eastern languages; and articles and reviews on his publications.
    Other family members who are represented in the collection are Lewin’s grandfather, Thomas Lewin of the Hollies in Kent, his brothers and sisters, his wife Margaret, and their eldest daughter Everest.
    Mainly English.


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  14. 14
    lushai_er Says:

    #12, Pu Mzvision zawhna te hi chhan lo tum chhin ila :

    Q1. TH Lewin-a hi Dari vangin leave la in an hawn tira, mahse hemi hnu hian Darjeeling lamah an dah leh tih hi a dik em?

    Ans: Hei hi a dik ang, Mizo lalte Culcutta atanga an haw tur a thlah hi Thangliana’n Mizote a hmuh hnuhnun ber a ni ta a, a let leh ta lo (p.213). Ban a dilna hnawlsak a ni a, Sap ramah an inah chawl hahdam turin an thawn haw ta a ni (p.209)! Sap rama a haw hian Hmeithai hausa, fanu 3 nei tawh, pasal sun hlim Margaret Elloit-i nen an intawng a ni (p.221)!

    1875-ah Culcutta lo thleng lehin Kuch Bihar State (pawimawh vak lo) ah Superintendent hna an pe leh a ni. Hetah hian hna anei vak lo va, khualchhawn hna chu a hna pui ber a ni a, Margaret-i chu a ngai thei em em a, a chhungte rem ti lo chung lehkha a thawn thin a. Kum 1876, May thla-ah chawlh la in a haw leh a, Margaret-i nen chuan inneih thu an sawi dun a, Margaret-i pian champhaphak-ah July 24, 1876-ah an innei ta a ni(p.224).

    Hetia nupui a neih hnu hian Kum 1878 January thla tawp lamah Darjeeling-ah Deputy Commissioner turin a han zawm a ni. Bengal hill station atan Cherapunji hi an siam hmasa phawt a, mahse ruahtui a tam avangin Darjeeling-ah hian sawn leh a ni. Heta an awm lai hian fanu an nei a, a hmingah Everest-i an phuah (p.227)

    Q2. Darin ama tah ngei ZAWLPUAN a thawn hi dawng turin a lo dam tawh lo a ni Thangliana hi tih hi a dik em?

    Ans: Pi Dari zawlpuan hi Pu Buanga hian a ngaihpawimawh em avangin February ni 2, 1916 tuk hian Thangliana In ‘Parkhurst’-ah ava dah a. Khualchhawnin a lo chiau-au a, Thangliana leh a nupui chu Londonah daktawr inentir tura an kal thu a lo hrilh a (p.281)!

    London-a Thangliana va inentir hi Daktawrin a endik lai chuan a tlu sual palh hlauh mai a, khumah an muttir a. An nu Margaret-i chu rawn tho chhuakin brandy a rawn dil a, zu no kengin Daktawr leh Margaret-i chu mut pindanah chuan an inzui lut nghal a, an han tung tho dawn a, a lo chatthla fel der tawh a ni (p.284). Pu Buanga leh Dari zawlpuan chu Thangliana hian damin a hmu hman ta lo a ni. Thangliana thih ni hi kum 1916 February ni 16, Inrinni tlai dar 5:10 chiah a ni.

    3. Thangliana hi Tladung ep mai Khawthlantuipui (Karnaphuli) luang kawiin a dan chah Sirte tlang thengthaw laiah Summer House a sa a awm thin. A hun tam zawk erawh Tlabung tuna PWD IB hi a awmna a ni tih hi a dik em?

    Ans : Thangliana bu p.156 & 157 inkarah khan template a awm nual a, kum 1872-a Tlabung a din tirh map kha a tel ve a, han compare chuan tunlai Tlabung nen chuan a dang khawp mai. A bangla hi Khawthlang tuipui kan angai tlat mai (Bazar opposite) ! Bazar atang hian Sirte tlang a pan theih a, Thangliana bangla atang hian Rothangpuia khua a pan theih bawk.

    Q4. Thangliana hian Dari laka a beidawn hnu hian nupui te neiin a thlah te’n Tlabung PWD IB bulah lung an phun saw eng kum nge? A tu-ziding anni em le?

    Ans : Kum 1917 lam atangin Margaret-i hian a pasal Thangliana Mizo nupui Dari chanchin a lo hre ve ta a. Dari leh Mizote chu ngaihsak zui a duh ta a.

    India ram Sawrkar hnenah a pasal hriat reng nan a lungphun a dil a, a dil angin phalsak a ni.

    Kum 1919-ah Tlabung licheng lam hawiin Thangliana hriatrengna lung chu phun a ni a. A lung an phunna hmun tak hi Tlabung zawlpui, tun hmaa a chenna kiangah a ni(p.289).

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  15. 15
    lushai_er Says:

    Pu Thngliana lim hi rambuai 1966 khan tute’n emaw an tichhia a, a lim dara siam te chu an kher chhuak a, Art & Culture Dept. hian a lim hi sailungvara siam in tun hnuah an phun tha leh an ti.

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