The Passive MPs from the North East

June 20th, 2013 6:30 pm by Goldmember


An open letter has been doing the round urging all the Members of Parliament (MPs) from the eight North Eastern States of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura for intervention in ensuring justice to Reingamphi Awungshi and other victims of racial discrimination from the region in other parts of the country.

Negative attitude of Indian police towards the people from Northeast has contributed largely to further alienation of the region from the rest of the country, what has come even more shocking, nay, painfully hurtful is the passive nature of the elected as well as the nominated MPs from the region in the Parliament from even listening to the cry of justice of their own people who have elevated them to their present position and status.

Leaving aside the number of MPs in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House), there are in all 25 Members of Parliament (MPs) from the eight North Eastern States in the Lower House (Lok Sabha).

They include 14 from Assam, 2 each from Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura and 1 each from Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim.

It is unnerving to note that not even a sound of whimper has been heard from the 25 MPs on the recent case of Reingamphi Awungshi, thus, necessitating writing of an open letter reminding them to exercise the responsibility and power bestowed upon by the people as their elected leaders in the Parliament.

This passivity on the part of the 25 elected MPs as well as other nominated members in the Parliament towards the problem of racial discrimination being faced by their own people is even more than dangerous than the skewed mindset of the mainland Indians, for it would only help in perpetuation of racism, one of the worst forms of crime against humanity, in India.

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20 Responses to “The Passive MPs from the North East”

  1. 1
    Dr John Says:

    (Y) Gud Post…

    So shameful, read this… “India among world’s most racist countries, says survey…”

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  2. 2
    Borat Says:

    Who is Reingamphi Awungsh?

    And why should a member of parliament from Mizoram, for instance speak up for that individual? He has enough task for Mizoram already.

    What is Indian Police? Every state has their own police force, and they are controlled by their home ministers. Of course, there are central forces like CRPF, BSF, atc. But they could be deployed only with permission of state governments. So why should MPs take up those matters in the Lok Sabha, especially if they belong to UPA bound by whip laws. Of late, Lok Sabha hardly functions anyway.

    I have lived most of my life in “other parts of the country”. Racism is a matter of perception. I have not experienced it myself in “other parts of the country”. There are lots of ignorance, though. It is not racism.

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  3. 3
    kilung Says:

    Tanrual angai reng ani… Kan thiam/kan dikna ngei2 ah pawh thiam loh chan tir emaw ngawih bo pui mai Vai police te hian an ching. Engemaw issue lian tham deuh, move angai in ka hria…

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  4. 4
    Joel Lrsa Says:

    A shameful MPs. They should be united in any case relating to the NE India as they come from. The victim might be Naga/Assamese/Mizo, etc. they must be co-operated and make the combined voice, not saying that she is not Assamese. Mizo. etc…

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  5. 5
    drake Says:

    V vant jastiz :-)

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  6. 6
    Borat Says:

    #4. They have not even once united since independence. They are all loyal to their parties or bosses like Soniaji, Advaniji, Mamtaji, Zoramthangaji. And so on.

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  7. 7
    VaiVa Says:

    An in hmeh tawk viau e (N)

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  8. 8
    zualbonez Says:

    PD Rai (Sikkim MP) in initaitve a la a North East MP forum a din a mahse party line in an in divide leh vek (N)

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  9. 9
    Charice_mizo Says:

    # Borat, before you snap your retarded comment i wish you had the courtesy to google who in the world is Reingamphi Awunghshi (RIP) and why in the world does she (her case) matter.

    Its true racism, and many other cisms for that matter, is a matter of perception and belief. But it’s also true that racism remains the explicit reason why many of our brethren from the northeast feel left out, insecure, misjudged and neglected on many occassions, even in grave circumstances when objective help and support is needed.

    The MPs are dumb. Their responsibilities, duties, and conduct are towards the voters, the citizens who elect them, alone. What else do you think they should do? Play hide and seek in Parliament?. The fact that some chaps like you could be so insensitive to such a serious issue amazes me quiet. Read the constitution. Be aware.

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  10. 10
    Borat Says:

    Calm down please.
    As you suggested, I read a news story about the late Miss Reingamphi Awungshi in online site. The incompetence of Delhi police in handling homicide and rape cases is public knowledge.

    The incident happened not long after the highly publicized alleged rape and murder case of another young woman(North Indian).

    Unfortunately, cricket scandal made people forget all about these issues, and Commissioner of Delhi Police suddenly looked very competent!

    Delhi Police is controlled by the Union Home Ministry. that means we cannot expect any Congress MP to take up the case of Miss Reingamphi Awungshi. Moreover if the matter is sub judice, it is not even up for public discussion.

    I do not consider Hon Members of Parliament from the NE as dumb. They are smart, competent, popular, confident and know their duties. After all each of them collected hundreds of thousands of votes to get there.

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  11. 11
    muansakhi Says:

    Vai tawng thiam lote kan vanduaiin thin min treat danah an racist khawp mai. Vai zinga khawsa thang, an tawng leh zia hre hneh tan chuan a ziaawm viau ang chu.

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  12. 12
    Borat Says:

    Hindi thiam bakah inchei dan leh khawsak hawiher kan thiam chuan Japanese emaw min ti daih thei asin. Limo tha tawka 5-star hotel a in check in chuan racist hmuh tur an vang khawp an ti.

    Kum hmasa lam khan kan rual ute’n IAS, IPS leh central service hrang hrangah an in zir chhuak a, “racist! racist!” tiin an au chel chul awm pawn a lang lo. Tunlai zirna lama zawmthaw ho hian racist mi hi kan hmu tam ta riau a ang.

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  13. 13
    Charice_mizo Says:

    I don’t know if you are related to any of our MPs or is a close acquaintance of the same, but the way you view it, MPs have no role whatsoever (with regard to crime and discrimination against citizens) in this Congress Ministry as long as there are Police commissioners and the like to do the job!

    It sounds absurd to me because if the MPs are so smart, competent and popular as you claim them to be, how come we hardly hear of their achievements when it comes to settling the scores with biasedness in citizens welfare and interests. Our NE MPs, after all, represent not just Indian citizens, but, marginalised, scheduled communities so that their rights and interests can be duly heard and therefore guaranteed, in the nation’s law making Houses. Period.

    And by the way, not all of us look Japanese or Chinese and cannot in the least manner afford Limos and 5 star hotels, let alone become IAS and the like. So what about the poor, hapless, uneducated, ill-informed masses who do not fit to your narrow understanding of racist-immmunity..will the dear MPs, who are so eager to snatch their voting assets, allow them to be forever sidelined in the name of racism and not once speak on their behalf even when they are humiliated, neglected, and prejudiced outright?

    You see, this is political high-handedness. Period.

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  14. 14
    Borat Says:

    Unfortunately, I am not related to any MP, nor have any friend who is an MP.

    MPs have limited role even in making laws. They have to function under rigid laws inside the parliament. So, even if they wish to take up Miss Reingamphi Awungshi allegedly homicide case, it would not be easy.

    Reading from the reports, it is not that easy to conclude that she was victim of racist hate, or something like that. The police, however, seem to handle the case in a reckless way, fur sure. But they do that concerning North Indian or even foreign tourist victims too, if that is any consolation

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  15. 15
    drake Says:

    Piriat period :-P :-D :-)

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  16. 16
    suaka Says:

    Keichu vairam ah hian keimah hian ka tei kual nasa a. Train ah te local tak2 zingah ka zin ve fo. Ka hmel atangin foreigner emaw min ti a, racism kan tih hi ka tawng ngai lo. Bazaar ah pawh chuti tho. Hnathawna hmun ah pawh a ni tho. An hriat loh avanga zawhna chhaw tak tak leh mawl tak tak min zawt an awm thin, for eg. Khawnge Mizoram chu..?? Mahse huat chan a kan chan tlat chuan an zawhna te hi racism kan ti mai thin niiin ka hria.
    Hnamdang, ramdang ah buaina kan han tawk a. Kan ram chhungah pawh kan tawk a. Mahse mi ram ah chuan tihpui tu kan pute a te, kan pate a te an lo vang tawh a. Kan duh angin chhantu kan nei lo thin. Chu chu racism kan ti mai thin niin a lang.
    Chutih lai chuan, ni e, racism chiang tak te hi chu a awm a lawm. Kan khawsak dan leh awmdan ah midang te racist ti a kan va dem mai loh nan khawsak dan thiam chu a ngai ngawt mai.
    Secondhand t-shirt, secondhand kekor loose fit that leh chapal bun hian vairam khawpui ah ka teikual nasa a, engpawh nise tun hun thleng hian ka chungah tumah an la racist lo reng2. At the same time i cannot say what will happen in the future…

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