Life: Medical Student

April 17th, 2013 1:20 pm by Ijassdie

Life out here is raw
But we will never stop
We will never quit – Metallica (Whiplash )

All hell breaks loose when something wakes him up. Oh!! It is his alarm again, he questions why he ended up here? He thought he was just asleep 15 minutes ago and this alarm roars him back to reality just to remind him how much his life sucks as a medical student. And, as he always did, wished he was at home where he can sleep the whole day. But isn’t this the type of place he wanted to learn his whole high school life? Life as this is not what he always comprehends.

His legs drag his half asleep body for another day of torture to class. First class he attended half asleep only to be awakened when his teacher raises his voice or when his friend kicks his legs to tell him the teacher is looking at the last bench. At least he thought the teacher is suffering from myopia so he can’t see his sleepy face, shook his head back to sleep. After the teacher left the class he wonders, did he sign his name on the attendance sheet? He asks his friend beside him and somehow his sleeping body did the magic of signing.

He felt content for getting his attendance signed, anyway he never studies his teachers’ notes he never did. He said to himself, “I am not lazy, I am going to study the damn book”.  And, he went back to his room, where he stays without a roommate. At least his room is clean, he washes the floor every day and not a single soul is allowed to wear shoes in his room. That’s him, his way and no other way.

He switches his laptop on, with the earphone in place blasting songs from Christina Aguilera to Ketty Perri from Laltuoklien to Judas priest he went to have his breakfast. It’s his favorite Puri today. He doesn’t need to stand in line like his juniors because he is one of the first batches of the college and being the senior most (not age, but batch) he took his share of about 10 Puris and the red tea in hand he went to have his daily dose of pre-clinics class Facebook.

He is happy he has a fast and flawless 3G internet except that he dares not play streaming videos online because he is not as foolish as what his Airtel service provider thinks he is as they eat away his data double time every time he does. 13-15 notification is all he gets in the morning he responds to some, opens his blog to check how many visited this morning, the same 10-15 people visited his blog from India and to his amazement always someone from the United States of America. If it is the president, then he thought he would ask for his help to upgrade his blog to Pro.

His friend knocks his door, one last glance at his Facebook and they leave for their duty at the college hospital, which means another dose of seeing frowning worried people. Today he is posted in Gynae ward. Deep down, he always envies people around the hospital having nothing to worry about: attending classes, clinic class and practicals, which is another hell on earth. Hiding his stethoscope in his pocket not like his friend who wears around his neck.

With all the things he saw and touched he still thinks he can eat, which is the same question he gets from his friends back home, whether he can or can’t. He is already late for the next class, but he is inside OT so he can’t leave and had to miss the next two classes. This for him is just another way of learning his subjects, and enjoying the AC inside the OT. Now he thinks he can somehow stand the smell and cry of a woman on a delivery bed. Feel sorry for the woman, but the smile after a child is born is something that makes the mother proud. All he did there was standing and watching the actions unfold. Better than the best movie sometimes.

The sun sets, and it’s hot like hell with mosquitoes and insects flying round his room. With no electricity, sometimes he has to study under candlelight. At least there is inverter at home he thought. His friend drops by arguing about religion and the meaning of life, debating why right arm is always bigger and stronger than the other arm. Do NASA really landed on the moon, the topic where he is a skeptic. Jason Newstead is a better bass player for Metallica than Robert Trujillo. Iron Maiden better than Green Day or A7X and discussing in detail differences between Fender guitar and Ibanez guitar. Planning of their first meal on return home.

Talking with his father on the phone telling him how he misses him, missing moms cook food. After all he thought he wanted his life back, he misses home, his guitar, missing his friends back home, wondering what they are doing now, his favorite paan dukan. What good will it bring for him or for that matter to his future that he plans to perfection? So he thought he will hang here for some more years and be what he always dreamt of.

It’s already late to study so he thought he will chat with his friends on Faceboook another dose to remove his boredom. Re-reading SMS on his mobile phone, lying on the bed, another sleepless night he curses, tossing around. Thinking what topic he will blog next. Why did he can’t love different girls on one single time. Why did he love a girl who is more than 10 years younger than him? Trying to remember what his teacher taught today in orthopedics class. He thinks and thinks and at last sweeps away to be continued in dreams.

Another lesson unlearnt! Another night wasted. Another time wasted.

The ‘HE’ here is me!!

(Jorhat. 22th March 2013)

[I suggest you read LIFE: Medical Student – II (here) from my blog]

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10 Responses to “Life: Medical Student”

  1. 1
    Dr John Says:

    (Y) Gud one…

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  2. 2
    drake Says:

    engah nge gynae ah te an deliver tir a!!!

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  3. 3
    Chhuaklinga Says:

    Nangma chanchin anih kha ka ring rengah. :P

    tren tren

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  4. 4
    awmawmpuia Says:

    Jorhat-ah Medical College a lo awm tawh a ni maw?

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  5. 5
    Jonathan Lalthanglien Hmar Says:

    Dr. John – Thanks :-D

    drake – Gynae ka kan duty chuan labor room a po kan hotu ten roster min siam sak dungzuin kan duty thin mawle :-D

    Chhuaklinga – Kei ma chanchhin kha alo ni renga lol (H)

    awmawmpuia – Awm tawh e, 2010 khan first batch an tana keini hi first batch..a hmasa ber a graduate tur..maseh ka back vei chuan tren tren.. :-O

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  6. 6
    zualbonez Says:

    ho mai2

    Life: human being :-S

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  7. 7
    lushai_er Says:

    Kei ni “Thlam age” atanga zir leh “chemcom” bak hre lo kha kan nia!!! Laptop, facebook, etc., kan hun leh in hun chu lei leh van ang a ni :-)

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  8. 8
    SHauzelSailo Says:

    A day of normal life and thoughts written with speed.
    Infact a thoughtless day as the last second line reads, just before ‘The ‘He’ here is me.’
    An honest one though, the last second line. (Y) And a bold beginning, perhaps from here.

    Next time let us hope for the deeper thoughts.
    But, love this parts: the woman and a new born child and studying in candle light…
    All the luck and best.

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  9. 9
    chhangteval Says:


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  10. 10
    Awmtea Leo Khiangte Says:

    Chhiar dawn ang.

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