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March 17th, 2013 10:31 am by Vanlalruata Hnamte

Tunlai chu misual.com ah hian thu thar leh mak sak a vang em mai….

Disclaimer: Advertisement ah min lo lak sak lo hram teh u…..

Web Hosting leh Domain Reseller hi kum tam tak ka lo buaipui ve tawh a, software develop mai piah lam ah web designing te pawh ka ti nual tawh bawk a, tichuan misual.com ah hian hunawl neih leh zir duh tan challenge ka rawn hawng teh ang…

I web Site emaw, (i la neih loh pawh in, I duh chuan), ka host sak dawn chu u a ni. Mahse a hnuai a Term and Condition ho hi chhiar chhuak ve phawt ang che:

  1. 6 Months FREE premium hosting.
  2. Free domain name (.me, .de, .ir, .ca, .at, .co) if you don’t have. You will have to register it yourself (FREE)
  3. We will terminate your hosting account if you host:- porn, hateful content, copyrighted material, criminal content, malware script, etc
  4. You can host for your Personal, Blog, News, Hobby, Obviously even for Educational Purpose.
  5. You will need to comment here and email me your domain name.

Domain registration link I duh chuan message in min rawn zawt dawn nia.

Web Hosting

Free Domain

Free Domain

Free Domain + Hosting


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13 Responses to “Web Hosting – FREE”

  1. 1
    chhana Says:

    A that dawn hi, kan zir chiang nghal ange.

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  2. 2
    Joyce dady Says:

    Rawn contact na tur che a va lang lo ve

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  3. 3
    lr hlonchhing Says:


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  4. 4
    SHauzelSailo Says:

    I ti thra e :D Advertisement chikhat mahse advertisement anga lak loh tur a ngenna tel nih hi le :P

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  5. 5
    valtolo Says:

    ^– Sir S-a sawi ang deuh hian a that dawn hi mawle ;)

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  6. 6
    Levi Says:

    (Y) Tumblr ah ka nei a ka duh tawk viau a ni :D

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  7. 7
    Sihtea Says:

    Sipai bo ka bang mapmai

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  8. 8
    century child Says:


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  9. 9
    saint sammoo Says:

    email na tur pawh ka hriat si loh..

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  10. 10
    G.L. Faihriem Says:

    Ka comment e, mahse, email thawnna tur erawh ka hre lo e kei misual hian

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  11. 11
    Vanlalruata Hnamte Says:

    Ka website ah Contact Me atang khan min rawn contact dawn nia…..


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  12. 12
    Vanlalruata Hnamte Says:

    http://leviconmedia.tumblr.com/ -> Not Found….


    Sub Domain Duh tan poh ka pe thei ang che u….

    youname.zosoftnet.com….In case you want to learn something…Free of cost and not Trial Period…. :-)

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  13. 13
    Vanlalruata Hnamte Says:


    You can even see here what you want…..!!!


    Just setup this site 5 minutes ago…..!

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