Frailty, thy name is what?

January 30th, 2013 6:05 pm by Charice_mizo

It was Monday morning when it happened. My absent-minded phone alarm failed again to buzz and i slept in. At ten, Indian not-so-standard time, something stirred me to wake, and i was soon on my way to washroom. I did stuff as usual but then disaster struck me. As i triumphed out of the toilet in a hurried motion, i slipped and fell and landed on my bottom real hard. Before i could curse the slippery, mockery cemented floor, i screamed with pain. There was no one around. I managed to stand on my feet and somehow reached my room. The pain became excruciating.

I’ve heard incidents of coccyx injury due to fall, and the end-results. It was never a happy ending though they usually burst out laughing instantly, so they say. In my case, laughing was the last thing i’d do. I spent the day lying in awkward positions wondering how serious it might be. I assured myself that at least i could walk, though haltingly difficult. And least of all, i did not want to think about getting paralyzed or disabled, the chances of which few of my self-knowing, slightly-amused, technically-worried pals hinted thanks to them. Not to mention that my dismayed parents rung the whole family tree to break the bad news, just in case.

The next day my roommate and buddy took me to an orthopaedics centre near IIT gate. We did an X-ray first thing. It didn’t take long before the result was in our hands. I was too scared to look, too dignified not to. While my buddy examined the image the best he can, i concentrated on the jokes he made up to ease my tension. Soon after i was called in the Doctor’s room. He confirmed our fear, my fear, although somewhat relaxingly. Yes it was a tailbone fracture. Nevertheless, he said, no serious damage. Three to four weeks to heal. Adequate rest and  no worry. I would get back to normal in time, he said.

On our way back to campus my anxieties melted away. But the X-ray image of my spinal column, down to the spot where the breakage occurs filled my mind. I knew right then that Shakespeare was wrong. And anyone who’d seen the fragile, barely connected ladder of bones would readily agree. Despite the persistent discomfort and pain, i managed to chuckle a smile.

That was only yesterday.

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20 Responses to “Frailty, thy name is what?”

  1. 1
    lr hlonchhing Says:

    Chh1ar 1la…

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  2. 2
    aduhi Says:

    frailty, thy name is a hurried sprint on a slippery floor!

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  3. 3
    hlatekhua Says:

    I thiam tehlul vei nen han ‘I’ law law la ka lo tia.

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  4. 4
    chhana Says:


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  5. 5
    PKfanai Says:

    Thiam hle mai a, Ka Student niawm tak i ni. :-P Frailty is thy M**** ruh. :-D

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  6. 6
    jonapalian Says:


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  7. 7
    Dr Mahminga Sailo Says:

    Take care…

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  8. 8
    chhangteval Says:

    a x-ray tu ka ni chak ;-)

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  9. 9
    Dr John Says:

    :-D :-P :-O :-$ (L) (Y) (P) (F) (G) (T)

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  10. 10
    Chhuaklinga Says:

    @8, Keipawh ka hreh lo, min sawmtu an awm chuan. :P :D

    tren tren

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  11. 11
    Dr Mahminga Sailo Says:

    Kei chu, Ek-se-rei-tu nih ai chuan zut damtu nih ka chak zawk daih… :-D :-P

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  12. 12
    kotlaman Says:

    Ngum sawh an nui uar uara… an ti thin,Ngum hi coccyx a ni chiah lo ve. Ngum chu Sacrum a nih zawk hmel.Coccyx chu sacrum hmawr a mi(kan hre thovanga!!)
    Shakespear may not be mistaken when he wrote that coz the meaning of that line from the context is most beautifully transliterated by our good old genius of Mizo and English language JF(RIP) as ” Aw, dawrawmna tenawm, i hming chu hmeichhia a lo nih hi”..
    Get well soon!

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  13. 13
    Sandman Says:

    True story? A va pawi ve, get well soon!

    Keipawh tun Sunday zan khan kan sitting room chhuatah ka ke boruaka invawrh chhovin ka thal tawp a lawm, kan uite in tui a lo ti bua a, chhuat a lo huh veka… mahse THANK GOD nothing serious happened to me. Ka mawng nilovin ka kiu ka zu sawh hmasa bera. Tunah hian ka kiu a la nat avangin khumah ka la bawk theilo, mahse a dam veleh tep tawh e.

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  14. 14
    Amah Charice_mizo Says:

    Sandman, thank you, tak tak ni e. Hemi ka post lai pawh hian ka la thu tha thei lo, na ve reuh phiana. Hei tun kar chu ka bed rest dawn anih hmel, mahse dam ve mai ang. Nangpawh chu zialo hle mai, take care(F)

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  15. 15
    Dr Mahminga Sailo Says:

    Aw, Sandman pawh i lo chesual tho elo? Lo dam thuai teh u… :-)

    Tluksual in sawi takah chuan, Primary sikul kan kal laiin kan veng thenawmah kan chhungkua kan zin a. Fur ruah bawhawk lai, kawng pat-ek vang nal bawk si kha naupang tan chuan a va’n hrehawmin min va’n tihlim lawi tak si em! Ka u mipa nen kan tluk zat kan chhiar tawp. :-D

    ‘Aaahh, ka tlu leh ta, a vawi sawmpanga-na..’, a thlang lawkah, ‘a va mak e, sawmparukna’ tiin kan chhiar thla ringawt… :-P

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  16. 16
    sheldon Says:

    Breaking news – Sandman a chesual a, a bana tattoo a tauh reh vek..LOLZ

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  17. 17
    chhangte_ll Says:

    Suangtuahna vak vel mai mai pawh English, Sap zu i rui emawni le :-S

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  18. 18
    Amah Charice_mizo Says:

    Sap zu rui chungin i rawn comment zawk ani lo maw?


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  19. 19
    chhangte_ll Says:

    MLTP hnuaiah Sap zu leh zu rui an awm elo :-(

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  20. 20
    Puii Says:

    Charice, i tha deuh tawh ang chu maw…..Sandy pawh chu….in inthurual chu a ni em lo maw oo… :-$ ;-) (U)

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