Bruce Lee playing Table Tennis

November 29th, 2012 11:13 pm by Henry Vangchhia

En ngei ngei chi a ka ngaih!

A priceless clip of Bruce Lee… This is a short clip done in the late 60’s of Mr. Bruce Lee using Nun chucks to defeat a Ping Pong game opponent. Even with two opponents. (This is actually being used as part of Nokia phone promotion campaign overseas, but the footage is real). His focus on speed, reflexes and accuracy was absolutely incredible! And this was long before the days of photo-shop and high-tech special effects. He was the true king of all martial artists (on several levels), and innovator to the sport, and NO ONE was or may ever be his equal in that regard. Watch and judge for yourself. He makes it look almost effortless.

youtube comment pakhat: I am a 2 time Olympic Table tennis silver medal winner and this footage is real.
mctaggartd1wis 13 hours ago

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21 Responses to “Bruce Lee playing Table Tennis”

  1. 1
    Saitawk Says:

    En ila!!

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  2. 2
    reubo Says:

    Hmuhnawm ve.. Tak tak anih ngai chuan van turu rem rem ve. TT ball hi duh dan dana vuak a har zia hre tur tawk vel chuan ka khel thiam ve a, khi tianga vuak theih khi chu pui tak a ni… Gud post.

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  3. 3
    hlatekhua Says:

    A hmuhnawm hi le! Bruce Lee la ngaisang em em reng mai hi ka nia, table tennis nileng lenga khel ve thin kha ka ni bawk. Hetiang hian a vuak theih ka ring miah lo tlat mai.

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  4. 4
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Tak tak a nih loh hmel e:

    hlatekhua kan nu a rai khan, “fapa kan neih chuan Bruce Lee hming chawiin Bruce kan sa ang a, hmeichhia anih erawh chuan, hmeichhia a aw tham mawi ka tih ber Janis Joplin hming chawiin Janis ka sa ang. Janis Joplin nun thalo erawh ka duh tihna a ni hauh lovang,”ka ti thin. Ka fanu hming Janis :)

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  5. 5
    sheldon Says:

    Tukchhuah nuam vek u le (L)

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  6. 6
    PKfanai Says:

    Table Tennis hi keipawh ka khel ve nasa a, skill a ngaih zia leh bat nen lo phei chuan ball control a har zia ka hre ve a, awih a har lek lek mai. Amaherawhchu, Bruce lee a nan chaku vai thiam em em dan erawh hi chu nagaihsan loh theih ani lo. Tin, Muhammad Ali leh boxer Zoramthanga te nen hian, an thiam piah lamah an zei fahran lutuk hi an hmuhnawm ve hranpa hrim hrim mai.

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  7. 7
    awmawmpuia Says:

    Hmuhnawm khawp mai. Mahse TT khel ve tawh thin tan chuan a tak tak chuan a theihloh tih a chiang e.

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  8. 8
    Maisek Says:

    A hmuhnawm hi le… (Y)

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  9. 9
    Dr Mahminga Sailo Says:

    Video ka en ve thei lo na’ngin, Bruce Lee hi chu ka ngaisang ve tawp. A lemchan hi remchang apiangah ka la en peih reng.. (Y)

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  10. 10
    TuaiSialA Says:

    A rapthlak ngawt mai! :-D

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  11. 11
    ZerO Says:

    TT ah ka cho..

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  12. 12
    Chhuaklinga Says:

    A hmuhnawm phian mai! :)

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  13. 13
    thlanrawkpa Says:

    A tak han ni mai se.. :-P

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  14. 14
    Awmtea Leo Khiangte Says:

    A tak a nih chu ka ring chiah lo

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  15. 15
    Sihtea Says:

    A vahanthiam rapthlak tak em!!!

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  16. 16
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Awmtea Leo Khiangte, comment #4 na ami khi aw ;-) :-P :-D

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  17. 17
    mach3 Says:

    Keipawh atak ani thei lo in ka hria. TT ball hi a bat a vuak spin hian a spin dan counter zawng taka lo tuai let ve loh chuan tum loh na lamah a kal daih zel.

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  18. 18
    caribou Says:

    Bat rubber power chak lo tak hi chuan ball spin a ngam bawrh bawrh fu in ka hria a. Nunchaku, rubber inbel miah loh, hmanga force nataka vuak fuh anih chuan ball spin hian awmzia a nei lo thei maiin ka va ring deuh e… Mahse ka tang huai lem lo.

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  19. 19
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    comment #4 link khi chhiar ula :) hairehai :P

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  20. 20
    malsta27 Says:

    TT leh badminton tihvel hi mizo kan tih chi nih hmel riau khawchhak ho reng in an thiam mai, thiam ve lo mahila nawm chu nuam ti ve tho mai…………..

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