Hetiang news hi kan hriat loh lai hian kan unaute hian an lo thehdarh hman fe zel..!!

September 30th, 2012 3:21 pm by Chemtatrawta


A few days back, girls from North-East, Mizo and Nagas were Fired from their job and also banned from working in other Malls in the City. All of them working in one of the best and biggest Mall in Delhi.

The reason was very simple and shameful, they would take clothes from one store to another on the pretext that someone wants to buy them and they’re waiting in the other Stores. They were caught by the Manager and Mall Security while trying to return the clothes as their bag were bulging and stuffed with clothes. They would usually go to toilet or lunch with a big bag, or get into the Trial Room (Dressing Rooms) wear them.

Mall Security personnel have been suspecting most of the 10 girls, and have been keeping an eye on them and caught them red-handed. When ask why? The answer was,”clicking for Facebook albums”. Some are still walking tall in Delhi while one lady, out of embarrassment, has left Delhi for good. Mall Officials have issued notice to all other Malls within the City to be careful or even not to employ girls from the north-east.

Is facebook Exploiting Life indirectly?…W ant to live life like a celebrity with all the latest fashion forgetting the origins of their roots.” It’ s nice to see people wearing clothes/ Dresses according to their Educational/ Professional/ Job/ Status. Focusing too much on Fashion/ Glamour I feel many life’s are being Mislead.Beauty lies in our Heart.Take care

Source:  HPC(D) LEH TUNLAI KAN ZORAM NUN (Facebookk group)

Hetiang news hi in lo hre ve emaw?? Hria awm chu ni se, darh hluai awm tak chu ania. Thudik anih chuan Mizo nih a zahthlak khawp ang le.


Bonus:- hei pawh hi zahthlak tak a ni ang, tak tak anih chuan.

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17 Responses to “Hetiang news hi kan hriat loh lai hian kan unaute hian an lo thehdarh hman fe zel..!!”

  1. 1
    Sandman Says:

    He news hi Mizoram news (in English) FB group ah an lo post a, an admin saw misualdotcommer a lo ni hlauhva, he news hi internet khawiah mah source emaw news dang ka hmu zo lo tih ka hrilh a, a ni pawh chuan he news rawn submit tu chu a va zawt chianga, mahse engmah a reply loh avangin news chu chu group atangin a delete leh nghal ta a.

    Ka ngaihdan mai mai chuan dawt in Mizo min tih mualpho an tum a ang zawk. He news hi thil tak tak nise chu, news site emaw credible discussion forum pakhatah tal chuan chhuak awm tak… Delhi lama ka thiante ka zawh pawn tunah Mall hran hranah Mizo leh Naga hmeichhia tamtak an la thawk reng e an ti bawk si…

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  2. 2
    ɪ̣uɪ̣pnoɥ Says:

    Hnam hnephnawlhovin min tihmualpho an tum mai mai a ni lehpek lo maw…? (N) suite @ Sandman #1

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  3. 3
    lrpa Says:

    comment thiam a va har si ve ..fb te an lo la serious lutuk ani lo maw? kan nula te hian!! haha

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  4. 4
    Dr John Says:

    :-S A van buaithlak tak ve? Thudik nge Thudik hrul? Tute-emaw-in kan Mizo nula-te tih-mualpho tumin thil an ti leh a ni mai lo maw? Chhui chiang deuh teh u. (N)

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  5. 5
    zodingdi Says:

    Pu sandman an internet ah a hmuh zoh loh cuan a om lo ni mai…..heheheh…..tak2 ah kei pon hmanni ah fb gr dang ah k hmu toh a….k xot a mi post kn post chhon an tia….bak ah delhi vel a retail hotu deuh hmel hriat ve te poh k xot a tu man chu tiang an hriat loh thu an soi vek….

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  6. 6
    Jacka Pi Says:

    A ti vel tu awm chu an hriat mai e, :-O

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  7. 7
    lrpa Says:

    manipul hmal ho an ni leh pek ang :)

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  8. 8
    Sihtea Says:

    @ Haudini hnam hnelhhnawlh ho hi, an lo hnelhhnawlh deuh a ni a nge.
    Kan chet chhiat hun a ruka, min chang ru ngar ngar tu te pawh an ni pek ang.

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  9. 9
    funny™ Says:

    A theh darh tu zawn chhuah chi anih hi mawle, in chhui peih hlawm em.

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  10. 10
    sheldon Says:

    Thudik anih loh ka ring. An chet dan a va cheap ve. Chutih rualin Fb a thlalak nalh leh changkang hi engatan nge niang, thlalak mai mai ai chuan mihring, a mihrinna thinlung kha a pawimawh zawk si.

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  11. 11
    maawma Says:

    ka awih lo, inkhawm kal hma ka rawn lut zawk, banah muang changin rawn chhiar leh ang :-)

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  12. 12
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Meitei ho hi kutkem lamah hian an va lang khat ta ve, ka chhiar leh ngaihthlak thin a dik loh vang em ni aw, nge an zia an sim ta zawk?

    Ka naupan lai a ka hostel awmlai chuan, thil a bo vin Meitei ho kan ringhlel tawp a a dik tlangpui thin. NOI (early 80’s)

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  13. 13
    Amah Charice_mizo Says:

    Chhiar thuaka awihawm ve fu, chhiar chiana awihawm zan lo anih hi a, tum khat SR ah mipakhatin alo post a, ka rin ai daihin alo hit vak lova, comment ka’n en chuan thubelhchian dawllo anih kha tinge ilo post leh kher tih te alo awm nuai mai. Thutak hlataka lak tlak loh anih hi.

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  14. 14
    Lamji Says:

    Thing uih ve.

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  15. 15
    Tetea Tochhawng Says:

    Keipawh a source khawi ami nge ni ang aw, Times of India a ni leh ngei ang tiin ka zawng nghal a. Mahse, Facebook group pakhata an post mai mai a ni tih ka hmuh khan ka awih lo nghal. Hetiang ‘news’ (source mumal awm lo) hi post tawh loh nise a tha. Bengvar lutuk pawh hi a ni lo.

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  16. 16
    Chhuaklinga Says:

    Dawt a nih chuan comment ve lo mai ang. :-P

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  17. 17
    radio flyer tricycles for kids Says:

    radio flyer tricycles for kids

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