Silchar lamah kawng an block leh ta…

September 25th, 2012 1:51 pm by Sandman

In chhiar hma in kan lo sawi lawks – TOI rawn report NH 306 an tih ve ringawt hi, NH-36 ni zawk turah ka ngai a, chuan zawhna pakhat ka neih chu, Mizoram affect thei kawng an block chu NH-54 zawk, NH-36 atanga pem chhuak kha a ni lawmni? NH-36 an block ve ringawt hian eng ang harsatna nge a thlen theih? Kawng dang atangin NH-54 ah a luh theihloh emni? misual.commer geography leh Silchar leh National Highway lam hria te khan min lo chhan sak thei em aw?

Aw hei news chu le…

TOI: Indefinite blockade on Silchar-Aizawl road

SILCHAR: A number of NGOs based in Cachar district of Assam have called an indefinite blockade of NH- 306 connecting Silchar with Aizawl from 6 am on Wednesday in protest against alleged harassment of non-Mizos, particularly workers staying in Mizoram.

The blockade has been called by All Barak Youth Students’ Association (ABYSA) in cooperation with a number of clubs and other non-political social organizations. The agitators will put up a blockade at Lailapur near the Assam-Mizoram border, 60 km from here. This was decided at a meeting held at Lailapur on Monday, which was attended by hundreds of locals.

ABYSA chief convener Baharul Islam Barbhuiya said poor non-Mizo workers working in Mizoram are being harassed in the name of inner-line permit for quite sometime. The harassment is being carried out by Young Mizo Association (YMA) and some other Mizoram-based NGOs. As a result, thousands of non-Mizo workers have fled the neighbouring state in the last few months.

He added that the Mizoram government used to allow Assam-based non-Mizo workers to work for different projects in the tribal state on the basis of work permit issued by Mizo authorities. Such permits were issued for a period of 15 days and it was renewable after the specific period.

But recently, YMA members made it clear that such work permit is not a valid document for a non-Mizo person to enter into any part of Mizoram and work there. They started harassing workers on this pretext, the ABYSA functionary said on Monday.

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  1. 51
    drake Says:

    @chhuaklinga ngaihdan saw ka ngaihdan chiah :-)

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  2. 52
    Broken_Zombie Says:

    Kan ramin a ri ram 2 (Burma leh Bangladesh) leh state 3 (Assam, Manipur leh Tripura) te nena kan inkalpawhna kawngpui theuh hi double lane talin siamin, chulmam tha sela, heng ramri kan neihte hi kan vanneihna pakhat chu a ni dawn a ni. Road block awm fo thin pawh thenawm state-te zarah kan buai lo thei ang. A rualin road block an siam dawn miah lo leh nghal.. Thilman to chungchangah chuan YMA hian hma a la theiin, a to uchuak tur pawh an dang thei ngei bawk ang.

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  3. 53
    Chemtatrawta Says:

    CHhimtuipui project a zawh hunah, Tlabung lam atanga Bangladesh kan sumdawnpui theih hunah chuan heng ho hi kan la khairep dawn alawm.

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  4. 54
    Dr Mahminga Sailo Says:

    @ Broken_Zombie… Duhthusam a ni.

    Mahseee.., Silchar leh Aizawl inkar kawngpui pakhat pawh an enkawl zo lo a nia, kan sawrkar chaklo tak hian… (N) Zoram hmasawnna kawng hi a bo teh e. Kawngpui block lahin, Politician leh eiru thei ho a nghawng leh miah bawk si lo… ;-(

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  5. 55
    Sandman Says:

    Pu lushai_er #44 #45, hei vawiin news rawn chhuak pakhat sawi dan chuan The NH-306 (formerly NH 54) is the only surface communication link between land-locked Mizoram and the rest of India. a in ti tlats… data i rawn phawrh chhuah khi an la update lo a nih hmel… nge he news source pawh hi a chiang chuanglo?


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  6. 56
    d3f1anc3 Says:

    R U N07 INdi4N2? WH3N u p30pl3 90 70 07h3r 574732 0F INDi4 I2 4nY80dY h4RR45in’ U in 7h3 n4M3 0F ilP? whY I2 ur pHux0rIn’ yM4 74KiN’ L4w In70 7h3Ir H4nd2 4nD h4rR45in’ p00r p30pL3? wHy r U mi202 50 57uPid 4nD 53lFI5h?

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