TATA Megapixel – India’s Future Car

June 8th, 2012 4:06 pm by Awmtea Khiangte

Mizo á¹­awngin ka let buang bar ta lo mai. In hriatthiam vek tho kha. :-)

The Tata Megapixel boasts of an advanced human machine interface (HMI). The console docking point can connect a smart phone with the car. The built-in large touchscreen HMI, at the centre of the instrument panel, thus becomes a common access point for the repertoire of the smart device and for controlling the functions of the car.


1. The Tata Megapixel’s integrated lamp and grill graphics sweep back over the front wheel arches to render a dynamic front end. The floating C-pillar and wrap-around belt line finisher integrate perfectly with the sculpted body surface, flowing freely to the rear and encapsulating the 5-spoke wheel design.

2. The Tata Megapixel is as distinctive in elegantly melding Indian uniqueness – in colours, graphic themes or materials – with global styling preferences.


3. The front seats are cantilevered on the central tunnel, releasing floor space for additional storage. Light leather trims and rose metal details accentuate the joyous marriage of richness of tradition and technology.

4. The battery layout and hub motors maximize the interior package. So, the Tata Megapixel comfortably accommodates four adults with luggage.

5. A double-sliding door system and the Tata Megapixel’s B-pillar less design make entry/exit easy, besides superb visibility.

6. The at-home charging system in the Tata Megapixel is an as innovative induction charging system. The car has simply to be parked over the induction pad for charging to begin.

7. The Tata Megapixel offers high level of manoeuvrability using a class-leading ‘Zero Turn’ drive system. The car’s electric drive has four independent electric motors, one at each wheel. When parking, the electric hub motors drive the wheels in opposite directions.

8. The Megapixel, officials behind the concept say, is Tata’s idea of a city car for discerning motorists in any megacity of the world.

9. Combining a lithium ion phosphate battery and an on-board petrol engine generator for recharging on the move, the Tata Megapixel offers a range of up to 900 km (with a single tank of fuel), path-breaking CO2 emission of just 22 gm / km and fuel economy of 100 km / litre (under battery only power).

10. Tata Megapixel is a new four-seater city-smart global range extended electric vehicle (REEV) concept for the performance-seeking and environment-conscious motorist.
Source: India Today

PS. Nalh ve reng maw le, mahse kan lei zo leh awm si lo (H)

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