Chemtatrawta (English version) chhunzawmna !

June 30th, 2012 8:00 pm by lushai_er

Thuhma awm lovin chhunzawm nghal ang aw….

17.  And so the village council met
(The sixteenth August being past)
The poor widow was first summoned
Before that August council.

18. “Why did you,” they asked the widow,
“Defecate above the Spring ?”
“Why! because,” she promptly answered,
“The el’phant knocked down my house.”

19. The elephant was then summoned,
It sneezed, sniffed and stamped about;
For what it did to the widow,
Said the bat was all to blame.

20. The blinking bat as next brought in;
It told them how the cruel boar
Had felled the plantain where it lodged
And deprived it of its home.

21. The outraged wild boar then came in,
And grunted in a hurt tone,
“Had the ant stung your t-t-c
You’d all have done what I did.”

22. The nestless ant was then brought in,
And in a shrilled voice it cried;
” Had the wild fowl destroyed your nest
You’d have been no less furious!”

23. The wild fowl next came strutting in,
In a loud, cackling voice said ;
“Had a Khaum hit your coccyx
You’d destroy any ants’ nest !”

24. Still bruised and sore, the Khaum came,
“I ask you, dear sirs,” it said;
“Whose fault was it that when I fell down
When Tatrawt felled my bamboo ?”

25. Chemtatrawta was next summoned
To explain why he had felled
The bamboo that stood by the brook
And the Khaum had so loved.

26. He hemmed and hawed, Chemtatrawta,
“Dear sirs,” he said, ” If a prawn
Had nipped your t-t-c, would you
Have cared which bamboo you felled !”

27. The council was shocked to hear this,
For man’s honour was at stake –
“Send for the prawn quickly,” they said,
“We will cure its audacity,”

28. The prawn came in, pale and frightened,
Promptly it dropped on its knees,
“Pardon me, sirs, pardon,” it cried
“I’ll never do it again.”

29. For the moral of this story
We shall tell you just this one;
Do not meddle, do not meddle
With a swinging, swinging bag !

Comment churs churs ang u le…. :))  A moral hi ka duh lutuk,,,,!!!!!

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15 Responses to “Chemtatrawta (English version) chhunzawmna !”

  1. 1
    PKfanai Says:

    English to mizo aiin mizo to English a mi-sa zawk ava ang ve?

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  2. 2
    houdini Says:

    Eu! Ka lo nghâkhlel lutuk tawh a. Han chhiar dáwn ila, chhun2awmna chu. :-)

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  3. 3
    houdini Says:

    Ha ha ha!

    Do not meddle, do not meddle,
    with a swinging swinging bag

    tih khi ka làwm lutuk! Hahchhiau! Va ṭha tehlul êm!

    A thiam hi ka ti ngawih ngawih! A sâp ṭawng a tluangtlamin a fuh vêl tops.

    Tin kan hriat ang lo deuh hlek, máwi tak siin a han uar hlak vêl a, a ṭha khawp mai!


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  4. 4
    Mx Says:

    (Y) Thiam ve hi a chakawm thei mawle… :-D

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  5. 5
    James Bond Says:

    Lushai_er, Chamtatrawta thawnthu hi “There’s a hole in my bucket” European folk song atanga entawn ani lek lo maw? Mizo culture hi hnam dang entawn hlir (tlema adapt hlekin) anih hlawm vangin Pu Chema hi Mizo Henry ang leka kaih danglam anih ka ring deuh ka ti.

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  6. 6
    houdini Says:

    #5 James Bond pawh ṭha ve mai mai e. Mahsé kan entawn chu a nih ka ring lo khawp mai :-D

    Zermanhovin an lo nei vè hi chu thil thleng palh liau liau a ni mai thei. Ngê keini hi Juda thlah ni lovin zerman thlah kan lo ni reng zâwk :-D :-P

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  7. 7
    Charice_mizo Says:

    #1 kei pawh ka ti, english to mizo aiin mizo to english a hnehsawh zawk tlat, a rawn chhawpchhuah ang khi chuan entawn pawn ka thiam lo hrim hrim, kei chuan! hats off to him.

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  8. 8
    megapixel Says:

    Post hmasa ami: “Govt. High School Annual Magazine Vol-III, 1954 atanga lak chhawn a ni e.”

    High school magazine-a chhuah-ah chuan ‘bon’ hle mai (Y)

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  9. 9
    Chhurbura Says:


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  10. 10
    VaiVa Says:

    A moral mawlh khi (Y) :D

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  11. 11
    lushai_er Says:

    Post ka vil hman lova, min hrethiam a niang chu!

    @James : Mr. Henry & Mr. Tatrawta hi chu a ngaihfin chiah pah ka lo dah hlei nem..!!!

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  12. 12
    TuaiSialA Says:

    ‘Thuhma awm lovin chhunzawm nghal ang aw….’

    hahaha… Hei bak baka thuhma… :-P


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  13. 13
    Charice_mizo Says:


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  14. 14
    saint sammoo Says:

    ka lo hriatdan leh a tih tawpdan a inang lo deuh.

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  15. 15
    lrpa Says:

    comment tur pawn ka hre lo e! postu-pa in comment tur a ti sia!!
    Tak tak a, a story hre lo tan chuan pawngpaw ingles a leh engang pawh nise hriatthiam a har ang. A awmzia chu kei mahni leh keimahni tan ani deuh ber anih chu! A hlut dan a nep deuh e ti ila a lettu hi a chhuanawm khawp in ka hria!

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