Tedim khua ve thung aw

April 30th, 2012 11:00 am by zolawkta

Zofate inhriat pawh nan khawpui kan neih thlalak te han pholan tha in ka hria a. A hma-a in pholan ho pawh ka ngai hlu hlawm hle.


Pic 1: Tedim hi khua sei ve tak a ni a, a chanve vel chauh lang ang a ni.


Pic 2: Tedim Vengpi – Khaw laili lai tak



Pic 3&4 : Vengpi veng phei tho


Pic 5: Pu Suan Pau-a building zawn phei, Sakollam veng


Pic 6: Veilam(S) – Tahan/Kalaymyo panna, hma zawn(W) – Zokhawthar/Mizoram panna, dinglam ( N) – khawpui chhung panna lam.

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41 Responses to “Tedim khua ve thung aw”

  1. 1
    kawlhawk Says:

    Ka ka1 ve tawh na a, ka fang chipchiar 1o khawp mai. 1oca1 Zu dawr chu ka hria :p

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  2. 2
    James Bond Says:

    Hetia sawi deuh duah loh chuan naupang lamin an hre lo palh ang:

    Tedim (official name Tiddim) is a town in Chin State in the northwestern part of Myanmar. The name “Tedim” was derived from a pool on the top of the hills that used to be twinkling under sun’s light, therefore, called “te (bright, shine)” and “dim (twinkling, sparkling)” in local Zo dialect.

    Early history

    As a result of lack of a formal writing system in the past, the story of Tedim mostly depends on oral traditions. The first establishment of Tedim is ascribed to Gui Mang II, a powerful prince from the then ruling Guite family in the region (c. 1600). However, due to the untimely death of Gui Lun (the fifth generation from Gui Mang II), Tedim was deserted for two generations. By the time of Pum Go, Tedim was reestablished as the political base of the Guite family. At the time of Mang Suum II, son of Pum Go, the allied force of the Pawihangs began their advance in the region and attacked Tedim. Tedim was again deserted by many, though some local residents survived under the leadership of Mang Gin from the Hatlang family.In 1840, in order to secure peace, the remaining citizens invited the leadership of Kam Hau of Mualbem, of the emerging Sukte family, since they had good military and political ties with the Zahau family of the Pawis.

    When British rule began in 1824, Tedim was chosen as the local residence for the district officer.


    The geography is unique in its shape and slopes, and the climate is pleasant, since is lies on the Tropic of Cancer. There are three seasons: summer, winter, and autumn.

    The ranges of Hills of Thangmual include Kennedy’s Peak, Lunglenkawl, the Rih Bual, the Hausapi, the Gullu Mual, the Zangmualli, the Tuikangpi, the Suangsuang, and the Lentangmual. There are dams, caves, peaks, and other attractions, including Lennupa Mual, the Twin Fairy Hill, and historic sites.

    Demography, etymology and language

    The native settlers were warriors and mighty fighters from ancient times. Sing Kho Khai, a native writer, writes that the people living in the Tedim region were referred to as ‘Paite’ by the Lushai, Falam Pawi, and other neighboring tribes. He states that it is possible that the term Paite could have been used by the people themselves even before Ciimnuai was founded by their chiefs. Ciimnuai was a place founded by the Zo people long before the present Tedim township was established by Gui Mang II.

    The name Tedim is the official name used for the town; but the written Tiddim,Thiddim, or Chindits (used during World War I and II) have also been used in the past. The local people prefer to call the town “Tedim” rather than “Tiddim” of the Burmese based pronunciation.

    The Tedim language is the most common version spoken and understood by the nearby ethnicities including the Kuki (Thados), the Manipur (Meitei and Paite), the Lusei (Mizo), the Laimi (Khalkha or Hakha and Thangtlang), and the Falam (Pawite).

    Tedimkam or Tedimpau is the major language of the whole Chin or Zomi, Kuki, Mizo, Manipur, Paite, and Pawite tribes of people. It is not a mere dialect such as the Siyin or Sihzang or Saizangpau, but it covers the following 12 dialects: (1) Sizang, (2) Khuano (2) Saizang, (4) Zo, (5) Teizang, (6) Phaileng, (7) Paihte, (8) Thahdo (In Myanmar), (9) Losau, (10) Vaiphei, (11) Dim and (12) the Simte. Therefore it is unique among other spoken languages in the Chin State.

    It is estimated that around 550,000 people speak this dialect and arguably is next only to Lusei (Mizo) in terms of number of speakers among the Zo people, who use 50 different dialects. Lusei is now spoken by close to 600,000 people.

    Tedim is the only language of the Zo languages that has the word literature in its vocabulary. It is the word “lai” which also means, apart from literature and paper, middle or center.

    The Zomi includes these subgroups: Tedim, Pawite (Falam namte), Laizo (Laimite), NuaiZo, Zo Phei, Lusuang (Luseite), Paihte (Simte), Thahdo (Kuki), and Meitei (Manipurte).

    The people who live in the Tedim area or Tedim Township call themselves Tedimmi. The residents of the town of Tedim are called Tedimte. The language spoken in the area is called Tedimpau or Tedimkam, the land and space area it covers is called Tedimgam or Tedim Uksung. The governor and or rulers are called Tedim Uk, or Ukpi, the styles and fashion they use and the way they live called Tedimdan,Tedimzia and Tedim zia leh tong.
    Tedim, Tiddim, Ciimnuai

    Languages spoken by the Tedim people are as follows:


    History and legend

    Here is a commemorative song said to be composed by Pum Go concerning the growing prosperity in Tedim:

    Dimtui vang khua, khua munnuam aw, sial leh sawm taang a tunna,
    Sial leh sawm taang a tunna, siing tan’ lam bang eng nah e;
    Taang silsial e, taang silsial e, Dimtui vangkhua taang silsial e,
    Dimtui vang khua taang silsial e, kawi tawh laukha ka hualna (Pumgo: c. early 18th century).


    Very comfortable place is my native Dimtui (a poetic attribution to Tedim), where all my dreams fulfilled,
    Where all my dreams fulfilled, that everyone envies of my native;
    It’s shining, yes, shining, my native Dimtui is shining modestly,
    My native Dimtui is shining modestly, where I made lasting vow to my beloved (dear wife).

    The Tedimmi have been well known for their skills in black magic, ritual healing, white magic, witchcraft, occult, alchemy, and hunting, since ancient times. There is a legend and eye-witnesses that say a Wicca Pu-Ngul Tuan (the Father of Pu-Khampi) from Anlangh once stopped an avalanche on Mount Hiangtaam near his home village with his wiccan power.
    Current leadership

    Under the capable leadership of Kam Hau, Tedim became a safe place, assuming the position of commercial and political center of the region.

    Notable people from Tedim Township

    Pu Thuam Hang, the first Christian convert among people from Chin State, Burma
    Dr. Vum Khaw Hau, the first person from Zomi to serve as Ambassador
    Colonel Khen Za Mung
    Major General Tuang Za Khai
    Pu Lun Pum, Minister of Land Nationalization; the first among Zomi
    Rev.Dr Kam Khaw Thang; translated the Tedim Bible from English version
    Rev.Dr Simon Pau Khan En; the first person from the Zomi to hold the position of the General Secretary of Myanmar Baptist Convention & Principal of Myanmar Institute of Theology
    Prof Thang Za Tuan; Deputy Director General, Ministry of Education, Union of Myanmar

    (Wiki ami ka copy mai mai anih hi), a thui ta zek.

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  3. 3
    century child Says:

    #2 (Y)
    pic hnuai ber chuan cowboy film te min ti hrechhuak alawm le :-O

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  4. 4
    zolawkta Says:

    Zofate kan la inhre pawh lo lutuk hi vei tham tlingin ka hria. Kan inpumkhat a kan tanrual chuan ram ka nei zau viau thei dawn a sin. Mizoram bak ram ka nei lo tih tih hi hnamdangte min tihna tur ni zawk awm tak.

    #3 i tih takah chuan cowboy lo deuh, sakawrboy ho chu an la tla nasa ni awm tak a ni.

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  5. 5
    zolawkta Says:

    … ram kan nei zau viau thei dawn a sin.

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  6. 6
    zolawkta Says:

    4# (tihdikna)… ram kan nei zau viau thei dawn a sin.

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  7. 7
    maawma Says:

    Hmuhnawm/ngaihnawm ve le aw, han ti zel teh. Khawchhak lampang Zohnahthlak unau te khua hmu khian kal ve ka chak ta riau mai.

    “Pau” tih hi a va tam ve, engtihna ber nge?

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  8. 8
    0702 Says:

    #7 pau = tawng
    #4 (Y)

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  9. 9
    ^-||R@lT€||-^ Says:

    Nawm hmel khi mawle

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  10. 10
    hlatekhua Says:

    A hmuhnawm hle mai. Kawng ‘black top’ kan tih mai thin ang hi an uar ve vak lo em ni chu le?

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  11. 11
    lushai_er Says:

    Hei, ZORO-ho ZORAM MAP kan rawn thawh ve ang e……!!


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  12. 12
    lushai_er Says:

    Kawng tha ta se Lunglei aiin a hnai mai awm mange ? Serchhip chhak lawk hian a lang si a !Lunglei Town Road pakhat pawh sawn a hming hi a la pu reng thin.

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  13. 13
    lushai_er Says:

    He post link hi an dah bo nge pakhat mah ka hmu thei lo!!!


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  14. 14
    mamtoyz Says:

    tahan kal pahin kan pal tlag zuai..nawm hmel khop mai

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  15. 15
    zolawkta Says:

    Aizawl-Champhai : km 195 vel
    Champhai-Zokhawthar/Border: km 25 vel
    Zokhawthar-Tedim: km 50 vel
    Tedim-Kalaymyo/Tahan: km 80 vel
    Kalaymyo-Khampat : km 80 vel bawk

    Aizawl-Tedim : km 270 vel
    Aizawl-Lunglei : km 235
    Aizawl-Saiha: km 378
    Aizawl-Lamka/Churachandpur: km 380 vel
    Aizawl-Shillong: km 420 vel
    Aizawl-Gauhati: km 523 vel

    Tun atanga kum 10 chhungin Aizawl-Tahan Bus Service awm tawh mai thei, kan duh tlang a nih chuan…

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  16. 16
    zolawkta Says:

    Zoram map ang deuha ka siam ve, Zofest 2009 Souvenir (MZP) back cover atana hman tawh chu – http://www.sialkal.com/zomi%20Zogammap.jpg

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  17. 17
    zolawkta Says:

    Khawvela ram hrethei ber zing ami tih takah kawng black top uar chu sawi loh, sawrkar in an sipai te uniform tur pawh a pe zo lo, mahni intum chawp tur tih a ni tawp mai, an ti…

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  18. 18
    Master Kim Says:

    Hetiang lam post hi han uar deuh deuh teh u. Zofate inpumkhat nan a pawimawh ngawih2 ani. Kan in develop tawn tihna pawh a nianga. Misualah mai lo hian kan hmuh tam lehzual theih nan facebook leh a dang dangah pawh tih zel chi a ni. Zoram thar zofate zawng2 chenna ram pakhat hnam pakhata kan inchhunkhawm theih nana sul sutu kan ni thei vek dawn a ni, kan zavai hian.

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  19. 19
    TuaiSialA Says:

    Thlalak tam zawk rawn post zel rawh. Ka zin châk. 1st pic ka hmuh khian ka lung a tileng khawp mai. Thlalak dang pawh ka lo beisei e.

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  20. 20
    sheldon Says:

    Tiddim chu a lo va hnai ve. Thlalak chu a mawi hlawm hle mai. A lunglenthlak ruih mai :-S

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  21. 21
    Soberboy Says:

    ka kal ve chak e

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  22. 22
    chepahakhata Says:

    Posttha tak a ni e, thlalak nen thlap a ni a, thlalak hlu tak a ni. Zan-1 emaw zan-2 emaw vel riak lek lekin ka cham thin a ka fam kim hman ngai lo.

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  23. 23
    zolawkta Says:

    #2 Wiki-a Tedim chanchin ziah kha a rintlak vek chiah lo. Mumal deuha ziahna a awm tawh na a, la publish loh a ni. I rawn dah tel chu a tha ve hrim2 e (Y)

    Pic 6-na kha 2006 kuma lak a ni. A la ngai reng em ka hre lo. Thlalak dang chu hlui lutuk a awm lo.

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  24. 24
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Post a tha, comment pawh a tha hlawm hle mai (Y) :-)

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  25. 25
    James Bond Says:

    #23. A lo ni maw? Chutia Wiki a rin tlak loh chuan tuten emaw correct dan an hre lawm ni? Wiki a ziak hi Bible thudik ang ziazanga ngai hi kan tam teh mai asin.

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  26. 26
    amanda Says:

    A va mawi ve! Kanidari, Pi Blake-i, Wonderboy,Pu Myself, Funny te ho khua ni awm tak a nih khi :-)

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  27. 27
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    awiii Amanda, i lo lang a nuam e..hrehawm! khawnge pi irre-i leh dumput-i te? Kan member funny chu online lai nih hmel…

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  28. 28
    funny™ Says:

    awi awi awi. KFC kan rawn che zuai dawn. :D

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  29. 29
    kanidar Says:

    Pi Irre leh Dumput te khua a ni maw? Ka kal ve chak hle mai a.
    @amandai rual hian kal ve ila, a chakawm hle mai.


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  30. 30
    amanda Says:

    In ngaihawm em a, Pi Irre-i te tih vel ai chuan khawnge Alej-tea hi ;-)

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  31. 31
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    awi kanidari a lo kal….awi ka lucky day a ni ringawt! wonderboy-a hi lo kal ve thei se ka van ti! :-)

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  32. 32
    amanda Says:

    Lalfunny pawh a rawn nui thraw a lom, Kanidari ka han tawng chu ka va han lawm over bon top top ve aw :-D

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  33. 33
    kanidar Says:

    Lal Funny hian a awmna a hria ang :)

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  34. 34
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    Alejte-a rawn lang har mah mah..a ni hi a la zei ot ot ang em aw?? :-)

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  35. 35
    kanidar Says:

    Alej-te a sawi ka la hriat reng chu, “Tedim-ah sahdahpui a tlawm an ti, Thiana han phur ve ang hmiang” tih vel kha a ni :D

    Pu Myselfa hi Sundari a phur kual leh a ni maw?

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  36. 36
    funny™ Says:

    Lalpi Irreplacable hi an replace ta emawni a misual ngai talo khawpmai. Viking pawh a in la cute ve tlat hman deuh atang khan. :-D

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  37. 37
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    dear KFC OT-group, ui chung chung in ka chhuahsan che u a ngai….ni dangah, irre, myself, dumput, adelfos, alej, mirage nen kan ot leh dawn nia!!

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  38. 38
    wonderboy Says:

    kanidari fans club te hi matiz hring ngei khan zin ila, mahse KH-i a tel thei toh om si lo a, boss hian nuam lo a ti amg tih eroh a hlauh om :D

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  39. 39
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    Wonder, KH-i rawn sawi suh benjamin leh kanidari an insual leh phut phut mai ang! …..over and out!!!!

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  40. 40
    kanidar Says:

    Boss ber a chhuak ta si a, chhuak ve mai ang. bYE. Benjamin te chuan …… daih tawh a ni lawm ni? hahaha

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  41. 41
    fullizle,hdizle,tekpartizle Says:


    […]Tedim khua ve thung aw | mi(sual).com[…]…

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