“Power companies hate this” (Magnetic generator)

March 6th, 2012 8:25 pm by James Bond

Mizoram lamah hian electric supply (current) awm loh chang a awm niawm tak ani. Thenkhat phei  chuan “Current kan nei zing khawp mai” ti zawngin an phun duh hial.  BBC atanga ka hmuh, magnetic generator an tih mai hi power bill tih tlem nan, a thiam phei chuan mahni electric mamawh zawng zawng phuhruk  theih an tih chu.

Chris Bolton (Michael Bolton nen an in laichin lo) he company hotupa sawi dan chuan power company ho hian an hmang reng a. Mahse mipui an hrilh duh lo.  http://www.magneticgenerator.info/

Nangni lehkhathiam ho hian hetiang thil hi India ramah a siam ve theih em, tih in hre mial lo maw? Kan khaw lamah chuan power cut a awm lem lova. Mahse bill tih tlem nan a that hmel riau.

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22 Responses to ““Power companies hate this” (Magnetic generator)”

  1. 1
    Ruata Pachuau Says:

    Chhiar ila

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  2. 2
    TuaiSialA Says:

    A ṭhat hmel hle mai.

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  3. 3
    Ruata Pachuau Says:

    ‘energy is neither created nor destroyed’ tih kha ka hrechhuak zawk mai :-P , Khi khi chu Chhura pawh khan a thlang kher lovang THA a ngai tlat.

    Hmuifang-ah leh Reiek-ah wind power an enchhinna kha chu a chak leh lutuk a niang, Thli in windmill a chhem chhe vek bawk sia :-D .

    Ka naupan laiin Tape recorder chhiaa a motor te reuh hi ka la chhuaka, rahbuk khawlah ka chuktuah a, ka tuaivir tir ta a, Power input lam kha output angin ka hmang a, torchlight bulb te kha chu a eng ve va va thei. (I)

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  4. 4
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    India ramah a theihlohna tur ka hre love. Good post (Y)

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  5. 5
    Mr.Chhurbura Says:

    ## Ruata Pachuau …Kei chhurbura hian ka hmang maithei a sin,a that hmel em mai. ;-);-)

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  6. 6
    kilung Says:

    Mombati ka la duh zawk tho tho.. :D (P)

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  7. 7
    kilung Says:

    Mombati ka la duh zawk tho tho.. :D

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  8. 8
    sheldon170 Says:

    A that ngawt ang han hmang ve thei ila. Electric bill tam thei si.

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  9. 9
    roseparvul Says:

    Wow!!!! :-o

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  10. 10
    Ruata Pachuau Says:

    #5 Hahahaha…………..Chhura te chuan Tha ngai a duh lo a nih kha. :-D Mizoramah hmang dawn ila engin nge kan tuai vir ang?

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  11. 11
    ChhanaPa Says:

    A va tha dawn ve aw.. Ka duh ve e.

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  12. 12
    Nguntang Says:

    Magnetic soap pawh an siam tawh kha mawle…

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  13. 13
    Sãñgpüîípã Says:

    Kan zir chiang ange

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  14. 14
    david Says:

    hriat chian lehzual deuh ava chak awm ve aw,thil tangkai tak ani ngei ang mahse bill lo tihtlem ngawt pawh chu kan hman zat power kan tih tlem chuanloh te chua. kan hman ang ang te chu kan chawi ve bawk ang chu mole.

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  15. 15
    hiho Says:

    Ka awih lo. Electric bill tih tlem na an tih nen a danglam chuan lo ang. (N)

    Magnets 4 Energy™ is in digital format (PDF) which means there is no need to wait for it to arrive. You’ll be able to learn the secret of saving thousands of dollars from your electricity bills, in just minutes from now.

    Retail Price $97.99 SALE Only $47
    A duh chuan chah nghal ru.

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  16. 16
    James Bond Says:

    Chhurbura lei awm lek anih chuan in ngaihtuah fe a ngai dawn anih chu mawle. BBC ah meuh ah chhuah a, ka lo ring deuh mai asin. $47 man vel anih chuan lo lei sual mah ila Chhura ai chuan kan hmang tha chek ang chu.

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  17. 17
    xotea Says:

    Pu james bond, in khua chu a va nuam awm bik ve. Kei ni lam chu NLUP an sem a?! En chang kan nei a ni chauh mai si a. Hna pawh kan thawk hlei thei lo. NLUP te tal dawng ve ila a tawrh a ziaawm tur, min pe ve duh bawk si lo

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  18. 18
    Dr John Says:

    (Y) Gud Post. Post-tupa hian “hetiang thil hi India ramah a siam ve theih em, tih in hre mial lo maw?…bill tih tlem nan a that hmel riau” a ti a, a theih chuan, a thiam khan han siam ula, lei sup sup ila, i nei sup sup teh tak ang u, tha dawn em mai, :-D

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  19. 19
    Ignatia (33-115 AD) Says:

    Magnetic Generator han tih ngawt chu thil thar tak a ni lo khawp mai. Tuna electricity kan neih dan zawng zawng pawh hi hemi concept-a innghat vek a ni. Pu Micheal Faraday-a khan magnetic flux hi kan tih chet vak vak chuan current a siam theih a ni tih a lo hmuchhuak a. Chumi chu kan ring ta zel a ni.

    Mahse magnetic flux ti che tur hian thahrui kan mamawh a, chumi thahrui atan chuan diesel te leh nuclear power te kan hmang a. Tin, tui luang hian tha zung chaktak a neih avangin tuikhuah hmangin a tha chakna kan hmang ve thung. Chumi awzia chu magnetic flux hi mihring tha pawhin kan ti che thei a, current ka siam thei tihna a nih chu. Mahse thli leh tui chaknate ang lovin kan hah hma a, kan hmantlakloh mai zawk a ni.

    Post tha tak a ni. Ngun deuh zawka la thlir tur a nih hi… (Y)

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  20. 20
    James Bond Says:

    #18 Ka lo zawng deuh rilru ang e.

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  21. 21
    funny™ Says:

    hetiang lam company hi din ka chak ania green energy lam nen. hehe

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  22. 22
    Tetea Tochhawng Says:

    A lem a nih hmel. (N)

    March 16, 2010
    The following comment came from someone who attended the Vienna Free Energy Conference in Vienna, March 12-14, 2010.

    My initial thoughts on EBM: In contrast to the many great presentations in Vienna, I was quite disappointed at Dr. Szabo’s performance. Most people (even some of the experts who went to see his big machine and sat through many of his presentations over the years) are still wondering what the EBM machine really does.

    It apparently requires electrical input and claims to have electrical and heat output. But there are no reproducible measurements of OU and nobody knows exactly how much of the output is heat and how much is electric. What’s the point of this huge machine, if you need to place it next to a coal power plant to satisfy its huge electrical input? And even after so many years of OU claims, there is still no reliable evidence that the total output is higher than the input and if so by how much…

    His presentation was light on technical explanations and full of economic comparisons between the EBM and other power generation technologies. But these comparisons were all terribly flawed with critical parameters missing (i.e. what are each of those technologies powered by, and what is the cost of that fuel/power source, what are the operating costs, etc…).

    In general, I am very skeptical about everyone who invokes people’s interest with revolutionary claims and then charges a fee to any visitor who is interested in seeing the claim. Especially since paying visitors have no means of validating the claims on-site.

    There are too many people in our field who make a comfortable living from fee-based ‘demos’ and we need more people focusing all their efforts on developing a true (and reproducible) breakthrough.

    Source: http://pesn.com/Radio/Free_Ene.....otion_EBM/

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