April 30th, 2011 11:30 pm by mr.Duhlova

Pi Aduhi chawhpawlh hma-in chawhpawlh sa mai teh ang… :-D

Siberia Hole ( Hole hi Mizo tawng-in, pawp kan ti dawn nge, khuarkhurum kan ti dawn nge, kua kan ti dawn)


Khawvel ui lian ber

Nalh lo ve ang reng

Insak duhdan te hi

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  1. 51
    niMai Says:

    nalh hle mai,tlak a hlauhawm deuh mai poh a

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  2. 52
    SHauzelSailo Says:

    Thlalak hmasaberte – Khawvela kaw lian ber Diamond/Lunghlu Fim(ti mai ang)laihchhuahna. Meters 525 a thuk leh 1.25 km bial, etc. etc. Hrechiang duh tan The Biggest Hole In The World

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