Zanlai Thlifim

March 31st, 2011 1:00 am by Kurtdamascus

A hmasain Misual-ah hian mikhual ka nilo tih ka sawi e! Tunlai thil awmzia kan lo hrechho zela,Kan U ten ZANLAI THLIFIM (Blue film/Pornography) an lo tih thinte chuan kan Zoram khawvel Thalaite thinlungah bu nghettak a rawn khuar ta.Internet/mobile Khawvelin a rawn nghawngtel chu ani si.Engpawh nise,Martin Brendel statistical rechearch a tanga kan hriatchhuah tlem ka’n tarlan ve duha.

1) Sex is the number 1 topic searched on the Internet.

2) 2.5 billion emails per day are pornographic[Yes Billion]

3) 72 million Internet users visit pornography web sites per year.

4) 25% of all search engine requests are pornography related.

5) The most common ways Children have accidentally reached pornographic content on the web are pop-up Widows(55%),mispresented links(52%),misspelled URL’s(48%) and auto links within emails(23%).

6) 21% of teens say They have looked at something on the internet that they wouldn’t want their parents to know(US bik-ah ani ang)

7) A survey of 600 households conducted by the National center for missing and exploited Children founded that 20% of parents do not know any of their children’s internet passwords,instant messaging nicknames or email address.

8) 42% of surveyed adults indicated that their partners use of pornography made them feel insecure.

9) At least 20,000 American adults visit internet sex sites at least 11hours per week.

10)35% of church going women said They have intentionally visited porn websites online.

11) Out of 81 Pastors surveyed(74males,7 famales),98% were expose to porn,43% intentionally accessed a sexually explicit website.(Kan pastorte leh kohhran upate chu an fihlim turah ngai ang!)

12) 15% of online porn habits develop sexual behaviors that disrupts their lives.

Psychiatrists say that Internet porn stimulates the same areas of the brain as “CRACK COCAINE”

Software “Mypornblocker” siamtu Martin Brendel-a thusawi”I thought I had my family well protected….But Boy was I wrong! And The Truth is …..You’ll be shocked and horrified Too When You realize just how much your famiy Is At Risk” hian ka rilru a hneh khawp mai. A kimchang zawkin a hnuai link-ah hian lo chhiar ve teh u..


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44 Responses to “Zanlai Thlifim”

  1. 1
    Chhangteval Says:

    Chh1ar ang aw..

    A hmuhnawm bawk a niang e…. :P :P :P

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  2. 2
    kilung Says:


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  3. 3
    zualbonez Says:

    0.00% of bonez’s time has been spent in visiting porn sites in the last 5 years

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  4. 4
    jellybaby Says:

    khawvel thang zel ina akalpui ania dan theih tak tak anih ka ring lo…tum vak lem loh pawh hian access a awlsam tak em avaangin in athleng chak ta ani e.20-30 yrs hma lamah te kha chuan hetiang hi awm tih poh kan hre nang.

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  5. 5
    lushai_er Says:

    Cyber Patrol hi install keuh mai tur !

    Zanlai thlifim kan hriat a va inang lo nasa be aw……..!

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  6. 6
    Kurtdamascus Says:

    Nia khawvel thang zel ina kalpui chu ani. Eng anga software tha pawn a mihringin kan zir miau loh chuan mihring dan thei ziazang pawh nilo chuan! mahse ka rilrua lolang chu Martina’n an chhungkua a fate hetiang thilthalo laka ven atumdan hian ka rilru a luah thui hle bawk ani. Keini kan Nu leh Pa te hian kan Mobile leh PC a thilawm hrim2 pawh hriat vek an tum ka ring lemlo.,.,

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  7. 7
    Kurtdamascus Says:

    Heti lai thu hi han ngaihtuah ve chhin teh ‘My 7 year old daughter asked me why some people are naked on the computer’ my wife and I nearly fell out of our chairs. (Naupang chuan) ”There was a picture that popped up with a bunch of naked people on it” ‘I was outraged to say the last. I became so angry. ‘My wife was now paying more attention to our children when they were online’ Hemi hnu hian an chhungkua-ah thil thalo a lo tleng leh a ”when I opened his bed room door I was horrified…there,pasted on his PC as clear as day was some explicit porn image so graphic and perverted it even shocked me! I was furious I screamed and ranted and demanded an explanation..,..He told me one of his freinds from school gave him a link to this website at lunch and he was curious so he checked it out”…..That’s when I made it my personal mission to do whatever I had to do to protect my family from Internet pornography for good!”

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  8. 8
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    ZANLAI THLIFIM an lo ti thin a ni maw , avan bo theih haih haih vele.

    Porn movie hian tangkaina mi thenkhat (tamtak pawh ani thei ang!) tangkaina a nei ngei ang. Tam tak erawhin en zeuh2 pawi tilemlo chung siin alangah an sawisel peih fu thungin ka ring. :-P

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  9. 9
    Kurtdamascus Says:

    #Pu.HV- Porn movie tangkaina hi chu a tlem ngawt ang,.,.,Kan Vairampur-ah ngat phei chuan! Vai tlangval ho hian an lawm em em ringawt peka. Chuvang chu ni ang INPAWNGSUAL te a tam em2 thin. A thalo zawnga a nghawng eroh chu sawitur tam ngawt mai. Kan Bible a Pathianin mihring a hremna tam ber pawh SEX vang tho hi a nia.

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  10. 10
    Asteric Says:

    Hetiang lam in zirtir hi kan mamawh takzet a ni. Keimaha a thawh dan thalo ni a ka hriat ve chu, thawkkhat lai khan en ka hrat laklawh khawp maia…lolzz….hmeichhe hmuh khawloh nghal thuai thuai a awl viau in ka hria. Nula tute amaw hmu ila kan zahlo sawt in ka hre bawk…tin, en laklawh awl tak a ni ;-) a aia hmeltha en zel duhna a awm a. Ruihtheihthil te, rinawmlohna te anga sual lian pui a lang silo hian a nghawng hi lian thei ve zek ania. Mahni intihchhiatna awlsam ber te zing ami niin ka hria….

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  11. 11
    AmiGo VLR Hnamte Says:

    Comment pe toh leh pe zel turte hian porn site chu han hel zel phot ila !

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  12. 12
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Kurtdamascus #9 a thatna hi sawi tur a tam ve asin. Ka sawi duah lo mai anga link hi lo en zawm mai rawh aw. I tan kan google ngat anih kha, i huat loh ka beisei. :-)

    Ni e, vai ho tan hi chuan an tam lam atanga chhut ralah chuan a nilo lama hmang an tam duh zawk hmel e :)

    Always keep in mind that porn movies are not the standard for sex; they’re simply a way to improve your sex life. Basically, your partner’s comfort and sexual satisfaction should be more important than the movie.

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  13. 13
    Kurtdamascus Says:

    @ Pu.HV,…E! Pu.HV, kei chuan heti ang thil sual lian tham hi ngaihthah chi ah pawh ka lo ngailo asin…Rinna hial ngawng thei thil a ni. India ram roreltu kan MP te pawn parliament-ah hial au chhuahpuiin heti ang porn related site ho khuahkhirh an tum hi. A thehdarhtu te bakah a access tu te hial pawh dan hmanga pawisa chawitir theihna dan pass an tum a ni.

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  14. 14
    Kurtdamascus Says:

    @ Pu.HV,…E! Pu.HV, kei chuan heti ang thil sual lian tham hi ngaihthah chi ah pawh ka lo ngailo asin…Rinna hial ngawng thei thil a ni. India ram roreltu kan MP te pawn parliament-ah hial au chhuahpuiin heti ang porn related site ho khuahkhirh an tum hi. A thehdarhtu te bakah a access tu te thlenga dan hmanga pawisa chawitir theihna dan pass an tum a ni.

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  15. 15
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Kurtdamascus, nupa nun hman hi sual em ni? Nupa nun hman (mipat hmeichhiat ka sawilo) tak rau raua thiamlo deuha hman ai chuan intihlim dun ngeia hman law law hi a tu a ve ve tan pawh thil pawimawh leh nupa hlimna a ni. Kohhran a inhmanga Kristian te inzirtirna ang taka nung tan phei chuan , virgin a nupui/pasal neih a ni tlat zawk asin. Nupui/pasal intihlim/in tlingtlak sak tak2 hi harsa deuh a ni tih hi khawvel hriat a nih ka ring.

    Nulat tlangval laia sakhuana avang emaw a chinchang hrelo deuh tan lek phei chuan nupa nun hi lehkhabu thlenga chhiar tam a tul asin. Nupa nun hman dan thiam hi nupa hlimna thuruk pakhat a ni nghet tlat. Mipa kan tlingtlakin hmeichhia an tlintla ve kherlo tih hriat te, tam tak zirnan hman zawk tur.

    Nupa hlimna thuruk 3 choh sawi ila:

    1. Nupa nun hman kawnga inpawhna tak2 neih
    2. Nupa tawngtai dun thin
    3. Rinawmna

    Chutiang lam biahthu daih chu a ni e. :-) (Y)
    Naupang etc engemaw vanga en lampang ka sawilo tih i hriat ka duh. (Y)

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  16. 16
    рдпģŤіСHAЩЯ Says:

    Nupa inthen na tam tak chu ‘INTIH THIAMLOH VANG ANI

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  17. 17
    swiftymcvay Says:

    ka thianpa u chu doctorin porn video en a chawh tlat mai pek a.a tlintla hma thei lutuk,annu a la zo ve silo,nupa nun an hman zawh apiangin annu a titau ziah.

    Mihring a zir hi a nia e,en apianga a taka chantir zel kan tum te chuan a tha nang le.ka en fo mai,a taka hmeichhe khal deuh ka hmuh pawn ka ti huam2 lem lo.

    Porn hi nopang lam tan chuan a thalo a ni maithei e,mahse nupa, sex life a hlimna hmulo chuan tha deuh mai sin.chinchang hre mang lova,han tlak pawp2 ai chuan porn video ami ang hian foreplay te leh new position han try te hi inthenna vengtu a ni thei ve tlats.

    Nupa inkar a fel chuan chhungkua a famkim si

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  18. 18
    kawlhawk Says:

    Tunlai porn movie avang hian, nupa leh inngaizawng karah ‘anal sex’ a hluar mek. Azl a call girl pakhat an kawmnaah pawh, tunlai mipa ho hian ‘mawng’ hi an beisei deuh vek tawh nia, a ti.

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  19. 19
    rose10 parvuli Says:

    martin brendel chuan a va’n ti tha ve aw, kan mizopui nu leh pa zawng zawng hian amah anga tih nachang hre ve se

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  20. 20
    triplestar Says:

    Pu HV a comment khi kei pawh ka pawm dan a ni e, nupa khum laizawl nun hi hriat a ngai khawp mai, nupa inthen tam tak hi a bul intanna chu nupa nuna hmeichhia in a duh khawp a hmuh loh vanga intan a tamin ka ring. An sawi chhuak ngam si lovanga an tuar tlawk tlawk thin ang, a tawpah chuan uirena thlengin nghawng a nei thei hiala sawi a ni.

    Hetiang kawngah hi chuan lehkhabu pawh chhiar tam a tha, film pawh en a pawi lo,puitling nih hnu-ah chuan. Tleirawl ho tan chuan tisa chakna te a tihthawh thin a vangin tum loh deuha buaina a intahluh palh te a hlauhawm a vangin en loh a him ber.

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  21. 21
    Sangpuiipa Says:

    Mawngkua a beih hi chu ka ten tlat.

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  22. 22
    VaiVa Says:

    There are three type of lies – lies, damn lies and STATISTICS! ….. an ti thin em kha…. figure a lan nuaih hi chuan ngaih a tha lo sa tlat. Mahse, zanlai thlifim erawh porn tihna a nih ka lo la hre lo tlat. I rawn sawi tha e.

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  23. 23
    El Says:

    nia,,,,kan naupan lai pawhin kan hret lutuk… :-D:-D:-D

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  24. 24
    TuaiSialA Says:

    A bengvarthlak e. (Y)

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  25. 25
    Asteric Says:

    zanlai thlifim tih lola hrelo inva tam ve……naupang teee kan nih lai atangin ka hre tawh… Kum 13 vel bawr ka ni ang :-D

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  26. 26
    rose10 parvuli Says:

    ngatinge zanlai thlifim an tih kher le? ;) ;) an phuahtham mai mai mang e. hahahaii :D :D

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  27. 27
    Sandman Says:

    Zanlai thlifim hi a thawt tawp dawn lamah chuan ruah tlem a rawn sur theps zel, an ti.

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  28. 28
    rawihteamizo Says:

    Kei chu Zanlai Thlifim hi ka duh ber pawl a ni. A thluk a mawi si, a thu a nalh si…a phuahtu hi ka ngaisang khawp mai. Ohhhh…ka lo chhiar hmasa lova…heheheh

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  29. 29
    Kurtdamascus Says:

    Triplestar & PU.HV-a hi OSHO zuitu zing ami annih duh hmel….A thatlohnalam leh thatnalam han buktawn pawhin a thatlohnalamin a kentel atam zawk tihte hi.Nupa hlimna lam lola buaipui hi a felhlel deuh chu a ni e.In tu leh fate Pathian malsawmna dawng turin porn kaihhnawih lam in zirtir lo turah ngai ang. Zanlai-ah rual U zawkten an lo en thrin ani ang “Zanlai Thlifim” :-D:-D:-D

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  30. 30
    Alejendro Says:

    Helamah in lo tawmkhawm vang a nih hi hmun dangah in reh em em ni… A thatna lam thlir tan chuan a thatna te pawh a awm a nga, a chhiatna lam thlir tan chuan a chhiatna pawh a awm ang. Thil engkim maiah hian Pros leh Cons hi chu a awm vek a nia. Mahse kum tlinglo hi chuan en ve lo se a tha berin ka ring.

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  31. 31
    shailendra Says:

    mi(sual) leh facebook vel a han vir kual zak zak hi chuan Zanlai Thlifim pawh a dawng hman meuh lo e..

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  32. 32
    Chhangteval Says:

    Sangpuiipa hi a va han hairehai tak em! :-P :-P :-P

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  33. 33
    hrmizo Says:

    nei hleilo nghei hleilo… :-D:-D:-D

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  34. 34
    matea_tmj Says:

    A tha lam zawnga thlir chuan a tha viau a, a thalo lam zawnga thlir chuan a tha lo ve tho.. a… engpawh nise.. A reh tak2 chuang lo ang.

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  35. 35
    CFL Says:

    porn site thatna hi kei chu ka hre tlem khawp mai. A tha ti ho pawh hian an thil sual tih thup nan an sawimawi mai mai lek a ni e. Kan Bible pawhin nakinah chuan sual a la pun tur thu pawh a sawi lawm lawm kha. Sual pawh kan hre tawh lo tan e. Kei chuan sermon. Org te visit thin te hi porn site visit thin te aia an sual zawkna ka hre hauh lo mai. Hun tawp a hnai ta. Inpeih a hun ta e.

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  36. 36
    kawlnicolney Says:

    Sperm count test na ah hian porn film emaw akaihnawih milem tal an tumsak thin,rem an hre angreng fu ka ti.Test mamawh tan chuan a hanga rooma va luh ngawt mai kha chu……suangtuahna lama chaklo tan phei chuan…..
    Thil reng reng hi tangkaina engemaw a lo awm ve thin fo mai

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  37. 37
    Asteric Says:

    #33 hrmizo Says:

    nei hleilo nghei hleilo…

    hahahaha….. (Y) :-D (Y)

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  38. 38
    Jacka Pi Says:

    Zanlai thlifim chu C.Lallianmawia sak thin chiah kha ka hria :-P

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  39. 39
    matea_tmj Says:

    #15 khi ka thlawp a, i thlawp zawng anilo mi.CFL

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  40. 40
    Benny Says:

    Thalai tan chuan a tha lam aiin a sual lam ah a hruai thui thei zawk ang. Nupui pasal nei tan a bikin uaithla lam tan chuan thil tangkai tak a nih ka ring.

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  41. 41
    Maisek Says:

    #40 Benny sawi ang khian! (Y)

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  42. 42
    Atha Valmawia Says:

    #5 (Y)(Y)(Y) :-D:-D

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  43. 43
    tham tu tu Says:

    tham tu tu…

    […]Zanlai Thlifim | mi(sual).com[…]…

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  44. 44
    Dịch Vụ Thám Tử Nhanh Chính Xác Bảo Mật Says:

    Dịch Vụ Thám Tử Nhanh Chính Xác Bảo Mật…

    […]Zanlai Thlifim | mi(sual).com[…]…

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