From a daughter to her father

March 31st, 2010 2:02 am by tp_khiangte

Upa REMSIAMA KHIANGTE who entered eternal glory on this day in 2007

31st March…………”
It was the day….
When four little children came to know,
That Daddy will never come back!!!!
The day…
When innocent hearts were torn apart,
Right from the middle..
The day…
When five soul realized how worthless,
And temporary was the world they were in.
The day…
When Mom’s right shoulder was cut
Away from her body…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was also the day….
When hosts of angels and archangels stood up
To welcome and celebrate the return of  one of  their faithfuls who had left them 50 years ago…

“ One night………

There was darkness all around, People were mumbling and laughing, amidst all that I heard one voice  rushing through my heart saying ……..

“Bawihte, I’ve written the pronounciation below every word of Hindi chapter, just try to read them” …………..

“My little Angel, I’ll be missing you, take care and give us a call when you reach hostel …………”

“Bawihte, I’ll carry your bag, it’s too heavy for you, we’ll exchange till we reach my office” .. ………….

“Dad… where are you now ?
We miss you so much… Please come back home.

Suddenly, I woke up in the middle of the night. It was just a dream. Tears rolled out, reminding me of all the precious moments with him. Oooh! How happy we used to be, In the small kingdom of Mom and Dad. It was like Little Heaven on Earth. I then remember the day when Dad was in hurry and I was tugging at his pant that made double crease on it, he smiled slowly and said, “Thank you so much bawihte, you always help me out…….”.

Doing anything for him was pleasurable as he always expressed a thankful greeting in return like I had done a great thing for him.

Dad might not have been an Engineer, Doctor or any other highly qualified person, but his intelligence and hard work was always enough to sort out our problems . He was the one who taught me every subject and even how to write my initial.  He was the one who combed my hair when I was a child, who carried me the whole night when I had stomach ache…who got more tense than Mom whenever I was about to leave home for hostel. The four of us were the apple of his eye.

He neither scolded  nor punished us, yet his silence was  enough to make us feel guilty of our lapses. He was bursting with emotions and writing poems was  his passion. He wrote many poems and sermons including- “The Centenary Sam” of Mizoram (1994) and “Ramthar Sam”, which was recited by my Sis.  The love and respect he had for my Grandparents, his affection for his ten brothers and sisters and his uncanny habit of recording the birth date, time, place and weight of all his relatives will be an indelible part of my memory.

But the most important thing in his Life was Jesus Christ. The trust and faith he had for God was amazing. He used to tell me that we all are Missionaries in our own place  and can serve Him by doing our own work properly. As we cannot preach everywhere, live every moment with Jesus and follow His path, then seeing the Christ in your Life they will surely start believing in Him one day.  In the last letter I received written on 13/07/06, Dad told me that  it was not possible for him to be with me all the time, but Jesus is always with me wherever I am and love me much more than he does. So it would be wiser to pray for His help in troublesome situation rather than anything else..!!

“He was an inspirational and motivating figure for  me whose footprints I followed the long way path.”

My  Father’s journey with us on earth was written only till  31st March, 2007. I am at a loss to explain the way I felt that very moment. “ A daughter walking hand in hand with his Father happily and suddenly, the hand was taken away forever!!! It was the worst thing that could ever happen to any child.

I wasn’t present in the funeral period, but I was glad for that. As I thought it would be unbearable for me, to know that Dad who I used to converse with, lying down in front of me but not responding to me……..

At that very   moment, I was unable to fathom  why the creator creates so much Love between Human Beings if they are made to be apart  again forever.

I cried a lot, thinking of myself without Dad. Mom, who’d be struggling to support her four children…..My brother, who was just about to learn how things go on. My dear sis, who always felt better to complain about her hostel problems to Dad instead of Mom, as he never scolded her back. And my little bro… he didn’t even think of  having meal without Dad. For him, Dad was his hand, by which he used to have all his dishes on his plate. Dad left us when he was playing the most important role in our lives.

I was able to dry my tears after Mom told me that we are crying and missing Dad because we  pity ourselves.

We are that selfish, imagining ourselves without him, worrying about how things will work out, instead of seeing how happy he is now besides the Almighty, where all the worldly stuff no longer bothers him. All our destination in life is to have a place in Heaven . And there is nothing wrong if God was pleased by him and took him before us. If we really love him, we should be happy for him, being freed from this wearisome world.

And so this is it, “We Love You Daddy, from the Bottom of our hearts and we’ll prove it by making this Day not the source of our weakness but as The Day that will always give us strength and courage to follow the righteous path.

This will always remind us not to lose ourselves in worldly stuff as they will all vanish.

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18 Responses to “From a daughter to her father”

  1. 1
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    tp_khiangte, i empathize with you. Pa te khawvel awm chhung atan han mangtha tawp mai hi chu a na thlawt a ni, tiraw? Its been 3 yrs since my dad passed away and the pain is still as strong….

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  2. 2
    Joseph Pachuau Says:


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  3. 3
    khuluaia Says:

    blackmagicwoman sawi hi ka tawmpui e. Kan nu thu leh hla hi ka rawn paste ve mai mai a nge.

    My DADDY

    The sun that brightens my day
    Has set beyond the mountain
    Never to rise again
    No more to be seen.

    Woe to me that mourn !
    My life has lost its spark
    The future seems so dark
    Without my guiding star.

    Unwelcomed you were O death!
    Why did you have to enter
    With your taste oh so bitter
    To take away my pillar of strength?


    Zaleng hei zawng zingah hian
    Zua tel lova leng an tam awm e
    Engtin tuar ve maw zua fam ngaih chu!
    An fam zun ngaih nem bik hian ka ring mange.
    Ka sawm che u, min ngai thiam a’n
    Ka zua fam ta kha chu e –
    Ka lei rohlu, ka zahawmna,
    Ka lei Pathian, ka lei mawina.
    Tu zua hian nge maw chhingzo le ?
    Rauthla hi thangvan siar chang se
    A eng mawi ber tu dang an ni lawng e
    Siamtu kianga leng tura fam chang ta
    Ka ropuina, ka hmangaih,
    Ka ZUAPA ngei kha ni hian a mawi ber e.

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  4. 4
    neiliana Says:

    He is waiting for you in our eternal home so as my beloved Dad does. My father whose face I haven’t seen and to be never seen till the end of this worldly life.

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  5. 5
    paeia Says:

    I va ziak lungkuai thiamin chhiar a va nuam ve. 2001 a ka pa kum 47 mi ni a min boralsan ta kha min ngaihtir. Thiam ve ila chuan Apr ni 6 khian ka rawn ziak ve tur a. Tun hnai deuh thleng khan mumang lamah kan in hmu leh nawlh thin. Van nuamah in tawh leh i beisei ang u.

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  6. 6
    chawnghilh Says:

    Elegy lam hi chu tawrh chiahin a chiang! Mahse, ziak thiam lehzual bìk tp_khiangte ang hi an la awm leh hranpà a nih hi! Sei si lo, chèk thùk kimchang si … i pâ Centenary Sam etc., chu ka va hmu ve chàk tak èm!

    I pâ thu-thiam i chhùn hle a ni tih a hriat mai! In khawhar-lungchhiatna ka hnèm thiam pha lo —Jesus is coming soon to receive all His saints! —Johana 14:3

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  7. 7
    swiftymcvay Says:

    Ekhai a ka hnuk i ti ulh alom male….i ziakthiam dap2 khop mai.lairil a fan a lom….mihring nun hi chu a lo va mak em.dam chhunga han inhmuh toh loh top tur te han ngaihtuah hian tuarthiam har ka va ti thin emmm

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  8. 8
    XaiA Says:

    I khawvel ah chhiar tu te min hruai lut thei a,mitam zawkin mahni rilru a awm ang kan phawrh thiam loh laiin nang chuan i ti thei tlat mai hi i fak awm hle a ni.
    Midang te tan inhnemna lo tling zel rawh se !

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  9. 9
    shailendra Says:

    A nghilh duk theih a lawm maw le, i thil ziak chhiar chuan. Duh tak te, ngaih tak te, han then hi chu a lunglen thlak duh reng a ni.

    In ngaih dan han thawh ve teh u, psychologist ho hian, ‘pa hi fanu ten an ngai deuh bik a, nu hi fapa ten’ an tih hi a nih duh hmel riau in ka hria :roll:

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  10. 10
    rotekawlasepa Says:

    Ka’n chhiar a, ka hmulthi a ding sung sung mai/ka mur sung sung ka ti dawn ami zawk. I thuziak hi a mawi ti pawhin a sawi theih a, a ropui ti zawng pawhin a sawi theih a, i tuar zia chiang takin a lawng thei bawk a. Thu ziak ropui tak niin ka hria. Ka tlak duah lo teh ang.

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  11. 11
    Lersia Says:

    # 9,shailendra I ti dik e… achhia achhia in kan lo zir ve dan chuan, mihring hian senlai atangin opposit sex favorites hi kan hria ani thei mai awm e tih tur in a awm reng asin.Hmeichhia te tan; an pa te kha pa hliah hliah, in nghah na tlak an nih a vang a ngainat na tlat, rinawm tlut ni a hriatna an nei a, an nu te hnen a tanga an dawn kim loh hmangaihna dang dai riau (mipa te hmangaihna)an dawng bawk a ni, chuvangin an in ngaina bik fo mai. Tin, mipa tan, an nu te kha nu hnep a hriatna a awm thei a, an zun ah an uai thei,an harsatna ngaihthlak sak tu leh hnem thiam zawk tu an nih avangin an naina bik thin bawk.Chubakah, nu leh pa te pawn a ni tho, Pa in a fanu a lawm em em a nu in a fapa a lawm em em thung thin(amaherawhchu mi zawng zawng an ni vek kherlo thei) Elizabeth B. Hurlock ziah “Child Development” ah khan a chiang in ka hria. in theih chuan lo chhiar ve mai ru.

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  12. 12
    Maisek Says:

    tp_khiagte, naktuk mai khi ka pa thihcham ani a, i thu rawn post hian hnuk a ti ulh thar leh hle mai! Pa te hlutna hi kan hre dawn chauh anih hi! I fully empathize with you!

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  13. 13
    funny Says:

    nupa trang thren hi chu dar lehlam sahthlak ang antih thin tak kha mawle. hepa hi chu practically in an sah thlak sak nitur ani… mahse ala genius rap tho.

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  14. 14
    dr_feelgood Says:

    Be strong in the Lord. Nice tear jerker.

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  15. 15
    keimah Says:

    @tp_khiangte, i pa kha ka hre ve hman a, ka ui teh a sin! I thu ziak chuan min khawih ngaih mai! I rilru ka dawn pui thei riai ruai chein ka hria. Pa nei tawh lo ho hian kan hriat thiampui leh zual ang che tih ka ring.

    “And so this is it, “We Love You Daddy, from the Bottom of our hearts and we’ll prove it by making this Day not the source of our weakness but as The Day that will always give us strength and courage to follow the righteous path. Amen!

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  16. 16
    tp_khiangte Says:

    Ka Pa in he khawvel min chhuahsan ni champha hian amah hriatrengna thiam lo taka ka ziah ve a min lo chhuahsak tu admin te chungah lawmthu ka sawi a, comment hlu tak tak min pe tute leh thiante zawng zawng in za vaiin lawmthu kan hrilh a che u. In mi tuarpuina te leh in comment te hi kan tan ava hlu em.

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  17. 17
    RTPA Says:

    Ka nau ka lo en lo a thu ziah hi.. am so sory.. hei voin ah i nu in min rawn hrilh a.. Lo dam tha in i zirlai kha tha deuh in ti zel dawn nia.. God bless…

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  18. 18
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    From a daughter to her father | mi(sual).com

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