God’s Laws! that means no matter what we must follow

January 31st, 2010 5:02 am by MetaphorOfLife

This is the most important thing in my life because I will at one point die . If the creator communicated with mankind, I want to be reasonable with the information but I’ll respect your belief because people have misconceptions, and i discovered differently on my own thats why I want discuss this simple question with you all –

Who wrote in the new testament that we shouldn’t follow the old laws?

(the New Testament teaches that the old laws are abrogated..meaning they are cancelled and you dont have to follow them anymore..I’m asking ..why?)

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  1. 51
    TeeBone Says:

    Isua kha ‘Dan’ te ti boral tur ni lo in rawn ti famkim tur zawk a rawn kal a ni lom ni.Pharisai te tak ngial poh in an zawm kim theih loh thil anih avangin mi zawng2 chhandam a kan awm theihna tur in Kraws ah a rawn thi niin ka lo hre ve mai2 a,Bible ah hian paih tur bik chuang a awm pawh in ka hre lo e,Thuthlunghlui kan tih hi Isua lo pian hnu khan a rawn ti dik chho char2 zawk a ni lom ni.’Scapegoat’ tih words hian a hrilhfiah mai lom ni..te ka tia!Kei Misual,Bible chhiar chu sawi loh,inkhawm tak ngial poh peih lo hian ka hriat dan leh ka rin dan ka’n sawi ve mai2 a nia!

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  2. 52
    TeeBone Says:

    Thil pa1 leh loks!MetaphorOfLife..a buaina tak hi kan la chhang fuh hlom lo in ka va hre ve o!Kei tehlul hian ka hrilhfiah thiam si lo a!Old Laws hi zawm tawh loh tur tih New Testament ah hian ziak tu an awm ka hre hauh lo mai!Bible lam a miril deuh,chhiar chhuak toh te kan om lom ni,kei pawh hian ka hre chak khop mai!

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  3. 53
    keimah Says:

    Naktukah muangmarin ka rawn chhang ve ang!

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  4. 54
    ThaiBoy Says:

    A pawi thin mange,Pathian thu hi hrilhfiah chi ani lova, a thuk zia hriat phakloh anihna hi pawmve mai teh u.

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  5. 55
    Hotshot Says:

    @mkima#44- Mihringin dan kan zawm theih loh vang chauhvin maw ISUA a lo kal a? Zawm famkim thei ta ila A lo kal dawn lo tihna em ni? Chuti a nih chuan Leilung pian tirh khan a thuin an lo talh(Thupuan 13:8) ve uk tawh si a, kan zawm famkim leh roh si ang a, Pathian tan chuan a va laklawh duh awm ve?

    Pathian khan mihring zawm theih hauh loh tur dan a pe a mi? A hre tlang vek awm sia- a va sual awm ve.
    Tichuan an zawm thei ta lo ngei a, a zawm turin Isua a rawn kal ta a,a Pathianna nen zawm a harsat ta miah lova. A va fair awm chuang lo ve.

    Pathianin dan a nei a, chu chu mihring em aw, Angel emaw pawh ni se, Amah kan hmangaih chuan kan zawm lo thei lo a ni zawk, tihsual chang awm thin mah se.

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  6. 56
    keimahte Says:

    [ this is in response to comment #49 ]
    Hi MetaphorOfLife,

    If you study the teachings of Jesus diligently, you will find that it is in harmony with God’s Laws of the Old Testament in regards to morality. For instance, the Law forbids murder- Jesus teaches that you should turn the other cheek; the Law forbids adultery – Jesus teaches that lusting after a woman is adultery and so on… In fact you could say the morality standard Jesus demands is even higher than what the Law demands.

    In order to understand the difficulties of the two covenants, the book of Esther is worth a study. Though the Book of Esther doesn’t even once mention God, it is an excellent illustration of the two covenants. Suffice it to say we don’t have the time nor space to narrate the story here. I’ll summarize it in the shortest possible way :-

    A Persian King decreed an order to kill and annihilate the Jews because a certain man instigated him. This order was sealed with the king’s ring [the 1st covenant]. A certain Jew – Mordecai pleaded with the queen (who was his adopted daughter) to help her people (for she was also a Jew). So the Queen approached the king and confessed she was also a Jew and pleaded the king to reverse the decree. But the king answered that no document written in the king’s name and sealed with his ring can be revoked. Now the king loved his wife and wanted to save her so he ordered a new decree that granted the Jews in every city the right to protect themselves; to destroy, kill and annihilate anyone that might attack them [the new covenant].Thus the Jews defeated their enemies and were saved from annihilation without the king having to revoke his previous decree.

    In all honesty, can you charge the king of being double minded or changing his mind? I’d say it was a masterpiece in execution of judgment!

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  7. 57
    MetaphorOfLife Says:

    I’d like to thank you all for your time’
    and also for your knowledge I truly appreciated it.
    Thanks Guys Oh! I have one more to ask but I’ll post it on a new topic. Please write back Okhai
    Ka lawm e.

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  8. 58
    houdini Says:

    Engtinmäw i tih?

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