England Football Captain John Terry a Uire

January 30th, 2010 11:40 am by Aryan

A thianpa, a teammate ni bawk Wayne Bridge a bialnu alo mutpui thin anih chu.  British Press hovin an expose ang tih hlauh vangin High Court ah injuction a dil a hei hi pek ani  in press ho in a hming leh a uire dan chungchang ziah a khap hmaks a, mahse niminah he khapna hi hlih ani.

The £170,000-a-week footballer had initially used human rights laws to gag the press from revealing his affair with French underwear model Vanessa Perroncel – his wife’s best friend and the partner of fellow England defender Wayne Bridge. But the judge who threw out the order said he thought Terry was more concerned about the threat to his lucrative sponsorship deals.

Tah hian chhiar zawm la Dailymail

Image and video hosting by TinyPic John Terry a poster Chelsea ho Megastore bang ami nikum hmasa a ka lak. Chelsea FC stadium hi Chelsea vengah nilovin Fulham vengah a awm daih!

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  1. 51
    Zephenath Says:

    Computer-a file sharing hi an lo hre ve a, thil dang an lo in share ve nih hmel e

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  2. 52
    The Flute Says:

    a va pawi ve. mahse Burnly hnehna goal a thun tho e. @MAMUANA kan tran inang elo

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  3. 53
    Aryan Says:

    England captain John Terry’s career was thrown into further doubt last night after it was revealed he got his team-mate’s girlfriend pregnant.
    The Mail on Sunday has learned that French model Vanessa Perroncel, former partner of fellow England defender Wayne Bridge, had an abortion within months of the affair starting.
    The pregnancy and termination are thought to have been the ‘consequences’ referred to by the High Court judge who threw out the £170,000-a-week footballer’s bid to seek a draconian gagging order to keep his affair secret.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new.....z0e9sqe609

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  4. 54
    lushai_er Says:

    Chelsea fan ka ni lo nang a Terry-a hian a Lal-Davida dung a thul ve a ni mai a lawm le! Lal-Davida phei chuan Uria kha a that leh nghal a. A thu hrim in a hmeichhia pawh hian a zir lo ve bawk a ni ange….

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  5. 55
    meester Says:


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  6. 56
    muantea Says:

    CHELSEA tihawm tawk chu Table leader nih hi a ni zawk e :smile:

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  7. 57
    As_Khiangte Says:

    Dar 9:30 va nghahhleh om toh ve:

    God Save our Gracious queen,
    She luves the Arsenal team,
    God save our queen,
    La La La La La,
    She doesn’t like West Ham Chelsea or Tottenham (SCUMS!!),
    She only likes the Arsenal,
    God Save Our Queen,
    …The Arsenal…The Arsenal…The Arsenal…

    nuam dawn tlats :)

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  8. 58
    houdini Says:

    Hei chauh lo pawh a uiré mai thei. Hriat va ni suh. :-D

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