REMINDER: Today is your last day

November 30th, 2009 4:47 pm by Sandman

…to activate a valid IMEI number on your phone if your phone does not have an IMEI or the IMEI is invalid.

The Economic Times

Starting tomorrow, mobile phones without IMEI will go useless

Millions of mobile phones without unique identification numbers will stop ringing tomorrow, as the deadline by the government to operators to block calls to such devices on security concerns is expiring on November 30.

The 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number helps security agencies trace calls made from and received on handsets.

Read more here:

DNA: Phones without IMEI numbers to be disconnected from tomorrow

Which models are going to die?
The low end Chinese phones that have flooded the market are going to be hit. According to one estimate there are 25 million such phones in the country.

What to do?
Readers who have a Chinese make phone need not panic. All they need to do is contact their mobile operator and ask them to implant an IMEI number on the phone. Remember the government doesn’t hate Chinese phones, it only hates the phones that don’t have an IMEI. The cellular phone operator association of India had made provision to incorporate a valid IMEI into such Chinese handsets through the use of a software mechanism but the response hasn’t been on expected lines.

Some useful links:

Displaying your IMEI number and the effect it has on your mobile phone: LINK

Check if your IMEI number is authentic: LINK

IMEI registration in India: LINK

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21 Responses to “REMINDER: Today is your last day”

  1. 1
    badboy Says:

    1st. ve teng

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  2. 2
    I.Hnamte Says:

    @Sandman va bengvar thlak ve.

    Thank you.

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  3. 3
    kook Says:

    ka 1st loh chu le.
    3rd na

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  4. 4
    peka <Vet> Says:

    misual jr. tak ni mah ila, ron ti ve vat teh ang apoimoh tlta

    ka phone hi *#06# hmeh in IMEI chu om ve ngei sia.. Nokia ania, cuan service provider hi Idea ania. hmanni toh khan..”Ur IMEI is invalid” tih msg ka dong a.
    ka leina dor ka zawh lahin engkim kan ti fel a ti bok sia..
    engtia tih chi nge ni don??
    enge ka dinhmun tur??
    plizz help???

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  5. 5
    badboy Says:

    @peka athar i lei ngei ngai dawn nih chu, lungngai suh dawrah a thar a tam raps

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  6. 6
    peka <Vet> Says:

    he sim card hi midang ta ania..chu cuan CHINA made chu a hmang a.. chuvang chu ni thei ang em?

    a thar lei don cuan.. hui ha..enge ka hralh ang o..!!!

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  7. 7
    Sandman Says:

    @ Peka: Tah hian i test chhin em i IMEI chu?

    Bakah, i sim card hmangin a affect lovang i IMEI number chu. Chuvangin midangin China phone ah i SIM hman lai lo dah mahse i Nokia IMEI chu a inthlak lovang.

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  8. 8
    funny Says:

    sandman: ka EMEI chu ka check a “very likely” ati ringawt a, rin tur nge, rinloh tur aw, valid or invalid anti dawn emaw tia..

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  9. 9
    Sandman Says:

    rin tur nge, rinloh tur aw…

    Naktuk zing i thawh veleh i hria ang :D

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  10. 10
    StevenG Says:

    verly likely a in tia..keipoh..nge awmzia?? hehe..a thi em lo ang chu showroom atanga ka lei te ani ve sia.. :)

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  11. 11
    funny Says:

    StevenG: very likely ro ro ah, a thih lama very likely alo nih phei chuan, i chhe lailet der animai :D keipawh hei a hring tawp ve thleng chiah silo hian a awma, very likely, tih ringawt chu rinhlelh awm tho nia mawle, palh thut kha a awmve thei tlat :D

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  12. 12
    StevenG Says:

    a thih tak thut leh min be chak em em tu te khan min rawn be thei tawh lo anga, ka van khawngaih dawn hlawm tak em!! :)

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  13. 13
    kawlhawk Says:

    Taikheri phone a thi dawn e.

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  14. 14
    Tawia Pachuau Says:

    a lo invalid a nih palh pawhin, Rs 200 in a thar a implant theih alom…. Lung ngai suhhhhh uuuu

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  15. 15
    hmingtea Says:

    tunah khan tv ah zee news ah ka lo thlir ve e ka tan a poi phalo mahse ka unau zoram lam awm te tam erawm in chawi thlawnna awm thei a ni

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  16. 16
    ThaiBoy Says:

    OT loks, Serhmun Tlangval Lalfamkima Red Ribbon Icon atrangin kan thlah leh ta e.

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  17. 17
    zooroo Says:

    k phne a him e!!!hurray!!!

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  18. 18
    lalpeace Says:

    shailendra chu chinese mobile i hmang si a, engtin nge i tih dawn. :?:

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  19. 19
    shailendra Says:

    india nen colloborate a nia… se tawh bik lo le….

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  20. 20
    Pc-a Says:

    Phone thi chu an la awm lo a mi?

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  21. 21
    shailendra Says:

    kei chu la dam e…. karbonn, khaw chhak leh india colloborate…

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