US President’s address to the Congress

February 27th, 2009 4:33 pm by Henry Vangchhia

Nizan khan, Obama chuan congress hma ah thu pawimawh tak sawiin, a sawrkar in pawisa an hman dan tur lah an kal zel dantur tlangpui a sawi a ni.

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4 Responses to “US President’s address to the Congress”

  1. 1
    Lily_parmawia Says:

    Ooooo America i hun a tawp ve dawn ah ngai mai roh….
    Roman hun aliam a, English ho hun aliam leh a, American hun.. chutiang zelin.

    Fiscal deficit 1.75 Trillion nei chung hian eng tak chu ti thei ang maw..

    Mahse American ho finna em2 na chu, an economy chhia hi ramdang ah an hnawn thei tlat hi.. a chhan chu maw, ram tin(?) hian ADR (American Depository Receipts) kan hmang vek.

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  2. 2
    Thirkut Says:

    Automobile hmu chhuak tu US a ni leuh… Germany a ni sia… hre lo ve hle mai Pres a chu.

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  3. 3
    chawnghilh Says:

    Babute-a kan hloh a; helamin Younger Babute-a an lo nei ve a nih hi! “Obama’s Utopia” tih tawngkam pawh tukin chuan an All India Radio USA-ah ka ngaithla ve tho!

    Economy leh Foreign Policy-ah Sai leh Sabengtung ngaihdan leh pawm dan hi arpui mei ang thap a ni dawn lo! Political campaign hun lai ang nen chuan a inang zui mawh duh khawp asin! Fiscal status hi siam that a har teh a nia; pawisa NOTE siam chur chur a lo ni ber hauh si lo! India Prime Minister hi Obama hian rawn sela; a fuh khawpin ka ring. Man Mohan Singh hi economy-ah chuan ka ringin ka chhuang.

    Lily-Parmawia’n a cheng a hre hneh … Rise and Fall, Decline tih thumal hi kan chunga a thlen hun lai a awm ngei ngei thin! Chu chuan “odds and evens” a awmtir chiah thin reng a ni. Jonas Brothers lawm rual lek President neih te hi chu a!

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  4. 4
    Aryan Says:

    US budget deficit hi an sawi ri chhen a , China pawh hian budget deficit chu anei ve tho sia ha ha

    China plans to post a US$139 billion budget deficit for 2009, Bloomberg reported, citing the China Business Journal. According to the Chinese publication’s report, which sourced the information from an unnamed person who is familiar with the matter, the plan has been submitted to the National People’s Congress for review. It is claimed that the deficit would be the highest since Communist China was founded in 1949.


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