Mizo Gothic Band Thar

July 19th, 2008 2:05 am by ThugAngel a.k.a Hipholik

The Scavenger Project
Image: The band’s myspace profile

Rosy Vocals, Lr-a Vocals, Victor Guitars,
Jonah Bass, John Drums

Mizo band pawh engemawzah thawm kan lo hre ve ta a, an thawm pawhin Hamaradesh a dengchhuak ve fo ta mai. Hetiang a nih avang hian band dang pawh an rawn chhuah zel a rinawma, rawn chhuak zel bawk rawh se.

Tuna ka band rawn sihhmuh tur cheu hi Magdalene-a tel thin Victor leh IIIrd Sovereign-a tel thin hruipui pui Jonah te telna Band a ni a, an ni bakah hian Drop Doubt Drummer John te an tel nawk mai.

Tunah hian hla 4 vel zet chu an siam ve tawh. An Demo thawnin a zir bawk aniang AIRTEL INDEPENDENCE ROCK XXIII-a zai turin an lo thlang nghal nawlh mai! An lawmpuiawm khawp mai.

1st August hian The Apartment, Kolkata-ah Regional Elims an Play dawn, khalama awmte khan lo tawiawm ngei ang che u…

Band dang leh zaithiam dang ang lo takin Video siama inthehlar hmasak an mamawh lo tih achiang, tuna an an hla Records pawh hi Live Drums vekin Scavenger Records-ah an record ve ngat a ni. Drummer an sawiselna thin Programming pawh kha thai bo theih a ni ve ta, a va lawmawm zel em!!!

You can check them out at:

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49 Responses to “Mizo Gothic Band Thar”

  1. 1
    benjamin Says:

    Jonah pawh samsei tawh lo ni maw. Tu nge Rosy hi :-) Kawrfual dum ha :-)

    Thugangel, ti tha khawp mai. Thugangel hian hmanah Magdelene an rawn lar tak tak hma khan a rawn ziak tawh, misual.com in WordPress ni lo Drupal kan hman laiin.

    An video en a chakawm hle mai. myspace an hla pahnih kha chu ka ngai thla.

    myspace profile neih nghal hi a tha ka ti lutuk. Demand Channel atanga bul tan ai chuan, music play te ngaihtuah in tih tur dik tak an ti.

    Facebook/Orkut te pawh community build tum se. Tin YouTube ah te pawh.

    Marie Digby leh Mia Rose te hi YouTube atang lar chhuak an nia



    Tin, last.fm ah te pawh profile nei se. Chuan last.fm artist royalty te pawh hi a ti chi loh maw?

    “We will be paying artists directly.

    We already have licenses with the various royalty collection societies, but now unsigned artists can put their music on Last.fm and be paid directly for every song played. ”

    BBC Sound Index ah Mizo kan lan hun a nghahhlei awm khawp mai

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  2. 2
    mama Says:

    an tha don hlom khop mai,, drummer john hi mizo ah chuan thiam ka ti ber a ni… video en a va chak om toh ve..

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  3. 3
    tluangz Says:

    Victor poh hi thiam tak a ni, ka hriatchian ve awmchhun a nia…(a pa pawh ka hria..hahhaha) band thra tak an nih theih nan duhsakna ka hlan e…

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  4. 4
    tluangz Says:

    Rosy chu HELP ! tih various artist-in an sak ami kha a nih hmel e… ka hriatsualloh chuan Chanmari ah a la awm em aw….

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  5. 5
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    rosy chu va hot chick reuh ve! personally, i find some gothic (metal) bands a kinda satanic-ish and too dark for my taste…ka hlau deuh reuh a thren phei chu….an vaiin tih na ni lovin. kan lo sr ve ta hle a niang. Rap/hip-hop te hi chu an sual hmel em² na in a´n satanic vak ka ti lo. Anyway, good luck!

    nia, Ben sawi ang hian orkut/youtube atrangte hian lar theih khawp mai. Esmee Denters, netherlands pawh regular high school girl atrangin USA ah record deal te, oprah show a guest te a ni ta hial ( just from her youtube vids). Justin timberlake phei chuan a hla a sa thiam a ti lutuk a, a takin a zai pui hial!!

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  6. 6
    Siamtea Says:

    Tunge an Producer? A pawimawh a nia aw ! – Promotion, Branding leh thil dang te hi Producer vengva tak in hneh tak a a hrual vel a ngai. Else you remain and wither as an underground band, with low scale album release(s) and lots of bootlegs floating around.

    1. Branding – Overall identity (including sound & album themes), Manage media outreach, appearences – media, tours (headline or support, set list, special appearances, inchei dan, showmanship, Album & merchandize design, other touchpoints (online)
    2. Promotion – recording label contract, sponsorhips
    3. Legal aspects & contracts – joint projects, 3rd party songs, copyrights, Insurance, Agreements for tours & appearances.
    4. Intra band conflict resolution.

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  7. 7
    xTx Says:

    rosy chu chhiatloh hmel khop mai……

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  8. 8
    spikey Says:

    I wont say Gothic—but then its just me,…

    Class nei deuhin a tir atang in din chho zel se ka duh, Rs1000 budget music video siam mai mai lovin..chuan in la underground ltk lo se…underground vak hian awmzia a anei tawh lo tun ang hunah..

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  9. 9
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Gothic? mak awm ve… Mizo a Gothic…a Mongoloid Gothic hairehai……

    like Spikey says,” but then, it’s just me…just an ol’ me”

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  10. 10
    wonderboy Says:

    Gothic lampang hi 2003 vel atang khan ka lo tuipui ve tan toh a hetianga ka mizo pui te ngei in ‘gothic band’ an han din ve thei hi ka lom bon top2!! An music ngaihthlak chhin a chak om hle mai..
    An kal zel naah duhsangna sang ber ka hlan e..
    Tin, Evanesense hi gothic band an ni ziah lo…!
    don’t go away by Era, Seawinds by Therion te hi lo ngaithla chhin teh, i mur er er mai ang…;-)

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  11. 11
    khreuh Says:

    goth or goth rock = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_rock
    musical style: a style of popular music that combines features of heavy metal with punk
    A style of rock music that often evokes bleak, lugubrious imagery.

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  12. 12
    khreuh Says:

    @wonderboy, i hla lo soi tak khi chu a gothic na vak kava hrelo ve…Originally bands from the genre(Gothic Rock) had strong ties to the English punk rock and emerging post-punk styles..it should be heavy metal with punk to call it gothic rock

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  13. 13
    father_sphinx Says:

    An style riau ni

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  14. 14
    spikey Says:

    run away kha nalh khawp mai… love it! download theih hial se ka van ti ve..

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  15. 15
    myself Says:

    An pic chu an la thiam hle mai a..a nalh khawp mai!!

    Eng Gothic chu ni ta ber a??

    Ei zawnna tlak khawp in han trang sauh sauh teh se.

    Airtel sawi tak ah chuan an ringtone hi AR Rahman phuah ani e an tia a dik em?? Vawi khat Theatre ah movie kan en trum in, Jana gana mana kha AR Rahman buatsaih an rawn sak tir thut mai a, mipui kan ding suau mai a, a tawp ah Airtel tih hi an rawn ziak a…grrrrrrr!

    An nula hi chu kanidari sep zawm tur atan khek hrih ang, ani hetiang lam a thiamna fal nei ania, lo sawi ve ngawt chuan ka lo chawknu zo ang tih a hlauhawm :)

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  16. 16
    wonderboy Says:

    from where do punk rock get its influence?? Is it invented?? music genre evolve from one genre 2 another genre.
    rock genre hnuai ah hian subgenre eng zat tak awm ang mo? Subgenre hnuai a band tam tak hian hla ‘cool’ an nei deuh vek a tih thei ang.
    Gothic genre ah hian subgenre tam tak a awm a, chung ho zing a band thenkhat hla ‘cool’ ka ron tarlang mai ni e bmw ngaihthlak atan….a gothic ngoih2 e tihna lam poh a ni lo.
    era= celtic, nightwish= symphonic, therion=symphonic rock, lacuna coil,TOT, Epica, Skillet, Thelarion, Rhapsody…style hrang vek an nei a mahse gothic genre hnuai ami vek tho an ni e.

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  17. 17
    Awzzman Says:

    a va ang reuh ve a……….. Victor a hi chu thiam tops!!

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  18. 18
    Thirkut Says:

    Goth a tan chuan an va hlim hmel ve.

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  19. 19
    mama Says:

    an hla chu nalh reuh khop mai a. band hrang hrang a experience nei toh an lo ni bawk a….

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  20. 20
    Tawia Pachuau Says:

    An hla hi ka ngaithla a, Rosy o hi a Opera Singer… a polh nalh khop mai

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  21. 21
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Wonderboy: Evanesense have some goth’s songs but cannot be called Gothic but not Marlyn Manson as some people thought…critics says,” he’s not Gothic but just weird” lol . Gothic is punk rock, post-punk and new waves mixed like Billy Idol, Iggy Pop (classic) it’s just some new alternative music i should say eventhough it has been around since the 70’s…. that is how it sounds to my ear anyways… hairehai

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  22. 22
    TigerLeapingGeorge Says:

    Just listened to Signs. Interesting. I mean the genre “Mizo Gothic”. Victor knows his tones. Very refreshing. Drums are ok. Vocals seemed a little forced. Bass needs to be less wooly. Anyway, who cares about what I think? This band would have had potential 10 years back.

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  23. 23
    bahadurapu Says:

    rin aii deih in an tha tlat maii a…duhsakna sang tak ka hlan e !!

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  24. 24
    xTx Says:

    keipoh k rin aiin gothic lo tlat… a nalh ve khop mai an demo kha…

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  25. 25
    perez_suala Says:

    rosy khi hmani lok-a a thlalak darh teuh kha….a bialpa ka hria…LPS.. lampang ti mai ng

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  26. 26
    perez_suala Says:

    sry…..an band chu that hmel khp mai…pretty good…..so long magdalene

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  27. 27
    Val_brosky Says:

    Gothic music hi ka music lawm vak loh pawl ami a ni tlats. Thiante’n an sawi nasa thei sia, nalh tih tum deuha ngaihthlak ka tum pon ka thei ngang lo. kan lo upa ta deuh a ni, hman ai kha chuan. :)

    Victor-a ka hria, kan kawmthlangah an om, mahse min hre lo. Rosie-i ka hria, min hre lo. Tha deuhin ti zel teh u khai. Best of luck!

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  28. 28
    Pachebuaia Says:

    Listened to ‘signs’ and it was good, but can’t help but feel a heavy presence “evanescence” in the whole arrangement.

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  29. 29
    dultea Says:

    Rosy hi an la nghet ta a mi? Nimin Local channel ah kha chuan hmuipuipu tur atan gothic lam sa thei hmeichhia an duh thu an la chhuah chauh kha ani sia

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  30. 30
    ThugAngel Says:

    In lo Komen sap2 a, in ti tha hlawm e….

    Band Line up hi a chiang thei lo…a chhan chu The Scavenger Project a nih angin Project a ni a, a kalpui tu ber chu Victor leh Jonah hi an ni a, midang hi chu remchang dan azirin an la inthlak zauh zauhin arinawm…

    Tuna Band Line up chu hetiangin Vocals: Lungmuana, Vocals / Samplers: Tha ACE, Guitars: Victor, Bass: Jonah, Drums: John te an ni e…

    An Genre chungchang pawh hi ka rawn Post dawn khan awlsam leh Interesting deuh tura ringing Gothic Band thar kan ti ngawt a…an Myspace Page in Chek out chuan Genre-ah Gothic / Progressive / Alternative tih a nih deuh nuaih kha…a chhan chu Genre khat chauh kalpui an tum lem lo a nih hmel…

    Tuna an Line Up ka rawn tarlan ho zawng hi Indepence Rock-a inlan tura tih chiang an ni, an Music tur pawh hi an Jam dan azirin arawn chhuak nawlh mai ang…

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  31. 31
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    @my boy, wonderboy: ka ngaithla e. ka mur chem² lo na a, nalh ve khawp a lawm.

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  32. 32
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Val_brosky : Rap hi music ah ka chhiar thei hlawl lova, ka chhiar kumkhua ngai dawn bawk hek lo. Chu tih loh chu music a nih hi chuan ka ngaithla thei vek maiin ka hria. Duh deuh bik erawh ka nei thin. Anyways, there’s a saying,” a house without music is a dead house”. excluding rap :P

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  33. 33
    Zorun Says:

    Music Video an tihchhuah hmain Album siam phawt se, a tha ang. Single song lek record a, music video siama, in la caleb nghal ta mai hi kan tam ta lua hretin ka hria.

    Victora hi a idea reuh khawp mai. Gospel kher lo lamah hian kal ta zawk se te ka ti mai mai a. Hetiang lam hi kan pu “myself” hian sawi tur a ngah ka ring a. A ni hetiang lam lo daizau tawh leh vawi duailo Vai karah pawh lo su hlah hlah tawh kha a ni a. Aizawlah hian Guitar lession institute hawng se ka lo ti ve mai mai thina.. mahse chutianga a buai hunah erawh kan zingah tel hman tawh dawn si lo, a buaithlak dawn hle mai..:)

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  34. 34
    Zorun Says:

    heheh, pu vanga chu, yah yah, check, check it out, etc.. vel i ngai thei vaklo a va ni awm ve..:)

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  35. 35
    GOOSH Says:

    Pu vanga ti a koh tham ala ni love…. Naupang mai alom a la nih!!! eh eh!!!! Rosie hi a hmel leh gothic a va inhmeh ve a….. tunge photographer ooo!!!!

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  36. 36
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    GOOSH sawi hi Zorun a dik thei mai lo maw, naupang mai kan la ni si a… only a little overage for KTP eh huh hairehai….

    Zorun; An hmui hi thui pin sak ania ka nap hlawm ni :D

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  37. 37
    zrm-a Says:

    Nalh khawp mai, Changkang khawp mai!

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  38. 38
    Zorun Says:

    hehe, a lawmawm zawkah i ngai phawt ang aw valpui..:)

    Rap hi keipawh ka ngaina hran lo va, hla thu tha dueh deuh ho leh music nalh tak tak ho hi chu han ngaihthlak ve zawk hi chu ka nei thin. Entirna: Where is the Love etc.. vel te kha a tha phian. Mahse a one man band lutuk deuh thin a tiraw…:)

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  39. 39
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Rap ah hla thu a awm ka lo hre ngai hleinem Valpui. ziah sa an dah ve ngai a nih pawn, an thusawi tur an ziak a ni mai lawm ni, (zai hek lo). Hla thu chu sak tur ani in ka hre bawk si a. Music chu a tum tum a tum (played) a ni bawk si a, rap chu record sa/ awmsa an switched on a rawn ri ve mai a ni si a, VAI vawih tluk ah pawh ka dah lo a ni ber e.

    Zorun: youtube ah toby mac lo ngaithla ve chhin teh…Tunlai Kristian music lar pawl a nia helam ah chuan…

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  40. 40
    GOOSH Says:

    midang sawisel nuam ti ve tur hrim hrim a piang te pawh kan awm nawk mai!!!!! Mizoram hi kan lo thang nasa hleeeee mai!!!! AMEN!!!

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  41. 41
    dultea Says:

    @wonderboy : Ka beng hriatna hi a dik lo nge maw ni Evanescence ho music kal dan hi keichuan Gothic Rock ah ka lo puang ve hmiah asin

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  42. 42
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    @dultea and wonderboy:

    Evanescence chung changa, ka thianpa wikipedia sawi dan chuan
    ”In the mid and late 1990s, major record labels, particularly in the United States and Germany, began marketing hard rock and metal acts as “gothic” or “industrial” bands. The formerly underground subcultural aesthetic of goth was incorporated into the sound and image of several popular mainstream bands such as HIM, Marilyn Manson, and more recently bands like Evanescence and Within Temptation, although these bands did not produce goth rock.”

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  43. 43
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    The Scavenger Project! chu an hla 2 an dah kha kan ngaithla a, an hmeichhe aw chu Gothic Rock atan chuan a tha ka van ti vele. Thlep kual nalh ve tak a ni…an hla SIGNS ah khan a aw a nalh in beng a tlai ve hle mai.

    Keep it up.

    GOOSH hi a ggosh hmel… = thin awrh hairehai :P no offence this is mi sual

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  44. 44
    liquidsnake Says:

    when will people realise that … music is not all about making money……………………. carry on whatever u r doing… express yourselves.. entertain….whateva… don’t do it for the sake of just doin it!! just rock on! enjoy..wateva u r doin…

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  45. 45
    kanidar Says:

    @myself pawh hi youtube vel atanga lar chhuak a nia :-)

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  46. 46
    Billy Joe Says:

    Within Temptation, Nemesea, Epica etc. te hla ang vela hla nalh leh pui an sa chhuak thei angem le??? Taka, Rosie-i hi a (home) picture ka hmu tawh, a chhelo reuh teu teu lutuk, he he heeeee.

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  47. 47
    ammi Says:

    pic lak vel dan chu amy lee style top..nway its all good..keep it up!!

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  48. 48
    mi(sual).com » Blog Archive » The Scavenger Project - Signs Says:

    […] Here’s the virgin music video in YouTube from The Scavenger Project. […]

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  49. 49
    alkaline recipes Says:

    alkaline recipes…

    […]Mizo Gothic Band Thar | mi(sual).com[…]…

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