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A press release issued by MPF District Forum, C.A.D.C. area Hqrs. Kamalanagar, CADC

A team comprising the Office Bearer of Mizoram People Forum, District Hqrs. Kamalanagar CADC have met with both the President of the Chakma District MNF and Chakma District Congress Committee respectively at their Offices on 2nd June 2008 and have discussed the contraversial Village Council Electionin the CADC to be held on 6th June 2008.

The team first met with Mr. Rashik Mahan Chakma, President CDMNF and his colleagues Mr. Alok Bikash Chakma, MLA & Vice President CDMNF, Mr. Prema Ranjan Chakma MDC, Mr. H. Amarseh Chakma, MDC and Mr. Gokul Chandra Chakma, former CADC Chairman at around 2:30 p.m. at the Office Chamber and asked their opinions, grievances and reasons for called on boycott to VC Election in CADC. They replied that the reason behind their ongoing boycott is to protest the mass delection of voters from the E/Roll and inclusion of minor citizens and foreigners in the E/Roll prepared by the CADC Govt. led by INC. They said that the publication of the E/Roll for VC Election in 2008 is absolutely illegal and unsatisfactory owing to not fooled any norms while preparing the said E/Roll.

Secondly, the team met with Adikanta Tong, President, CDCC & Adviser to CEM, exactly at 4:30 p.m. at the CEM Office Chamber and in presence of Mr. Kali Kumar Tong, CEM, CADC. There the team placed the grievances of the CDMNF and sought their opinions and suggestions on it. They said that they have no faults in the preparation of the said E/Roll as the Govt. have no hand on it preparation which was done by the Returning Officer & LAO independently without having any intervention and disturbance from INC and its led Govt. They further said that the E/Roll was prepared as per normal procedures following all norms and rules before its final publication. They condemned the activities of Mr. Rashik Mahan Chakma, MDC, MR. Gokul Chandra Chakma, former CADC Chairman, MDC to the ARO i/c Barapansury Circle and Mr. H. Amaresh Chakma, MDC to the ARO i/c K’nagar Circle, and also Mr. Hiranand Tong, MDC to the ARO i/c New Jognasury Circle on 31st May 2008 on the nomination file day.

Similarly, the team met with the Returning Officer of VC Election in CADC and other Assistant Returning Officers and have taken their personal views and problems faced by them on the Nomination file day – the 31st May 2008. The Returning Officer, Mr. Hriday Kamal Chakma explained the questions asked by the team on regard of the preparation of the E/Roll, including addition & deletion of voters from the E/Roll. He replied that he had prepared the said E/Roll as per norms and rules. He said that before its final publication, he invited claims and objections from any person for inclusion or deletion in the said E/Roll. And evenafter its publication, he invited any person to detect any minors or foreigners included in the said E/Roll for which he wanted to take necessary actions. Hence, the allegation made by the CDMNF is purely baseless. Whereas, Mr. Gyana Dhan Chakma, ARO i/c BPS Circle explained the reason that he could not received any Nomination papers from any candidates owing to the forceful seizure of documents by Mr. Rashik Mahan Chakma, MDC & President, CDMNF, Mr. Gokul Chandra Chakma, former Chairman CADC, and Mr Doyal Kumar Chakma, former MDC along with their supporters on the way to his Office. Whereas Mr Kali Kumar Tong, ARO i/c NJS Circle explained the inciedent occured at his Office that Mr. Hiranand Tong, MDC forcefully thrown away the files containing all necessary documents which later destroyed by the supporters of CDMNF. Whereas, Mr Nirun Moy Chakma, ARO i/c K/nagar explained the incidents happened inside his Office room that he received a file containing Nomination papers of INC candidates. But soon the file was switched and thrown away by Mr H Amaresh Chakma, MDC which was later burned to ashes by the boycott group. Also, Mr Nira Kumar Chakma ARO i/c Longpuighat Circle explained that while he was going to his Office, some CDMNF supporters blocked him an snatched all the documents of election process and tore all of them then and there.

In such a circumstance, the team still could not give any comment which side is wrong or right, but it shall come after having other informations.

On 3rd June, 2008, the CADC District MPF convened a Joint Committee Meeting consisting of all the leaders of local NGOS and inviting both the leaders of CDMNF and CDCC to have a mutual discussion on the matters of VC Election to make it free and fair and bring possible peace and tranquility during the said VC Election. In the said meeting, a resolution was taken to make a special request to both the said political parties to have peaceful VC Election in 19 VCs, as per the R.O. decision. And for the conduct of election of the remaining 50 VCs, (For which Nomination file could not be done or submitted by any candidates ) a special request to be made before the leaders of both parties to have a mutual discussion as soon as possible. And accordingly, a letter was submitted to both the parties by the MPF, CADC on behalf of all the local NGOS.

Further, the MPF committee, CADC area shall take any necessary initiative to make the said election to be free and fair and to promote peace & tranquility for the people of CADC.
By :
Secretary, MPF, District Hqrs : Kamalanagar, CADC
Dated K/nagar the 4th June’ 2008.

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