Racial profiling at club, North-East girl denied entry

June 30th, 2008 9:03 am by Pachebuaia

New Delhi: In a disturbing incident of alleged racism at a popular club in South Delhi a girl from the North-East was barred entry on the basis of where she is from

Source: ibnlive.com

The reality is that we face racial discrimination….. It’s about time we stood up and make ourselves heard.

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    vaiho hi ka chenpui tawh te chuan inngaihtlawm hi an hrethiam khawp mai.Surprised Birthday gift leh celebration te min tih sak a kha mi tum a mi kha chu a inseng fet ang.A cake lei a chhah in a lian em mai …

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  2. 52
    mi(sual).com » Blog Archive » Urban Pind, A Dog And Urban Pinch Says:

    […] serious incidents occurred in the Capital city that involves us- people from the North East. One, a media professional from Nagaland was prohibited from entering a public lounge bar, Urban Pind, on their expat night just because she was from the North East. Secondly, a research […]

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    mi(sual).com » Blog Archive » Urban Pind apologies Says:

    […] Apology Issued By Urban Pind Management Following Incident of Racial Discrimination […]

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    Kimas Says:

    Ngaihnawm khawp mai. Han thawh zel teh u a.

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