iPhone 3G may cost a lot in India!

June 30th, 2008 2:01 am by TheHumanBot

The $199 price is a hugely subsidised one, subsidised by the US operator AT&T. Market researcher iSuppli has just estimated that mobile phone service providers are subsidising each handset to the extent of $300.

Economic Times

Like others I imagine the iPhone to cost not more than 10,000 INR because Steve said maximun of 199 USD anywhere in the world. But I watched the video again, his exact words were “in ALMOST everyone of these countries, the price is a maximum of 199”

Airtel and Vodafone are tight lipped about the price.

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6 Responses to “iPhone 3G may cost a lot in India!”

  1. 1
    delhi_zo_run Says:

    last year october i bought iphone in Hong Kong at a price of Rs. 37,000/- INR.

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  2. 2
    Wish_Bone Says:

    Awi, i van hausa bik. I iphone man khan ka semester khat fee leh mess fee a pel zan zan mai.(pocket money tiam lovin). :)

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  3. 3
    benjamin Says:

    Canada ho pawh an lom vak lo.
    Steve a open letter an thawn

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  4. 4
    benjamin Says:

    In the future, AT&T will offer a no-contract-required option for $599 (8GB) or $699 (16GB).

    599 U.S. dollars = 25714.7763 Indian rupees
    khitiang em em chu India ah chuan ni em lovang chu. Contract nen an hralh ngei a nga.

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  5. 5
    benjamin Says:

    iPhone to be costliest in India on lack of subsidy

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  6. 6
    ÑËÎÌ ÒÐÓÁÛ Says:



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