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May 5th, 2008 2:02 am by TheHumanBot

I ‘ve always thought Mizos in Kolkata are hard to find in the online world. May be they quite invaded the IRC channels where I do not set foot. I ‘ve met a lot(Mizos) online but never anyone from Kolkata.

Doing a search of domains (using namedroppers.com) containing the words “kolkata” and “mizo”, there is one domain kolkatamizostudents.org and there is a website alive! It’s the website of Kolkata Mizo students. Welcome aboard! Finally, a Mizo community website based out of Kolkata.

Your first destination – the photo gallery :-) Registered on Nov 22, 2007! Quite new! No wonder we did not know it exists.

A quick search on Orkut reveals there exists Kolkata-Mizo community with 121 members, far behind BANGALORE MIZO (200 members) and Chennai Mizo (181 members).

Delhi Mizo has 248 members and Delhi Mizo Zirlai Pawl (DMZP) community alone has 124! Considering Chennai shouldn’t have more than 400 Mizos, it’s surprising Chennai Mizo community has 181 members!

Whatever, I still think Kolkata Mizos have lesser presence on the Internet (at least the areas frequented by Mizos beside IRC).

What could be the reason? Could it be it’s geographical closeness to Mizoram having less or no need to get online to connect with other Mizos?

Recently, two Mizos girls from Kolkata who are in Bangalore for an intern at The Leela Palace hotel came over and seeing me opening misual.com, they asked “What is this thing! Our classmate used to receive emails from misual.com”. Unwilling to let the cat out of the bag, I said “uhhh he must subscribing (to our rss-email newsletter)” :-)

I also tried calcutta+mizo on namedroppers.com. None.

On the other hand, whos.amung.us maps shows misual.com visitors are pretty much spread out across all corners of India. See the picture:


Anyone from Kolkata?

Also, I found less than two month old guwahatimizo.org.

This was future posted on May 2. Community member number was as of May 2.

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13 Responses to “Mizo website from Kolkata”

  1. 1
    father_sphinx Says:

    Orkut community ah hi chuan duh duhin an join thei si a. for eg. Delhi a awm kher lo te pawhin Delhi Mizo Community emaw DMZP community te chu an join nasa ltk. A chhan chu, miin an invite thin a, miin mi a invite chuan chutah chuan awm kher lo mahse, a lo tlawmngaih join sak ve thin. Chutiang bawkin state dang community pawh hi an nih ka ring. A diktakah chuan hetiang em emin an tam lo ang.

    Delhi ho hian orkut ah hian community an nei thahnem hle a, Delhi Mizo (248 members), DMZP (125 members), Delhi Mizo Medical (18 members), Aurobindo Bial Mizo (65 members), Delhi Mizo Choir (52 members), an uar mah mah.. lolz.

    Kolkata Mizo chu ni e, online community velah hian an tam lo nge an inlar vak lo ka ti. Bangalore hi an tam ber tih theih a ni a. Mak khawp mai.

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  2. 2
    Naupang-Fel Says:

    @bena – No wonder we never (k)new it’s existence! Kut zungpui tin sei vang emi ni leh pek? :P

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  3. 3
    father_sphinx Says:

    Before, I use to wonder why any mizo on the net are always from Bangalore? :D

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  4. 4
    Naupang-Fel Says:

    Before, I used to wonder why father_sphinx used to wonder why any mizo on the net are always from Bangalore? :D

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  5. 5
    benjamin Says:

    Thank you for proofreading!

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  6. 6
    kanidar Says:

    May be because Bangalore is known to be the Silicon Valley of India.

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  7. 7
    The_Chhamanator Says:

    Try searching for Allahabad Mizo on Orkut :)

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  8. 8
    cbgr Says:

    Ben, thats an useful observation on Kolkata Mizos!
    Surprised no Kolkatans have responded so far.
    Nos. of reasons could be (as provided by an old friend from kol) :-
    1. They do not idle their times around the net.
    2. They are self-content due to geographical proximity with home and less need for a social network in the net (as observed).
    3. They are busy looking after transit-friends/relatives/medical patients.
    4. The Thalai wing supports 1 missionary and hence most spent their time on praising & worshipping the Lord.
    and the list goes on….

    However, there are also some hardcore net users too right from the IRC
    zenith back in the late 90s be it IRC, ICQ, iZawl.com. A nick (of a calcuttan) even featured in a leading aizawl local magazine article on the IRC menace.

    Another contrasting local observation is that most of the cybercafes in localities with high concentration of mizo students are much frequented by mizos. While some of them are equipped with cable/broadband internet connections at their rented house too.
    Further research/observation is open…

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  9. 9
    Sandman Says:

    Ben said:
    I ‘ve met a lot(Mizos) online but never anyone from Kolkata.


    Well, Ben, there is this one girl from Cal, her online nick is AlleyMcBlue, but then, yeah, you won’t know her. You don’t know her. And guess you have never heard of her before too. Somebody once told me she is a very fun girl, but I forgot who… :-D

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  10. 10
    benjamin Says:

    I know her :-) actually her nick is aLLy_mC_bLuE :-) when I met her she was in Gurgoan :-)

    So actually, I didnot meet her over Kolkata cyberspace:-)

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  11. 11
    Sandman Says:

    hmmm… capital letters thlengin la hre thlaps a ni maw?

    Time for song request!


    I tan chauh ti a,
    Kum tam a liam hnu in,
    Hmangaihna parmawi ber,
    Thliakin ka rawn hawn che.
    Mahse, tawn loh kara
    khan maw duhlai mi u;
    Suihlung min lo hersan.
    Aw ana ana em mai.

    I hmangaihna min hlan ve hi
    Lungngaihna mai a ni.
    Ka dawn ngam lo.
    Hmangaih mampui
    Nangnen a kan lenlai ni te kha



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  12. 12
    Rinasol Says:

    kolkatta lam atang chuan ka tlem deuh pawh a ni mahna, Bakah mahni ina internet thlun hi kan intih hmuh vak lo niin ka hria. kei chu han neih takah chuan zan tin hi chuan k alut deuh ziah thin a, kolkatta awm ka chhar thar tak pawh hi ka hre vak lo,

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  13. 13



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