“My Village” – An Essay

April 14th, 2008 2:01 am by ZoRawks

“My Village” tih thupui hmanga Mizo Nula pakhat essay ziah hei ka rawn post e!!


My native village is Phuaibuang which is situated in the North-eastern corner of Mizoram. It is on the boundary between Mizoram and Manipur. Being on top of the Hill, it is 6000 ft from sea level. The tropic of cancer passes through the state. The village gets tropical climate. The temperature of the village is not so hot during summer and not so cold during winter too. It receives rains from the south west monsoon. It is bounded like a ring by a river called Tuivai River. The river rises on the boundary of Manipur and flows westward and reached the river Tuiruang. The river has been surveyed for Hydel Projects generated at least 160 M.W. per day. The central government in collaboration with the state government has been taking up the work of the project foundation. It is expected to complete the project within ten years.

Being situated on the North Eastern Corner of the state, road transportation is the main hindrances for the development of the village in regards to the disposal of the products of the villagers. There is suspension bridge over the river Trival which is used for plying light vehicles during dried season. During rainy season, the road transportation was under blockage. The village was thus completely isolated from the rest of the village and become difficult in getting supply of daily needs and consumption if the village is not self sufficient in food stuffs. Now the state Government is constructing double lane road from Saitual, Phullen, Phuaibuang and may be commissioned within three years if work is taken up within three years if work is taken up continuously. After completion of the road the village would not be in starvation.

Till date, the village is rich in natural forest. Timber, canes and bamboos are the main produces of the village. They build their houses by means of these forest products. Some of the buildings of the village are having thatched roofings whereas some are Assam type buildings having GCI sheet roofings. The product of cane is worth mentioned. The canes are generally 400 ft long and are used for main string of suspension bridge over the river Tuivai. As time went on and with the development of the state, rope Way Bridge was constructed in place of it. The villagers could have passed through the river in all seasons. At present the forest products like sawn timbers, cane furniture etc are transported through the bridge to nearby villages and eve to the urban areas. Cane is useful for different types of furniture, baskets for carrying edible items and for keeping and stocking of the agricultural products of the village.

Institutions open from primary to high school level. Education is not up to the mark due to lack of proper institutions. Lack of proper infrastructure is the main drawback which directly effects the growth of the development. Many schools have now been provincialised by the State Government. Every year students passed their examinations and have been continuing their further studies not only to the urban areas but in outside the states of Mizoram as well for procuring better and updated knowledge. The village produces many brilliant students who are now occupying very high status in the Government jobs both the states and the central.

Agriculture is the main stay and occupation of the villagers. The method of agriculture is jhuming cultivation. Jhuming cultivation means shifting cultivations every year. They cut the forest and burnt it for cultivation of crops like rice, millet, maize, banana, ginger, potatoes, and variety of oil seeds, green and red chillies, passion fruits and grapes. These are abundantly raised by the villagers. Special mention may be made in regard to the growing of the passion fruits. 50% of the total passion fruit produced is from this village. It has been clear that if the government take initiative part and give special attention to this village, they will be able to increase their produce enormously. It would be profitable for the government if proper industries are set up in this village as the climate is ideal for all types of crops, fruits and spices. The government will earn revenue besides the grower gets a huge profit. The surplus produces would be exported to the nearby villages and to the urban too.

The villagers worshipped god and goddess whom they knew not as Paul said in Act 17:23. With the passage of time Christianity was brought in by the Westerners in 1894 and the people of the whole state embraced Christianity. The religion of this village becomes Christianity. Christian way of life is their main source of cultural and religious development. They continued their traditional culture over and above of the western culture based on Christianity. Christianity brings peace and harmony amongst the people of the village. They help one another and maintained love among the neighbors by virtue of their Christianity spirit. Many talented and spiritual believers composed many songs which are sung together. There are around 7 churches in my village. Presbyterian occupied majority of the number of churches. I am also brought up in the guidance of Presbyterian doctrine. There are also number of missionaries in my village who are serving in India and abroad. Many youth and teenagers have projected for the development of the villages through the guidance of church elders. Christianity builds unity among the people and family. Almost all the mizo’s are singers. Their fame goes to India and abroad. The Mizos as a whole are having many songs to be sung in time of services, in time of joy and in time of mischief’s. This may be one type of miracles as not found in other societies or communities.

The cultural and social life of the villagers is simple and comfortable. They are contented with what they have. They are energetic and hard working. They went to the jhums early in the morning and worked their till evening. They love one another and respect superiors. The head of the family was the father who administers day to day family administration. He had the highest power over his family. Before Independence of India, the village had chief who had the highest authority up death sentence his subjects. But India got Independence from the Britisher’s and the village had also got Democratic type of Government in which the people could be able to interfere in the affairs of the administration of the village. The village was rich in culture. Chheih lam, which are popularly known by the village as known in urban areas. There are numbers of traditional songs composed by the talented persons. They also composed gospel songs which entered good and evil days. If any of the villagers died, not only relations but all the grown up villagers man and woman run into the bereaved family and spent the whole night by singing songs of meant for the effected family. To console the breaved family after the dead buried, they stayed with them for three consecutive nights and rendered helps to the bereaved family as much as possible. The common language in my village is Hmar and Mizo. Apart from this almost all the young generations could speak and write English, and Hindi by few.

Four brooks pass through the village. The brook raises from top of the hill above and feed the villagers on al seasons. Water procured from the brooks is pure and cold. The water is used for cleaning their clothes, utensils besides drinking. The villagers took bath twice in a day. The village authority preserves water for drinking in some points which are not used for other purposes except drinking. Sanitation is way of living of the village which is worth mentioning. There is primary Health centre where doctor and nurses work for the welfare and health of the villagers. Malaria is still No.1 enemy of the village. The villagers are encouraged to do away of the terrible diseases. With the help of the state government eradications

Programs are in full serving and malaria will be eradicated soon in the village.

With the advance of time, my village receives progress in all fields of development. Government encouraged the villagers to get permanent farms. The villagers got initiated and most of the villagers are now having permanent farms. This brings economic development in my village. The government renders helps to those who have opted permanent farming by making terrace through mechanization. Agricultural development is gaining grounds. The village people now have an opportunity to sell out their surplus produces to the adjoining areas. Much of the agricultural produces are transported to the city like Aizawl. 50% of the daily consumption of the people in urban areas is depending on the supply of the villagers. Weaving, Handicrafts and blacksmith etc are popular cottage industry in the village.

Development in infrastructure took place with the passage of time. The village has now good playing ground. Boys and girls are well-equipped with sport materials like foot balls, hockey stick. Development in the fields of games is taking active parts in the tournament from village to national levels.

May long live my village.

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29 Responses to ““My Village” – An Essay”

  1. 1
    Vladimir Putin Says:

    Ka rin dan chuan he essay hi Class IV zirlai ziah.

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  2. 2
    burgerstud2005 Says:

    BA emaw HSLC levela nula pakhat ziah a nih khi….

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  3. 3
    burgerstud2005 Says:

    A ziak tak tak anih chuan a ziaktu nu hian hetianga public en tur hian a duh ka ring miah lo.

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  4. 4
    samuelapa Says:

    Tu ziak pawh chu ni se, a chhiar ve theih viau a lawm.

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  5. 5
    dumput Says:

    vladamir i over e a:)) class IV zirai ziah a ni awm lo eeee

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  6. 6
    burgerstud2005 Says:

    A ziak tha ka ti.Ka chhiar a,a hman dik lo lai pawh a hmuh theih a.Mahse a sawi tum chu a chiang hle in ka hria.Kan copy teng…ZoRock,a copyright i hauh em .:)

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  7. 7
    myself Says:

    A sawi tum chu a hriat theih khawp alawm..a ti lunglen thlak hle mai! dumput nau saptawng thiam deuh khan han chul mam phei se lang chuan in misual award pek atan kei chu rawt mai ka duh asin ;)

    The Brook’ poem te pawh min hriat chhuah tir hial mai ka ti!
    “I murmur under moon and stars
    In brambly wildernesses;
    I linger by my shingly bars;
    I loiter round my cresses;

    And out again I curve and flow
    To join the brimming river,
    For men may come and men may go,
    But I go on for ever. ” Alfred Lord Tennyson

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  8. 8
    benjamin Says:

    “Nula” a tel tawh hi chuan in thlar thla put hlawm mai :-)

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  9. 9
    Vladimir Putin Says:

    “BA emaw HSLC level” ziah a lo ni maw ? Grammar leh phrase hman dan heti hian lo dah ta sela ( para tawp lam pathum) chhiar a nuam zawk ang em ?

    Anti malaria programs are in full swing and the disease will be eradicated soon in the village.

    With the advance of time, my village has been registering progress in all fields of development. Government encourages the villagers to get permanent farms (instead of shifting ‘jhum’ cultivation using ‘slash and burn’ method). The villagers got convinced and most of the villagers are now developing permanent farms. This brings economic development in my village. The government renders assistance to those who have opted for permanent farming by helping them to make terraces using machines. As a result, agricultural production is increasing. The farmers now have better opportunity to sell their surplus farm products to consumers elsewhere, including Aizawl which depends on farm products from villages upto 50 percent of its needs.. Apart from farming, cottage industries like cotton weaving, making of handicrafts and ironmongery are some other professions in the village

    Development in infrastructure is also taking place with the passage of time. The village s now has good open sports stadium. The youth are well-equipped with sport materials like footballs and hockey sticks. Development in the field of sports is enabling local boys and girls to play active parts in the tournament from inter-village to national levels.

    Long live my village !

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  10. 10
    dumput Says:

    @myself haha i chimawm reuh lutuk!!ka nau khan saptawng a thiam lutuk ka ti hlei nem mizo subject kha a thiam lo lutuk ka ti mai a lawm;))

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  11. 11
    dumput Says:

    as always vladamir putin comment always seems to entertain me :)

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  12. 12
    burgerstud2005 Says:

    Kan venf nula pakhat ziah anih khi…ti mai ilahhh

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  13. 13
    blackmagicwoman Says:

    Zorock hian he a ziaktu nula hi a hmangaih hle ni tur a ni….type thui peih em mai. ‘friends only’ chu ni se 1500 words a chhut chhuah peih ka ring lo :-)

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  14. 14
    samuelapa Says:

    V. Putin hian a thuziak chauh ni lo te pawh a lo edit zui zel lo vang tih a sawi theih loh…. :)

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  15. 15
    myself Says:

    Nasanal-a leh V.Putin te chuan nula thlifim dan an thiam an ti ani lawm ni :)

    @dumput.in sawi tak ah chuan thil awm thei ve tak chu ani e!!Mahse award pek ka rawt tawh na chu ka la let dawn chuang lo!!

    @BW ..hei kan lo rel khawm laih laih a..lehkha phek a ziak anih chuan , hetiang a rawn post tur chuan type chhuah vek angai awm si a, zorock a ziak zawk hi ani thei angem? tih vel te ani essay lam a mi ril te chuan ngaihdan an neih tak daih ni :)

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  16. 16
    myself Says:

    correction ‘nula thlifim’ ni lo in ‘nula thlitfim’ tih zawk tur ani e!

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  17. 17
    solomon_n Says:

    a phak ang tawka aziah a ni awm sia nga ATHA THAWKHAT VIAU ALAWM MAWLE! ka lawmpui reng reng e… article tluan tling taka aziak chhuak thei reng reng khi a ropui thawkhat e…

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  18. 18
    Huiva Says:

    Naupan pakhat “The Cow” Essay ziak pawh kha ziah sei ve a duh sia, hetiang hian a ziak e an ti chu.

    The Cow has five legs. No, no , no, no. The Cow has four legs. Yes, yes, yes, yes. The cow has two tails. No, no, no, no. The Cow has one tail. Yes, yes, yes, yes….

    A taksa peng hrang2 ziah kim vek chuan a sei ve duh khawp e an ti.

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  19. 19
    Aryan Says:

    A thiam khawp a lawm. Phuaibuang khawchhuak, Aizawla BA zir anih phei chuan. High School tam taka politcal appointee english teacher ho aikhan a thiam ka ring tlats. I’m giving her a 4 Star out of 5. :D

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  20. 20
    burgerstud2005 Says:

    Agreed with Aryan=Misual Simon Cowell

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  21. 21
    benjamin Says:

    “The Cow has five legs. No, no , no, no. The Cow has four legs. Yes, yes, yes, yes. The cow has two tails. No, no, no, no. The Cow has one tail. Yes, yes, yes, yes….”


    Tiang deuh hian college ah French essay ka ziak thin.

    My College

    My College is good. My College is very good. I like my college. I really my college. My friends like my college. My Friends really. like my college.

    Chuan pre-semester hi kan nei ve ziah a, paper hi an correct tak tak ngai lo nge maw ni, vawikhat chaih kha English Lecturer khan a paper a sem. A dang chuan an sem ngai lo.

    Ka uang thei khawp mai. Ka ziak char char a, a line tawpna

    “Since I am running out of space here, I am continuing on the next page”

    tih te ka ziah thin :-) Chuan main paper ah kha chuan,

    “For more information visit this website”

    tih teh :-) Leh a source ah khan Lekhabu hming, magazine te kha ka ziah a.

    Vawikhat chiah min man. LAN min zirtirtu sir khan

    “Your paper was interesting but this is not the place to write whatever you know” a ti a nui sung.

    “Your paper was interesting but”

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  22. 22
    ZoRock Says:

    In awih lo mai thei a mahse he Essay ziak tu hi Mizo nula, India ram khawpui pakhat a IIPM atanga MBA zo ngat a nia… a computer atanga ka copy chhuah a ni….

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  23. 23
    Vladimir Putin Says:


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  24. 24
    benjamin Says:

    awih. with the the kind of full page ad IIPM does very often.

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  25. 25
    chabetkaia Says:

    ha ha. Ben sual kher suh.. keichu chhiar theih ve tho ka ti..

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  26. 26
    Plocasti materijali Says:

    aluminjski profili…

    […]“My Village” – An Essay | mi(sual).com[…]…

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  27. 27
    houdini Says:

    Hmanah ka chhiar tawhin ka hria…

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  28. 28
    Happy Deepawali whatsapp status in english Says:

    Happy Deepawali whatsapp status in english

    “My Village” – An Essay | mi(sual).com

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    status for happy Deepawali 2016 Says:

    status for happy Deepawali 2016

    “My Village” – An Essay | mi(sual).com

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