Hey I got nude pics!

March 2nd, 2008 2:01 am by TheHumanBot

I’ve seen places, I’ve seen faces, but when I see websites or blog or any photo gallery that host/holds nude pics of mizo (or mizo related). I felt something inside which I couldn’t spake. Why would a mizo want to do such thing to his fellow mizos? Why would he want to humiliate the whole mizo community?

Many ‘nude’ mizo pics are just a fake, they are being manipulated or enhanced by any Photoshop (etc etc…) users. I’ve been collecting pics and videos of what people said to be mizo porn videos/nude pics. The main reason why I collected these videos are that I want to proof it whether its a fake or not.

eng-kim.blogspot.com (father-a)

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    Backpackers brisbane Says:

    Backpackers brisbane…

    […]Hey I got nude pics! | mi(sual).com[…]…

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  2. 52
    TuaiSialA Says:

    A khai aw..!

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  3. 53
    zualbonez Says:

    oho :-S

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  4. 54
    zoro Says:

    My first comment in Misual.com, with this nn of course.

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