Govt will double IAS intake this year

January 30th, 2008 10:12 am by Vladimir Putin

Times of India reported this morning that 110 IAS officers will be recruited in 2008 against 65 last year. Young women and young men in Mizoram, please note.

NEW DELHI: IAS aspirants may never have had it so good. The Union Public Service Commission has notified a total of 671 vacancies for civil services examinations this year, sharply increasing the number of entrants to the coveted bureaucratic enclaves often described as the “permanent government”.

Source: Times of India

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4 Responses to “Govt will double IAS intake this year”

  1. 1
    burgerstud2005 Says:

    Exam ve tur anih chu.enge ka tlin theih loh ngawt bik ang..ti ve ngawt ila…BA pawh ka pass hawt si lova.IAS ho hi chu an lal lutuk a,IAS an ni lo emaw te an in ti vel thin…veng pakhatah pawh IAS prelim a exam a,a exam zo chu a khaw nawt in an lo hmuak.An han hre chiang a,a optional chauh a lo exam a,GS kha a huphurh lutuk a,a lo exam lo chu niin…

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  2. 2
    Gal220 Says:

    Tuna IAS retired pakhat chuan ka tlin hmain vawi sawm ka appear hman a ti…..tei rei peih te pawh a ngai ve niang…kei chu ka over tawh in ka hria LOLZZZ… over loho kha han tang teh uuuuuuu….vawikhat chu in prepare miahloin ka pe ve ringawt tawh…expi atan…duhthusama in buatsaih tur chuan rilru zawng2 pek a mgai ang…coaching kal lo pawh an tling thei tho ania….zo hnam la leh val rualte in awm mai mai dawn em ni….BA in tamkhaaaaa

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  3. 3
    Hank Williams Says:

    For those who read the news from TOI, it is just so great. This just might be the opprotune time for aspiring candidates. The posts have been doubled, hence more chance for success. This year the available seats are 110, in the two years that follow the seats will be 120 and 130. Mizote i trang ang u. Arunachal nena intrawm tur cadre kan nei maithei bawk a, Mizorama hawna chance a tam viau ang. He bak baka pheichham man a awm chuang lo. Kan thawhrim phawt chuan kan hlawhtling ngei ang. Good luck to all IAS aspirants.

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  4. 4
    benjamin Says:

    Sipai lamah pawh hmun awl a tam. IMA leh NDA ah seat fill up a ni lo

    Just 86 officer recruits enlisted in the current academic session of the British-built Indian military academy, which had vacancies for 250, officials said.

    While 190 cadets joined NDA this year despite a course vacancy of 300, only 86 joined IMA for a course strength of 250.


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