Desktop/Laptop for 30K?

December 31st, 2007 3:39 pm by TheHumanBot

A relation from Varanasi doing missionary work called me last night. They (their organization) is planning to buy a PC. They have a budget of 30,000 INR and called to ask what should they buy? Branded or assembled? Flat screen or CRT Monitor? What would better suite for their missionary work – Laptop or Desktop?

I suggested to go for Laptop because of mobility but also agreed to suggest configuration for desktop. Thats where I need you help.

Today, AMD 64 – 3200+ costs just 1750 INR and P4-LGA 1.6 GHz Dual Core 2700 INR. I am sure one could buy a very good PC with 30,000 today.

Laptops too cost very less these days. Compaq V3611AU with the following configuration:

* AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-55 @ 1.8 GHz, Dual-Core
* NVIDIA MCP67M Chipset / 512KB L2 Cache / Upto 1600MHz FSB
* 512 MB PC2-5300 DDR2 (667 MHz)
* 120 GB SATA – 8X Double Layer DVD +R/+RW Writer

is priced at 28,490 without OS. It comes with FreeDOS of course :-)

So geeks out there, I am seeking you advise/suggestion on:

1) What is the best Laptop you could buy in India for 30,000 INR, keeping configuration and after sales service into account?

2) What is the best Desktop PC configuration you could buy with 30,000 INR? Consider the following:

– CPU (AMD or Intel and which one? I prefer to go for AMD )
– Mother Board with decent on-board graphics
– 17 inc LCD monitor (What brand? Samsung seems the cheapest. Other brands comes between 8-9K)
– Dual layer 16x DVD writer (what brand do you recommend? Sony? LG?)
– Memory (At least 512 MB)
– Keyboard and Mouse (Logitech Combo pack)
– Cabinet (I don’t see much choice here. Seems to be Zebronics everywhere)
– HDD (Seagate? 120 or 160 GB)

For price reference:

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2 Responses to “Desktop/Laptop for 30K?”

  1. 1
    codeAries Says:

    Geek … haha… Let me be the first non geek to answer it…

    I think for 30K laptop, Compaq will be the best and support is also somehow OK…

    If they go for Desktop, i would be quite good… Kum khat leh thla 3 vel kal ta a 36K vela ka lei ang deuh chiah hmanni deuh khan 25K velin an complete…SALA

    For CPU, i would go for Intel (becoz thatz what i have… haha)… Intel 945,965 etc have quite a normal onboard graphics but i think Asus has better built in graphics card becoz of their Geforce…

    Samsung 740N LCD (17″) ka hmang a, sawiselna ka la nei lo… A view angle a tha angreng khawp mai… Kawi sawi deuh a mu chung pawhin kan hmu fiah khawp :)

    I recommend Sony DVD writer… Memory : 1GB DDR2 Transcend 667MHz will cost around 1K,,, saalaaaa…ka lei laiin 2600 velin ka lei… Damn…

    LogiTech and I-ball combo pack are quite good. Even the local ones become Zebronics :)

    Seagate SATA HDD 250GB – around 2.2K…

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  2. 2
    commieguerra Says:

    laptop Presario V3611AU

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