Sudan protesters: Execute teacher – Comments

November 30th, 2007 11:05 pm by Mizopa

These are the reaction on cnn on the story of the british lady schoolteacher who has been jailed in Sudan for allowing a school kid to name her teddy bear “Mohammed”….

My reason for posting this is that we Mizos are equally fundamentalists (in a negative way) when we look at the way we practise Christianity – no tolerance or forgiveness of others (the way the church expels or ostracises people), SRS, CYMA etc….

updated 13 minutes ago
Ok, all you people who assured us yesterday that we were confusing the government’s actions with the people … what do you have to say now? To me, this looks pretty consistent with what I’ve observed all along. Islam is simply NOT a tolerant, peaceful religion.

updated 13 minutes ago
And now we see why it is futile to speak to these people and why negotiations of any sort fail. To them we are all infidels and we all deserve to die. This poor teacher who came to give of her time will be seen as the intruder and the bringer of blasphemes against Allah. I guess Allah is really a weak God to be so offended by such an inocuous action to stir people to call for this woman’s death! Never negotiate with mindless radicals of Islam. Take this woman out by force and forever more demonstrate your dislike with swift and total military action. No defeat, no surrender, no negotiations with mindless radicals! less

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9 Responses to “Sudan protesters: Execute teacher – Comments”

  1. 1
    keimah Says:

    @Mizopa, I beg to differ from you! You should note that there’s a world of difference between Muslim fundamentalism and Christian fundamentalism. The former is intrinsically linked with violence, the latter though vocal at times, never resort to violence (except perhaps the Middle Ages). Please do not compare this extreme intolerance of Sudanese muslims with those of your fellow Mizos(if you are a Mizo). Have you ever come across Christian fundamentalist groups who are bent on mass killing, terrorism, suicide bombings like those Muslim fanatics? Please don’t make these kind of generalize statements.

    Also, let me remind you that the church(any denomination) in Mizoram never expel or ostracise people. Rather these people are DISCIPLINED in accordance with the church rules, and that too always just for a certain period of time. It’s never a permanent expulsion. There are some people who are very vocal in condemning the church for whatever reason, and most often these very people are not sincere church goers or even believers.

    Finally, I have also come across many ‘holier-than- thou’ people who took pleasure in criticising CYMA or SRS. Everybody(including CYMA leaders ) admitted that there has been mistakes committed in the past. But that does not mean that whatever CYMA or SRS does is bad. Do you know how many of our young people’s lives have been saved because of the hard work of SRS volunteers? You may be among some lucky few who never have family problems bacause of drugs and alcohol. However, I humbly request you not to throw blanket condemnation to CYMA or SRS, unless you have a better idea to fight drugs and alcohol abuse in the land of my birth!!

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  2. 2
    munga Says:

    re: mizopa
    i agree that we r not perfect either and whilst i dont agree with some of the actions of cyma, srs etc in the past, but please tell us when was the last time CYMA or SRS demanded public executions like the sudanese fundamentalists just did???

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  3. 3
    NaupangSual Says:

    @ Mizopa, i ngaihdan thenkhat hi ka tawmpui khawp mai che.

    Thian thenkat ten an rawn sawi pawh hi a tha khawp a, zu leh drugs te hi tihrem tum mahila he khawvel awm chhung hi chuan a bo ka ring lo. Tunlai kan khawvel ang tawh ah phei chu Sodom leh Gomora ani ringawt tawh a.

    SRS leh CYMA te ka dem na ni lo in, hetianga an mahni thu a mi an vau vel leh an sawisa te hi chu a dik ka ti lo reng reng. Kan duh hun hunah mizo custom leh culture kan pawtlut ringawt a. hetiang ai chuan CYMA leh SRS te hi ruihlo ngaite tanpui tu ah in let hlauh zawk se, kan Zoram hi ram nuamah kan siam zawkin ka ring.

    Kan ram (Mizoram) leh India danah chuan execution tih a awm lo a, mahse dam chhungin lunginah kan inkhung zawk a. Tunlai a kan ram mi te chet dan en chuan a intluk thawthang chuan ka hria. Execution dan awm lo mahse misual deuh a kan hriat chu kan lo pawngpaw sawisak a, thenkhat phei chuan nunna an chan hial a. Police kuta thi sawi tur hi an vang viau chuan ka hria, hei leh chen Police kan lo nei ve tawh a.

    Mizo te chu indirectin kan fundamentalist rum rut alawm. Fundamentalist pawl tih awm ngai loin a kohhran ho an fundamentalist sa a, mahse hei pawh hi keini Mizo ho thiamloh ani hran lo. Ka zosap chanchin tha min rawn thlen tu te kha conservative kohhran atanga lokal an nia. Anni min zirtir ang ang kha dik ber turah kan ngai ta kha ania.

    Ngaihtuah chian chuan engatinge kohhran te hi, Presbyterian ah chuan dan II na a innei an awmin biakin hawn phal ani lo. Enge a awmzia???? Kohhran dang ho te chuan biakina inneih an phal leh lawi bawk si a. Dan ang kilh kelh a kal dawn chuan dan khatna a innei tur te hi, hmeichhe ho tal hi doctor in an la thianghlim leh hlim loh te check phawt thin se a tha mai lo ang maw?? Mipa te hi check na awm ve se tha tur ania.

    Dan pawna inhnawhchhuah tih te hi enge a sawtna anih tur ang ani zo tawh a, mi hming tihchhiat na mai mai ni ah ka ngai.

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  4. 4
    Mizopa Says:

    Apologies if anyone has taken this personally or been hurt by this post.

    However, let me make some clarifications here

    1. Please do not equate it literally with muslim fundamentalism of terrorism or mass killings. But do reflect on the fact that there is less freedom to live one’s life as one wants in Mizoram as compared to other states in india. e.g. our intolerance towards the vais, prohibition.

    2. Violent means such as the ones employed by the SRS are not a solution to drugs and alcohol. Look at states (in the North East – Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal) permitting alcohol vs. those who don’t. Is the crime rate in Mizoram less or is development more as compared to them?

    3. When I say the church, I mean people being ostracised (maybe not directly, but indirectly) – and I know of some. The basic tenet of our religion revolves around forgiveness. This is one parameter where the church in mizoram lags behind other churches in other places.

    4. Lastly, fundamentalists in Mizoram are violent too – one just has to look at the posts in for the past 2 years to see the instances.

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  5. 5
    keimah Says:

    @Mizopa, let’s agree to disagree for the time being… I do agree with some of your points. Yes, we Mizos as a whole need to learn a lot in terms of tolerance and acceptance of other Indians. We are basically very racist in our attitude. If one among friends happen to be of a darker complexion, he or she is being teased to no end. On the other end of the spectrum, any white complexioned foreigner, whether an Iranian or an Englishman, we call them all “Sap” and put them on a very high pedestal! We still have a long way to go in this regard. Prohibition…let me not comment here because it usually leads to endless (sometimes pointless) debates.. !!

    Again, I agree that employing violence by SRS or anyone to combat drugs & alcohol abuse absolutely unjustified. However, such things have happened in the past, for which SRS/CYMA have suffered a very severe blow to their reputation. They themselves have accepted and apologised for those mistakes, and hopefully such unwanted incidents would not happen again. However, to fight against drug abuse and drug trafficing is so tough that in many countries of the world, the penalty for such crimes are also very heavy. In the context of Mizoram, I still feel that CYMA/SRS have done a commendable job, and I don’t know of any other group (including Government) who would do better. Therefore, I believe it is our duty not to continue pulling them down with their past mistakes, but to stand with them in the fight against this social evil for the sake of our state. If we have a better idea, tell them. @NaupangSual sawi anga ‘ “CYMA leh SRS te hi ruihlo ngaite tanpui tu ah in let hlauh zawk se, kan Zoram hi ram nuamah kan siam zawkin ka ring” tih ringawt te hi awmzia nei turin hei ai hian a ‘specific’ a ngai. A nih leh tunah hian CYMA/SRS te hian drug addict te supply-tu drug zuar ho an lo man hian drug addict te hi an tanpui lo kan ti em ni? Ruihhlo do an puan atanga Drug overdose-a thi an tlem phah zia te hi… anmahni sawisela tawp mai lo hian fak an phu naah chuan fak ve tho ila…

    The church, like any organization, needs to have basic rules (of course should be Scriptural) to govern its people. If we say that ‘OK, let anyone do whatever pleases him or her, and the church must forgive them..’, then it will only results in chaos! Our God is a God of order, a Holy God. Yes, He forgives, and the church forgives too. But it does not mean that you can do whatever you want. You have to follow the rules, which are based on the Scripture. Let me just say it this way: Anyone who follows the teaching of Christ as found in the Bible will never face expulsion or any form of disciplinary action from the church!! Many times, we just pick a small portion of the Scripture (like forgiveness for example) for our own convenience, without caring to follow the whole teaching!

    Your last point, @Mizopa, I think I have already included in my discussion above. Thank you..keep on posting..!

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  6. 6
    zrm-a Says:

    @Mizopa i van inti fing ve , Mizoram i vei a ,Mizoram a i awma, Mizo i nih chuan Mizotawng in han ziak teh, i thil sawi khi third class citizen sawi atan chuan a uih deuh.

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  7. 7
    vatawkbawp Says:

    @zrm….i comment khi a uih zawk :P….sap trawng a ziah ngei khi tu pawn, hnam dang pawh ni rawh sek sek, lo ngaina tu ten kan hrethiam zawk ….besides i don’t think u can even write like Mizopa

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  8. 8
    Maimawm Says:

    I don’t think Mizopa needs to tell us “when the last time CYMA or SRS demanded public executions like the sudanese fundamentalists” was!!!! I think he just needs to remove “equally” :)

    There is a lot of difference between muslim fundamentalism and christian fundamentalism, but that doesn’t mean that we are not fundamentalistic – at least to a certain degree. We may not be as vicious or barbaric as some, but to say we are not at all fundamental would be simply funny.

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  9. 9
    Mizopa Says:

    keimah & naupangsual> interesting comments from both of you. I agree on fighting social evils, but not the way it is (or was) done by the SRS. Also, when I took forgiveness from the scripture, i took that point because forgiveness (and love) is the core tenet of christianity which is different from other religions e.g. buddhism’s main teaching is non-violence and renouncing the world, hinduism talks about leading a good life (which can be in numerous ways) etc.
    It would be interesting to meet up and talk on this topic :-)

    maimawm> yup, that’s what i meant – we may not be fundamentalistic in the same way as others (be it muslims, or even some hindus like the RSS), but sometimes our fundamentalism does affect an individual’s freedom.

    zrm-a> inti fing vangin ka post lo, ka ngaihdan ka sawi ve mai2 a nih hi.

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