Escaped convict arrested after raping underage child

November 11th, 2007 9:37 pm by cedric


Aizawl, Nov 11: A rapist serving a life time sentence who escaped from prison guards while waiting to be examined at the Aizawl Civil Hospital on November 6 was nabbed by Champhai police on Friday evening. He, however, managed to rape another underage child before police managed to catch up with him.

According to reports from Champhai police, Lalthuthlungthara, 31, s/o Challiana (L), Thingsai Venglai, who was serving a lifetime imprisonment in Central Jail escaped from prison guards at November 6 at around 12:20 pm while waiting to be examined by ENT doctors.

According to his confession, he managed to slip out of his handcuffs as the handcuffs were a little loose while his guard was submitting a letter to hospital staff. He then fled to Electric locality and headed for Bawngkawn and managed to hitch a ride in a truck heading for Champhai town.

After staying one night in Khawzawl they reached Champhai on November 7. After reaching Champhai, he decided to cross the border and spend some time in Myanmar until his search was called off. On his way to Myanmar, Lalthuthlungthara raped an underage girl in Mualkawi village, a village sharing its border with Myanmar.

According to sources, Lalthuthlungthara saw the underage child on a roadside waiting for his parents who went to tend their farms and followed her from behind. He then pushed the girl off the road, threatened to kill her if she makes a sound and raped her.

After raping the girl, he took her with him and asked for food in a house at the outskirt of the village. When the residents of the house saw the terrified little girl crying they became suspicious and straightaway nabbed the rapist.

When Champhai police arrived at the scene, the rapist refused to give them any information but after some interrogation, he confessed that he was an escaped convict and that he had indeed raped the child. Lalthuthlungthara was sent to the Champhai District Jail on Saturday.

Lalthuthlungthara was convicted of two rape cases before he escaped from prison and raped yet another innocent underage girl. He was first sent to Lunglei Jail but after he was convicted to face lifetime imprisonment on May 9, 2006 he was shifted to the Aizawl Central Jail on August 21, 2007.

When the rapist escaped on November 6, Central Jail officials submitted an FIR to the Aizawl Police Station by mail. The Aizawl Police Station, however, refused to accept the FIR as their regulations demanded that an FIR has to be submitted first-hand by complainants. All these misunderstandings gave the rapist opportunities to buy more time for his escape and when the police eventually caught up with him, he had raped another innocent victim.

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12 Responses to “Escaped convict arrested after raping underage child”

  1. 1
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Kan ram ar hmai tiat lek ah hian thil mak tak tak thleng hi a van tam tak em vele. Kan sual em mai a Pathian hian min hrem chho zel ah ka ngai mai.

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  2. 2
    adelfos Says:

    A va sual kimchang reuh ve maw le! Mihring zingah aiin ramsa zinga che tla tur chi ni hialin ka hria. Nge, rilru lamah piansualna lian tak a nei zawk? Hetiang chanchin hian min deng reng ta mai chu a nia… A lungchhiatthlak teh zawng a nih hi!

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  3. 3
    Maimawm Says:

    Awi a ngeiawm eeeeee ka khawngaih ltk naupang te chu..engpawh tih dawn a papers etc tih fel tur tam lutuk reng mai hi chu, a ninawm satliah mai ni lo in a pawi thuk zia hi!

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  4. 4
    Band Says:

    Damchhung lung in tang talak Court in a tih chu ven ngun ve deuh awm a ni.. a tlanchiat tawh bakah a van tlanche thui hman em em ve mawle!!! MIZORAM POLICE BAWKKKK HIIIII

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  5. 5
    codeAries Says:

    Mualkawi tlangvalte ka fak khawp mai…an vaw hlum lovaa…

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  6. 6
    GirlNextDoor Says:

    Wonder what happened to the little girl. I just finished reading a book about rape victims and how such brutality shattered their lives.
    At times like this I wish people back home are more aware of the importance of psychological counseling. I hope the little girl eventually finds peace.

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  7. 7
    hltau Says:

    Mizoram Police te chu India ram police zingah an tha ber an ti ani lawm ni..?? Tha ber nihna lah hi kan ngah leh lutuk a . SOE ho hi

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  8. 8
    boldie Says:

    MkTV ho khan vawhlum ta law law mai se an fakawm phian lawng maw..lolz!!
    Mihring nuiah 10 tling manglovah hian thilsualtitu manchhuah loh an tam ta…man sa leh zel hi chu chhuah lo hram teh u a….

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  9. 9
    cinnamon_apple Says:

    what do you think is the most appropriate punishment for rapists? capital punishment or life imprisonment?

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  10. 10
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    life imprisonment without the possibility of parole

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  11. 11
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    a thu hrim ah masturbate mai awm thil natural lutuk a nia tupawn an tih alawm…or KS an tam a ni lawm ni…condom hmang mai se :D whatever

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  12. 12
    zrm-a Says:

    khawngaihthlak hle mai a Mualkawi hmeichhe naupang chu, a damchhung in a rilru a piangsual toh don anih chu.
    Mizoram police ho lah hi fak der tlak poh ani talo, an kut ami poh an tlanchhuak thei ania!
    Misual/jail tang te hi duh aiin kan duhsak mah2, kanin tlawn siak amo tih mai tur alom mole, jail tang concert te kanla ti ta deuh deuh, hui ham……..

    Misual leh thil tisual ho hi alang a kan huat angai takmeuh toh ani……

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