Francesco Fareri

October 31st, 2007 10:56 pm by 3d-lover


He may not be the worlds best guitarist (in my opinion that place is reserved for Satriani), but he is arguably the fastest. At some point he hits 32 nps (note per second), compare that to Malmsteens fastest of 17-18 nps.

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7 Responses to “Francesco Fareri”

  1. 1
    father_sphinx Says:

    i could hit 1 note per second….. thats the fastest of me… :D

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  2. 2
    spikey Says:

    damn the shredding…finger 100m chu awm se record a break hial ang ka ring!!

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  3. 3
    keimah Says:

    1 note per second!…father-a hi chu ka cho ve chiang!! ..

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  4. 4
    SiLent_Man Says:

    32 nps… wow! That’s 31.25 milliseconds for each note.

    But keeping in mind that most humans are sensitive to note repetitions of only about 30 milliseconds (any faster and the brain will take it as a reverb or chorus), it might just be too fast… artistically :)

    Yeah Satch is good, but I personally dislike his over extensive (if not exclusive) use of legatos… unlike people like Steve Morse who picks each and every note… well at least 90 %.

    Speed wise Michael Angelo Batio and Shawn Lane works for me. fast but still very listenable even to the “common man”

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  5. 5
    3d-lover Says:

    The 32 nps part is in the sweeping arpeggio part just after the short break in the middle. Speed picking or otherwise, it would be quite impossible to hit it.

    @father. Kei chu guitar chu leh thawk a ben chiah ka thiam…loll

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  6. 6
    father_sphinx Says:

    guitar hi chu thiam deuhin an han khawih tre tak tak hi chuan…. ka thiam ve emaw ka ti thin a… kan kuah ve chiah a… ngawi leh tlawk tlawk zel… ahahahaha

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  7. 7
    SiLent_Man Says:

    I’m good when it comes to playing WITH a guitar :)

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