Mukesh Ambani – The world’s richest

October 30th, 2007 1:20 pm by TheHumanBot

Oct. 29: The sensex smashed the 20000-point barrier today in another gravity-defying surge in stock values that turned Mukesh Ambani into the world’s richest person with his wealth estimated at $63.2 billion (Rs 249,108 crore).

– The Telegraph

This is triggered by BSE Sensex touching 20,000 yesterday. Is he indeed the richest? Confusion remains.

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18 Responses to “Mukesh Ambani – The world’s richest”

  1. 1
    father_sphinx Says:

    Bill Gates hi a inhmeh ber tawhin ka hria… hausa ber tih hi chuan.. :D

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  2. 2
    myself Says:

    sensex hi vawiin lam te enge a din hmun le?, a san zel hian mutual fund neih ve alo sang ve zel a, tlem te mah ni se , nuam ve deuh ani!

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  3. 3
    Hotmail Says:

    Me too richer by 67 percent (will not tell you much much, no how less). But assets in financial market is almost like dream, it come and go too easy.

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  4. 4
    SiLent_Man Says:

    never mind the BSE… i know my wealth will increase considerably in the next couple of days :)

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  5. 5
    Val_brosky Says:

    Yeah…. me too. :) but will gradually decrease towards the end of the month. :D

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  6. 6
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Every pay day my wealth increases but decline again after paying bills:( If Money is called wealth hehe

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  7. 7
    ammi Says:

    Same here :-)

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  8. 8
    zrma Says:

    Ninawm!! Marwari ho lah hi, uikom bok si, sum duh tawk hrelo, an hausak ang hian Mizo hi hausa ila khawvel hian min thatpui zawk karing.
    Mizoram border fencing poh kha Marwari hovin an thawk anti! thahnem chu an ngaih vak a rinawm loh.
    Bill Gates ang rilru pu Indian mi hausa neih a chakawm ngawt mai.kum 2002 a alo zin poh khan Aids do nan $100 million minlo pek kha.Khawnge India mi hausa te hi!!!

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  9. 9
    flying Says:

    Pu Bill Gates -a hi Riches man ni lo vin Wealthiest man tih an ta”. lol A sum hi sem chhuak den den lo se tuman an phak thei lo hrim hrim, Slim-a te ho te hian UN lam ah te an pe em> Third Country ah te an sem chhuak ve em? Pu Bill Gates a sem chhuahzah an la sem chhuak lo hrim hrim a, “.Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF)”. Charitiable Foundation te an nei ta zel hi a fak awm tah hian nasa zawk in hnathawh a tu thu uartak in a sawi thrin, U Henry Pu Bill gates a te Inn ah khan va leng u la 1.05 Billion min lo puk ti zeihla, a pei mai thei che a sin lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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  10. 10
    flying Says:

    N&A , Europion Country a chengte tan Investment thra tak chu ka hual a, duhtan mini account $300, a trang in $2000 hei hi foreign exchange cunrrency trading ania, businessmen’ trading thiam ten in duh chuan zawhfiah theih tho ka ni ang. Tihsual erawh chuan profit lost theih anih rual in trader te nen in cho tawnna thra tak leh P/L Net a san chuan , Profit a Win nawn leh theih a double thuak in exchange theih”. Account hawng duh a test duh te kan awm chuan in zawhfiah ah, private in.

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  11. 11
    benjamin Says:

    Pawisa sem ringawt hi a ni. Employment siam te hi a a ni. Mukesh te hian employment a siam tueh alom. Reliance Retail an roll up tak tak hunah phei chuan employment Mukesh hian a siam teuh ang.

    Bill Gates (MS) te chuan law suit ah te pawh an chawi teuh teuh alom an monopoly / un fair practice vangin.

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  12. 12
    benjamin Says:

    According to Newsweek, Ambani harbors plans to build a chain of both small and supersize stores across 1500 towns and cities in India, creating one million jobs and reaching $ 25 billion in annual sales, all by 2011. “This will make us the largest private-sector employer in India,” he told the magazine.

    1 million job an siam tak tak ani chuan thil tha tak a ni India tan

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  13. 13
    Vladimir Putin Says:

    Hmm, Kan Pu Zoramthanga sum neih zat thlelh a nei hial lo maw.

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  14. 14
    keimah Says:

    ‘Sum ngah hi mihring dam chhan a ni lo ve”.

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  15. 15
    hatersking Says:

    sum sum sum rehteih n se ve ngem le

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  16. 16
    flying Says:

    Ni e,….


    Mukesh a hausak na bul , an ti ,’ Atra, Chapati, Bihari Bawng Ek a ur, zing zan in a ei. Bawnghnute No khat, Dal leh Deiluah/Dailuah a chawm tel bawk.

    Office a kal pawn ” Hero Honda Cycle nen ngat a kal thrin, Gas man Save nan. Economic planning chu thiam ve tak ani an ti ha ha ha

    Adang belhchhah tur hria ten belhchhah a tan.

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  17. 17
    beemyself_s Says:

    Kei cu khawvela hausak ber vel hi ka chak miah lo…a buaithlak awm e mai…ka thei dawn chuang lova…:-)

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  18. 18
    magnet electric generator Says:

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    Mukesh Ambani – The world’s richest | mi(sual).com

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