Snake victim buried after three days

August 31st, 2007 2:42 pm by cedric


Aizawl, Aug 30: A victim of a snake bite who died on Tuesday was buried today at her hometown Darlawn after doctors confirmed that there is no hope of recovery for the victim from the snake bite.

In what is said to be one of the most abnormal incident in Darlawn, Lalnunziri, aged 35 was bitten by a one foot long snake while doing household chores on Monday night at around 8 pm.

Feeling only little pain from the snake bite, Lalnunziri decided not to take any anti-venom medicine. But the venom of the snake started to cause trouble in her blood circulation around midnight and she continually vomited and was finding difficulty in breathing, sources reported.

She was then quickly taken to a hospital where she was injected with an anti-venom toxin. She was then rushed to the Aizawl Civil Hospital early on Tuesday morning but died while on the way to the hospital.

Lalnunziri’s body was however still warm even hours after her death and hoping that a miracle might happen, Darlawn YMA decided to wait three days until her funeral. After waiting two days for her to miraculously come back to life, it was decided again to have a funeral function for her today at 10 am as doctors again confirmed that there is no hope of her coming back to life. Lalnunziri, a divorcee, leaves her only son behind.

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  1. 1
    lonelygaij Says:

    Tiang ngaidan hi chu Africa vel ah khuan a la awm zoh2,a khawngaihthlak hle mai..

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  2. 2
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Darlawn khua, Lalnunziri… 1984 a ka classmate kha a nih ka van ring ve le aw. Darlawn ah chuan rul (snake ) lam thiam lutuk Zama ( Zam sanga an tih) te kha a la dam lawm ni le. Ka khawngaih hle mai a.

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    Mr. TSA Says:


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