“Come together” Meghalaya appeals to NE

August 31st, 2007 2:43 pm by cedric


Aizawl Aug 30: Even as Mizoram is getting ready for the countdown to select its Idol, Meghalaya is in an even bigger race, which is for the Indian Idol slot in which a contestant from Meghalaya has reached the top four.

Amit Paul from Shillong, Meghalaya, who is still in the running in Sony Entertainment’s Indian Idol contest is among the top four as a result of which Meghalaya, especially Amit’s parents, has sent out appeals to the North East state to call in at the contest to vote for Paul.

Since telephone and sms votings play an important in getting a singer to become the Indian Idol, the appeal has gone out to all the other states with Meghalaya having pulled alone for Amit through the sms and telephone votings and fearing that with other states with bigger population getting the better of this NE singer.

According to a report, Amit is still in good standing with the audience as well as the judges but could lose out on the sms and telephone polls if the NE people do not come together.

Those wanting to cheer for Paul can do so through their telephones by sending a sms either through their mobiles of landline. For those who wants to use their landline, all they have to do is punch in the numbers 190 2424 2525 xx, the double x standing for the singer’s turn to croon. If Paul comes to sing first, then the xx should be 01 and if the second person to sing, 02 and so on.

For those using their mobiles, an sms with ‘Amit’ printed and sent to 2525 is enough.

The telephone polls will begin right after the contestants have finished singing on Friday night when the show starts at 9 pm and will continue till 8 am the next morning. Polls after this will not be accepted. One can send as many votes as one wants from the same telephone.

With the final countdown for the Mizo Idol to commence on Friday night too, most Aizawlites may not have time to view the Indian Idol contest because the contest here has gained so much popularity in the past two weeks. The favourite is a girl called Lalremkimi Cherput who has an unique voice, throaty and sexy at the same time.

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3 Responses to ““Come together” Meghalaya appeals to NE”

  1. 1
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Amit Paul maw a hming chu…hmmm khasi a ni lo maw. Mahse, N.E ho ( 7 sisters) hi chu kan in tanpui tur ah ka ngai. Mainland Indian ho hian min hmuhsit zia hi hre reng bawk ila, in tanpui theihna ah chuan in puih zel a tha in ka hria.

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  2. 2
    lonelygaij Says:

    Bak, chu ani ngeiang ,an ni hi an style a dang deuh a,Dictionary keu thok a sap hming in vuah ve mai thin kha an nia….

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  3. 3
    queen-of-nazgul Says:

    engtin ne tanpui dan cu anih le,sms tr mi mn lo sil ula number,indian idol th vel hi cu k en pei thak lo nia

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