August 30th, 2007 8:49 am by Naupang^Fel


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7 Responses to “Pamu”

  1. 1
    dulranga Says:

    Nihe,Adibas,Nokla, tam mai. Reebok Chhebok Uihbok hehehe

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  2. 2
    sekibuhchhuak Says:

    Made in China a ni lo maw..??:D

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  3. 3
    poisn_ivy Says:

    niek poh hman ah thin kha

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  4. 4
    myself Says:

    dulranga pek in peguchhora an zin trum in; pasonic tape te,peter India kamis te, a hawn ve tho alawm. :D

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  5. 5
    escobartype Says:

    ka thianpa rawn lei haw pawh adidas ania, a khing lehlam chu ADADIS

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  6. 6
    fanaifanai Says:

    hahaa… t-shirt pakhat mi hak ka hmuh poh hma lamah adidas, hnunglamah nike

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  7. 7
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    a uih hmel

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