ABBO Greatest Hits

August 12th, 2007 12:20 pm by Aryan


Image source:Tinypic.

nuih ti za atan ka rawn post ve chhin anih hi. Australia ramah hian Aboriginal ho hian an la in ti tatu khawp mai a mahse a tam zawk hian hna engmah an thawk peih lo a an mahni reservation area ah an cheng a, sawrkar atangin unemployment benefit an dawng a chu mi chuan an khawsa ani deuh ber. An nun tlang pui chu Zu an in a, an mu a, an ei a ani mai. Abos ho awmna ah chuan crime rate a sanga, rape hrim hirm bakah naupang pawngsual pawh a hluar. An sawisel chuan kan culture ah naupang pawngsual a thiang an ti daih zel. Mahse tunah chuan an mahni customary law hi Australia Sawrkarin Australian criminal law pangaiin a hneh chhuh (override) a, jailah te an tang ta hlawm ani awm e.

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14 Responses to “ABBO Greatest Hits”

  1. 1
    lonelygaij Says:

    kan pu ah chu rac kha i haw viau emaw ka ti a…….!!Abos rilru tur kha i dawnpuoi thiam em?leave us alone an ti mai lo maw,an dinhmun ah khan han in dah chhin teh.Scan leh Abor chu an hmel a in ang lo hle mai nang kapu i hmel a tha em? mingo i ang em?heng i rawnsawi ho hi news ani lo a ,Australia sorkar in sawithiam na zawng 2 kha i rawn sawi chhuak ani tlang pui.Pu Laldengan Leave us alone atih na chhan kha i hre chiang em…?

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  2. 2
    anitox Says:

    lol a va nuam thin em…

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  3. 3
    RTPA Says:

    @anitox engnge nawm na chu min lo hrilh ve teh maw :)

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  4. 4
    anitox Says:

    nuam ve mai mai lom.. hihi..

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  5. 5
    vista Says:

    Eee van chhelo hlam…Aryan a unaute ni maw

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  6. 6
    RTPA Says:

    hahahha family tree maksak awm ve chu Aryan

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  7. 7
    triflin_tribal Says:

    Aborigines from Australia, Native Americans from North American countries like USA, Canada, as well as Mexico, tribals in South American countries like Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela, and even indigenous peoples from Siberia… are all some of the most downtrodden societies in their own country where the crime rates and social ills are disproportionately higher than the rest of their nation. They all share one common denominator: their traditional social and cultural structure were all obliterated by non-indigenous “civilizations” (namely from euro-asian civilizations.)

    The Pintupi people from central Australia, Aborigines from Arnhem Land ( northern Australia), Aboriginal Tasmanians all were parts of striving communities in their own rights. Much like the natives of the U. S. of A. they were overwhelmed by the influx of settlers and their guns and diseases. They are more intrinsic to Australia than their white counterparts and even more so than recent immigrants. To make fun of their plight is arrogance and ignorance combined. (And perhaps a tad bit of racism.)

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  8. 8
    Aryan Says:

    Yes, we know their social problems but it is their own fault. They have unlimited opportunities here in Australia to move forward but they refused to. Insteads they decided to live a life of booze and crime and whine about colonisation of australia whenever they can. If immigrants from Asia/Africa/Europe can move forward along with their white counterparts why cant aborigines? By the way I am not making fun of their plight I am making fun of the picture’s parody of ABBA. Don’t even talk about racism as long as you have untouchables in India.

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  9. 9
    hltau Says:

    “Native Tribals” ho hi chu ram tinah an in ang tlangpui a nih hi, India rama pawh hian tribal ho problem ber chu ‘ZU’ a ni, an mipa ho hian Zu in vak vak hi an ching a, nupui vuak an ching deuh vek bawk a, GOI hian tih changkan tumi a bei nasa a, mashe a sawt vak lo, tin a changkan te pawhin an tribal pui hnaui a mite an rapbeh duh, etir nan, Kan Zoramah hian kan lehkha thiam ten mi hnauihnug zawk leh rethei zawkte chan turhi eiruk an ching, chuvang a nia, “Creamy Layers” ho hian an tribal puite chawikan tur a, an beih nasat chu sawi loh rahbeh an tum tlat hi GOI lu ti hai tu chu a ni. “Heavy dose of Good education” hi tribal ho zing ah chuan a tul berin ka hria, good education ka tih awm zia chu, mahni society awmna chian atul, kan mizo puite chumai pawh a ni lo, kan NE puite an retheih chhung chuang B’lore, Mumbai, Delhi velah Pingling deuh deuhin Car tha ber berin thlan kual vel mahla, miin an nuih zat ang che.
    India kan chang kan hma chuan , India pp i hold chhung chuang Jade Goody in Shilpa Shetty a hmusit ang deuh khan “You Indian Poor” ti tu in tawng nawk nawk ang, eng foreign changkan ah pawh awm mahla. Chuvang chuan in chhungte chung leh chhawngin Ka zirna tur min lo sponsor teh a tih chuan abright viau a, pawisa spare tur i neih chuan ti ngei ngei ang che .

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  10. 10
    rema_pa Says:

    Heng thil ka hmuh thin te hian Darwin-a theory dikzia a ti famkim thin….. lol

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  11. 11
    Aryan Says:

    Anti teh mawlh reng asin hetah pawh. I’ve heard many people who jokingly said this is an evidence of Darwin’s theory of Evolution lol!

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  12. 12
    Aryan Says:

    tin aborigin ho awmtamna ber NT khawpui hi Darwin an ti, a in hmeh ltk

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  13. 13
    rema_pa Says:

    Keini Mizo ho poh hi mithiam chuan min han chhui chiang se chu Afro-stralian-caucasiano-mexicano-hinducano-aborigino… min ti ve mai ang a…hhehehe

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  14. 14
    myself Says:

    The Australian Poetry Competition had come down to two finalists: an university graduate and an old aboriginal.

    They were given a word, then allowed two minutes to study the word and come up with a poem that contained the word.

    The word they were given was “TIMBUKTU”.

    First to recite his poem was the university graduate. He stepped to the microphone and said:

    Slowly across the desert sand
    Trekked a lonely caravan
    Men on camels two by two
    Destination – Timbuktu.

    The crowd went crazy! No way could the old aboriginal top that they thought.

    But the old aboriginal calmly made his way to the microphone and recited:

    Me and Tim a hunting’ went
    Met three whores in a pop-up tent
    They was three, and we was two
    So I bucked one, and Tim-buk-tu.

    The old aboriginal won.

    RTPA engge irrukkuringe , popcorn ilayya :D

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