Youth slang in Mizo culture

July 31st, 2007 7:44 pm by Sandman

Mizo slang among the youth
A friend of mine who is an Assistant Editor for a renowned National Magazine has asked me to write a short article about the slang that the youth of Mizoram use today (words derived from English or other languages), which might be published in the magazine if the content is interesting enough.

Please do contribute whatever you know, in case I have missed out on any, and this post will be updated with your contribution and due credits given to you of course.

Thanx in advance and your contribution will be extremely appreciated. I have already crossed the deadline date since I didn’t check my mail in a looooong time, so it is highly unlikely that the article will be published now. But still, I think it is good to have such a topic available on the Net anyway. Thanx again.

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11 Responses to “Youth slang in Mizo culture”

  1. 1
    3d-lover Says:

    Sandman chu i va vang ve…..btw…visited ur blog last week, tried to leave a comment but cant even after verification.

    Its not what u do, but how you do it that counts

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  2. 2
    Sandman Says:

    Have no idea :-( a comment theih reng a sin. “Word verification” ka disable a, “comment moderation” ka enable a, chu zawng chu a ni mai thil ka thlak chu.

    Nia… vang ang reng khawp mai tunlai chu… kan buai lutuk a, vawikhata thil tam deuh tih tum hi chu a lo hahthlak duh a ni :-(

    A lawmawm khawp mai, ka blog i rawn tlawh te chu. Thanx!

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  3. 3
    anonymous Mizo Says:

    Hi Sandman, I too was unable to comment in your blog, i do not have any other link so, i usually come in as anonymous. Im a bit sad that i could’nt comment. Is there any other way that I can comment again in your blog?…
    You always write very interesting, including the Sarlawk Bawms, keep ut up.

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  4. 4
    RTPA Says:

    Bro chu van vang veng2 ve aw…xam te chu i ti tha em kha?

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  5. 5
    ZOaTlau Says:

    Sandman chu vang vawng vawng hle mai…

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  6. 6
    ZOaTlau Says:

    1. ‘Sihal putar’ – fing pakhar sawina (old fox)
    2. ‘Cial’ – zu a nih phei chuan ‘cial’ ngat lo chu le….
    3. ‘Hi’ – In la’hi’ ve ringawt engmah ni si lo

    etc. etc. ka la hre teuh mai.

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  7. 7
    zza Says:

    “CK” 70s leh 80 chho velah chuan “Inti changkang” tihnan an hmang 90s hnulam chuan “Chhass Kumar” tihnan lerh sawinan an hmang

    “Kross Put Awn” Piangthar da leh or Thilsual tih thin sim mahse a ngaia let leh

    “Star” duh, tha tih zawng, ngainat zawng, ngaizawng,

    “ko” USA mizo ho in min lo call roh tih aiin min lo “ko” tihnan an hmang, nih han phone la tihna nen inang

    “hachhek mut” Nupa intithiam loha hmeichhe titau mut dan

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  8. 8
    chepahakhata Says:

    Seipui tawng
    “mut a va kham awm” nula hmelchia rimtu nei manglo saina.

    “a va pianglo teuh” a va pate e tihna.

    “Durh ka teuh lo” vawt ka ti lutuk tihna.

    “luah zo lo” kawr or kekawr thawl tak ha.

    ” a va luah khat” kawr or kekawr tawt lutuk ha.

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  9. 9
    Sandman Says:

    A great big thanx chepakhata, zza and zotlau. Ka blog ah chuan ka update e in hming nen.

    Thanx for visiting my blog anonymous Mizo. The pleasure is all mine. RTP bro, eee tunlai chu kan buai lai tak a nia, online na hman kan nei mang lo…

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  10. 10
    Mizo Slang Language | mi(sual).com Says:

    […] 2: Heng “slang” te hi ah ngei pawh khawn khawm a […]

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  11. 11
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    Youth slang in Mizo culture | mi(sual).com

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