Rebecca Saimawii – Khawnge I awm

June 30th, 2007 10:22 pm by TheHumanBot

LPS Classic: Rebecca Saimawii – Khawnge I awm

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3 Responses to “Rebecca Saimawii – Khawnge I awm”

  1. 1
    Whatever Says:

    A duh nah nah a lo awm se….pawi vak emi.

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  2. 2
    marie Says:

    a va lung len thlak ve kan vanglai a ngaih om hlee mai aaa

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  3. 3
    rka_49er Says:

    Lung hlui a va leng thin ve. Project mengmawii leh Project lungdumtu kha chu a fuh thlawt.

    khawiah tuan che maw? Min ngei ve che maw? LAL……………………

    Vaipa zurui in a sa ve a ‘zawng ruai ruai che’ a ti e, an tia lawm

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