Importing video from camcorder

May 31st, 2007 9:47 am by TheHumanBot

What software do you use to import video from camcorder ( 8 mm tape)? What do you suggest? Better if its free. Much earlier I have used Pixela ImageMixer with Sony Camcorders.

What format would be the video when you import? I can do the conversion using Super Converter.

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2 Responses to “Importing video from camcorder”

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    father_sphinx Says:

    Pixela Imagemixers often comes with Sony Camcoders but they consumed a lot of time. When you import it, it is saved in avi format which is quite a big file. Like a 10 minute video would come upto 10Gb. :D I have nothing to suggest you, but one thing, i would suggest you a DVD camcoder since the videos can be easily imported in a matter of secondss…compared to DV cams.. :D

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    spikey Says:

    ben, I used premiere pro 2.0 no drop frame at all when i capture it..I once tried it with window media capture but too many drop frames..The file has to be avi, like father said, it will be huge but its the best quality, and u always want it to capture it in the best possible qulaity for the original video.
    as far as dvd cam are concerned very convenient for capturing process but its something that u want just for domestic use, it still cant and wont beat dv cam…sorry cant be of much help since i have premiere pro i use only that and never take a second to research up on this, it will be hard to beat unless u have some expensive hardware like matrox attached to ur system.

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