Lookalike contest

May 30th, 2007 4:52 pm by TheHumanBot

My Heritage Face Recognitation

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5 Responses to “Lookalike contest”

  1. 1
    tlangvala Says:

    Blacks pa nen khian an in ang bawn…

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  2. 2
    sawmpuia Says:

    In ang pawh ka tilo e a. Amah leh amah hi a in ang ber, maktak leh hlauhawm tak a siam a nih hi!

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  3. 3
    islander Says:

    Zonet Look Alike 2007 Mapuia host emaw in sawi dawn ka tia. Kan zaithiam ho landan zir an tam ber a. An ang hlom fu in an act ang viau na a, a boring ka ti, action tlem ho kha.

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  4. 4
    GOMI Says:

    Vawi 1 en ila a tawk mai.. a ngai hlir kha round hran2 ah an ron lang leh ringot! A host intihzei tum over hi a hne awm.. kei chu ka en peih toh love!

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  5. 5
    ruhlanga Says:

    Ang khawp mai.An bun mi tarmit!!!ha ha ha…..

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