The end and the beginning

April 30th, 2007 12:03 am by TheHumanBot

This is the end and the beginning of Something I have been both too lazy and reluctant to announce. And partly I want it that way. This is the New Beginning I mentioned earlier. It actually happened at least two weeks ago.

At first I wanted to hand over the entire ownership and responsibility. I made the offer to the editors. No soul came forward and no one wanted me to quit. I made up my mind. We tried so hard and reached this far. I will keep walking.

Some of you might have noticed the changes. A few more changes in the coming days. Procrastination always got the better of me. Here I go after much delay. grew real lot bigger than I could ever imagine. Many many “big thank you’s” to all of you. I couldn’t handle the expectation and pressure and hence this new beginning. Also I wanted to get a life. I ended up spending too too much time on, writing/editing stories.

I scaled down and redefine today. From a community blog to more of Ben’s blog.

Editors who helped brought to where it is today:

Sandman – Bro Sandman! Needs no introduction. I am sure the world would be less fun without him.

father_sphinx – The father of sphinx clan. Quite a mature boy at his age.

spikey – So much to talk about him. Only one I will say – Got a damn sweet girl friend.

Blackwhite – This is the dude behing , digg like website for Mizoram news. If you haven’t visited the site, I recommend you do.

Goldmember – Got massive knowledge of football. Quite a smart guy. I am hoping he would one day reveal his secrets on how to take better care of women to me.

Thugangel who gave me great help and support when I started. Virgochhas who coined the slogan – wateva.

I will still aggregate Mizo and Mizoram related news, music videos that I could find on the web or the ones I upload myself and whatever :-)

I will continue to accept contribution from readers. Well its you who brought us this far. Without you, where from would I get motivation! However, I will change the model slightly, set clear guidelines and expectation. Though every contribution is deeply appreciated, everything that comes in cannot be published.

With the lessons learned from past mistakes, leveraging on knowledge gained so far, welcome to the “New Beginning”

Many things to explain. I will. Give me time.

Quite UnWeekly huh :-)

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9 Responses to “The end and the beginning”

  1. 1
    popsugar Says:

    Keep walking, mon garÇon. .
    Bonne Chance!

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  2. 2
    canibal Says:

    Well ,Benjamin, you have made it ! That is , you made the most interactive and most popular website in/related to Mizoram. There is no site like yours. Something new appears every second minute, day in and day out. People from all parts of the globe takes part in it. The sun never sets on There were bloggers on Christmas Day, Independence Day, others day, Monster-in-law’s day, Hot day, Cold Day, Green Day and every other day

    But if this thing takes a heavy toll on your work, study or family, it is a good idea to hand over the reigns, nay, mouse, to somebody else. But I for one will hope that you will always associate with this site. You have the maturity, forsightedness, ingenuity and perseverance to do just that. This site, I suspect, has becomes part of your life, unless you abandon t compltely when you marry and settle down with children. My bigest fear, however, is that wll go down like so many Mizo sites before, or becomes comatose like or Let us hope will always be wickedly active.

    Please accept my congratulations for you, and convey my best wishes for those who are taking it over. Well done, my boy.

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  3. 3
    Hank Williams Says:

    I don’t even know who u r or whr u r from. But, I gotta hand it to you: “Boy! you sure gotta good thing going on here”. Anyway, i just want to add that there’s something brewing in society and one could almost get a glimpse of it. Let us not be naive in these times. These are the times that try men’s soul. But, stand firm, we must at all cost. I believe this forum could be a part of the creation of a better Mizoram. All the best in your endeavour. And stay healthy. God bless.

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  4. 4
    Veepees Says:

    Me too Ben, although i have no idea who you are, it is a very good thing that you keep this up reaching up to this level. For me, this site is very informative for me, it is also my only friend as i’m out here alone without nobody to “engaaa pui tur”. So keep up the good work. And one thing i would like to ask you, any how i can post something in here?

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  5. 5
    commieguerra Says:

    @ hank I believe this forum could be a part of the creation of a better Mizoram.
    feelings mutual bro

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  6. 6
    ZOaTlau Says:

    Ben, Keep on going, don’t ever quite

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  7. 7
    ZOaTlau Says:

    QUIT :)

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  9. 9
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    […] “The end and the new beginning”, there apparently and silently happened another new beginning on its […]

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