I’m the prototype

April 29th, 2007 11:58 pm by stupid_me

I walked around with the strength of a thousand men
I’m the prototype
I’m the first of my kind
I will sting you like a scorpion
I will take to another verse
You will be tortured
but death wouldn’t come to you
as you have passed it
Your prayer will not safe you now
as you have missed the chance
Its your worse nightmare coming true
You have passed the ‘Rapture’
and you are left behind
not even a single soul will be there
to hear your plight
as each one of them have suffered the samething as you
Now you will be paid for evrything you have done
you will burn for eternity
Welcome to hell.

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    Veepees Says:

    Khai, a va death ve, nangma phuah nge? Tha khawp mai, ka chhiar tantirh a ka rindan nen a tawp lam ziak chu a dang daih mai a.

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