Ruotmawi confessed to having sex with CV John

March 7th, 2007 6:07 pm by ZOaTlau

Sometimes the world may not seem to believe it. C Dinthanga, Lelte Weekly Editor visited Ruotmawi at their hometown and they had face to face interview while dining together.

Routmawi-i confessed to C Dina, “It happened during our 2005 US tour,” reported by Hnehtu Daily newspaper excerpted from C Dina’s story.

Aizawl daily paper Tawrhbawm also quoted C Dina as saying, “Routmawi-i has confessed to me.”

CV John has bedded over 13 girls including Routmawi reported by Hnehtu Daily. The paper reported Routmawi saying, “I ask for an apologies, I really regretted.”

Picture: Rev C.V. John with his wife Lali (

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165 Responses to “Ruotmawi confessed to having sex with CV John”

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  1. 151
    superstrr Says:

    \”- hardly get updated on time.\” is never updated on time

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  2. 152
    vanlalhanga1 Says:

    khei le lalruotmawii chungchang hian zoram mai ni lovin website thilrtute zawng2 in kan hre ta chu a nia a mah a intih mualpho hi chu ka ngaithiam a \
    Pathian hming a ti chhe kher2 hi a pawi ka ti hle a ni

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  3. 153
    Khukhu Says:

    Lal Davida paw kha a in sum thei hlei nem, ngaituah ve che u, Routmawii chu ka dem mawl love, a sawi chhetu ho zawk hi a ni………..buaithlak zok

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  4. 154
    Blaquesmith Says:

    Bawngpui pawhin LUANG NO a duh ang tho hian CV-a pawh hian LUANG NO a duh ve ni mai a!!! Dulranga pawh hian LUANG NO chu a pet hmuar hmuar alom Durtlang ah!!! :)

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  5. 155
    chingjitz Says:

    rut moii chuan cva englo something a rut an ti

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  6. 156
    islander Says:

    Hmingphuah hi an ran hlom khopa Ruomaawii hming thar poh TIRHKOH TE THILTIH zu ti leh tawh peka :-) Kei chu he thuthang hi awih har ka ti khop mai Ruomawii lah engmah a sawi duh silo a dik thu or dikloh thu engmah a sawi duh thak silo, awih leh awih lo vote lakna tur han siam mai te un online voting i nei mai ang u

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  7. 157
    REXX Says:

    I am very very sorry.Yeah,I’m really raelly sorry.
    Please forgive this fool who know nothing and no one

    I walk in here and found this members as friends and….and
    I guess i have done some offends.But I did not mean no harm
    I am just kidding.And i know I may hurt someone even if
    I have said “I am kidding”.
    Yea,Buddy…you make me dawn.

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  8. 158
    benjamin Says:


    Khawtlang in I identity tak tak an hriat theihna tur hmunah thu sawi la, I tawngkam hman ang mai mai kha chu i hman ka ring lo. Chuvang zawk chu a ni.

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  9. 159
    REXX Says:

    Ka ti sual e.
    Ka ri pur pur thin a.
    Thiante’n min khalh deuh hi ka ngai reng a ni.
    Ka lawm.Ka lawm tak zet.

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  10. 160
    sub-zero Says:

    Calm down ppl,, looks like the prophesy has come true… “as in the end, there was chaos’. We all r a part of it…….

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  11. 161
    dakul_sphinx Says:

    Father an “Sphinx Clan te chuan Routmawi leh CV Johnte chesual kha TIRHKOHTE THILTIH KAN TI!!! ” a ti…. lolzzz

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  12. 162
    ccpur_man Says:

    Mr Khukhu, eng sawichhiatna ng maw i sawi thin le ? Kan sawichhiat duh loh zawk avangin kan thil hriatte pawh kan sawi lo zawk a nih hi ! Keinin sawichhe lo mahila Chunga mi khian hetiang sualna bawraw tak hi chu a ngai thei lo ve a ni ang. Pathianin tihmualpho a duhte chu a ti a phawt thin an tih hi a lo dik a nih awm hi maw !

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  13. 163
    c.lalthakima Says:

    thu thra tak2 helai Bangalore atrang poh kan lo hriat theih phah a ka lawm takzet in ka duhsakna ka hlan a che u kal zel ang che u

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  14. 164
    Taikhery Says:

    Ruotmawi confessed to having sex with CV John : pic hi a lang thei lo emon le?

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  15. 165



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