Misual dot com emaw ka tia!

March 31st, 2007 1:20 am by ZOaTlau

He website hi ka lut a, misual emaw ka ti a, mahse a lo ni si lo, a danglamna erawh a tle hle. Danglamna lian tak pakhat erawh a awm, misual aiin tlawhtu a nei tlem fe tih hi a ni.

misual.com runs on wordpress blogging software. 3 column kubrick theme based on 2 column kubrick theme is used. Any site that use the same or similar theme will look quite the same.

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3 Responses to “Misual dot com emaw ka tia!”

  1. 1
    superstarring Says:

    simply means that this site and misual uses the same template or someting like that

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  2. 2
    ZeroCooL Says:

    Chhiar chianglo tihna anih chu :P

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  3. 3
    CyberThug Says:

    A angve hle mai

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