Zoramthanga’s armed campaigners?

March 30th, 2007 1:05 pm by TheHumanBot

Former underground leaders confessed to campaigning for CM Zoramthanga during 2003 assembly election.

ZRO vice president Hang Sian Thang told me that they came from Lamka, Manipur, to campaign for chief minister Zoramthanga, and asked for our help. We were promised 40 number of guns, apart from political support in return,” Zo Thawn recollected. He added that chief minister Zoramthanga gave him Rs 2 lakhs for the campaign expenditure.

Read the full story: newslink.in

Off topic

Zonet and Pu VNT, keep your news title short and precise. I saw the following news earlier last night at zonet.in

Zomi Re-Unification Organisation (ZRO), Burma Front-a tel thin nia insawi, Zosuan leh Zothawn ten Assembly inthlan hnuhnung berah khan Champhai leh Khawbung biala MNF candidate te an tlin theih nan an pawlin an tanpui ngei niin thuthar lakhawmtute an hril

Thats the title of the news published at zonet.in. Way too long! I didn’t even bother to read thru the title.

On the other hand, Newslink titled the news as “Zorama’s armed campaigner’s unveil the truth“. It not only caught my attention in a few seconds but also tells me a rough idea of the story.

You can’t make apples-apples comparison between English and Mizo, but Zonet’s news titles on zonet.in are all of them very lengthy.

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11 Responses to “Zoramthanga’s armed campaigners?”

  1. 1
    tlangvala Says:

    at last news ah meuh an rawh chhuah ta a lawm. he thil hi chu a diklo em ani. an hmi hman te kha ZRA an nia dik tak chuan paite underground, tuna kan CS te nen pawh hian ala in kungkaih vek a lawm. tuna kan CS tur thlan hma pawh khan boruak a sang neuh neuh a lawm ..

    Manipura ZRA(paite) thenkhat chuan kan tang nasa bawka MNF
    chu an tling leh mai a lawm anti tih hriat chu ngaihthlak nuamlo deuh mai a sin..Pu Zoram

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  2. 2
    tlangvala Says:

    ram leh hnam in zuar katilo theilo

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  3. 3
    ZOaTlau Says:

    Game a ni ang em? zawhna va tam dawn em

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  4. 4
    tawia Says:

    Pan lo ah tho a fu ngai lo ka lo ti rilru deuh reng a ni,

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  5. 5
    coolsoul09 Says:

    Thudik ni ta sela…

    Zoramthanga hian a thiltih hi a hlauhawmzia a hre phak lo hle tihna a ni ang. Mahse, hetiang ti duh tur khawp hian kan CM hi a mawl em ? A tawng thei lutuk e tih lohah hi chuan a fing ang reng viau si a..Aipuk vel han ngaihtuah chuan..ngawiteh..a aaa fu bawk si.

    Dawt ni ta se…

    Inchirhthehna rau rauah chuan a na pawl tak a ni ang.

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  6. 6
    ccpur_man Says:

    Hetiang mahni pumpui chauh hmachhuan politiciante hi alawm tenawm. MNF party hian thlan tur pahnih chiah an nei. Chu chu Mizo mipuite nge niang a, Mizote hmusita min hralhtu Zoramthanga ?

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  7. 7
    virgochhas Says:

    kan soi kan soi ang a MNF an tlin leh tho hmel si…

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  8. 8
    islander Says:

    Mizoram sawrkar chelh toh ho hi heng helho hian Kan Inpui tiin an dawr fo thin, a awm viau e Remna an zawnpui duh vang te poh a ni anga. Heng thil tha tihtum karah hian tenawm tak taka che te poh an awm ang. A then te chu Burma mi leh Manipur mi nih inkawp MLA/MP ah te in candidate CM Bankok leh Delhi velah te poh zui ve fo thei an awm an ti. Contract hna poh mi hmingin Crore tel a hmu an ti heng te hi AK-47 leina atan an hmang (or source dang poh a ni thei) tak tak anih chuan I HUA ANG U. Thisen chhuah hian ram a siam tha lovang, thu leh hla a inbeih hi i duhtawk ang u. Thisen a tuihal viau hi zawng a SER hi a dam thei lo tluk a ni Palestina leh Israel te reng khu an inbei rei toh em mai. Remna chu kan thenawm state a buai ho hi siam pui tum ila tanbik nei lovain leh Hriamhrei an lek na tur tumsak emaw fuihporh emaw lam ti lovin Remna i zawnpui ang u. Terrorist Bukah Mizoram hi i siam lo hram ang u. NIB IN THE BUD hun a ni.

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  9. 9
    sub-zero Says:

    Chinghne beram vun sin…ram hruaitu atan chuan a na lua e…. o ka unau, harh la,han hawi vel teh…….kan ram tlu mek hi siamthat dan han ngaih tuah ve teh khai…………pheng phe hlep a tan khua a tlai hma hian

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  10. 10
    anonymous Mizo Says:

    If our CM and other imp. people in Mizoram parliament are involved in this kind of campaign with the help of underground people from Manipur, one day there will be a lost of life from the resident of Mizoram. Also it seems the so-called ‘most peaceful’ state in North East may not last for the next ten years, if things go on like this.

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  11. 11
    ccpur_man Says:

    So, the only option we have in this regard is to dethrone the present ruling party who are still thirsty in sheding inoccent blood.

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